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    A little sad over here. Things are slowing down to a drip, drip, drip of posts. On top of that, at the beginning of May I stopped receiving email notices of most posts on the Forum, leading me to visit once or twice a day instead of the "oh yay! a post by @bfm" or "maybe its a gif from @veejay". "Ahhh! @luminous is giving us something from Instagram!" when the notifications hit my inbox with extreme regularity. I miss you all. I hope I find things are well with you. I still see an episode of TBBT most days. They and you are always on my mind!
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    Here's a larger look at the cover art for The Complete Series Limited Edition Blu-ray. You'll notice that episode titles from all twelve seasons surround the cast!  ❤️ 
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    As Nograv put it, it depends on when and what you got involved with. I started right at the beginning, identified with Leonard and Penny (because of me and my wife) and at that time, the focal point was Sheldon and Penny, pulling Leonard in different directions (and as an example, The Nerdvana Annihilation was an example showing Penny winning). That stayed right on through season three. In season's four through six, it was no longer the focal point, but the focal points were much more evenly spread out. Starting in season seven, and lasting until the end, it was Sheldon and Shamy that were the focal points. So, if you came in after season five or six, yeah, them not being the focal point was pretty obvious. As far as the writers, I hate to say lazy, but, when they found it more interesting and easier to write one thing, mainly or peripherally, and pretty much limit writing everything else to a minimum, because its not as interesting and harder to write, it pretty much boils down to not wanting to work at it, so yeah, lazy might fit here.
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    I feel Penny and Leonard were both pretty sucky to each other in order to coddle Sheldon. The show spent a long time persuading me that they really needed and wanted each other - hence the angst and drama of the season 4, the Priya digression, the Penny/Raj debacle, and then Penny and Leonard 2.0 - followed by what... seven season of enabling Sheldon while disparaging one another. They never or rarely had any fun that we saw, they just existed as props for gags about Sheldon. Penny fawned over Sheldon and rarely stood with Leonard against him. I kept hoping for better and hung around because of that hope. And what did I get for staying... the frakkin’ “boat kiss” cliffhanger. Then they served up the almost unnatural cohabitation with Sheldon, which was just ludicrous pandering, to both the character Sheldon and to the Sheldon fanciers. It didn’t seem to hurt the ratings though. People swallowed it all. Makes me realise how tiny and lacking influence the L/P cohort must have been. Sheldon was a juggernaut, and not in the Marvel comic sense.
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    From variety.com Kaley Cuoco to Produce CBS Comedy Starring Santina Muha, Lindsey Kraft From deadline.com Comedy ‘Pretty’ Starring Lindsey Kraft & Santina Muha From Kaley Cuoco’s Yes, Norman Prods. In Works At CBS
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    Oh, I have no doubt that there are issues. But Die was of the opinion that the issues didn't go away. But, all we have to go on, is her behavior in the final episode, and I don't see any regret or unhappiness by Penny, so obviously, those issues went away, for Penny. Was she unhappy when she first found out, the came to be happy with it? Did she change her mind, again, and decide she wanted kids? Did she change her mind after that last episode? We don't know any of what happened, only that she doesn't exhibit any regret or problems with her being pregnant, in fact, she seems happy with it. If someone doesn't believe the issues went away, there has to be a reason for that, and since we only had her actions in the final, and Penny doesn't seem to have any of those issues. That's why I asked. Now, there could be unhappiness with not exploring either the changes or what happened after they found out. But, none of that can be known. All we have is her actions in the final. Yeah, imagine how constipated some of them have to be, to not take a crap for 12 years.
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    Leonard never hooked up with Mandy. AFAIK hooking up means, having a one-night stand, i.e. having sex. What Leonard did, was drunkenly kissing Mandy. Bad enough, but still it wasn't a hook up. True, but Leonard couldn't tell Penny about the kiss, because the writers only invented this incident at the end of season 8 and then retroactively placed it between season 6 and 7. Really badly thought-out retconning, just for the sake of creating drama in a season finale.
