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  1. I'm from Thornton Heath in London, England Been to America twice (same parts). I've been to Amsterdam 3 times. I've day tripped it up and down the English South Coast and Essex Coast, went to Amsterdam twice from London by land (so like London - Dover - Calais, France - Amsterdam, NL) passing through half of Belgium and Netherlands to get there. I flew there last year in 2020 during a pandemic. I've been to Ipswich Isle of Wight Bristol Oxford Stratford-Upon-Avon Leeds Stoke-On-Trent Birmingham, England Trips I'm planning; Because of Covid, I dubbed my own 2021 'the year of the staycation', so decided to use not leaving the country a good excuse to see it, so I've booked a trip to Whitby, North Yorkshire for a few nights later this year because ever since I first heard of Whitby, I've wanted to go and see the ruins and then things I heard about it since only made me want to see it more, like seeing that Simply Red video, AmazonPrime's The Grand Tour, the harbour etc, When I read Bram Stoker's Dracula, as a native Londoner, all the London aspects of this story rang true to me over 100 years later, so Whitby also being connected to this story, I can only assume Bram Stoker was as true to Whitby as he was with London., and the Whitby connection to that story is celebrated in Whitby, which only makes the place cooler to me. Now I've never left England without leaving the UK so I'm booking a tour of the UK for 2022 and right away I booked Belfast, and have worked out how to see Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast in 7 days including Loch Ness and Giant's Causeway. 7 days... It's a mad schedule I guess for doing so much, but rather than add days, I want to instead just always be thinking of getting to where I've got to be all week and seeing stuff and buying stuff along the way. That's all I'm going to be doing really. Like I gotta be at this place at this time to catch the bus that leaves here at this time or I've got to be on the way to this airport at this time for a flight that takes off at this time, and from that, working out what, if any, to do with my own time in that and being in a new city as I'm trying to figure that out - like in Edinburgh, I've got 2 hours in the evening on day 2 to kill after I've done everything I could think of, and so could enjoy Edinburgh from 20:00 to 21:30, so I'm thinking, bar, whiskey, night walk. Cardiff, I've got pretty much 2 days not to care there, so... Laundry, chores, fleamarket appeals to me there since it reminds me of Croydon (my own London Borough) - although I could buy a bunch of touristy Welsh stuff there and eat Welsh Cakes, and plan to. Then Northern Ireland I should be ready for from taking it easy in Cardiff where I'd be doing everything I want to do in Northern Ireland for 2 days with Belfast at my feet. Day 1 Sunday Fly up to Edinburgh, £7.50 Lothian Bus for airport or £20.00 Lothian weekly pass for all busses including the airport bus (maybe)/sightsee/shop/eat everything I want to try in Scotland Night 1 Day 2 Monday Day trip to Loch Ness and other things on that tour, be back in Edinburgh at 8 pm, see the city at night for a nightcap, early night. Night 2, wake up, get ready check out at 3:40 am, get to the airport. Day 3 Tuesday I could wake up in the air for all I care as long as I'm on that aeroplane that morning taking me to that bus so, I'd pay for 2 nights in Scotland but check out in the middle of the night to be in the air for that bus to Cardiff back at Heathrow for £17.60 - Arrive in Cardiff, check-in, sleep/chores like laundrette and maybe Post Office to post Scotland and Wales gifts home to save any Brexit red tape and to travel lighter/lighten my load. Night 3 Day 4 Wednesday Shop, fleamarket, if I buy something good there, send it back home too, take my Covid test for Northern Ireland. Night 4 Day 5 Thursday Check out at 7:20 am, get the 7:40 am train to the airport for £5.00, fly to Belfast, land just after noon at Belfast City Airport, go to my hotel with UlsterBus, £5.00 each way, sightsee, shopping, city tours. Night 5 Day 6 Friday Giant's Causeway/Scary looking Rope Bridge 9 hour tour be back in Belfast at 6 pm, enjoy my evening in Belfast. Night 6 Day 7 Saturday Check out, take my covid test for Northern Ireland day 2 and also for England, go back to the same airport, go home, land in London, go home, unpack, maybe go to Denmark Street or Oxford Street/reflect on my trip in my own habitat; go back to Thornton Heath, go back out for a night in London's West End maybe or something, get home sleep having seen the UK and had a homecoming Night 7 Wake up Sunday a week later in my own bed after my homecoming and trip. When I first concocted this idea and saw no Edinburgh - Cardiff flights and was going to oneway fly it everywhere using a budget airline to get me up to Scotland for me on my 7-day tour, but no Edinburgh - Cardiff flight everyday and not for the day I wanted it saw me stumped as I was trying to beat 6 hours on the train between Edinburgh and Cardiff change at Crewe for £200.00 I got it down to £35.00 for Edinburgh - Cardiff on the bus with National Express, but it was 14 hours, and it was ==via London Victoria==, which is local to me and I was planning on just going home and spending the night at mine; then I worked out if I flew to Edinburgh from Heathrow and not on a budget airline (so just changing the airline and the airport) and get the bus from there, I get to use my BA Voucher, and I get to not see my local so I'd have no temptation to pop home during my tour, and I got the price down to £17.60 getting to Cardiff. I would have loved to have used my house in this tour and have a night here, but... not for 14 hours on a coach up and down England and Scotland and Wales, f' no, so waking up in the middle of the night and checking out really early and flying back on a return ticket on the first flight back down for the first bus out leaving back at Heathrow leaving me ample time to board that bus from that terminal (plane lands at 07:25, coach leaves at 09:40), is fine, as long as I'm able to be in Cardiff that day for check-in, which, getting this first coach does. It's just somewhat amusing to me as I live in London and my life in is that city I'd be on the outskirts of, but it's just because it's the best way I found to get to Cardiff on time, albeit, having an early night in Edinburgh.
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