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    First, good news. Tonight's episode was drama free yay! Lenny, Howard, Amy, Raj and Claire went to a wine tasting party. They met Zack there. Sheldon and Bernie stayed at 4A for a fun evening (Bernie can't drink wine because of her pregnancy and Sheldon didn't want to go). So cold open was the seven of them having dinner at 4A. Penny talked about this wine tasting party and asked if anyone wanted to go. Leonard asked how come being a scientist can't get these external benefits. Sheldon said he doesn't care because he went into science for internal peace/pleasure (or something like that). Amy pointed out that's not true because Sheldon still wants to get a Nobel. Sheldon said I also told you to not speak against me in front of our friends. (Amy and Sheldon had some more lines here. Sorry I can't remember. But basically it was just the usual Shamy being funny) At the wine tasting party, Zack asked about the guys' work. They told him about their navigation system (They've done building the prototype). Zack then asked if their system would be used by the military, which got Leonard to worry. Later in the bathroom he raised his concerns with Howard and Howard said well if their invention was to be used for something bad, someone should've already come back from the future to kill them by now. Zack then met Claire and was about to hit on her until Raj said Claire's with him. Raj told Zack about him and Claire's "casual" relationship. Later Raj accidently blurted out about the fact that he was seeing someone else at the same time in front of Claire. Claire was not satisfied with their situation. Sheldon and Bernie's storyline was basically Sheldon being sweet. They played with model trains, studied different kinds of toasts and played D&D for the evening. Sheldon prepared a D&D game specificly for Bernie. The night turned out to be a lot of fun. Bernie thanked Sheldon because ever since she got pregnant, she became this "pregnant Bernadette" and she was able to be old herself this evening. Tag scene was the next morning, Leonard asked Sheldon about the military thing. (First take) Sheldon gave the same answer as Howard's. (Second take I forgot sorry) So no drama. Jokes were fine but not very funny. We didn't get to watch 9x21. They showed us 9x20 before the taping.
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    I still have the biggest butterflies. It's so perfect, they way they've done it. When I see the actual episode, how he says it and his face and her reaction, I'm just gonna lose it. And the photoshoot scene as well. They are so freaking in love. I've felt they were for a while, but actually knowing it's a fact now just blows my mind. Sheldon, who was appalled by the idea of romantic love, made fun of his friends for it, and said time and time again it was all for lesser humans, has fallen in love. And he tells her with such candor. I can't. From the way I read it, it seems like he's incredibly touched by her saying that there's no pressure to have sex. I think he was putting a lot of pressure on himself to try to do it that night, because it's custom and he knows Amy wants it (and just the mere fact that he didn't immediately forbid it and that he was actually considering it -- OH MY GOD). He probably thought he would be failing her if he didn't do it that night. And from the season premiere, we know he doesn't want to fail her. But then she said it was okay, and it was a huge relief to him. But! Then she said that she wanted to say something, and she KNOWS he doesn't feel the same, and I think it hurt him that she didn't think he loved her. He was like, "Whoa, wait a minute. I love you, too. Don't ever think I don't." Even though he was pretty much making a huge hypocrite out of himself for belittling the concept of love and he was eating sh*t and proving himself wrong, it was important to him that she knows he loves her. So much so that he goes on to explain and say it two more times. I don't know. Maybe it will play out differently. Regardless, it will be stunning. I already know that I will cry like a little girl (I've already cried over this, lol). And I already know this will be my favorite episode. I'm just completely stunned he says he loves her. Even after waiting impatiently for it for years, anticipating it for the last eight months, even after thinking up countless scenarios with my girls and getting emotional, being devastated in the finale when it didn't happen, hoping against hope it would happen in November sweeps, I can't believe it. The concept of Sheldon Cooper in love. The concept of Sheldon Cooper getting butterflies. The concept of Amy Farrah Fowler, a woman who no man ever looked at twice, never felt like she was wanted or desirable, spending the first 30 years of her life lonely, has managed to do the impossible. She made a man who'd rather chop his own arm off than fall in love (much less ADMIT IT) fall in love with her. She's literally the only woman in the world who can say Sheldon Cooper is in love with her, and will only ever be in love with. Amazing.
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    OK, Heres what happened, Originally, I wasn't planning on going on the tour.. But since Its a weekend, theres no filming and we are dying to know about this set, I thought I would give it a try. Low and behold.. the tour guides ask everyone on the tour which sets you want to see, of course, I as right in there with BBT. We walked onto stage 25 and up into the audience area.. The normal standing sets were there. The Guys and penny's apartment were still as per normal with white sheets over the furniture to protect them during when the sets are not used. The one different thing I did notice was the GOT IS STILL MISSING. This really upsets me. Now Im sure you all know. "swing sets" are sets that are not used for every episode. They are built purposely for the episode which is in filming. This could be a 1 time set or regularly appearing set. They can also be set up in other locations. The 2 swing sets We could see was the Comic book store (with fire damage, ill get to that later) and Amy's apartment, There was 2 more swing sets, The University Cafeteria and Mrs Wolotitz lounge. I will explain the condition to each set soon, as for now.. The set up as follows: The Red indicated standing sets (Sets that never change or move) The Blue indicated swing sets Comic book store | Penny's apartment | Hallway | Shenlard's apartment | Amy's apartment __________________________________________________________________________________ Camera's Camera's Camera's ____________________________________________________________x______________________ Wolowitz's House | | University Cafeteria (not in audience view) | Audience Seating | (not in audience view) (The X will explain a few things below) The last time I was there for the Mommy Observation.. The set up was this: Sheldons Bedroom | Penny's apartment | Hallway | Shenlard's apartment | Mrs Coopers house __________________________________________________________________________________ Camera's Camera's Camera's __________________________________________________________________________________ Not used | | The Bar (not in audience view) | Audience Seating | (not in audience view) About the Sets.. Penny's apartment, The boys apartment: Nothing been changed.. They had white sheets over the furniture as they do when not being used.. The GOT sword is missing.. There was a HUGE type of table thing with a white sheet over it which was sitting int he camera walk in front of the boys apartment.. At a guess It could have had been a casino table.. But I have absolutely NO idea what it was.. Things in the set get moved around and stored all over the place while other sets get built.. It was probably nothing. Amy's Apartment: It wasn't completed.. Half the kitchen was missing.. however the lounge area was its normal self with white sheets over the furniture.. Half the props for Amy's apartment were sitting in a cart in front of the boys apartment Where the x is. Props being kitchen utensils, the microscope etc So I'm guessing they are half way to completing it before the taping on Tuesday, which makes me thing Mayim will be there. Wolowitz House: We was lucky enough to leave this way.. We left the audience area and onto the Camera walk way and walked between wolowitz house and the comic book store to the exit. which is how I got to see these sets in detail. The wolowitz set was the lounge.. It was fully fitted as you would see on camera. If its going to be used or not, I don't know. The Comic Book Store: The first thing I will say, Is its NOT rubble or completely destroyed. However there is fire damage. There are still things on the walls which have not been burnt but do have damage. Some parts are completely gone.. The set was very dirty with burn marks, Things on the floor etc.. It DOES look like it could be repaired. University Cafteria: I couldn't see this set or even get any peek. I only know it was there because the tour guide told us. The script. After we had a lecture on how filming is done, filming routines etc.. The tour guide allowed us to all about the audience area to get a better view of the sets.. I went to the far left to get a better view of Amy's apartment. I was standing in front of where I placed the x. I was looking at at all the props. And sitting right there on a desk table thing was the script. Sitting upside down for me. I leaned over as far as I would squinting and looking down t it (my eyesight isn't amazing) And I just made out the title. The tour guide didn't know any spoilers.. I probably knew more tbh! And thats all to be said! I spent most of the tour updating twitter, I think most of you enjoyed that And Kazzie blooper of the day.... As we was in the audience area.. there was another tour group (with someone in a wheelchair) walking along the camera lane all the way down the set.. I asked if we could do the same but got rejected.I was told "they can only go down there because its a wheelchair tour" And what did I go and say? "OMG they are so lucky" I got a few awkward looks, and I had to explain what I meant.. omg I was humiliated.. Luckily I was dead already from being there. I hope that cleared a few things up for you guys and put things into better prospectives. Now we just have to wait a few days for the taping!
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    I am (sort of) back! I miss discussions on the boards so much, but life has left me with very little time for it these days But I couldn’t not show up in the aftermath of the most amazing episode of the season. I want to just blurt out my thoughts about the episode before I go back and read of all of yours and disseminate my likes around the thread, so that I don’t get influenced by others’ take on it all. So I’m sorry if I repeat anything that’s been said already, too. To be honest, this was so perfect that I could very easily end the summary of my feelings just there: it was perfect. The writers keep outdoing themselves every time with these milestones and this one was by far my favorite so far. I love how they always always always treat their relationship with the utmost respect when it comes to their big moments, even in the dialogue and the choice of words. We discussed this to death already when the taping report came out and I said I loved how there was no ambiguity in any of it, but it’s worth repeating again. I think the way Sheldon calmly and matter-of-factly explained to her how he knew it was love it’s so IC for him but also so great for the story and to get the audience to understand that there is no ifs, ands or buts here: to quote Sheldon, there is no denying what these two feel for each other anymore. Like I said before, the idea of Sheldon blurting it out accidentally or in an emotional moment or being in denial about his feelings never sat quite right with me, and I’m glad the writers didn’t go for either of those scenarios. We know Sheldon has been evaluating his relationship and his feelings for a long time now, and it’s only realistic that he would tease apart all the minutia of what he is feeling before reaching his conclusion, and that once he did, he would be 100% confident of it. I think one of the reasons why this couple is so solid and so stable, despite their problems, is because neither of them rushes into things before they’ve thought them through and before they’re ready. They always take the next step at a point where they’re both more than ready for it, and if one is ready before the other, they wait for each other. I think it was so sweet the way Amy seemed to be the only one to understand where he was coming from, and why he was so anxious, rather than dismissing it with jokes about him not having any hormones or what have you (and, man, that camera panning to his face after that line was a punch in the stomach). About Sheldon being anxious. When I read the taping report I didn’t quite pick up on the fact that Sheldon might have indeed been considering to give sex a try, until others pointed out the sequence of events. But it’s even more evident actually watching the episode (I found it curious that he fiddled with that wallet for so long for a prom on their own roof - I was half expecting a condom line from Leonard there). I do think that his anxieties are pure performance anxieties at this stage. Not in the sense of your typical guy’s performance anxiety of “Will I be able to last?”, but in the sense that I do think he’s become completely open to the idea of giving it a go (as he seemed to imply to Penny - and I think all their off-screen kissing is the reason for his current state of mind about that), but there’s the big elephant in the room for him of his big issues with touch/germs combined now with the obvious fact that he cares A LOT not just about Amy but about “doing things correctly” for her (as per Molaro’s interview? The fact that he was going all out with the prom, wanting to take a photo and slow dance was shocking). I can totally see his anxieties stem from that, the fear that maybe he goes for it and then halfway through everything goes wrong because his hung ups rear their ugly heads, or maybe he’s worried he won’t enjoy it, or he might freeze and ruin it all for her. For THEM, actually. I loved how he said the pressure wasn’t on him but on “young couples like US”. They’re in this together. The panic attack was the most adorable thing ever, and acted to perfection by Mayim. I think she did such a great job with the subtleties in the whole scene, really, from the way she was all shy and flattered by Sheldon’s compliments to how patient and comforting she was to him to how nervous she was when she decided to go for it and tell him she loves him. These two do nervous and inexperienced so amazingly great. Sheldon at the door, being overwhelmed by how pretty Amy was (and I LOVED that it wasn’t a makeover, it was just Amy, dressed up: the glasses, the hairclips, and even the digital watch!) and not being able to speak to her - the guy has known her four years and never shuts up and one look at her and he’s turned into a statue - was acted SO damn well by Jim. Again, given Amy’s panic attack, I am still putting my money on a cold feet scenario. Which might lead to them sharing a bed platonically, which is something many of us think it’s a logical next step. I could see them decide to do it and then Amy gets another panic attack and they end up just sleeping. And maybe Amy had told Penny to ask for advice and Sheldon had told Leonard, and so the next day everyone thinks they’ve done it, but they actually haven’t. And so they might try to pretend they did? Until the truth comes out and everyone thinks it’s because of Sheldon, when in reality it was Amy? I think that’s the best way they have so far to drag it out and make it believable and consistent, since it’s obvious to me that the cat is out of the bag as far as Sheldon’s “deal” is concerned and that was the only thing slowing them down until now, really. I’m sure there’s a lot more that I want to say and it will come to me, hopefully I’ll have time to engage in discussions more this weekend, but… wow. I am so darn happy right now. I haven’t been this happy with Shamy/Sheldon/Amy since S5.