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    All we did was have lunch, a beer, and talk for about two hours. Thoroughly enjoyable. You mean like "What's a Hickey?" Or his failure to understand "Blow by blow?" Anyone who compares oral sex to a chicken pecking for corn, and then mimes the action would know what a hickey was, and would understand "Give it to me", or "Blow by blow." Things he claimed not to know about. The comment simply pointed out that the character of Sheldon wasn't so rare and unique on television. I used the crazy in a generic sense, so you not understanding my point on the is my fault. By crazy, I meant these characters were the odd one (which I also used). I simply saw Sheldon as the odd one, and there isn't anything unique about that. While his love, and knowledge, of trains could be indicative of being on the spectrum, the football information I don't think is, it's more due to his eidetic memory. I'm sorry to hear this Die, my condolences. But, here we run into the conflict the writers have with their not declaring him on the spectrum. Which is made worse by the claim of an eidetic memory. He's been told quite a few times that his behavior is not acceptable. If he's not on the spectrum, then his continued ill-mannered behavior, after being told the behavior is wrong, means he's doing it on purpose or just to be mean (see "Itchy Brain"). But, even if he is on the spectrum, he still has the eidetic memory, so he knows the behavior is wrong, yet he does it anyway. It's a sticky wicket in that corner the writers painted themselves into.
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    G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S 😍 ❤️
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    New photoshoot gettyimages gettyimages
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    Of course you have every right to be happy. Never feel the obligation to justify yourself for loving something or feeling happy about something. The only thing that counts is what you think and what you feel.
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    This is why Kaley travelled to New York. Kaley Cuoco Is Teaming Up With Marshalls to Put a Surprise Box Filled With Goodies in Every Store Source
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    Kaley is scheduled to appear at the German Comic-Con "Spring Edition" next year. germancomiccon.com https://www.instagram.com/p/B1EX0efHgE8/
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    Never understood the need for the competition myself. As pointless as that relationship test episode. Let the characters live on as we want them to without digging in the heels on who’s better. But that’s me and my happy thoughts! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I don't think the pilot is really a good indication of where the characters were starting in episode 2, not to mention and even worse indication to where the characters were after returning from the writers strike. Penny was more of a ditz and no where near the alcoholic, slut they made her out to be in later years. Whereas I loved them, because their path mimics my wife and I's path. Along with my wife and I being very close to being clones of Leonard and Penny. With Itchy brain Leonard was being really stubborn. He could have called that off at any point. He just refused to. He played right into Sheldon's hands. Actually, that reply should have been to me, those are my words, not chucky's. Stubborn? So it was bad that he was trying to live up to the promise he made to Sheldon to wear the sweater until the situation could be resolved? Sheldon was just malicious, willfully giving Leonard more ideas to resolve it, knowing it had already been resolved. This actually had nothing to do with being on the spectrum or his eidetic memory. Sheldon was simply being a selfish asshole about the whole thing, and by using the phrase playing into Sheldon's hands, you know he was being intentionally mean. Either he is on the spectrum or he isn't. The writers and creators specifically state he isn't, along with specifically stating he has an eidetic memory.
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    I strongly disagree with this comment. With the end of the show all relationships and marriages are set in stone. Also Leonard and Penny are expecting their first child. Love these words from Kaley in this regard: "I think they're going to be awesome parents." (Source)
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    From the comments...lol sanctionedjohnnygalecki: Haven’t been able to find my wallet since this was taken.
