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  1. Let me churn this one out. In the most recent episode, Young Sheldon allegorically demonstrated the philosophical principle of Traditionalism, by shaking a container of cream to make butter. Older Sheldon churned butter to make Amy a traditional meal for her birthday. Sheldon must really love Amy because he commented, as a child, how hard and painful it was (and still is) to produce his first batch. Fun Fact: while working at an ice cream plant, we would get multiple deliveries of heavy cream in approximately 50,000 gallon truck loads. The loads would typically come from neighboring states.
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  2. Happy 47th birthday to Jerry O'Connell....
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  4. I regularly watch my favorite episodes. I can't (and I don't want to) move on from this show. TBBT will always accompany me.
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  5. Allow me to ruffle some ruffles, and flesh out this cross connection more fully. Sheldon (young or old) both wore dresses (Missy for one (Fairy Princess with a cowboy hat), at 8 Young Sheldon wanted to dress as Marie Curie for Halloween ,( but Georgie stopped it), and Howard for two (French Maid), Sheldon for Betsy Ross. Stuart (for the whole gang). Bernadette (for Jerry Mahoney as Tammy Jo St Cloud). Alan Harper via Beverly, Allison Janney (of Mom).A cross stitched cross dressing cross connection. This deserves a bow and a curtsy. In the pilot episode of TBBT, Vernee Watson, was fillin
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