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    Ok, wow. First of all, long time no see. I can’t believe it’s been what? Two, three months since I last posted here? Time does fly. Second, about the State of the Shamy (since I haven’t posted in a while I need to include lots of eps, not just this one ) and this particular ep… well, I’m still incredibly incredibly happy with how Shamy have been handled this season. They’re by far my favorite since S5, and I am almost afraid of saying this here because it seems like since I’ve started shutting up I’ve been getting pretty much everything I want from the writers (#ShamyJointProject2015 aside, so far ), and I don’t want to jinx it. I will focus on the latest ep though, because I know people are upset, and I want to explain why I loved it. I’m sure stuff about other eps will trickle in anyway. First, I loved it for a purely personal reason: this stupid article about “how to fall in love with anyone” has been shared by pretty much everyone and their grandmother on my FB feed in the last month and it’s been driving me NUTS. I have had so many rants about how it’s a pile of nonsense (because the original research article, not the NYT one, claims a very different result) that to see the show itself prove it as such was soooo damn satisfying for me. Secondly, because, as many have pointed out, it seems like the writers are so fed up with getting tweets about whether Shenny will happen and whether “Shamy is canon” that they decided once and for all to spell it out loud: NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. These two took a test allegedly designed specifically to make anyone, even two strangers, fall for each other, and even with that it doesn’t work. The fact that Amy and Leonard pushed them to do it is even funnier, because obviously nobody (other than Raj, lol) believes it’s going to work. And I also loved how they shot down Side B of the Shenny utopia, i.e. Lamy, within two seconds (“I’m going to dine with the janitor, because I’m about to throw up.” LMAO!). One thing I don’t understand is where people get the impression that Sheldon is opening up so much about intimate matters with Penny. The one time she tried to get him to open up about personal matters, he brought up YouTube’s rating system. And every other time, he usually opens up mostly because Penny bluntly asks private questions to him. Which obviously she's excited about doing - hence why she jumped at the chance in this one. If she knew so much about Sheldon's feelings and secret, why would she be so excited? She stated herself that he never shares.. But even if he did confide in her, I don’t see the issue. Friends confide in friends all the time, and we know Sheldon has been using Penny as his social compass since the very beginning. I think that the expectation that one should only confide everything and anything to one other person, be it their SO, parent or what have you, is pretty egocentric and selfish. You might have different types of things that you can say more easily to someone than to someone else (and isn’t that the reason why therapists are strangers in the first place?). Third, that cold open. THAT COLD OPEN! Sheldon reiterates, for the fifth time in 8 episodes, that he loves Amy. And the way he said “I PROCLAIMED my love for you” sounded so epic. I could kind of picture him in a minuteman uniform, planting a flag that declares to the world that yes, Sheldon Cooper loves Amy Farrah Fowler. In case there was any doubt. By this stage, Sheldon has officially way surpassed Amy in the count of how many times they admitted they love the other on screen. And I really loved how in the last two eps we got glimpses of how Amy’s perspective has changed since meeting Sheldon. First with the fanfic (“Could it be the man in curious clothes she was about to find in the field, who would open her mind to new ideas and her body to new feelings?”) and then in this one, with that “That’s what I said to myself too (that she wouldn’t fall for Sheldon), before he pontificated his way into my heart”. I always said that Amy’s evolution could be very well explained via her experiences with the group, rather than ret-conning her persona as we got to know her in S4, and this is really what I was talking about. Things changed when she met Sheldon, just as much as they changed for him. What struck me is also how damn solid they are right now, and not just in this ep. From the beginning of the season, really, since they got over that departure bump, and took that relationship closeness inventory (btw, compare the results of that to today’s experiment - lol lol lol), they’ve growing stronger and stronger. Amy seems so confident in her relationship and Sheldon has truly embraced his feelings once and for all. Fourth, Amy: Oh, Amy, I don’t think I’ve loved you more since S5. She’s just incredible this season. Smart as heck (string theory? a hobby for this lady!), sassy (one of the reason I love her around Leonard is because her Sheldonesque side really shine, and boy it shone in this episode), back to her nerdy persona who likes basket weaving, victorian parties, FWF (the moment they shared when they gloated over their “White Flags” episode was amazing) and who is on the same wavelength with Sheldon, still running experiments on Lenny with him (I can totally see them exchanging results over tea - “That sounds like us”, indeed!). She’s back to being his playmate, not just the whiny girlfriend who only demands candlelit dinners and romance that she had become in S6 and 7. The consistency with Amy’s portrayal this season has actually been my favorite thing about it. And I can finally look at Shamy again and be like “YES! Now I see why these two are together!”. Of course, the fact that they finally gave up on dragging their feet about Sheldon’s feelings has helped A LOT. The only thing that bothered me in this ep, really, is the birthday stuff. Like Bella said, we knew Sheldon was a Taurus from S1. And it’s impossible for Amy to be his emergency contact and not know his birthdate. Plus, I can’t remember for sure now, but hasn’t Leonard mentioned a birthday (not the date, but just the concept) before? I can’t believe that they remember the most random details (like the type of car Howard lost his virginity in, and the fact that Sheldon hates lamb) and forget other details that are rather crucial, like the fact that Leonard doesn’t snore and we roughly knew Sheldon’s birthday already. Anyway, phew. I bet you (did not) miss my essays But I just wanted to say that this Shamy fan is very much happy with S8, this episode included, and given I had pretty much dropped the show after the S7 finale… what a difference a year makes!
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    So ive just typed up what feels like a essay but i figure this is my last taping i go to so might as well do the spoilers right lol here you go and if its too much sorry in advance 😂😂😂 Cold open is the whole gang in 4A sheldon and Amy saying how by the end of the honeymoon they were like a real married couple the good kind like on tv not lile Amys parents, howard makes a joke about how they're not a real married couple until shes ok with him peeing with the door open, bernadettes not happy with it either. Sheldon and amy got them "gifts" they all got 1 love NY teeshirts, they forgot to buy gifts so sheldon bought them on the plane, theres a line here about how NY could stand for anything not just new york. sheldon was bored googling stuff on the plane. He bought penny a xxl, shes annoyed, amy smacks him on the arm and says i told you, he says something like yes dear. Next scene is sheldon and amy opening wedding gifts and writing thankyou cards, sheldons written 16 and his wrist is hurting, they open leonard and pennys, saying its the perfect gift for a perfect couple, its a strange crystal object, amy shakes it, sheldon tells her to lick it cause it might be candy, amy asks if it could be a "marital aid" he asks what they could use a crystal shaft for 😂 I get a bit blurry here about the order of the scenes but ill try to remember lol It goes to the comic book store raj and Howard are watching stuart and denise flirt, raj asks whats wrong with stuarts face, howard points out hes smiling raj then tells howard he caught them making out at sheldons wedding. Stuart and Denise have a awkward goodbye and they ask if hes gunna ask her out, he doesnt know, raj says a big spiel about love which ends with him saying dont end up eating pringles on the toilet while your dog watches or something similar. Sheldon and amy are in bed, they cant sleep because they cant figure out what the present is. Sheldon wants to ask, amy says it would offend leonard and penny as its supposed to be perfect for them, sheldon doesnt care, she says they wont think youre a genius and he agrees not to ask. Eventually they get back up to tear up the box for clues, Sheldon is liking married life. Howard and bernadettes kitchen, bernadette asks whats wrong with stuarts face hes still smiling. Hes happy because he asked denise out and she said yes. Theres a couple jokes in here about personal grooming and stuff but i cant remember it too well, its funny though. Sheldon is hand delivering a thankyou card to leonard and penny trying to get info out of them. They ask if he knows what it is, he says yes and hes going to go use it then takes off out the door. Penny wonders if theyre being mean leonard thinks its funny. Sheldon screams from next door "what are you!" Howards in the Caltech cafeteria, sheldon ask him if he knows what the present is, he does sheldon doesnt want to know because theyve figured it out. Its the first clue to a scavenger hunt that will lead them to their actual gift, howard says thats right. Sheldon leaves happy thanking a approaching leonard on his way. Raj and leonard sit with howard. Leonard is still laughing, Raj wants to know what it was. Its the present that howard and bernadette gave him and penny for their wedding, raj asks if its the crystal chakra(i think thats the word) he gave them for their wedding, it is. Howard lied about them liking it. Sheldon and amy in berts office hes looking at the gift its quartz, they search what it could mean. Its based on a german word the same but spelt without a T. They decide the next stop is the coffee shop where they first met. Stuarts comic book shop, he asks raj for advice about his date, i cant remember much about this except it ends with raj being really down about being alone (was quite sad actually), stuart asks if he should fake a phone call and leave then does. Sheldon and amy going into the coffee shop, they are trying to figure out where their clue could be, they see the table they first met at. Theres a couple sitting there but they approach anyway looking for the clue, sheldon finds gum under the table. Amy goes to ask the barista if anything was left. Sheldon tells the couple this is where he met his wife and if they play their cards right they could be married in 8 years, turns out they're brother & sister. They redid this line a few times last time was sheldon saying font advertise that, he also said use protection in one shot. Amy has the lost and found box, the barista gave it to her when she asked if anything was left for them. They think its because they were lost until they found each other. Inside the box theres a chain with a locket with a stone, Amy thinks its quartz, no pictures inside sheldon says so they can fill it with their own memories, he also finds sunglasses in the box he thinks they were left for him because their future is so bright. He puts them on they smile at each other, hold hands and (basically 😂) skip out. Howard and bernadettes kitchen, stuart knocks asks them not to laugh. Hes orange, he got his hair dyed but it made him look pale so got a tan, hes tried washing it off and has tells them they'll need new towels, floormats, and a toilet seat. Howard makes a couple oompa loompa jokes. Raj skypes his dad, he wants him to set him up with a wife, after a small convo he agrees as long as raj stops posting photos of him and his dog in matching outfits. Back in 4A Sheldon and amy are thanking leonard and penny for the gift. Shes showing them the pictures of herself and sheldon theyve put in the locket. They are confused. Sheldon has a special thankyou card for them. He and Amy look so happy in this scene. The thankyou note theyve written is in sandskrit, but not regular sandskrit, they cant use the internet to translate it either as they are locked out of the wifi and the new password is in the card. Leonard isnt having fun anymore. Raj comes in and tells them hes getting married, they all react different, penny just says no. He describes the girl and how he just needs to hide his true self for 8 to 10 dates and its happening. Sheldon knows what hes getting them for a wedding present. Tag scene is stuart knocking on denises door for their date. She laughs he says he wanted to look his best and made a series of errors. She still wants to go out with him. She says maybe she can help him find nemo. They walk down the hall shes making orange jokes, he asks if shes going to do it all night she is. He asks if she feels like chinese for dinner she says she feels like orange chicken. And thats the episode, my friend has a very good memory for details so was filling in bits while i went lol Bts stuff there were a few mess ups, mayim seemed in a great mood chatting with Melissa and simon and her and jim were joking around alot. Jim looked like he was struggling early then got into it. I thought they were going to start laughing when she was holding the crystal thing and they had to stare at it, and when jim put the sunglasses on. They filmed a promo of the gang sitting around eating, they had to look like they were talking and laughing. Johnny and kaley looked really sad when they did their speeches both were tearing up thanking everyone for their support and thanking all the crew etc. Curtain call they all came out together holding hands.
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    Sorry if this has been mentioned already (so many posts to catch up on!). But, after watching the episode again (and again, and again), I LOVE Jim Parson's decision to look anxiously around the room before Amy comes in. It is so in character for him to be nervous because he's not in his own bed and bedroom. He looks around, strokes the duvet (almost a self-comforting gesture) and is fidgeting. When Amy enters, this stops. He becomes calm and focuses on her. What a great way of communicating to the audience that Amy and her presence is soothing to him. It shows that different surroundings are more anxiety-inducing than what he is about to embark on with Amy. Jim Parsons' subtlety blows me away.
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    Here you go anyone wanting spoilers 😄 The opening scene is so cute its sheldon waking Amy up in bed saying good morning wife and she says good morning husband, then he makes a comment about how its official they've consummated it and something about hanging the bedsheets out the window. They start their honeymoon in lego land and then go on to new york. Sheldon keeps scheduling everything including their coitus eventually amy gets mad and tells him she wants it to be spontaneous, they have a little argument, he explains himself( its very sweet in a very sheldon way) and amy says he can schedule everything as long as he doesn't tell her. Amy makes a science comment sheldon gets turned on and takes her back to their hotel. Lennys plot is the whole gang find amys dad has been hiding from her mum in shamys apartment. amys mum turns up later mad looking for him. Hes hiding, Leonard penny and mrs Fowler find him hiding, he doesnt want to go back, he wants a break. Penny cant understand how they are together, Leonard thinks their relationship is similar, they end up in a little argument. Penny thinks the fowlers are the weirdest couple they know and they know sheldon and amy, howard and bernadette and raj and his little "twitchy" dog, eventually mrs fowler tells penny how much fun theyre gunna have together and penny makes mr fowler leave. Raj is being interviewed by a local news station about a upcoming meteor shower, he spends his whole time talking about neil degrasse tyson, howard and bernadette watch on tv. Raj ends up in a twitter fight with him, the tag scene is neil calling raj theres some funny convo before they hang up and neil then calls bill nye. Bts stuff all but 1 of sheldon and amys scenes were pretaped, kunal had the first mistake of the night going up the stairs then almost fell coming back down, kathy bates messed her lines up abit, mayim and johnny had a mistake each i think. If anyone wants anything more specific feel free to ask if i remember ill share
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    Hello guys, I am so sorry, I promised a taping report but it was a crazy week and I didn't have time to write one. Here is what happened(I don't know if you already get any other report) Opening scene is the gang deciding who will pick up Sheldon and Amy's family. Amy uses lord of the rings as an example so the guys can understand. Sheldon says something like "good example and it also involves a ring that will make me dependent on you forever! " ans Amy says "Awn, he said forever!" and kisses him. Amy is on the phone with Wheaton to confirm about the wedding next day (Wil would be the officiant). Sheldon is practicing how to tie his bow tie, he says that is not even. So Amy tells him that it suppose to be asymmetric. Amy asks him if he is ok, if he is not feeling any wedding stress. Sheldon says that nothing will stop him of marrying her, not even if himself from the future comes to tell him to not get married. Amy says something about him coming back to the future to say that means that they got married (it was a smart line, I can't remember lol). Sheldon holds her hand and says :"I love you so dawn much!". At Howardette's house, Howard is petting a dog that he found on their backyard and tells Bernadette that he called the owner to pick up the dog. The dog owner gets there and is Mark Hamill (Simmon was amazing in that scene). So Mark thank Howard and says that he can ask him anything. Howard says :"You will regret about it!" haha At comic book store Stuart ask Denise to go with him to the wedding, and she says that will be weird because he is her boss. Howard come into the store and says that Mark Hamill will be the officiant. Denise turns to Stuart and says :"You need to buy me a dress!" Penny is in the car with Amy's parents. I don't remember the dialogue on that scene but it is pretty funny and she doesn't let Amy's father talk. Raj is with Mary and Missy in his car. Missy is pregnant and says that she is divorced. At Lenny's apartment we have George, Sheldon, Amy and Leonard. Amy tells George that is nice to meet Sheldon's big brother. He says that Sheldon got the brain and he got the body, the face and the hair. Amy ask Sheldon if he can talk with Texan accent, He says he can but he won't. So Amy says :"Say it!". Raj gets in the apartment with Missy and they say that Mary was at the church praying for Missy's soul. Penny gets there with Amy's parents as well. On the wedding day. Mark Hamill gets there and Howard tells Raj that he will be the officiant and he will tell to Wheaton. Later Wheaton goes to talk to Hamill and Hamill is like :"Who are you?" It was a funny scene. Leonard is helping Sheldon to get ready and he got emotional and hugs Sheldon. Than Mary asks Leonard to have a moment with Sheldon. She tells Sheldon that his father would be proud of him. He says that he misses him and thank Mary for everything. (It was such a beautiful scene). Than Mary ask him to help with his bow tie and he says that is ok because seems that it needs some asymmetry. Mary says that imperfect things make perfect things. Sheldon says I got go and goes to Amy's room. He had the same reaction he had on the last episode when he sees Amy ready for the wedding. He tells her about super asymmetry and ask her for his lipstick and starts writing on the mirror. Everybody is waiting for Shamy, so Leonard goes to check on them. So Howard tells Hamill that Shamy are late and ask the guests if they have any questions about star wars just to killing time. Mark does't know the answers so Stuart answers all the questions and Denise says :"You are so hot!" Leonard ask why are Shamy late. So he sees the formulas in the mirror and says :"that's interesting" so he stays there with them. Amy's mom says that is taking to long, that the wedding was a mistake and she would take Amy out of there. So Penny yells at her and says that Sheldon loves Amy and he would never do anything to hurt Amy ans ask her to sit down. So Amy's mom ask her husband to say something and he says Thank you to Penny. Penny goes to Amy's room and call them for the wedding. They tell her that they made a discovery but Sheldon tells Amy that they have their whole lives to do science together and Amy says :"Let's get married" So Sheldon sees Hamill and his reaction is amazing and Leonard tells him to thanks Howard for it. Sheldon tells Hamill that after the wedding, he has 4000 things for him to sign. Amy comes and She start with her vows. She says that she always had a dream to get married but than she stopped thinking about it but when she met him at the coffee shop, she knew that something was different and he was the one (it was so beautiful). Hamill starts crying and asks Sheldon to say his vows. Sheldon says that he always know what to say but He has no word on that moment but he will spend his life showing her how much he loves her. They kiss and when they are leaving. Kripke is singing. lol Shamy are in their apt looking their marriage certificate and Sheldon says :"We have Mark Hamill autograph). Lenny gets in the apartment with some presents that were delivered on ther apartment by mistake. Amy grabs one present and says that is from Stephen Hawking. Sheldon opens and is a pocket watch with a message :" Sheldon, I am glad you and Amy got married. I was about time. Get it? about time. hahaha!" Shamy and Lenny got emotional. Amy hugs Sheldon and Penny hugs Leonard. (It was an beautiful scene) Sorry, I might had missed something but it was all I can remember. It was an amazing episode.