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    I have always seen Leonard and Penny as one true pairing. That's why I followed them so hard. Nowadays I tend to see them as the loving couple off screen that we never saw. Forget the BS fed for 18 mins each week. I see through what i was meant to see when the show was on. So yeah, I met them for the first time in S1, I saw the love. Leonard and Penny were broken. Penny's heart had been lied to, broken, lost and alone, but somehow Leonard still saw through all that. He saw the sweet and innocent girl that she used to be. Penny saw so much in him and would not allow Leonard to stay where he had fallen in life, due to his traumatic childhood. I think Penny is grateful for leonard believing in her and loving her like never before. With Leonard, Penny found herself again and could never have accomplished so much without Leonard. Leonard and Penny had one life to live and just one love to give. They chose each other. They are lost without each other. Their love. That love is each other. Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
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    Great to see them keeping in contact. The next couple of weeks will be the hardest as they would have been on set for the first episode of another season
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    I'm not sure Lennys were tiny and lacking influence. I think many of us kept watching because we still wanted to see them, and we also kept clinging to hopes that things will get better. Also, I know some Lennys didn't think it was that bad (or thought it wasn't bad at all) and truly enjoyed the later seasons.
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    Would they still be on top in S14? I don’t know. Would they have kept chasing the money? Very likely, unless the talent decided to go do something else, if they could. Which is what stopped them and why we won’t find out. Parsons pulled the plug. Probably wisely and with maybe some artistic sensibility. You, and I, were fatigued by the Shamy Show, but others weren’t. They could have limped on until cancellation. Look at Two and a Half Men. I had trouble coping with married Sheldon and Amy. It was just awful. It couldn’t be offset enough by other plots to make it tolerable. And of course, “tolerable” is what you want in your favourite entertainment. /s If even obsessed people like us weren’t swallowing the nonsense, then maybe they would have fallen off a cliff anyway. Edit: “fallen off a cliff” is a colloquialism that implies that performance has fallen dramatically. Say like when a product is completely replaced by another. The sales plummet. The sales graph shows a steep downward movement. Vertically. Like a cliff. This is not to say any literal physical harm befalls anyone. Not throwing anyone off a cliff.
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    (6 pictures)
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    I think I'm doing ok with TBBT ending, and then I read an article like this, and I'm all teary again. I'm not that ok. A piece of Leonard and Penny will always stay with me: the passion, the friendship, the laughter, the tears, the endurance, the commitment and the general all-around cuteness of the two of them together. And I'll always try to remember the lesson we learned from Leonard. Don't give up on love.❤️❤️
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    I just found this tonight, I really love the explanation of Kaley and Johnny's body language. I think we all knew about the body language of Penny and Lenard. LOL> https://www.womenshealthmag.com/relationships/g27422530/kaley-cuoco-johnny-galecki-big-bang-theory-body-language/
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    You're so right! Considering that, I like to dedicate my weirdest bobble head to you. 😉 We could also finally pursue some completely crazy ideas. There should be enough time for some creativity now. (One of my absolute favorite sayings of Penny!) 😀 (on a side note: hottest day since "anno somewhere along the way" here in Germania (41°C!). Maybe that's why my mind is running away from me. Or do I really have sunstroke? Who knows.)
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    Thanks! It's just a cheerful and encouraging wave to all the remaining ones here. Btw, nothing beats your hilarious chef. 😁
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    Tripper and I have been discussing that. We don't feel the pressure to get the "After the Show" sections up (since there won't be a new season), and Tripper's been working on some other things. We're also discussing changing the Young Sheldon part to be more similar to the current TBBT structure. (separate years, etc).
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    From podcastone.com Link to the podcast: https://www.podcastone.com/the-producers-guide-todd-garner-and-hollywoods-elite
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    As a self-proclaimed "Desperate Believer of Cornfield-Penny" I would like to make this well articulated find available to the community for critical consideration. 😀 So, if you are wanting to create a winning team, make sure that you have a "Penny in your thoughts!"
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    I'm going with hokie on this. Enjoying sex with multiple partners does not make one a whore, or ho (whichever term you want to use.) And there is definitely a double standard in how society still views a woman who does this, as compared to a man. And Penny wasn't Kurt's (not Kirk's) mistress, unless you are using the term in a non-standard way. She was his girlfriend and they lived together. To our knowledge, she didn't cheat on him, either.
