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    Had the opportunity to watch the first episode of "The Flight Attendant" It was a terrific story leaving you wanting more, Kaley I thought was brilliant in the role of the airline attendant who has a drinking problem and suffers through a blackout that she cannot remember what happened to her. Apparently many critics agreed that she successfully transferred her persona from Big Bang Theory to a dramatic role. Although the film is advertised as a dark tragic/comedy it showed that Kaley has a range of emotions to express. This is a series worth watching.
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    Here's a nice article on Kaley's work, post Big Bang.
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    The transcript for the fourth episode of Season 11, 1104 The Explosion Implosion, is now up in the Season 11 Transcript Sub-forum.
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    I am a trainer at Britain’s Network Rail company. I originally thought these sets of fuses and their arrangements were from an electrical wiring system that help power a large bank of relays, which control the railways signalling system. As Sheldon is a huge train enthusiast, this makes sense as to why he displays it in his living room.
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