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    Yeah episode 7 is when Sheldon finds out that that Amy has been lying to him that they're still working on her apt but it's been fixed 2 weeks ago (berny said it) and penny confronts her and says it's true but please don't tell Sheldon and penny covers it up in front of Sheldon and Leonard and they speak Klingon to be sneaky (cause penny's been hidding his collectibles little by little so they're arguing to) and so Amy and penny start talking in Amy's made up language and the whole coversation is real funny then at the end Amy apologizes and Sheldon says that he is opened to living with her. Leonard and penny then say omg then we can change Sheldons room into anything they want and Sheldons like but that's my room and penny says but u won't be paying rent anymore and Sheldon says yeah but that's still my room. Next Sheldon and Amy are getting ready for bed and they kiss goodnight (ahhhh!!!!) and Sheldon starts to talk about living in her apt or like somewhere far and starts to panic about the mole in the new house and if he doesn't like it and it's so cute cause Amy starts to calm him down with Star Wars theme songs and Sheldon falls asleep and has a dream that Leonard and penny turned his room into a sex dungeon haha ( I forgot what happens next I'm sorry!!) No that was episode 8
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    Scene 1 LS apartment. Sheldon is working on his whiteboard while Leonard and Penny are talking on the kitchen isle. Penny: "So at this point my DNA is getting mixed with the gorilla's but I notice they're only attaching fur on everything but my cleavage. So I ask and they say that it's important that my boobs are the last thing that turn ape" Leonard: "it's nice they think there's a story behind that" Sheldon turns around as asks, "Leonard out of these which do you think is most promising?" Leonard looks a bit flattered that he'd asked for his opinion, "I think dark matter is best right now" "Thank you that's very helpful" and crosses off dark matter on the board. Penny: "Sheldon what did we say about being a nicer friend?" She turns to Leonard "and what did we say about being a gullible weeny?" I believe it was Leonard who says they should start doing Anything Can Happen Thursday to give sheldon some ideas Penny: "that's a great idea why did you guys stop doing that?" Leonard: "you called it stupid and we kinda stopped" "Yea that sounds like me" Scene 2 continuation from previous scene. Sheldon: "What can we do that's fun" Leonard: "what can we do that's different" Penny: "what can we do that's free?" Sheldon to Penny: "I don't know. What do you wanna do? Penny to Leonard: "I don't know. What do you wanna do?" Leonard: "Now I'm starting to remember why we really stopped doing Anything Can Happen Thursday" Sheldon: oh I have an idea! We order pizza. We always order pizza. Sheldon: Hmm. Oh I have an idea we get calzones and cut them up to eat them like pizza. No. Sheldon: There's a role playing group that reenacts scenes from Lord of the Rings on Giffinson Park. Penny: "Talk to me about the calzones thing again" Leonard: "let's just walk around and find a place to eat" Leonard and Penny walk to the door. Sheldon takes out a pointy wizard-like hat out of his desk drawer "would that place be near griffinson park?" "No." "Okay" and puts it back Leonard: "Raj and Howard are at Mrs Wolowitz' house should we call the girls?" Penny: "no Bernadette is working late tonight" Sheldon: "and Amy is sick" Leonard: "what's wrong with her?" Sheldon: "she talks too much she wants to hold hands too much" Leonard: "that's not what I meant" Sheldon: "If you're asking what's making her ill you should ask what's making her ill" "What's making her ill." "Oh who knows" Sheldon walks through the door. Penny: "it's Anything Can Happen Thursday maybe he gets pushed down the stairs" Scene 3 mrs. W' house Howard says something about her mom not taking her meds. Raj: "What I do when cinnamon doesn't wanna take her meds is I wrap it with cheese and she doesn't notice it" Howard: "Good idea. We'll wrap her meds in cheese have cinnamon eat it and then my mom can eat cinnamon" "so what do you wanna do?" Raj: "how about we watch a movie?" Howard: "sure but my mom doesn't have much to watch. Unless you wanna see a video of her colonoscopy" "I was thinking we watch House of 1000 bodies (or something along those lines)" "A gory movie you hate that stuff." "Yes but Emily likes them and we're gonna watch it tomorrow so I want to be prepared" "It's actually not a bad idea" "So you'll watch it with me?" "Yea" "You're a good friend. I owe you one." Then his mom calls Howard to help her out of the tub and he looks at raj wanting him to help, Raj: "not that one" Scene 4 LPS walking outside They have a few lines I don't remember well. Then they spot Amy and Bernie at a restaurant. Penny can't believe it and wonders why they would lie Sheldon: "Good question." Knocks x3 on the window: "Amy and Bernadette" Scene 5 Mrs W's Raj starts naming all the horrors stated on the summary of the film. He's grossed out. "I just helped my mother out of the tub I'm one horror ahead" Raj tells him he's a good son and asks how he does it. Howard says it's all about beach towels. Raj says "let's start this thing" and takes the DVD out and sees someone's head is on the front of the DVD and shoves it to Howard. Howard: "Yea you're going to do great with this" Scene 6 LSP Amy and Bernadette are all at the restaurant. Penny: "why did you guys lie?" Sheldon to Amy: "yea you said you were sick but you look as pale and tired as always" (.......) Bernadette: "it's just that we were tired of hearing you complain about the gorilla movie" Amy to Sheldon: "and I was tired of hearing you complain about what career to choose next. (To penny) But that doesn't mean we don't love you" Penny: "I don't complain constantly about it! (To Leonard) right?" Leonard: "I also love you" She takes sheldon and says something like they're gonna support each other cause that's what friends do or whatever. Scene 8 at a different restaurant Penny and Sheldon are sitting at a Asian mix (?) restaurant but Sheldon's not eating. He says he doesn't understand his food because there's Chinese noodles, Korean sauce and a taco. That his mom would roll her windows up if she had to drive through this meal. Penny's asks him if she's really been compiling that much and he says not at all. But to be fair everything she says sounds like bleh bleh bleh. Penny asks why he's not mad at Amy. He says he is. That he's taking her to this restaurant next date night. Scene 9 mrs W's Raj and Howard are grossed out by the movie. Howard pauses it and says "so let me get this straight. 20 minutes in and some crazy lady kisses a fetus. A dude chops off the daughter's father face off and now he's making out with her while wearing it?" "What kind of person would enjoy this. Do you think she has some like psychological problems?" "Like that matters you would stay with her even if she had a fridge full of her ex's chopped up bodies" "I do like that the ex boyfriends are out of the picture" "Why can't I like a girl that enjoys The Sound of Music?" Howard says he's the girl (in the relationship) that likes The Sound of Music. Scene 10 LBA at the restaurant. Amy feels bad about lying to sheldon and asks Bernie if she lied to Howard about tonight. She says yes between the his gorilla mother and penny's gorilla movie she had no choice. Bernie says that she just dresses up as a Catholic school girl and that it's all fine. (I don't remember Amy's exact line) Amy says something like I doubt that'll work on sheldon. And Leonard says "he'll probably give you homework." Then he says that he's glad his and penny's relationship is based on honestly. And the girls laugh and he says what? Bernie: "oh we know you don't lie to HER" Scene 11 sheldon and Penny at the Asian restaurant Penny tells him to open his fortune cookie that maybe his answers are there. Sheldon says it's an Asian fusion that there could be a tiny chihuahua inside also the only cookie with something in the middle that solves life's problems is an Oreo. Or a nutter butter if you're on a whim. Penny opens hers and it says people look to her for wisdom and she says that's pretty nice. Sheldon says that's it's not that that cookie is clearly mocking her. She says she'll let the one slide cause he's paying for dinner. Sheldon asks if she's ever paid a meal in her life she says not with money. Sheldon opens his and it says that his fun, warming nature makes the people around it delighted and he smiles. Penny says no try again and gives him another cookie. Scene 12 Howard and raj at Mrs W's I think the last scene and this one I get lines mixed up but it's basically the same thing they're both grossed out by the movie although Howard is more baffled by the creepiness than the gory. Penny calls him and we hear him say that no Bernie's working late and penny basically tells him that she's lying. He thanks her, hangs up the phone, turns to raj and says I'm having sex with a catholic school girl tonight. Scene 13 sheldon and penny They're walking around and pass by this psychic place penny wants to go in. Sheldon doesn't wanna go and says if he was looking for this kind of nonsense he'd follow Leonard on Instagram. He ends up going in. He complains about the smell. Scene 14 We see Bernie talking on the phone outside the restaurant to Howard she says she's still working late. "Really Penny said that? Okay I'm sorry. I'll see you tonight. Yea yea I'll put it on" Pans to Leonard and Amy sitting at a table. Leonard says it's weird they don't hang out like this more often. Amy agrees. He says they should and Amy responds, "no I mean this is weird right now" Penny texts Leonard and says she's at a psychic with sheldon. Amy's surprised she got sheldon to go to a psychic and Leonard says she can be very persuasive that she's made him do things he wouldn't normally do. Amy responds that's cause she has sex with you. Amy then confesses that once in a while she feels jealous of Sheldon and penny's relationship. Leonard says, "really? How come" Amy clarifies that not in a romantic way that she's glad they're friends she just wishes he'd be more comfortable (btw that's the word she used not open up like I said on the chat --sorry) already with her. Leonard says that it's cause they've known each other for a long time and cause she grew up around horses she knows how to approach him without making him skittish. That it took a long while for sheldon to be comfortable with Leonard and Amy asks what did he do for it to take that long and he says, "something really horrible in a past life" Bernie walks in and gathers her things, "Penny ratted me out. (To Leonard) she's getting you a watch for your birthday with money she took out of your wallet" Scene 15 sheldon and Penny at the psychic Sheldon tells the psychic (played by Kimberly Hebert Gregory) that there's no science that proves clairvoyance that her whole profession is based on how gullible and stupid people are. No offense. Penny tells him to just ask the question and sheldon looks at the psychic and says okay I just did. "For God's sake. He's a theoretical physicist who needs to find his next field of study" (On the second take he says, "no I was going to ask her about the new Star Trek movie" Penny says she can tell him about that that she'll be bored) "Really you're not gonna make her work for it?" (On the second take he doesn't say this line) The psychic says "that's very interesting but what I'm getting from your spirit guides is that there's a woman in your life you're having problems with" sheldon says well that was easy I'm clearly an annoying person who would have trouble with both genders. "Yes clearly you are. I'm getting a specific woman that you're in a romantic relationship with" penny: "oooh this is it" "They're telling me she has dark hair" Penny: "ha! Explain that with your science" (they reshot this with penny adding "your spirit guides are on fire!") Sheldon says most people have dark hair even penny at one time. The psychic asks if she works in a field similar to his and he says no the opposite she's a neurobiologist and he's a theoretical physicist. He turns to penny and says he thinks the smell is making her dizzy. (On the reshot he says instead, "my spirit guides can suck on it") The psychic says he seems to have trouble being close to her and penny agrees and asks what he should do. The psychic says he should give himself to this relationship. Once he does all of his other pursuits will come to focus. Penny says, "you see? Amy is the key to your happiness!" Sheldon then gets angry and says, "you know what this is? And I only reserve this for when it's truly deserved, this is malarkey!" He gets up and leaves. Penny turns to the psychic and says wow you really hit a nerve I've never heard him use the m-word before. Scene 16 (tag #1) Raj and Emily (I don't remember which apartment) They're watching the movie and Emily says that she was a nanny for three years that she can change his diaper if he needs her to. raj pauses the movie and confesses he's creeped out and he wonders if there something wrong with someone who enjoys them. She then confesses she knows it's creepy but that it's a turn on of hers. Raj then smiles, presses play, puts his arm around her shoulders and they lay back while they continue to watch the movie. Tag #2 at LS apt There's a knock on the door sheldon opens it and Amy is wearing a dark blue trench coat. She says she feels bad about lying and wants to make it up to him. "How do you propose to do that?" She opens the trench coat and lets it drop to the floor. She's wearing a school uniform. A white, short sleeved button up. A (not short enough) red/black plaid skirt that reaches her knees, and a matching tie. White socks that cover her ankles and black and white saddle shoes. On the first take he looks indifferent and says, "unless you have Gravity on Blue-ray under that skirt, I don't know where you're going with this" BTS: on the second take after Amy drops the trench coat she has this nervous smile much like the "dessert is served" from s6 but Mayim ends up breaking character and Jim has a full on grin and then tugs on her tie. One the third take when Amy drops the coat we see Sheldon swallow and seemed affected and says his line. End. Here ya go. Sorry it's up so late. I also corrected some minor details on the previous half of it. Edit: one last BTS but it was more for my own enjoyment than anything. At the very end after they yell "cut" Mayim tugs her shirt up to loosen her button up shirt and I saw part of her belly for like half a second.