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    The terms ho, whore and slut really, really bother me. The term rake when I’ve heard it does not contain as rash a connotation as these terms used for women. Why is it that a woman who enjoys physical relations gets tagged with these very ugly names? We are well into the 21st century, however enlightenment is lagging in many areas.... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Good to see one more Lenny/Shamy smackdown before we turn out the lights. Good memories. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yep, the last kiss of the show is a Lenny kiss. (from TBBT's official YT channel)
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    From hollywoodreporter.com
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    See, Leonard and Penny I relate to, simply because of the similarity of the progression of their relationship, to my wife and I's own. As for Sheldon, I saw him as the crazy or odd one, which has a history on Television. Mork on Mork and Mindy, Latka (who also had his own oddball relationship) and Reverend Jim from Taxi are better examples, as is Kramer on Seinfeld, along with a few others not quite as extreme, so I never did see what was so different about him on television. I really didn't have a problem with Sheldon, until after The 43 Peculiarity, when he used a chicken pecking for corn as a metaphor for, and mimed the head motion of, a blowjob. His life as an unknowing and unaware innocent, which they continued to push, became unbelievable
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    It sort of makes you think the well was dry, the seam mined out, the tank was empty. They may have been running on fumes. Season 13 and 14 is unknowable but in this analysis the signs are not good. Also, and it could be just me, but is there some moral greyness around the conclusion, where in fact the coyote did get to eat the roadrunner. Sheldon, for all the harm he caused to others, still got to the top of the greasy pole. Is there a lesson in that? Trample on others, relentlessly and indefatigably until you get to the top? That’s been a through line. Never give up, regardless of cost to those around you. More commonly, there is a comeuppance for that behaviour at the end of the story. Not this time. Or on balance, is it obvious it’s not behaviour to emulate? Edit: Another view is that the great man needed support to do his great works and overcome his failings, for some greater good. Maybe that too. I think they cut the character a lot of slack as they aimed for the long run. I also think they made the right choice to let the show end. They likely should have gone earlier, when they still had something new to say. But that’s not the business model for these things.
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    It was a combination of both for me. I'll miss all the J&K interactions that came with them being a part of the show together as well as I'll miss new Lenny moments!
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    I think they shouldn't have written it even if they had another season or two. It was not true to the characters and their story and it was, to me at least, painful to watch. Unnecessarily painful. More episodes wouldn't have changed that. Mind you, they didn't even make use of the episodes they had. The Zack plot was IMO just whacky and it did nothing to change the situation. The only "progress" happened off screen (and by that I don't mean the actual conception but the mental-emotional processes preceding and following it). As Holland said, the whole thing was in fact done because they planned to have Penny pregnant in the finale and wanted to add a surprise factor. I think if they took their time to think about it more thoroughly, including thinking about past and future episodes (again, not something they're used to because it's simply not their way of working), they may have realized all the problems it would make far outweigh that surprise factor.
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    I’m watching it all over again on Netflix but just picking a choosing my favourite episodes indiscriminately. Enjoying that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It is weird. I feel like my connection to the BBT universe is getting weaker, and it's even weirder that it's hapenning so fast. The show ended less than 3 months ago! I used to check the forum every morning, like a newspaper, and then some times during the day or at night. Now I only check it every once in a while. Also, because RL is...busy and complicated right now, I don't get to writing my fanfic. I miss writing my characters and my versions of the BBT characters. I also don't get to read other fanfics as much. I also miss communicating with you guys, it used to be a regular thing, and now it's barely happening. So... weird. I hope everybody is doing well.
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    I also had to hear that from some of my friends when I spent my time too long here in the forum again. Now I'm trying to go the other way around back into the so-called "real life". 😕 But honestly I can't really let go yet. So...let’s see.. 🙂
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    I was hoping that Johnny would get a nomination. His performances in episode 12.21 and especially 12.22 were really highlights of the season. At long last Leonard drawing a line in the sand at work, maybe not getting what he wanted, but did gain respect and a sense of his worth to CalTech with the counter-offer. Also the truce with his mom. Again Leonard standing his ground. Both of these instances with support from his wife. Again, high points of the season. Even the last several seasons. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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