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  1. You must be kidding yourself ... Now I watch TBBT another (probably already 20) time from the beginning, I'm now in season 8 and so far in almost every episode Sheldon is bulling somebody. Making an innocent face at the same time. From being humiliated in his childhood, he has become the "bullier" of his best and only tolerant friends. Always and everywhere, Sheldon is the most important - Stuart's bookstore burned down - and he tells him that his life is collapsing because Leonard is engaged and wants to move out. Poor injured Sheldon. Amy goes with Leonard to Arizona to get him - and he
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  2. Watching TBBT the first time I thought it was comical hearing Sheldon's psychotic rants and in the early seasons the gang stood up to him, especially Penny, but now they all seem to tolerate him and ignore him for the most part. However, now after watching multiple reruns of the seasons Sheldon has become to me such an annoying pain in the ass I wonder how he keeps his friends with all his insults, condescenion, and obnoxiousness. I know this is only a TV show but in the real world Sheldon would "Die Sheldon Die" And we cannot forget Sheldon diabolically manipulating Leonard with his sw
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  3. No not a true friend. Raj and Howard re not true friends either. Instead of being helpful, they want to mock and tease.
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  4. Can you provide one example of Sheldon being bullied by any of the other main cast? Pehaps, Penny, at some point stood up to Sheldon and made him do somethhing. Though being compelled to do something you should do anyway is not being bullied.
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  5. From The Hollywood Reporter 'The Flight Attendant' and 'Chad' to Move Production to California More television shows are relocating their production to California thanks to the state's film incentives program. The HBO Max dramedy The Flight Attendant will relocate from New York while the TBS comedy Chad will move from British Columbia, assuming it gets renewed. Both shows would be filming their second seasons in the Golden State. “We’re thrilled to be bringing The Flight Attendant to California for our second season,” said star and executive producer Kaley Cuoco. “We are ex
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  6. But hasn’t he been “read the riot act” before? I have no doubt that after 12.24 Sheldon went back to the “same old, same old” setting of demeaning, belittling and intellectually demeaning those closest to him.
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  7. @Loek57 Hello too, I'm also a "57er" and literally from the neighbourhood (Germany). Welcome to the forum. I really understand your thoughts about Sheldon. However, I believe that its core character will not change completely, despite some changes of his usual routine over time. As a trademark, he probably continues to carry his good reputation as a "dumb-bass" in the series. Often very annoying, but also funny sometimes (IMO). After all, we're watching a comedy, not a real life spectacle.
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  8. Actually, I'm at the point now that when he's on screen, I'm mostly fast forwarding through that scene.
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  9. @Nogravitasatall i think your wrong by it's opinion i think none understands him other then Amy he is like a child wanting to be loved by friends and they pushed him away he is only like that because he has to be that's how he talks but the guys got used to him once he was around and he got better thanks to Amy
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