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    In the beggining Sheldon and Amy we're doing an experiment combining there skin cells and sheldon was real excited about it like they created a child and Sheldon was lIke you know what the next step is don't ya? And Amy said yeah put them in the incubater and sheldon said nooo we close the door and drop our pants and make a baby
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    Happy new year! Here's something to look back and ponder on. Sheldon's women from seasons 1-3 (pre-Amy)
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    Ok so I just got to watch it, so many things... The way Amy said "I don't hate you, I love you" the way Mayim changed her voice from the first statement to the second Sheldon and Bernadette at the mall, as he is talking about what he loves about Amy....good lord Him giving the picture to Amy and her response....and then his reaction to her giving him the cookies... I'm going to need to watch this a few dozen more times tomorrow before I can ad anymore (because tonight my steaming service up and quit on me and I've only watched it once by stealing the remote from my snoring husband) Finally from The A.V. Club... Sheldon and Amy are wonderful here though, a stark contrast to everything involving Raj’s dad. The show has done a good job of slowly changing the dynamic of their relationship over the years. We’ve seen Amy grow into a patient, caring individual who understands Sheldon to his very core. And we’ve seen Sheldon do his best to adapt to the intimacy-related needs of a romantic relationship. Sure, a lot of their differences can be played for laughs, but for the most part, there’s a tenderness there that’s earned due to the fact that we’ve seen these characters grow. I loved watching Amy get excited about her parlour games. I loved watching Sheldon describe, with great detail, the things he knows Amy adores. I loved watching them exchange meaningful presents, Parsons truly playing Sheldon like a kid on Christmas morning. He lights up when he sees that Amy has baked his Mema’s cookies. But more importantly, he lights up because he realizes how much he loves her.
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    Episode 7.17 The Proton Transmogrification. Reported by Delsino Tape date 11 February, 2014. Show date 06 March, 2014. OK Let me start by saying this is a very touching episode. And there was ALOT of Star Wars stuff that I didn’t get and can’t remember the little details they referenced. Scene 1 Leonard and Sheldon’s Apartment Howard, Sheldon Raj and Leonard are hanging out, Sheldon says star wars day is fast approaching and they have to solidify their plans soon. Penny asks, “What is Star Wars day?” Leonard says I'll give you a hint, it’s not May 5th and it's not May 3rd. Penny is looking at them with a blank face. They are all waiting in anticipation for her to get it. Leonard says “it’s May 4th!” She still looks at them with a blank face. They are like “Get it?” “May the forth be with you!” …Still blank stare...Leonard say “you know like “May the force be with you!" Penny said something like she has not responded, not because she doesn’t get it but because she thinks its stupid (I can’t remember the exact words) Scene 2 Sheldon bedroom Sheldon is on his iPad and Leonard knocks and asks if he can talk to him because its important. Sheldon goes on about Star Wars day and how he has to set an hour aside for complaining about something Star Wars and he doesn’t know if that’s enough time. Leonard has bad news, and told Sheldon he read online that Arthur Jeffries/Professor Proton (PP) has died. He says I know how important PP is to him, “Leonard dives in for a hug to Sheldon. (The first take was a very touching hug like a bear hug; the second take was more of a head on the shoulder with his arms around Sheldon). Sheldon asks what Leonard is doing and Leonard says “I am trying to comfort you.” Sheldon says “I understand your heart is in the right place but your head, chest and arms are not.” Leonard stops hugging him and says “I know how important he was to you.” Sheldon insists he is fine. Leonard is shocked Sheldon isn't upset and walks out saying, “gee, this from the guy who cried when they changed the look of the Raisin Bran box.” Scene 3 Amy’s Apartment Amy is making tea and Sheldon is watching an old PP episode on his laptop on YouTube. They show the episode and PP has darker hair (he is supposed to be younger) and is talking about owl’s prey is spit out and looks like pellets. There is an actually owl in the episode. Amy comes over to Sheldon and asks if he is ok and he said he is fine. Sheldon says it’s just sad that PP died at the prime of his, meaning Sheldon's, life. She says are you sure you don’ want to go to the funeral and that she can go with him. Sheldon states that he doesn’t like funerals because everyone is sobbing and blowing their noses, and he can’t tell who is sad and who is sick. He also says that death is inevitable and mourning the death of someone is a waste of time. Amy says if he wants to talk about a waste of time then he should refer to the fact that he wants to spend a day watching dumb space movies. Sheldon replies “if this was a physical relationship, that (her comment) would have her lost sex tonight. Amy gives Sheldon a side eye, but has no real reaction to the comment. Scene 4 Sheldon and Leonard’s Apartment Raj and Howard were cooking in the kitchen and there is a lot of food laid out. Sheldon was sitting on the couch playing with the DVD box. Howard was wearing the ugliest Star Wars shirt (LOL) and Raj had a Star Wars apron with a t-shirt (Raj looks very normal in this episode because he just wears a Star Wars t-shirt and no sweater vest). Sheldon also has a Red Star Wars shirt on. Penny comes in dressed up in black for the funeral. Raj and Howard ask if she wants Star Wars named food. They have R2 De-caf coffee, Chai Tea-3PO, And Princess Lei- Café Au Lait. She laughs and says she gets all the references to Star Wars, and then she like, OMG I can’t believe I know all that, how sad. She says what is wrong with me (LOL). She then asks Sheldon if he is sure he doesn’t want to go and he said Arthur was a scientist and wouldn't want him practicing superstitions like funerals, Arthur would want him to stay home and enjoy Star Wars day and some reference to the Death Star. Leonard walks in and says he is 84 he would say (take 1) “ uh wha-what’s Star Wars” and (take 2) where’s my pudding? Raj asks her if they want “Attack of the Scones” scones to go and Penny is like “oh like attack of the clones” And then is again says “what is wrong with me, I have to leave now” and rushes Leonard out the door. Scene 5 Funeral Leonard and Penny walk in to the funeral parlor and Penny is uneasy because it’s her first funeral. Leonard asked “You have never had anyone you know die before?” She said only her pet pig that died but after they didn't have a funeral, they had a BBQ.” Leonard said they will not eat Arthur after the funeral. They sit down in these large chairs (I just thought it was weird how there was 2 large chairs in the back for them and everyone was in a regular chairs LOL). Penny said that she is very sad and feels like she is about to cry. Leonard says that it’s totally fine if she wants to cry and she should if she feels like it. Leonard stars at her very closely (and kind of creepily) and she said “I can't do it if you are staring at me” So he turns away. Penny tries to cry and makes funny faces (in the first take) and then (second take) was more sad faces. Penny says nope she is not going to cry, she is dried up. She tells Leonard to cry first and then she will be able to cry, because he is a cry baby. He said he is not a cry baby and she said what about Toy Story 3. He said of course he cried in Toy Story 3, the toys were all holding hands and about to go in a furnace. He then stared to talk about what PP meant to him and starts to cry. Penny starts to cry too, it is very emotional and sweet. Penny looks at Leonard and thanks him for being the emotional one in the relationship. Scene 6 Amy’s Apartment Amy and Bernadette are making a cake. They want to do it for Star Wars day and to cheer up Sheldon. The cake is being frosted and it’s in the shape of a sphere, which will be a death star shaped cake. They admire the uniqueness of the sphere shaped cake and say “how come no one makes cakes that shape”. Then they walk away to get more ingredients and the cake rolls off the table. Scene 7 Sheldon and Leonard’s Apartment Sheldon is putting the DVD in the player and says he is putting in the first Start Wars Episode 1 DVD in. Howard and Raj implies it’s their least favorite one and they should just skip it all together. Sheldon says that is big talk from Howard to say they should just dismiss their least favorite of something (implying Howard is his least favorite friend). They discuss stars wars stuff, and then Raj has a way to watch them out of order and skip the first one and still enjoy them all. He says they can watch 2, skip one, and Watch 3-5 as a flashback and end with 6 (Something along those lines). Sheldon gets very upset and doesn't want to skip a transporter scene. Howard says certain scenes are bad (for reasons I don’t understand) comparing them to CSPAN etc. (again I have no idea Star Wars stuff…sorry) and Sheldon gets upset and Raj says it was just an idea. Sheldon gets upset and says (1st take) at some point the dare devil movie was just an idea, (2nd and 3rd take) said at some point the Raisin Bran changing its box was just an idea and now its disappointing breakfast or something along those lines. Sheldon storms off. Howard say wow he must be really upset about PP and maybe they should go after him. Howard then suggests or they can respect his privacy and continue to watch the movies. Raj says that’s what Sheldon would have wanted and now they can watch them in any order they want. They decide not to go after him. Scene 8 Funeral Leonard and Penny are standing in line to pay their respect. Penny says she doesn't know what to say or do because she has never had to pay respects before. She asks Leonard what he is going to say and he says “why you can't copy my answers.” They walk up to the Urn and have conversations that are thinking but the audience can hear aloud. Leonard says some sweet stuff about how import PP was in his life. Penny just kept saying how she didn't know what to say and kept saying "damn" and other "curse" words. Then gets mad at herself for saying the inappropriate words, she tells PP that says he should have seen her earlier when she was crying and to just go by whatever Leonard is thinking. Scene 9 S/L Apartment Howard and Raj say they should check on Sheldon and again find a reason not to. It flashes to Sheldon sleeping in a fetal position. He is now wearing a black Darth Vader shirt (and he wears this whenever he is dreaming). He is at his desk and is looking at a photo PP on his laptop, sad because he can never hear his laugh again. The PP as a ghost appears before him (in his suit) saying he wouldn't laugh anyway or something like that. Sheldon asks why he is there he is supposed to be dead. PP says he is dead and it’s great. He no longer has to pee all the time. PP says there must be some reason Sheldon is dreaming of him. Sheldon says maybe he is like Obi-Wan Kenobi, where he mentors Luke Skywaker and maybe that he is supposed to mentor Sheldon. PP magically has SW clothes on and is glowing and then starts playing with his light saber. Sheldon ducks and moves as PP is having fun with it. He then cuts himself and says he needs a Band-Aid or I can't totally remember what he asks for after he cuts himself with the light saber. Scene 10 Amy's Apartment Amy and Bernie are still working on the cake. It’s flat on the bottom but looks really good. Bernie asked if she watched PP and Amy said no, and Bernie said didn’t watch him because her dad watched a lot of cop shows, so she couldn't watch what she wanted. Bernie asked Amy if she remembers why she got into science. Bernie remembers she wanted to invent a cure for her being short. She thought it worked but realized her brother kept lowering her pencil marks on the door frame. Amy said she wanted to go into science when she joined the “Girl Sprouts”. Bernie said what's that? Amy said her mom made it up because she didn't want her to join the Girl Scouts because they sold cookies on the street like whores. Bernie said what does that have to do with science? Amy said she then went to the library to look up in a biology book what whores do. Scene 11 Funeral Leonard and Penny walk back into the memorial room and they are eating/drinking coffee. He asks how she is enjoying her first funeral, she said not to be mean but it’s kind of a bummer. Leonard says “Well you can rent a bounce house when I die.” Penny gets sad and says “do you think about dying?” Leonard says sometimes but mostly he thinks about what he might regret. Penny is like what do you mean regrets? Like what? Leonard says he wishes he traveled the world more and learned a language. Penny said “But you speak Klingon?” and Leonard in like yea that’s true (kind of proud). Penny said no I meant that as one of your regrets. Leonard says “I have one more regret.” Penny: what’s that? Leonard: I regret not saying yes to you when you proposed. Penny said “Well it wasn't a good time.” Leonard said something along the line that implied now might be a good time, and gave her this cute smile. Penny said no, do not give her that face, that is his “proposal face” and now is not the time to propose. Leonard says something about how the score is 2-1 and that he is losing and she should be upset, he should be. Penny said fine would you like me to propose so the score would be tied. She says fine, “Leonard Will you marry me.” Leonard says HMMMMM, well. And penny is like No! That wasn't the deal you are supposed to say no.” Leonard says it is a big decision and he doesn't want to rush/make a decision, he wants to think about it. Scene 12 L/S Apartment Raj and Howard are still watching movies and still coming up with reasons to not check on Sheldon Scene 13 Sheldon is still in bed dreaming/Some Star Wars Swamp Place He is still sleeping in a fetal position Sheldon dreams he is in a swamp, something with Star Wars again. Sheldon is sitting on a rock with his leg propped up, like when you lean against wall with one leg up (it was weird to see Sheldon sitting like this, Sheldon later sits on the rock kind of squatting) When PP first arrives he says "Where am I? Is this Florida? Sheldon explains it’s the spot in SW that Obi-Wan mentors Luke Skywalker. PP tries to sit like Sheldon and he can’t because he is older and his Star Wars robes get in the way. He asks Sheldon about why he is dreaming about him again, there is some dialogue I can't remember about mourning and death, and PP asks Sheldon if he has ever lost anyone important in his life before. Sheldon says his Pop Pop died when he was 5, his Dad died