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In Memoriam: Mike (walnutcowboy) has passed away


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  1. I read where Kaley sent Karl her congratulations for his wins in his tournament. Had some heart emojis. Great to see her support for him. I think it was in People.com. I read it in Google.
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  2. Yeah, there is still some love there
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  3. So true and one of my favorite episodes. When Penny thought that Leonard did not support her decision to give acting a full time quest he shows his true love and devotion to Penny by buying her a car. I think the writers showed how Leonard was deeply in love with Penny by the gifts he gave her: the car as noted, the locket when he left for the Hawking expedition, and the snowflake he brought from the North Pole. Not to mention all the times he paid for her food and rent. (EITHER OF YOU WANT TO BUY MY UNDERWEAR FOR $1400?)
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