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  1. Thank you for doing this, very interesting ! Funny coincidence, I saw a post on Facebook today in one of the many TBBT groups i follow there and one guy said the character with most screentime was Howard?! That was clearly a load of crap. I wouldn't have minded so much the focus on Sheldon/Shamy in the last three seasons if the rest of the gang also had meaningful plots
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  2. I'm going to be really interested in the times for season 12. The difference between Lenny and Shamy dropped by just under ten minutes between season 10 and season 11, and that was when Holland took over for Molaro. Along with all the time used for planning their wedding.
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  3. Thank you @tensor This really proves my quick analysis that Sheldon and Shamy dominated the episodes the last three years of the show. It certainly establishes that it became The Sheldon Show
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  4. I'd at least give it a look if it were on one of my steaming services. I have given up cable and off the air reception is not reliable in my location. I'd also be watching Young Sheldon but will have to wait for Netflix or the Roku channel to pick it up some day. Mostly watching old old stuff on Roku these days.
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  5. Struggled with it last night. The writing is, I don't want to say bad, cause it isn't that, but just more, I guess forgettable. While I remember the general thrust of the show, except for the musical montage, I don't remember much of anything specifically about the show. I had a couple of giggles, but not an out and out laugh, until the commercial after the show. Again, the amount of breaking of the fourth wall was a bit much, but again, I did like the ending with the actors acknowledging, the viewers. As for the ratings, Call Me Kat, had a 0.6, with 3.2 million viewers. This was a
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