when he was 14 and now PP died. PP tells Sheldon that we can't change that those people are gone but we can cherish and appreciate the ones who are still with us. Sheldon says he does appreciate the people in his life. PP replies if that was true, then why am I here and why am I dressed as Friar Tuck Scene 14 Leonard’s Car Penny is telling Leonard that he is not being fair and needs to say no, that was the deal. Leonard is teasing her saying he knows how bad she wants to explain to people how to spell Hofstadter for the rest of her life (LOL). Penny says you need to answer, Will you marry me? Leonard says Oh are you asking me again? Is that two proposals for one day? He says jokingly since she said those word twice, he is counting it as two separate proposals. The scorecard is now 3-2. He is loving it and teasing Penny. She was like no that is not what I meant, and you know it. He looks and her very loving and says “I love you so much honey, but no I will not marry you.” He then jokingly says “oh and by the way that only the answer for the first time you asked.” ***Behind the Scene*** Kaley then jumps on Johnny and pretend to stab him and Johnny pretend to drive the car crazy and crash it LOL. Kaley and Johnny came into the audience and talked to us for a few minutes saying thank you, and to continue to support them because they want to be there for as long as the fans will allow them to be. Scene 15 Sheldon’s Bedroom Leonard walks in and wakes Sheldon. He asks if he is ok and he heard he had a bad night. Leonard sits on his bed. Sheldon climbs over his pillows, and gives him the sweetest hug, There was 3 hug takes and each time is was more sweet and really a good embrace. Sheldon then fixes his pillows, which he has been curled up in, in the fetal position. Sheldon says they should go back out and now they can watch all the movies. Leonard says something like “its late.” Sheldon replies thank goodness I had a nap. Scene 16 L/S Apartment The boys and Penny are watching SW and Leonard has the ugliest SW sweater on, very similar to Howards LOL. They are making fun of SW and Jar Jar Binks. Penny then joins in and says that is the stupidest thing and they all are like "hey", Raj tell her she is not allowed to make fun of SW and only they can. Amy and Bernie walk in carrying the cake and they are all amazed. Sheldon stands up and walks over to the cake. Bernie says they are sorry they missed all the movies because they were making the cake but they made the cake to be a part of the fun. Howard says actually we restarted them for Sheldon, so we just started and you can join us! Bernie was like "son of a bitch" and her and Amy look annoyed. TAG scene L/S Apartment The boys fell asleep on the couch and Sheldon wakes up and PP is back in the living room. He asks Sheldon, why he is there again. He tells Sheldon don't you think you are wasting your life with all the SW stuff, he is not only watching SW, but he is dreaming of it and watching it at the same time. Sheldon says he doesn't understand what he is talking about. (Meaning that SW is not a waste of time) END
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    OK, here's the full taping report, courtesy of a super kind and likeable person. A million thanks to her. The unaltered wording reads as follows:
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    From @MJistheBOMB who has kindly said I can share this. I've copied and pasted what she has told us. The Holiday Summation Lenny are in 4A. Penny asks Leonard if she'd like to help him set up the snacks/food for the gathering of their friends coming over as she sets down veggies and dip on the table. Leonard is putting away the last bits of Christmas decorations and explains to her that he's doing it so that Sheldon doesn't flip out since Christmas time is over. "Sheldon doesn't live here any more..." she argues. "He also doesn't live at Walmart but it didn't stop him from flipping a jack-o-lantern after Halloween." Another take: "He also doesn't live at Walmart but it didn't stop him from (something to do with marshmallow peeps)....and this coming from a man who complains about peeps being hard to find after Easter!" In walk Shamy. Lenny greets them. Sheldon immediately notices mistletoe hanging from the ceiling, "Mistletoe??? Do you manics own a calendar????" Penny asks them about their trip to Texas. "It's a lonestar state.... That should be a review on yelp, " Sheldon comments. Amy comments that they didn't have a great time. I think all this was said before he noticed the mistletoe actually. "Well, at least you're home." Penny replied with a smile. The flash backs begin when Sheldon starts telling Lenny the story of what went down in Texas: we see Shamy in a rental car heading towards his mom's house and Sheldon in the passenger seat waking up suddenly and asking how he got there. Back to the present where Amy admits to Lenny she gave Sheldon a special juice so that he would be no trouble while getting to Texas (the plane ride, etc.). Flashback to Shamy and Mary sitting at the dinner table. Sloppy Joe's are what's for dinner. Mary is finishing up a dinner prayer that ends with, ".....and bless the hands that made the food (something along those lines) and Sheldon comments about that line being self serving. Mary asks them both how things are back at home. Amy starts with, "Howard and Bernadette had the baby!" with a smile. Mary is happy for them and asks, "Will the baby be raised as Jewish or regular?" Amy just stares at her for a moment and Sheldon looks at Amy and says, "Welcome to Texas...." before Amy responds to Mary with, "....they hadn't told us. We have a bit if news ourselves (btw, after Sheldon wakes up in the car, Amy makes the suggestion that they tell Mary they are living together and Sheldon doesn't think it's a good idea really.).... Sheldon tries to stall by suggesting they start eating the food that "God" made. "Shelly, what's the news?" Mary asks with a smile. He looks at Amy and says, "this is on you...." before turning to his mom and saying, "Amy and I are living together in sin like two New Yorkers." To Sheldon's surprise, Mary is quite happy about it, which obviously makes him question his mother and she replied with, "...by the time you were three, you could name 1,000 different trains and I was convinced that no girl would ever board any of them..." Also, after Sheldon reveals that to his mom he says something like, "while you scold me, I'm going to get up and get a fork and knife. Joe might by sloppy but Sheldon is not." Sheldon was offended that his mom basically thought he'd be single forever and stormed out of the room. We later see Amy sitting on the couch with tea with Mary next to her crocheting. "You think I should go talk to him?" "I'm the one he's upset with, I should be the one to talk to him." There's a long pause as Amy looks at Mary, wondering when that would be, "Arrrre you gonna go talk to him now???" Amy asks Mary. Just then, in walks Sheldon, with a pair of tightie whities on his head and swimming flippers on his feet. Before storming off earlier, he made a comment to Mary that his brother and sister's combined IQ wattage wasn't even enough to power a potato clock, hence his appearance (he's convinced his mom just wanted him to be like them). He sits down in an empty chair and Mary comments to Amy, "You see why I didn't go talk to him?" At one point, Sheldon and Amy go out, we see them in the rental car and Amy reveals to Sheldon that she had already told Mary that they were living together because she's didn't want it to ever become an issue. Sheldon complains, "My mother thinks I can't find a mate and my mate thinks I can't run my life." There's a hilarious scene where Sheldon "rebels" and gets one of his ears pierced. Amy is standing by his side as he does it and he screams loudly at the pain. "Then, my mother made me take it out...." he tells Lenny and we see the flashback of Amy pulling the earring out and Sheldon screaming again. "....and then Amy cleaned it with alcohol...." Flashback of Sheldon screaming again." That pretty much covers Shamys flashback story I think. Some random things related to it: *Leonard made a comment, "keep going, I enjoy other people's pain." *Bernie (after she Howard and the guys come later) makes a comment, "So, you can control it?" After Sheldon makes a comment that he was intentionally being odd with the underwear in his head, etc. *Penny at one point asks Amy, "So how did Sheldon look with the earring?" Amy replied something along the lines of, "like a pirate helping other pirates to stop pirating...." and Sheldon looks at her and nudges her arm with a big smile on his face. It was so cute. Howardette arrive at 4A with the baby in tow and behind them are their helpers, Raj and Stuart carrying a bunch of baby stuff. LOL. They're happily greeted by Lenny and Shamy. Howard looks under the blanket of the baby in the carrier and comments, "she's sleeping, can't I stick her in your room?" Lenny agree, "of course." "Poppins, Doubtfire, let's go," Howard says to Raj and Stuart who follow him into the bedroom. Everyone is seated and I can't remember if Lennies flash back story was told first or Howardette's so we'll just go with Lennie's first. They tell everyone that they got into a big fight. Leonard explains that they started watching Luke Cage together, that's their thing and Penny reveals that she watched two episodes without him. Bernie is staring at them both, weirded out that THAT was their big fight and says, "It's like being excited for a Christmas present and getting socks...." Sheldon makes a comment, "What's wrong with socks?" Penny explains to everyone that they they probably fought over something so minor because of the previous Christmas tree fiasco. Flashback: They're in the car, excited about going to get a Christmas tree. They look cute, Penny has reindeer ears on and Leonard has and elf hat and his Spock ears that he's allowing to double as elf ears. Penny sees an ad in the paper, "Oh look! There's this place where you can cut down your own tree!" Next scene is Lenny in the car, dirty, ears falling off their heads, hair messed up, Leonard's glasses are crooked. Obviously the tree cutting didn't go well. Penny makes a comment, "when you swing an axe, you don't let go!" Leonard mentioned his mittens making his hands slippery. "It's 70 degrees, you don't need mittens!!!" Suddenly, the tree y worked so hard to cut down slides down onto the windshield of the car. "There's something on the windshield..." Penny says sarcastically. Next part of their flashback is them trying to get the damn trees upstairs to 4A. "You need a break?" Penny asks Leonard who has the end of the tree as she leads. "No," he replies. "It's okay to admit you need a break," Penny tells him. "If I need a break I'll tell you!!!," Leonard shouts at her. Next scene is the tree on top of Leonard as he lays on the floor on the second floor or something. "Leonard, there's a tree on you," Penny says sarcastically. Finally, we see them drag the tree through the door of 4A. Leonard makes a comment about decorating it I think and Penny replies, "with gasoline and a match?" before they both tiredly plop themselves down on the couch. That pretty much concludes their flashback. Howardette's flashback: we at Howardette's house. We hear Hallie crying and Bernie in the room trying to get her to stop, "It's okay, it's okay....I don't know what you want, my boobs are dry, you want money? (In another take she asks, "do you want lasagna?" She is able to calm the baby down and we see her slowly and tiredly walk out in her sweats, hair messed up and she says, "what have we done?" In walks Howard and the guys. They just came home from shopping. "I got super hero baby wipes! They fight crime and tushie!" he says while flipping them in the air. At one point the baby starts crying again. Stuart says, "I'll take this shift." and goes to take care of Hallie. He gets her quiet immediately and it makes her sad and she starts to cry as she sits on the couch. Howard sits down next to her to ask her what's wrong, "nothing, these are happy tears." "Oh, okay...." Howard replies. "They're not happy tears, you big (I forgot what she calls him)." She is sad and thinks the baby doesn't like her. Howard makes a comment maybe Stuart is so successful because Hallie is playing the possum trick (not his wording but the implication is play dead until he goes away I guess). Raj makes a comment that maybe the baby is just a, "jerk". He also made some comments that back home in India, when his baby brother cried, the servants would just take the baby far away so they could hear him, either that or THEY would just leave. Back to the present, someone (I forgot who) asked Howard how things were/are for him and he mentioned everything was good, besides all the crying. Flashback of him sitting in bed next to a crying Bernie who is still sad thinking her baby doesn't like her. "How can she hate me? I'm like a human milk machine, that's like hating a frozen yogurt machine...,"she cries. Howard is trying his best to comfort her until he loses it and starts crying too. Finally, the sweetest part of the flashback: Howard opens the door to Hallie's room to check on Bernie with the baby. It's dark and silent. He's whispering, asking where she is. "down here..." she whispers. He slowly walks across the room and uses his cell phone to light his path and there is Bernie laying down in the crib with the baby wrapped up in a blanket sleeping by her side. Howard asks how she could fit in there and I'm forgetting her response. Howard makes a joke about thinking outside of the box since she was basically in one (the crib). He asks her if she wants help out of the crib but she wants to stay with Hallie. He squats down near the crib and asks Bernie, "is it okay if I gets some sleep?" She smiles at him and tells him to go ahead. Howard reaches his hand in towards Bernie and says, "good job, mommy...." She tells him not to make her cry. It was so sweet!!!! That pretty much concludes Howardette's story. At one point while everyone had been listening to Howardette's story, Sheldon did some googling about the blues that women have after giving birth. He read that being encouraging and complimentary to the new mom is good for her. He pats Bernie on the head and says, "You're doing a good job." "Thank you, Sheldon, I feel better...", Bernie says with a smile. The tag scene is everyone leaving 4A. They say their goodbyes and Leonard or Penny asked when Howardette return to work, Howard mentions he's in paternity leave and Sheldon chimes in, "a small human reeks havoc (pardon my spelling on those if it's incorrect) on his wife's genitals and he gets time off..." he shakes his head and starts to follow Howard out. Howard turns around, "with pay, sucker! (another take: with pay, homie!)" Everyone is out, then Howard comes back in, "I forgot the baby, I'm new at this...." as he heads back towards Lennies bedroom. THE END. Anything I left out will be a surprise for you all.
