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    The Top TV Theme Songs of All Time: 2000-2009 Edition From TV Line THE BIG BANG THEORY (2007) When series creators Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady reached out to the alt rock band Barenaked Ladies after attending a concert, singer/songwriter Ed Robertson veritably geeked out because of the timing alone. “I had literally just finished reading a book by this British particle physicist named Simon Singh, called Big Bang, that walks you through cosmological theory from the moment of the big bang up to present,” he told the Oklahoman in 2010. “It was amazing.” Lorre and Prady so loved “Big Bang Theory Theme” (also known as “History of Everything”) that they commissioned an extended version which was included on the band’s greatest hits album and became a part of their live shows.
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    Please note there is a new sub-forum under Cast and Crew. It's for the discussion of new shows the cast and crew are staring in or working on new shows.
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    A new Cup of Cuoco
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    HBO Max released a new trailer today on their official YouTube channel. It includes new glimpses from Kaley's "The Flight Attendant" (at 1:17). Source
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    Happy 2 year anniversary 😃 (4 pictures)
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    Something to look forward to!!!
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    ALL of you have done a simply WONDERFUL job at keeping the this area BEAUTIFUL, and the rest of KINK OF THE HILL, not to say ALL of THE LAND OF GAMES going, without ME (LOL) ! You ALL saved my life & my SANITY more than you will EVER know !!! I am going to leave MISS KITKA my E Mail address just in case any one of my true friends ever want to get a hold of me. I love you guys, and "I'LL BE BACK", Mike
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    Congrats to the "Hollywood" cast and crew on their 12 Emmy Nominations
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    david tennant is doing a 2nd series of his podcast starting august 11th jim parsons will be in 1st ep
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    HBOMax released some statistics for the various shows. The number one show on HBOMax is "Friends", The number two show is an HBOMax original "Love Life" and the number three show is "The Big Bang Theory".
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    What is the challenge?
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    Good to have her back.
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    Since I have no data to refute that I must agree with you!
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    But hasn’t he been “read the riot act” before? I have no doubt that after 12.24 Sheldon went back to the “same old, same old” setting of demeaning, belittling and intellectually demeaning those closest to him.
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    I co-host a comedy podcast where we review and make fun of old films. It's called I Saw That Years Ago. We just had Steve Molaro, Annie Potts and Mark Hamill as guests. Steve was a writer on The Big Bang Theory and ended up as the showrunner. He co-created Young Sheldon. When we asked Steve what film he wanted, he said Corvette Summer. It was Annie’s first film and Mark’s first after Star Wars. Since he worked with Mark on The Big Bang Theory and cast Annie in Young Sheldon, he asked them to come along for the ride. Mark and Annie discuss working together, filming in Las Vegas, how they’ve changed as actors and what the film meant to them. Steve told us how he ended up on The Big Bang Theory, what it’s like living with characters for so long and why he loves really old cereal. Plus much, much more. Our podcast is tiny, so we were lucky to have such wonderful guests. Here are some links to the show and a trailer for the film. If you like it, please share it with as many people as you can. Website http://istya.libsyn.com/ep-266-corvette-summer-1978-movie-review iTunes https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/ep-266-corvette-summer-1978-movie-review/id905724484?i=1000482703450 Spotify https://open.spotify.com/episode/6QQCODqXQ2TdfNnaj0eiN2?si=COINTHJ_S0-XMKHcbhTxRQ Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCXeWG5WCwA
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    1st Round Emmy Ballots came out today. Both Jim and Kaley received nomination bids.... Jim for Supporting Actor in a TV Movie/Mini-Series in "Hollywood" Kaley for Character Voice Over Performance in "Harley Quin". Both of their shows received multiple nomination bids in other areas. Voting for this round ends July 13th. The final Emmy Award Nominations will be announced on July 28th.
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    Just want to wish a Happy 2 year anniversary to Kaley and Karl....and may your best years be yet to come
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    Good to see Shmooshy again. 😃 🐴
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    Happy 72nd Birthday to Kathy Bates
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    Happy 65th Birthday to Laurie Metcalf
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    Looking forward to it, I believe in October.
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    Congrats to Jim on his 9th Emmy Nomination!
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    Posthumously, it could be called 'Belch', or 'Fart'. It depends whether it's coming, or going.
