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  1. It's not all that rare in many cultures for even first cousins to marry each other. Many muslim families encourage it. It's not illegal. It's not incestuous although the idea would make some of us shudder. That shudder factor is why they pull Howard's leg about it. In today's busy,industrialised world it's possible for second cousins to meet and only find out about the relationship later.
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  2. Now, this is not an episodic error, but a nerd error. In an earlier episode, when Penny went out with Stuart to an art exhibit, Penny offered for Stuart to come in for coffee, and Stuart commented that it was a little late for coffee. Penny then said that Stuart thought coffee meant coffee. Penny said she thought she had decaf. In a later episode, Raj finished his first planetarium show, and an audience member suggested going for coffee. Raj said it was a little late for coffee. Penny walked between to tell Raj, 'decaf genius'. Penny was a a nerd whisperer. For clarity, I had much more writt
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