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    As far as the Shenny part of the episode that's worrying people, let me try to break this down: Penny is simply interested in this experiment in order to be able to ask Sheldon personal questions. She finds him curious, and she doesn't often get to confront him with personal questions, such as the "Are you ever going to sleep with Amy" bit. Penny loves gossip. Penny loves knowing sordid details and intimate things about the people around her; she's a people person. So the opportunity to weasel some personal information out of Sheldon is interesting to her, and she wants to do it. But only to get him to confess some secrets to her; to satisfy some personal curiosity, not because she believes she'll fall in love with him. Sheldon also doesn't believe he'd fall in love with her. But, the entire line asking her about "if she falls in love with him, will she drive him to Gary Con" does two things at the same time: it shows that Sheldon is both as delusionally arrogant as ever, and as incredibly selfish as ever. The same man who also thinks he's the whimsical elf every turns to for a good time, the man around whom the entire group friendship is formed, whom everyone loves and admires - so arrogant at times he has little grip on the reality of how people see him, he thinks that it's possible Penny will fall in love with him. And how would he respond to her love? By using her, of course. Using her to drive him across country to some con she would never want to go to, because there's a strong aspect to Sheldon that has no problem using people's love for him to get what he wants. Whether it's cookies or toys or bobblehead dolls. So his immediate thought - which is so loving and attractive - is that if the experiment works it means he can get a ride. Penny, who is obviously rolling her eyes at how selfish and arrogant Sheldon is being - and is smart enough NOT to find selfishness and arrogance all that attractive - uses sarcasm she knows he won't understand and promises to drive him and buy him as many stupid tee-shirts as he wants. And Sheldon's response of, "let's do this, babe," is about him getting ready to fake it to get something he really wants because suddenly he's hooked on the idea of getting that ride and those shirts. I think that the writers are making a pretty obvious statement here to reiterate all the things we know about Sheldon: he'll do anything to get his way, he's selfish, he's arrogant, and he doesn't pick up on sarcasm whatsoever. Penny wasn't being serious with her promise, but Sheldon didn't get that and so suddenly this carrot of teeshirts and a con - things he loves - are dangled in front of him, and so he prepares himself to go into this situation and FAKE IT (since when would Sheldon ever call someone "babe" in all seriousness? You know he just picked that word because he's heard the lunkhead types use it for their women, and so he adopts it) to get that carrot. It's completely fake, and that's part of what's so funny about it. Sheldon, our unromantic, alien robot-boy, trying to imitate a lunkhead surfer dude's attitude and language, which we know on him is totally fake and out-of-character, and that he's only adopting in order to get a teeshirt and a ride.) And then they go through the questions, and the stare down, which neither of them can get through to the others satisfaction or real interest. But Penny does learn that Sheldon is not as toweringly confident as she thought, and Sheldon learns.....well, I'm not sure Sheldon learns all that much, at least not much that he cares about. But they put that stare in there just to bait anyone who still is holding a Shenny torch, and they wait a sweet and juicy beat, and then the writers kill it. And then they heap on the part about Sheldon and Penny agreeing they see each other like brother and sister, which REALLY puts the ice on any possibility of a romantic spark. In the meantime, they have Leonard and Amy be as unthreatened as they can possibly be. And also show that Leonard is still holding a torch for Penny, with a touch of insecurity, with every breath he takes. While Amy can solve a puzzle room, shut down a zombie like a bad ass, and not give one solid f*ck about Sheldon and Penny doing this experiment together because she is awesome. My guess is that this episode was in reaction to two things. 1) The article already mentioned in this thread that's been going around Facebook about how anyone can fall in love by asking intimate questions and staring into each other's eyes for 4 minutes. (Total absurdity.) and 2) The woman who was tweeting Bill awhile ago about "is Shamy canon?" and completely went off the handle about how rude he was when he said that Lenny's engagement should have ended the Shenny speculation. Not to mention he's been tweeted other Shenny pressure despite him repeatedly saying that the relationship is not going to happen and he's annoyed as hell by the Shenny stuff he considers borderline harassment. I've seen what I THOUGHT was some brutal mocking of the idea of Shenny - the laundry room scene from last season's Christmas episode was completely over-the-top demonstration of how gross they think that Shenny as a couple is - but apparently that didn't work so now they are going to go even further and spell it out in no uncertain terms: Sheldon and Penny are not going to fall in love, not even in a lab or any scientific experiment, and that the relationship between them is one of friendship only, and so platonic they feel like brother and sister. It's like....they are so sick of people beating the Shenny dead horse they have decided to build the horse a funeral pyre, dose it with gasoline, and set it on fire. And then gather around with long sticks and toast marshmellows on it. And then dance around it, drinking copious bottles of wine, and then put the fire out by taking a long, drunk piss on it. That's how definite the entire business is. Penny promises Sheldon not to tell anyone about his birthday, understands his fear of surprises, and immediately sends out texts arranging a surprise party. How loving and considerate and discrete of her! And Sheldon gets through the ordeal of this experiment and they agree they are not in love, but his and most important concern (himself and his own desires) is still on his mind: so where is his ride to Gary Con and where are his tee shirts? And Penny drowns her desire to bitch slap him in another big glass of wine. Threatening? I hardly think so.
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    I just want to say that I LOVE that Sheldon shared his readiness for coitus with Penny and Bernie, and not the guys. The girls were so sweet to give him encouragement, and then Penny gave him tips on making love. Then that they probably kept Sheldon's plan from the boys. Penny and Bernie have redeemed themselves! i love that Sheldon and Amy both wore "virginal" white for their first time! I'm sure that was intentional by TPTB. and let's give a big SHOUT OUT to the writers...........It was hard to trust them with all that's happened. But they did right by Shamy. The reconciliation in ep 10 was amazing Then they gave them the most perfect "first time" that we could have hoped for. It was romantic, sweet, loving and in character. They didn't try to go for the comedy card while it was happening. They respected the characters and the fans' feelings about characters of Sheldon and Amy. WE LOVE YOU WRITERS!!!!!!!!
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    8.11 The Clean Room Infiltration Reported by: MichyGeary Tape Date: November 18 2014, Air Date: December 11, 2014 (TBC) Story: Maria Ferrari, Tara Hernandez and Jeremy Howe Teleplay: Eric Kaplan, Jim Reynolds and Steve Holland
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    Okay, then, here it goes. Sorry If I don't remember everything exactly. I am going to go storywise rather than scene wise. Starts with everyone and Lenny's apartment and Howard is shoveling food down his mouth. Bernie asks him to slow down but he says that he can't have food 12 hours before his vasectomy procedure and is making the most of it. Raj is also doing the same and says he is stress eating. Sheldon then sees on his phone that they are reviving Professor Proton and are recasting the role since Arthur died. Sheldon says that the show is very important to to him and he would like the new "professor Proton" to do it justice. He then starts describing the person he would like to takeover the role and the gang realizes that he's describing himself. He says Professor Proton touched a lot of children and he would also like to touch as many children as possible (lol). Leonard asks him to put that in his audition tape. Amy then says that it would be cool if they cast a woman in the role but Sheldon says "they" already have Ghostbusters and Doctor Who now, what more they want. Next we see Sheldon in a lab coat preparing for his audition tape with Amy in their apartment. He shows her his expression for "interesting", "very interesting" and angry. Amy says why he would need to be angry? He says that he's rather have it and not want it than want it and not have it. They then began shooting his audition tape for which his does an experiment to find out the mass of an electron using "household objects" but one of the items needed (some type of copper wire) turns out to be a safety hazard. Amy tells him that and to do something else and he gives her his angry expression and says that he did need it after all. Sheldon also dreams about Arthur (the night before I think) and says if he heard the news. That scene has a couple great one liners from Bob Newhart. At Lenny's apartment, Amy and Sheldon are showing Lenny his audition tape in which he is solving a complicated equation. Amy says that she told him that she "loved it" but if they want to tell him what they think, they can go right ahead. Penny doesn't know what to say but Leonard says that it looks like you were having fun. Sheldon says that that is something Leonard told him to say after seeing one of Penny's bad plays. Amy and Leonard says that maybe he shouldn't so blatantly show his contempt for children in the audition tape. Sheldon says but he does not like kids and they say that he needs to act like he does. Sheldon says that it looks like he needs to coaching of a real actor. Penny is flattered but Sheldon scoffs at her, Sheldon goes to Wil Wheaton's house and asks him for Patrick Stewart's number but when he says no, Sheldon says Wil will have to do. Next scene; Lenny and Amy are walking up the stairs of their building and Leonard sees on his phone that they already cast Professor Proton. We then hear Sheldon shout "Wheaton". The 3 then go back down the stairs quickly. Sheldon goes to Wil's house and turn down the role since he isn't even a scientist but Wil says that he is an actor and will try to do the role justice. Shledon says that they started out as enemies but then became friends and he wouldn't want Sheldon to become his enemy again. Wil says he doesn't see much difference and slams the door in his face. Wil says that if doesn't leave he will set his dog on Sheldon. Sheldon says he doesn't have a dog but can't be sure since Wil is such a good actor. He also asks they guys minus Howard in the university cafeteria to help him stop the show by calling the production company and they say no. Last scene of the episode is Sheldon having another dream about Arthur to tell him about Wil and Bob Newhart has a bunch of more great one liners. Howard has his vasectomy and is put on bed rest for a few days. Bernie goes to her 16-week check up and is also put on bed rest because she is straining herself. Penny comes at their house to check on them. Halley then starts crying (they hear on the baby monitor). Bernie is about to get up but Penny says that she can do it. Bernie says that or Stuart can close his shop take a bus and do it instead. Penny says that they don't trust her but they pretend that that is not the case. Next scene of their house and it's all quiet Howard and Bernie says that they can enjoy having this time together before baby #2 comes. They then wonder how it got so quiet and call Penny. She jokes that she put Halley to sleep by dipping her pacifier in bourbon but they can't tell if she is joking or not. Next scene with Penny in the kitchen making a bottle for Halley. Amy comes there and says she's there to check on her friends put Penny realizes that Howardette called her to check on Penny. Penny says that do they all think she's irresponsible? But Amy says no; she is just "fun loving" which Penny says is just a nicer word for irresponsible. Cut to Howardette's room and they call Penny using Howard's bell app he got earlier. They ask her to get snacks but she complains that why'd the get Amy to check on her and don't trust her .Penny goes to check on Halley again and Howardette then hear on the baby monitor how good Penny is with Halley and feel bad. Halley then says "mama" which is her first word which Howardette hear surprised. Penny then says "take that suckers, she called me mama" over the baby monitor making Bernie angry. Sorry if this got too long, that happens with me once I start writing, lol
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    I was at the taping tonight. Shamy are so cute and in love. I wrote a full taping report in the main thread, but I just had to say it here... that they are so sweet. They kiss goodbye in front of Lenny and it gets so heated that Penny has to call them off of each other. The kiss was very much like the Shenny kiss in 9.02, leg lift and all. They taped in twice with the first take being a bit more awkward and the second take being more passionate. I think they will go with the second one because it goes a lot better with the overall theme of the episode, but we'll see. Then they had a contest of who was going to miss who more. Lots of science talk here that I didn't understand, but they were basically doing the typical "No, I love you more" back and forth in their special Shamy way and once again, had to be cut off by Penny pulling Amy into the hallway. Amy gushes about how amazing Sheldon is during girls night, mentioning that he's always asking her how her day was and taking her into consideration. Overall, it was just adorable. They're in such a good place right now. I love it.
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    Ima also add that when Amy said ur crazy were not making a baby right now Sheldons like "ah I see ur playing hard to get ;)" he then drops a pencil and bends over to get it and pops his booty out and Amy is just like no and walks away and Sheldon says did u even look at my bottom!? haha
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    Amy looks FRIGGIN adorable! erm why in the Hollywood Reporter did Molaro say they've been on and off for 5 years? #DontMakeMeHateYouAgain
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    Wow, just WOW! I am still n a stat of pure bliss this AM. This is truly better than I imagined. I always trusted the writers and never doubted them. Said it would be fixed by end of sweep...ok so I'm 1 episode off...Not too bad. While I'm not surprised some aren't happy, thats to be expected. I thought it sounded like perfection. True we don't get 100% in Amy heads, we know from the Aquarium that she openly admits she misses him and wants him back. She isn't "totally" digging dating but going through the motions as she doesn't want to be alone and was sorta rejected not once but twice this season by Sheldon (when he said he asked out girls and then the just be friends remark). So do I blame her, absolutely not. If she didn't tell him the episode before she wanted back in I would be hating on her, but that didn't happen. The writers did a stella job on building on each block here. For Sheldon growth, you could go on and on. Its been huge how organically they changed him. Last week we see him reconize he has feelings, now he can completely express them to Amy openly & from the heart in his own way. He told her in Aquarium he knows she deserves better, last night he tells her he appreciates all she did for him. And those song lyrics, PERFECTION.. and then the make-out. I always said the Shenny kiss is foreshadowing and it sounds like I was right. The barriers are down now, these two have no reserves about moving forward with all aspects of their romantic life together. Sure there will always be hiccups but they are 100% on an even playing field in all aspects now. Its not believable to see engagement, living together, sex, and eventual marriage in their future. Whats been the hardest part of this break was seeing so much pain and confusion in my friends eyes. I hated it actually. I'm so happy to have Shamy peace again. I love my Shamy friends and this community and seeing such divides was eating me up inside. And a special shoutout to Monique, April & Jenna. You guys have been with me from the finale till now with our overall hopes & trusts in the writers. We never doubted it and the payoff to me seems worth it! In the words of Susana "Shamy is MAGIC" SO glad such a special forum member & great friend got to see this live all play out! so guess Santa is back huh...Thanks Steve! and fanfic writers...get to work PLEASE. you've been lacking in the Shamy believable Smut lately...now you have PURE gold to go off of when that door closes....I expect EPIC M fics please lol
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    Thanks guys. I'm sure I'll have a good time, regardless of how the episode turns out. I went to a few tapings last year and it's always really great just to be there and see all the cast in their element. And of course I'll share spoilers. I doubt I'll write up a full on taping report, but I'll do a detailed as possible summary and answer any questions. I know how much most people want spoilers (myself included) and most will never have a chance to get to a taping. I also know that the majority of the folks on here hopefully aren't the types to tweet craziness to Bill if they're unhappy with what's shared. I'll be on here as soon as I can after I get out of the taping.
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    If anyone wants a more word for word version of the two Shamy scenes, this is the best I can remember. It might be a little inaccurate but it's pretty close. And someone can correct it. COLD OPEN (making out), then they both pull away AMY: I can't believe 5 years ago today was our first date. SHELDON: I know. (a beat) Do you think I should start watching the Flash show? AMY: Is that seriously what you're thinking about right now? SHELDON: It's one of the things I'm thinking about (he said this very flirty) AMY: Is one of those things me? SHELDON: Yes! I was wondering if I should watch the Flash show. Oh, I know. I should ask Amy. (pause) Well anyway. (leans in to kiss her again) AMY: (pushes him away, he looks at her confused) Are you kidding me right now? SHELDON: Yeah you're right. You kinda killed the mood. (Stands up to walk to kitchen) AMY: (stands to follow him) Don't you think it's a little ironic that you idolize a man who moves extremely fast when after 5 years all I can get out of you is a distracted makeout session? SHELDON: Irony isn't really my strong suit. But I'm getting better at sarcasm. Would you like to try that? AMY: (sarcastically) I'd love to! SHELDON: (a pause, he doesn't get it) Whenever you're ready TAG I'd like to note here that while the Lenny stuff is happening it's very obvious Sheldon is trying to reach Amy through phone or on his computer. Finally in the last scene, she answers. SHELDON: Hello AMY: Hello SHELDON: I've been thinking a lot about our relationship- AMY: (cutting him off) I have been thinking about it too. Being your girlfriend is very difficult. It's both emotionally and physically exhausting. (Getting upset, close to crying) This is so hard because I love you, but I think it's best we take a step back and reevaluate our relationship. SHELDON: (stunned) Oh AMY: I hope you understand. SHELDON: (pause) Okay AMY: Goodbye, Sheldon SHELDON: Goodbye. He closes the laptop lid looking shocked and sad. He looks over at his Gollum figurine on his desk and reaches across to hold it. SHELDON: Well, Gollum, you seem to be an expert on rings.... The audience screams bloody murder while Sheldon opens the desk drawer and pulls out the ring box. He opens it up and looks at the ring. Finally, after quite a bit of time, the audience quietens down. SHELDON: What should I do with this one? And that's it. No joke at the end. I'm guessing it will be a fade out rather than a cut to black. It was very heartbreaking and powerful and epic all at once. He looked shocked and upset but I definitely feel he has the determination to go after his woman.
