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    Norman in a suitcase 🐶
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    Thank you, all! The birthday wishes are very much appreciated! Thank you! The graphic is amazing!
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    @HeWolf Happy birthday HeWolf, hope you had a great day.
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    Well! Happy, happy birthday@hewolf !!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    @HeWolf, Happy Birthday! Hope your day is wonderful with many more to come!
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    [emoji23][emoji23] Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
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    Banning Karen for the rude welcome back.
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    Sounds like something my granddaughter might enjoy. She loves Dr Who!
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    Yeah he will. He appears to be researching on the subject.
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    I'd love to find something similiar to that for my son's girlfriend. They just got engaged two weeks ago but he's talked about this for years. I keep watching recollections.biz for something along those lines. They make historical costuming and have lots of Victorian things.
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    I'm sure, Johnny will be a great dad.
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    Thanks, that makes two ! I also saw Judd Hirsh in Dear John, USA.
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    My wife told me to go and get something that would make her look sexy. So I got drunk. Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
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    His name is Christopher Lloyd. He was the man that Sheldon rented his room to in the show. The actor that played Leonard's dad was Judd Hirsh, another Taxi alum.
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    I know what that's like ! When others on this forum mention TV shows , I recognise the names of about ten percent of them, of which I've actually seen some. When they use initials other than YS or TBBT I'm lost. I eventually learned to tell from context the difference between internet initials such as RFLMAO or LOL and titles of shows I didn't know. That was after I learned what a show was. It was a long time after I got the internet that it dawned on me that names that had words in brackets after them were names of actors who'd been in a show or movie called whatever the word in brackets was. Of all the guest actors in TBBT over twelve years the only one I'd ever seen before was the fellow from Taxi whose name now escapes me. I'd heard Bob Newhart on the radio when his records used to get played on Two-way Family Favourites. I'd never seen anything any of the main cast were in either. A friend of mine went to Las Vegas a few years ago and she now tells me she saw Teller there.
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    Jim's in LA for the Emmy Awards... Jessica Hecht plays Ryan's mother in "Special". She also appeared with Jim on Broadway in "Harvey".
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    I don't think that would happen. Anu was his best chance.
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    Now I'm not the biggest fan, and could care less. Well the only time I did or ever related to Raj. Was when he was dating Lucy. I have similar social anxieties so I could resonate. But just wondering if you think Raj deserves happiness. If so. Who. If not why. Other then he's a douche, and deserves to be lonely haha
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    Agreed. But that's how their relationship was, Howard led and Raj followed. To me, that got old fast. All the women he dated, I got bored with him dating. Especially the way he acted when he dated Claire and Emily. That really tuned me out with Raj, making me not really caring about his character.
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    Movies should be left alone as well. There are way too many redo's of movies.
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    Johnny misses his fake wife
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