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  1. From Variety Year In Review: 15 Memorable TV Moments of 2020 “The Flight Attendant” (HBO Max): Cassie Enters the Mind Palace One of the most pleasant TV surprises of the year was “The Flight Attendant.” HBO Max’s twisty noir thriller follows a self-proclaimed drunken mess of a flight attendant (Kaley Cuoco) who finds herself at the center of a gruesome murder mystery after a one-night stand with handsome stranger Alex (Michiel Huisman) goes fatally awry. With the buoyant Cuoco at its center, the extremely fun show errs on the screwball side, but still has serious darkness lurki
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  2. Really? You're saying that Sheldon is racist because he prefers one Disney dog over another. He's not preferring a breed of dog over another, just a specific dog over another. That is not racism.
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