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    I have a feeling that they didn't show us on-screen kiss because next time they kiss it's gonna be so hot and may lead to a steamy make-out session. They might be doing that already, the description of their kiss changed from "it's not romantic" to "Tijuana sex show". Sheldon probably didn't exaggerate it. A girl can dream .
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    Watched 4.10 "The Alien Parasite Hypothesis" in preparation for tomorrow's episode just to see how far we've come since those days...wow, given what we know now it really has been an interesting ride. Consider these remarks: Amy: I think we need to face the cold, hard truth, I was sexually aroused by Penny’s friend Zack. Sheldon: Hang on. I don’t know that we’ve given the alien parasite hypothesis a fair shake. Amy: Let’s look at this logically. I have a stomach, I get hungry. I have genitals, I have the potential for sexual arousal. Sheldon: A cross we all must bear. Amy just discovering what it means to be turned on sexually by a guy she finds attractive. And even then, Sheldon would rather consider Amy was afflicted by an alien parasite rather than admit she was aroused by another man....and he admits that he too gets aroused by sharing that cross to bear. Amy: Is it possible that your concern for me at this moment is motivated by nothing more than simple jealousy? Sheldon: I hadn’t considered that. Give me a moment. All right, I’ve considered it. Amy: And? Sheldon: I reject it. Amy: You reject it because you don’t feel jealousy, or because you are suppressing jealousy? Sheldon: I think I’ll eat my lunch at home. Amy is aware that Sheldon is most likely jealous of the attention she is giving to her fascination with Zack. She calls him on it, and he leaves with his sushi lunch instead of continuing that dialogue lol... And finally, after she confronts Zack and his ape-like gaze kills the mood, Amy leaves with Sheldon: Sheldon: I’m glad you decided to reject your animal hindbrain and return to the realm of pure intellect. Amy: As am I. (Holds Sheldon’s hand) Sheldon: What are you doing? Amy: An experiment. Nope. Nothing. Never mind. How far we've come Shamy! It took a while, and you had your ups and downs, but it's looking good now kids! What a journey! Amy: Elevated heart rate, moist palms, dry mouth and localized vascular throbbing.
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    So, my mind is a bit scattered. I'm having a tough time writing this because my memory sucks atm so I wrote only the first few scenes. But here's what I have so far. FYI, I don't know if I could do a whole taping report too, the scenes might be out of order too and I'm cutting bits of jokes so I can get this thing done quickly. scene 2 Sheldon and Leonard go to Kripke’s office to ask him for liquid helium. He says no, so Sheldon and Leonard ask him again but he replies if the shoe was on the other end of the foot would they help him out and Leonard says yes and Sheldon says no. Leonard turns to him and Sheldon says the only to get what you want is to be honest. scene 3 Penny and Bernadette are sitting in the living room at Howard/Bernadette’s house. Bernadette mentions that Stuart went out on a date with someone. Then Penny asks how he met her and Bernadette says that there is this app on the phone where they trace people from a certain distance from you and see if you like them. Penny then mentions that may be they can help Amy find someone with the app so Bernadette calls Stuart out from the dining room to ask him a few questions. He then says that he got two dates and explains that if you like a person you just press the thumbs up button and if you dislike a person you press the thumbs down button. scene 4 The four guys enter Leonard’s lab. Raj mentions why they couldn’t go to Party City to get the helium. Leonard replies by saying that they’d have to go to everyone of those stores in California to get all of it. Howard says he might know a guy and Leonard and Sheldon begins to ask him a bunch of questions. scene 5 Stuart is downloading the app on Amy’s phone. Penny takes the phone from him and quickly swipes no to three different guys. Raj and Howard enters wondering what they were doing. They explain them that they were using the app to find a guy for Amy. Then Raj takes the phone and swipes no to every guy he see’s on it too. Howard then grabs it and picks this one guy every agrees on. NOTE: Amy does say stuff in this scene but it’s really little and I don’t really remember her parts.
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    I just needed to come here and make a quick comment about Sheldon and Amy in the episode. The fort is wonderful (all hail the fort). It seems like an incredibly innocent way to tackle the traditionally not-at-all-innocent relationship milestone of sleeping over, which is perfect for Shamy. There are emotional facets to this, where they both get to relive and rewrite some of their painful childhood memories, so in a way, it goes in line very well with the idea that Sheldon and Amy are growing up together emotionally, and writing their own rules for how an adult relationship should be developed along the way. It’s enough to make your heart melt. But the main reason I came out of the shadows for a moment is that I have to talk about what a big deal I think this actually is. All of the big future milestones with them (moving in, sex, marriage, etc.) depend on Sheldon’s fear (or him getting over fear, rather). It’s difficult to imagine sex happening anytime soon when the expectation of sex (triggered by seeing Amy in a pretty dress) sends him into a panic attack. I’m guessing that same fear is why he is so reluctant to move in with her (I know that he loves Leonard and doesn’t want him to leave, but I’ve often wondered if his clinginess to Leonard about moving in with Penny, is at least in part motivated by the fear that the next logical step would then be to live with Amy, which is scary). The reason why I think the fort was so important was because it provided a fun, innocent, and safe way of him finding out that spending the night together is not going to make the world end. They probably had breakfast together, and she might have even showered there…and Sheldon is going to learn that none of that is really scary at all. In fact, anything that happened as a result is likely to be remembered by him as a positive experience. So the fort is a way to help diminish his fear of progressing the relationship in a big way. Other milestones like kissing did the same thing, but I think the fort is more significant. Not just for the fact that sleeping together worked out fine, but for the fact that taking a big step in the relationship was nothing to be afraid of. Learning that taking another big step could have a positive outcome might encourage (or at least lessen resistance) to big steps that we know are inevitable on down the line, especially the possibility of moving in together sometime. So yes, while it might seem juvenile, I think it’s the absolute best way for their first sleepover to happen, and I think it can only lead to them both growing up and tackling these big adult relationship issues at the pace that is natural and comfortable to them. Also, I couldn’t stop thinking of the Romance Resonance, when Sheldon told Amy that she “made the fort”. Now, they’ve both literally made the fort. (Aww!)
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    First scene Sheldon is at the cafeteria with the 3 guys. He is sad that he isn't invited to a physics symposium at Richard Feynman’s former house. 2nd scene Howard’s mom’s house with Raj, Bernadette, and Howard. Howard’s mom’s house has been signed over to Howard. His dad did this through a lawyer. No contact with Howard. 3rd scene, Penny is doing a podcast with Wil Wheaton about serial apeist 4th scene, date night at sheldon's apt. Candlelit at kitchen island. Sheldon is moody about not being invited to the symposium. Amy reminds him that being moody isn't allowed on date night (it's in the agreement). Sheldon has found a workaround loophole. He holds up a his smiling face to cover his head. There, now he’s happy. 5th scene, wolowitz mother's house. Howard Raj and Bernadette. They discuss redecorating. The doorbell rings, it's Howard's half brother, Josh. (His father's name was Sam). Josh is played by Matt Bennett. 6th scene, Penny, Leonard, Wil podcast. Wil now has Kevin Smith on as well (voice heard only, though he was there) He likes Serial Apeist! He invites Penny to read for Clerks 3 Scene 7, Shamy. Amy commiserates that she knows how it feels to be left out. Sheldon's sister and brother would build forts and leave him out. Amy says she can't help with being left out of the symposium, but they could build a fort together Scene 8, Howard's mom's house. Josh studies oceanography at San Diego. Howard has gone to the dining room, and chats with Raj about how he's upset. When he comes back out, Josh is excited about how his brother is an astronaut! Howard is now more enthused Scene 9, Back to Penny, Leonard and Wil. They are all still on the air for the podcast. Lenny bicker about the possibility of Penny going back to acting. Penny, it seems, is very successful. She makes 2x what leonard does. Scene 10, Shamy in their blanket fort (pre-recorded) The fort is cute, and we see inside it they have lights strung up (like christmas lights) They sit on the floor to "rough it". He says his smile doesn't need the sign now. Scene 11, Back to Howard, Raj, Bernadette and Josh. It turns out Howard's father left Josh's family as well. They hate him. This makes Howard happy, he feels less like something was wrong with him. Scene 12, Back to Penny's, still in podcast, Leonard wants to know where Penny's money is. She says it's diversified into stocks and bonds, she has a guy. Leonard doesn't have a guy, he doesn't have money. Penny says he should get some (money). Leonard notes that Penny is now being the mature one. She wants to know if it would help him feel better if she auditioned for clerks 3. Leonard says it would. Wil says Leonard has been played like a violin. Leonard agrees. Scene 13, playback. Shamy have made a best fort bracket, and their fort is in the final 4. Amy’s watch alarm indicates time is up for date night. It’s Sheldon who suggests that they go beyond the scheduled time. A sleepover is suggested. Sheldon agrees, if it is rated G. Amy wants PG. They compromise. Sheldon asks if she needs pajamas or a toothbrush. Amy asks if if would freak him out to know she had some stashed under the couch cushion, and whips them out to show him. Scene 14, Howard, Bernadette, Raj, Josh. Howard’s brother always wanted someone to play catch with. Bernadette says he’ll have to keep waiting. Howard mentions throwing the first pitch at the angels’ game. Bernadette points out that he did it with a robot. Josh thinks the “it” refers to sex. Raj says he did that too. When Josh goes to leave, they hope to see each other again. Josh asks if the robot was cute. Howard says he didn’t build the whole thing, just the arm. Josh says “because that’s all you needed.” Yup, definitely Howard’s brother. Scene 15, playback Shamy. Leonard arrives home. Sheldon pops his head out, and then Amy does. Sheldon want Leonard to ask to be in the fort so he can tell him no. When Leonard asks, Sheldon lets him come in though, the fort is too great to say no. Leonard goes to sit on the floor. Sheldon says not there, that’s my spot.
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    Okay quick summary then I'll answer questions when I get back to hotel (or Rule34 will be on and able to as well). Title was The Fortification Implementation. Howard, Bernadette and Raj are at Howard's mom's house. They talk about what Howard & Bernie are going to do with the house. Howard's half brother comes by. They meet him and talk to him. He's really sweet and cute. He and Howard kind of bond at the end. Penny and Leonard are doing a podcast with Wil Wheaton. Kevin Smith calls in and offers Penny an audition to be in his next movie Clerks 3. Leonard thinks she should just stick with the job she has. But she wants to audition. They kind of fight about it and Leonard finds out that Penny makes twice as much money as him. In the end she kind of tricks him into saying he wants her to audition for the part. Shamy are having date night. Sheldon is feeling bad because he got left out of some party at some scientists house. he's moping around and mentions it's just like when his brother and sister used to build forts and not let him in. So him and Amy decide to build a fort in the living room. It's a really cool fort and Sheldon and Amy both really love it. At the end of date night Sheldon isn't ready for Amy to go. He wants to make an exception for date night protocol and have her stay later. She says if I'm going to stay later why don't I stay really late and we can have a sleepover! They negotiate and decide to have their very first sleepover. In the fort. Very cute scenes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    21 Sweetest Shipper Moments of 2014 ShAmy's Train Kiss, The Big Bang Theory Though it was achieved through manipulation (scientifically informed manipulation, of course), the first real kiss between Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Amy (Mayim Bialik) was unexpectedly hot. What started as a tantrum on Sheldon's part soon became a full-fledged, swoon-worthy smooch, and no one was complaining: not Amy, not viewers, and—most surprising of all—certainly not Sheldon. —Lanford Beard http://www.ew.com/ew/gallery/0,,20326356_20882846,00.html#30264157
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    My husband is a total Lenny and after the episode he was too twitterpated with Penny's sideboob to notice anything else. She could have called off the wedding and he would have been watching with a smile on his face. I, being a Shamy, was writhing on the floor from an ongoing attack of the feels. My children ran off to join the circus - because they need a more stable environment.
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    Maddie and I were saying how we really want an erection episode. Not because we're freaks and need to see that, but until the general audience sees that Sheldon can be aroused by Amy, them having sex would have the casual viewers thinking "woah, where did that come from?" I think it would be hilarious if they were making out on the couch and Sheldon quickly stops and throws pillow over his lap and Amy has no idea what's going on hahahaha Then later he runs to Leonard (we only see the back of Sheldon) and says; Sheldon: Help me! how do I get rid of this?! Leonard: I'm not helping you with that!
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    Yeah, it was quick, but almost all of the Lenny plot, was pre-taped. The title of the show is The Novelization Correlation. Once I go through the plot, it makes a lot of sense. Because of this show, we were shown The Proton Regeneration (1106) as that show set up tonights. Besides Wil, Stuart and Christine Baranski were in it. Christine, and Melissa did not appear at the end, but Keven did. All of Bernadette's scenes, all of Stuart's and Christine's were pre-taped. Lenny plot was about Leonard's novel, and was centered around who exactly the female character is based on. The Shame plot was mostly about Sheldon's struggles with Wil becoming PP. After that, it was everyone (including Amy) telling him why they don't do things, because of his reactions. I'll go ahead and start the lengthier show description, but I wanted to get this out so you guys had something. I found it a really funny show. There are some very good laugh lines in it and a couple of good visual laughs. I'll do a few scenes and post, a few more and post, that way you all have something.