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    Hanna must be a big girl. She's headed to Texas, but here in Milton, Florida, we're getting a lot of rain and a bit of wind from her. Ahhh hurricane season, as usual, it's interesting.
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    Outstanding sister act
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    Happy Birthday to Iain...
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    Wow, just wow!
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    Steel creepy to me. The royalty and well off can have it. Thank god my wife never even considered that form of nursing. In the show Penny seemed disgusted when Amy brought up that subject.
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    I'd planted some roses for DUNJA. They've come up pale orange.
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    My stomach is rumbling in my pants.
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    Yeah, but Penny will definitely make her breastfeed her own kids. No sharing!😊
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    Throwback. 12 years ago, Lenny first date.
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    Happy 39th Birthday to Simon
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    From Deadline Hollywood Simon Helberg Joins Adam Driver & Marion Cotillard In Leos Carax’s Amazon Musical ‘Annette’; France Deal Inked As Cameras Roll Simon Helberg (The Big Bang Theory) is joining Oscar-nominee Adam Driver and Oscar-winner Marion Cotillard in Leos Carax’s (Holy Motors) musical romance Annette. Shoot is underway on Carax’s first English-language film, which is set against the backdrop of Los Angeles. Pic will follow star-crossed lovers: a stand-up comedian (Driver) and a modern opera star (Cotillard), with both Driver and Cotillard doing their own singing. Florence Foster Jenkins star Helberg will take the role of ‘The Conductor’. The on-off project will bring together U.S. rock band Sparks, which has scripted the movie and is composing original songs, and celebrated music producer Marius de Vries, known for his work on La La Land, Bohemian Rhapsody and Moulin Rouge, who will serve as executive music producer. <full article in the link>
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    So sorry about your beautiful grand dog. I’m sure there is room for Dunja.
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    Amazon has them. 😁 https://www.amazon.com/Little-House-Volumes-Set/dp/0064400409 I got my set 30+ years ago though. And yes I've read them. I live about 35 miles from where Laura was born and Little House in the Big Woods was set. The town of Pepin, WI has erected a log cabin in her honor near where Pa Ingall's land was. I was in my mid-teens through early twenties when the series originally aired, our family watched it religiously. It followed the books pretty loosely actually, being set after the family returned from their brief Homesteading on Indian land in Kansas Territory; which is where Little House On the Prairie really took place. On the Banks of Plum Creek took place in Walnut Grove, MN, which is where the TV series is set. The family actually only lived there a few years; while the series had Laura grow to adulthood, meet, and marry Almanzo there. In reality that took place in De Smet, Dakota Territory, where By the Shores of Silver Lake and the last four books are set. Probably more than anyone wanted to know but like Amy I'm pretty fond of the books. BTW there's another tentative connection to TBBT besides Amy. Melissa Gilbert, who played Laura in the series, is Sara Gilbert's half sister.
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    Hi, I'm a 60 years old widower from The Netherlands. I've been watching BBT ever since one of our tv-stations started showing it. They show BBT every day; they even started ll over about 6 times.... annoying, but I watch the reruns every time... until they start over again for the 7th time. I stay up to date with the US thanks to the internet. Tonight I'm going to watch episode 1 of season 11. BBT IS funny, that's a simple fact. But the older I get, the more irritating Sheldon gets. I think Leonard has a nervous system made of 3 feet thick concrete. I think I would have moved out after 1 day with Sheldon, or wrung his neck if I stayed a second day. And: Leonard seems to be the only one who gets fed up with Sheldon every now and then. I don't think the writers and producers will change Sheldon, but I think it's about time he would be a bit more like a regular human being. It's also a mystery to me that Penny has a huge soft spot for Sheldon, while she's proven more than once that she actually CAN open her mouth if things don't go the way she wants. I really hope that in future episodes aomeone follows Sheldon to his bedroom when he's annoyed again by an argument or something, and explains to him that the world he lives in doesn't exist. That would make things a little more realistic. Raj's, Howard's and even Barry's weird characters are fine with me, but Sheldon's ways are getting to me, especially his knocking 3 times .... must be old age. .. or is it?
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    Let's say there's no way I'd wanna be friends with someone like Sheldon in real life, but I don't hate him on TV. I just hate that the writers focus on him 80% of the time and can't be bothered to write proper stuff for everybody else.
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