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  1. Now You See It, and Now You See It In the Dr Oliver Lorvis (Billy Bob Thornton), Urologist to the Stars episode, both Sheldon and Dr Lorvis make a slip of a blade, and slip of the tongue, concerning Gene Roddenberry. Although the procedure is called a vasectomy, you do not snip the vas deferens. For a successful vasectomy, you must sever the 2 vasa deferentia (or ductus deferentes), the plural forms. For those equivocal men, you can have a shut off valve installed for a change of mind. Talk about thinking with your little head and his two buddies. Truly taking matters into your own hands. No utility company can shut you down without your ultimate control. Severing only one is like only shutting one French door: Exit is still free. As George Carlin said: an iffy birth control method at best...'Baby Maybe'. Hence, Gene Roddenberry could still boldly go.
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  2. That made too much sense and the writers probably didn't think that was funny.
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