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  1. I realize that you are a JP fan and you feel the need to defend him but I do not blame him for TBBT demise. Though there are many people who do. And we do not know what conversations went on with the cast and Jim. Before Chuck Lorre pulled the plug it seemed everyone involved wanted to continue with at least one more season. But the original point I was making was the writers focused so much on the SheldonShamy storyline that I believe the other cast members were sacrificed and their storylines were rushed into season 12 to gain closure.
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  2. While I do not fault JP for wanting to move on with his career, TBBT effectively died the minute he announced he would not do another season. So, in that respect, I do blame Jim. For Chuck Lorre to say there were no more stories to be told is short sighted. A good writing team could have brought some good material for the other characters and told some entertaining stories. Would those stories have been embraced by TBBT fans? I don't know. Fact is a lot of the fans were not exactly enamored with the last several seasons so it is definitely uncertain what reception a Sheldonless TBBT would have
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  3. Season 4, Episode 11 - A Pager, a Club and a Cranky Bag of Wrinkles Airs March 11, 2021 at 8:00/7:00c on CBS Dr. Linkletter (Ed Begley, Jr.) pushes Sheldon to make friends with his fellow students at college. Also, Georgie gets a pager. Reba McEntire, Ed Begley, Jr. and Craig T. Nelson guest star.
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  4. I have seen a few of those stories from Kaley citing her excitement to do a reunion show, however, I have to admit I don't know if they were all from the same interview. But my point was I would love to see a reunion show and although there was closure for some there still were issues that were left unanswered, unexplained, and unresolved. But I do not believe all these issues can be answered in presumably a one-hour reunion show. But it is nice to think about.
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  5. Where have you seen these stories? All I've seen is Kaley saying she'd be up for a reunion at any time. Last year Mayim seemed pretty dismissive of the idea, citing possible legal conflicts and opining that it's 'too soon.' Of course, that was before the awful "Call Me Kat" made its appearance. Apologies to anyone that enjoys that drivel. A quick search of 'Big Bang Theory' reunion didn't produce anything tied to the other actors.
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  6. Agreed! Maybe they can do a flash back of when Penny told Leonard that she was pregnant since we were robbed of that special moment.
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  7. Believe me Everyone is blaming Jim
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  8. I was not trying to diminish Jim's decision in any way. He felt that is what he had to do. However, you cannot deny that the majority of the stories the last three years were concentrated on Sheldon/Shamy. This is what I was emphasizing that the SheldonShamy storylines were aired at the expense of the others in the ensemble.
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  9. As usual we disagree. There are lots of stories to be told on the remaining casts characters. Without Sheldon's interference would be refreshing to say the least. Season 11 was a waste as the writers concentrated too much time on Shamy's wedding and Season 12 wasted too much time on the Nobel nonsense. That's my opinion.
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  10. There is no such thing as “no more stories”. There may be stories where interest is low. Stories that people and actors and writers and producers and segments of audiences don’t care about. But. There is always a story. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  11. It was written in. The actors all said they didn’t improv lines. There was no reason for Kunal to say “ Good Story” if the line wasn’t there. Also, look through the gag reels, and Kunal never reacted that way to blowing a line.( nor were the other actor’s reactions indicative of Kunal blowing his line).
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  12. I know you don't blame him for the show ending but I wanted to get straight the fact that he didn't end because 'there were no more Shamy stories' which is not at all true. I have listened to many interviews and he had tons of personal reasons for ending. And the cast hadn't even been offered another season. Sure--I guess Shamy was more prominent throughout the show but I wouldn't be too jealous, the stories weren't that great that did feature Shamy The writing was going downhill through the whole show. The fact that someone could actually blame him for leaving his job floors me. Do yo
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