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    3 new things that have me super psyched for tomorrow's episode: 1. When Prof Proton tells Sheldon he'll be alright if he's with the right person, Sheldon nods his head sweetly, like, "Yup. No worries. She is." 2. When Sheldon and Amy sit awkwardly in bed during the 2nd "hello, hi," the way they look at each other is, to me, totally reminiscent of how they glanced back and forth at one another awkwardly yet so intrigued during their first meeting over the warm beverage at the end of the episode in season 3. 3. Amy is freaking funny! One of my favorite things about Mayim's portrayal of Amy is that her weird-o-ness plays as completely hilarious. Her line delivery, her awkward body positions, her over-active eyebrows make me laugh out loud ...more than I do for any other character. And that's back ... finally! She hasn't really been funny all season. She's been moody and withdrawn and confused but not weird and funny. So wonderful to see that again. I love that Sheldon brings it out of Amy ... her real weirdo self ... and Mayim's scenes with Jim really bring that out in her acting too. Can't wait for tomorrow Oh and obligatory apology for the quote function
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    I’ve already watched the episode a few times and the feels I get are still as high as the first viewing. I always figured that humming would be a no no in the apartment along with whistling. Seeing Sheldon hum the same notes over and over again while trying to figure out what his heart and his mind subconsciously already knew kept me smiling throughout those moments. Mixed in with the cuteness, they kept true to his character of driving Lenny crazy with his annoying behaviours. IMO Sheldon is still going to be the same in some areas with Amy being the exception. When he figured out the song and what it really meant to him, I had this moment of pride and happiness. Him describing how Amy changed him... I was living like half a man Then I couldn't love but now I can More soul than I ever had I love the way you soften my life with your love They refer to him a Shel-bot but in that moment, Sheldon humanity and soul shone. Brilliant moment The other thing that I enjoyed was that his feelings for Amy actually made him pull away from the white board and concentrate on those hippy dippy feelings that he always says he’s above. Sheldon dashes out of the apartment with no care of his work, normal routine. No jacket, no bus pants, no wallet but he don’t care! He’s a man with a mission His line to Amy about not caring if it’s a good time, says it all. He needed her to know how much she meant to him. His declaration of how Amy’s is in his heart... then the “I loves you”. How happy was Amy and how cute was Sheldon as he wrapped her in his arms? The kisses were perfect IMO. Both were innocent but it showed how much they missed each other. No thought of germs, ickiness or rushing to end things. They were both invested 100% in that moment. Perfection reconcilation.
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    Amy needing to take some time had nothing to do with sex. Like where is that coming from? She was frustrated that he was ignoring her on date night, on their anniversary, to talk about a TV show, and she just wants some time to herself. She is allowed that. Sheldon agreed with her. Like why are we making this about sides and teams...
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    My first taping and this is what I get. I'm the happiest person alive right now. I ain't even mad they're on a break. The break is only going to end with a proposal
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    Leonard to Sheldon: "Sheldon, why don't you just acknowledge that you have feelings for Amy?" (Flaming Spittoon) Sheldon to Amy: "There's no denying I have feelings for you" (Prom Equivalency)
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    On my day off, I decided to make this. I hope I've included everyone. If I didn't, forgive me, but I saved the file, LOL... I could still add you. I think this encapsulates us. We're crazy and fun and sometimes we're weird, but we're always together (even when we're fighting!). I just love you guys... out of all the corners of the Internet, I stumbled onto this one and met some incredible people. Tomorrow marks 2 years of me in this thread, and I just love it here. BTW, FYI - I'm never leaving this place!
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    Good lord, you guys have been busy over night! haha But I'm glad the forum still works. Hooray! Anyway... OMG WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN!!!????!?! - Sheldon's descend into madness was hilarious! I laughed so hard as he was mercilessly dragging Lenny with him into crazytown with his attempts to figure out the song. The vlogs were brilliant and funny and so sweet. (I should make some for next week: "Dear future crazy April, this is your husband - he may not understand why you have that stupid grin on your face, but he loves you and will take care of you after the latest TBBT episode will inevitably have turned you into a fangirling mess.") - I really loved how sweet Lenny were in this! Cuties! - The first time I read the spoiler about Sheldon figuring out his feelings for Amy with the help of a song I just thought "What fanfic realness, omg!" but during my current rewatch I noticed that they have Sheldon sing or play an instrument fairly regularly. He might not care for listening to music in the car or whistling - but there is a connection with him and music. So honestly, it really makes sense. - I still picture it like his inner Professor Proton browsing through is eidetic memory bank looking for the perfect song with just about the right balance of fitting lyrics and being annoying enough that it gets Sheldon's attention, and then PP is just hitting the rest of his mind over the head with that song until he finally gets it. lmao - I loved his epiphany moments. And just the way he ran out of the door immediately. - Amy giving Dave a second chance out of sheer desperation and loneliness was so sad - but also kinda sweet because Dave is a genuinely nice guy and even funny and charming. I can't help it, I just love the guy! I'm not even mad that he managed to steal another kiss from her. - I also noticed how Amy was more "grown up" (for lack of a better description) around Dave and it did feel a bit forced. Like with everything else in this breakup situation it felt to me like she was going through the motions, doing what she had to do in a way. - I loved her little talk with Bernie because it illustrates not only how inexperienced she is and how much she's just looking for a rebound, but also because she's so baffled by the notion that inviting a guy over is something extraordinary. I don't know if that's just me overanalysing, but to me it just speaks volumes about what she had with Sheldon. He was at her apartment all the time and she could trust him. There was never any suspicion that he might wanted to do something that she was not okay with. I mean, yes, it's Sheldon, but still. As a woman having that kind of secure feeling is just nice, okay? - Sheldon awkwardly trying to put into words what he feels for Amy was so endearing and sweet. AWWWWWWW <3 I also love Amy being happy but confused about his words. lol - OMG DAVE SLIDING INTO THE PICTURE FROM BEHIND THE DOOR KILLED ME EVERY TIME!!! ahahahaha - THE ILU! THE SHEER HAPPINESS IN THEIR FACES!!!!! Amy then getting all giggly and excited. SO CUTE!! <3 - THE KISSES!! OMG after the "Kiss her, you brilliant fool!" I loved how Sheldon looked back and forth between Dave and Amy a little unsure like "uhm okay... well then, if you say so" that quickly turned into "oh what the hell, let's do this!". lol - I've said this last month but I'll say it again: I love that Dave is there to witness the whole thing and cheer them on, precisely because he is the guy Sheldon saw kiss Amy. And it works so well to show how he won't be an issue for Sheldon. He looks mortified and shocked when Dave pops up from behind the door and he realises Amy is on another date with him. But then Dave of all people helps him through this (bless), and while the first kiss may be hesitant at first, during the second Sheldon just doesn't give a damn anymore. I LOVE THAT SO MUCH!!! - Bonus: The Promo! Finally they made this stupid "Sheldon's force awakens!" joke!! I'm proud of you CBS!! I almost lost hope. lmao WHAT A PERFECT REUNION FOR OUR BABIES!!!! <3
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    What I love so much is the difference between these kisses. For starters, these 2 are the hottest kisses they've ever had! And yet when you compare them, the first kiss has Sheldon gently leaning into her at first and then pulling her in a little aggressively, expressing "I've missed you more than you know... I wish I'd kissed you like this a LONG time ago, and I hope it's okay that I'm surprising you with a kiss like this now..." And then the second kiss.... oh my god he just crashes into her like... "oh thank god you pulled me back in because I wasn't done! I never want to lose you again, and I'm not holding back anymore. You're mine, and I'm gonna make damn sure you know and want that." <3
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    First of all, thanks to all who went and gave a report of what they saw at the taping. Michy, your writing is really remarkable, and I choked up a few times reading both the Shamy and Lenny reports. A few stabs, right to the feels..... After reading all of this, it's hard to summarize how I am feeling or what I think of it all, I can't even say if I like it or not - I feel a little blank. I have seen the rumors online about the show being in negotiations already to go past 10 seasons, I can't really shake the feeling that I've been moved back to Square 1: Sheldon and Leonard are best friends, two nerdy, genius guys without women in their lives - and Sheldon doesn't want one ever, and Leonard does. Penny, a beautiful blonde, moves in across the hall and is heartbroken over a guy she's been dating for years who was unfaithful, and is trying to move on with her life. Raj and Howard are friends of Sheldon and Leonard who have romantic escapades and issues of their own. That's how we began. Now, Sheldon and Leonard are still roommates and best friends, nerdy genius guys who are technically without women in their lives at the moment, because Sheldon just got dumped and is now hating on women and relationships, while Leonard is still pining for the beautiful girl who lives across the hall, who happens to be his wife. His wife, whom he does not live with, is Penny, who is currently heartbroken over a guy she's been dating for years and just married who she has found out was unfaithful. Raj and Howard are friends of Leonard and Sheldon who are in the midst of romantic escapades and issues of their own. The more things change, the more things stay the same - that's almost what this premier seems to say to me. They had so much fun writing themselves from this point of where Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Raj and Howard are the first time, why not do it again? But there's so much water under the bridge at this point, and things have changed. Bernie and Amy are on the scene for one thing, and Leonard and Penny are married. I don't want them to reset back to Square One, I don't want Penny and Leonard's wedding so obviously treated as a throwaway here that I can't possibility believe it's the real one; this just has to be the starter wedding for the couple who tried to get engaged 5 times before it stuck. Perhaps we'll have 3 more weddings in the background of an episode before we actually see Penny in a white dress at her dream wedding to the man she's absolutely sure about, and she'll make Leonard cry with Toy Story lyrics again. Perhaps Sheldon will pursue and win Amy all over again, and #coitusiscoming will finally become an accurate prediction. But will people stick around to watch this all play out again? Does it feel fresh, or uplifting and funny and sweet? Like Tensor, I never got into a show as much as I did with TBBT. Sometimes I was amazed that a show that really had a cotton candy story with low-stakes conflict and no real drama to it managed to drag me in as far as it did, although I think it was the addition of Bernie and Amy that truly gave it the depth, but for me it was all about how much I loved the characters and wanted to cheer for them and spend time with them every week. When things got mean-spirited is when I wanted to turn it off, or got annoyed - I enjoyed the show because of the way the characters were such great friends, interesting people, the chemistry was amazing and the show made me LAUGH. And I totally fell in love with Sheldon Cooper, too. I don't believe that everyone has to hit rock bottom just to be rebuilt so they thrive. Honestly, that's really for addicts or people who are driving down a bad road - sometimes they need to hit rock bottom in order to re-examine their lives and do the hard work to build themselves back. The characters on TBBT are not like that, they are not constantly making poor life choices, hurting each other or themselves, partaking in addictive and destructive behavior that's hurting themselves and others, and are in need of an epiphany and major retooling. Sheldon knows he loves Amy, he says so and bought an engagement ring. Penny has come a long way from the naive, daydreaming waitress she once was. Leonard has....well, he DID come a long way, and now he's been knocked back and branded as unfaithful to boot, which is killing me because that's just not Leonard to me, and I have always loved his character. Everyone else has come a long way too, and they are all good people with stable jobs who treat each other well - mostly - and are great - mostly - just the way they are. Sometimes I want to whack them upside the head and tell them to get a clue, but I have never thought they needed to be broken and rebuilt new - I love them how they are...Mostly. This Leonard as a cheater thing being the exception. I also am not completely against drama, per say, there have been times watching this show that I wish they could have just let the heavier moments stick without trying to insert a joke at the end. I'm not even sure drama is what's killing things here, like the drama of Lenny's marriage going completely south within minutes, or the drama of Shamy breaking up. It's the sense to me that this is resetting everything back to the beginning, and the writers have wormed their way out of making any of the bold moves I've been waiting for to keep the show fresh and interesting to me. And yet, at the same time, I don't know if they are NOT going to do them either. Will Penny and Leonard patch it up quickly, and Leonard move in with Penny, or does the casting of Mandy Cho mean their rift is going to last a long time? Because the longer that lasts, the longer they keep Leonard and Sheldon living together. Will Penny and Bernie encourage Amy to try dating someone else so she gets some experience with another guy, and that'll kill Sheldon, so that'll be lengthened out? Will they now just ignore the drama elements in the show and go for some good old-fashioned light-hearted "boys and girls do nerdy stuff" or "work-related crap goes down and we get to hear Barry's rhotacism?" Best guess is that this situation won't budge all that much until November sweeps. There will probably be ship stuff with Lenny and Shamy thrown in there - they can't keep their 4 main characters from seeing each other, and agonizing over each other until November - but I have a feeling that "the big stuff" won't go down or move forward again until then. And knowing how these writers recycle plots, I would not be surprised to see Amy and Penny stalking Mandy Cho at Cal Tech next week. In fact, a lot will probably go down at Cal Tech next week, as we'll meet Mandy Cho and I bet that Sheldon is going to do something to get himself transferred into Amy's lap somehow. He wants her, we know he does, but he's not in a situation where it's going to work to just tell her that as he has before, so bets are he'll find more devious ways to be a thorn in her side. But we'll see. I guess my reaction right now is.....really? We're back to here again, and we have to move forward from here? How many times do we have to do this before you guys are going to make a genuine move forward? The show is still entertaining and funny, so I will watch, but the depths to which I care and consider this "must see TV" are getting more and more shallow. All 4 lead characters are now heartbroken and shattered, and it's hard for me to feel it's realistic for them to work their way back together, and while I really want Shamy to do so, I'm not sure about Penny and Leonard. Especially with the way that Leonard's infidelity and Amy's freakout came completely out of thin air just to move the plot and the whole situation for everyone back to this point, where they are literally all back to square one and have to move forward again....and I would want them to move forward pretty much to exactly to where they were before things blew up. Sheldon wanting to marry Amy and them kissing and being so in love, and Leonard and Penny so in love and on the verge of getting married. I feel like the writers literally wrote us to the point of happiness and elation after 8 years of watching these characters go down this road - marriage right on the horizon for Lenny, engagement right on the horizon for Shamy - and then they have ripped it right out from under the fans and gone back to the beginning. And now they expect us to hang on while they do it again.....to what, season gazillion? Will Amy's eggs still be viable by then? (jk)
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    Its all about the hands... Again... You're welcome
  48. 26 points
    Yeah it was funny how with the D&D sex Mayim was like "Sheldon and Amy have now consummated their relationship, they probably won't take it any further" while Jim went "That was just foreplay.."
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    Check out this one!!!! Holding hands again! Both are so happy!
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