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    Target has this exclusive artwork for The Twelfth and Final Season on DVD and Blu-ray:
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    Congratulations to the cast and crew of The Big Bang Theory for winning "The Comedy of 2019" at this year's People's Choice Awards!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ A full list of winners is found at TV Line.
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    From the official YouTube channel of "The View"
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    Greetings @Tensor!! Happy Birthday to you, someone that's been around as long as I have. I hope you have a great day with many, many more to come.
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    Sad but true. My heart sinks reading that.
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    From yahoo.com Kaley Cuoco remembers the 'dark' character she almost played in original version of 'The Big Bang Theory' video and article in the link above ⬆️
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    From today.com Kaley Cuoco talks about her new animated series, ‘Harley Quinn’ video in the link above ⬆️
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    Happy Birthday @chucky! Hope you have a wonderful day!
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    Remembrance Day here in Canada;
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    From TV Line Big Bang Theory Video: Johnny Galecki Reveals What Drew Him to Leonard in New Retrospective — Watch The Big Bang Theory‘s Johnny Galecki knew he was in for something special when he was handed the role of Caltech experimental physicist Leonard Hofstadter. <Full article and video in the link>
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    Ha ha ha ha ha. You're older than I am, by a week. Happy Birthday chucky, hope it was a good one.
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    From deadline.com ‘The Flight Attendant’: Griffin Matthews Joins Kaley Cuoco’s HBO Max Series
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    Maybe then we'll see those smart and beautiful kids!
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    Melissa Joan Hart, star of Clarissa Explains It All, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, Melissa & Joey, and No Good Nick, will direct an episode of Young Sheldon in January!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ From TV Insider
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    Hello [mention=19045]chucky[/mention] ! Happy, happy birthday! Hope you are having a great day!!! [emoji512][emoji322][emoji320] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I've heard it both ways a lot over the years. Some people either don't know the difference or don't care. I believe if you're going to mention something, you should try to get it right. But then again, I've been wrong myself numerous times over the years.
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    Season 3, Episode 7 - Pongo Pygmaeus and a Culture that Encourages Spitting Airs November 14, 2019 at 8:00/7:00c on CBS Sheldon starts an internet flame war, and Missy stands up to the boys on her baseball team. Also, Meemaw is unhappy when George Sr. spends time with her new boyfriend. Wallace Shawn and Craig T. Nelson guest star.
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    That in itself was hilarious, but then the whole thing was hilarious.
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    I liked how she tried to pronounce "Cuoco".
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    Thank you, Karen. It was a minor procedure to remove a cyst, but glad it is done. He is doing fine. I win.
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    And the cast weren’t their to accept it. As well they aren’t a cast anymore.
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    Dang, she's beautiful!!!
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    Happy 20th Wedding Anniversary to Wil and Anne
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    It's funny how Americans and Brits have different words for the same thing. For instance, Americans say "gas", and we Brits say "sorry about that" Likewise, Americans say "ladybug", and we Brits say "chlamydia".
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    Kaley has arrived in New York. According to her IG stories there‘s a camera test for “The Flight Attendant“ today, to test the lighting, the wardrobe, etc. So, it‘s really beginning. Really looking forward to this new series.
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    Love her funny faces.
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    Happy Halloween...Young Sheldon style
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    When I was at school, my Gym teacher used to try to motivate us, with sayings like "There's no I in team." How would he know? If he could spell, he wouldn't be a Gym teacher.
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    Reminder for anyone else here in the United Kingdom that might need reminding: clocks go back at 2am tonight.
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    From Variety ‘Big Bang Theory’ Duo to Develop eSports Comedy at NBC A former “Big Bang Theory” star and one of the show’s writers are developing a multi-camera comedy about eSports at NBC, Variety has learned. Titled “The Squad,” the project hails from executive producer Johnny Galecki and writer and executive producer Anthony Del Broccolo, who was previously a writer and co-executive producer on “Big Bang Theory.” The new show follows a new group of friends (and sometimes enemies) who find companionship and common ground in their mutual love of competitive eSports. Galecki is executive producing under his Alcide Bava banner, along with the company’s Holly Brown. Cory Wood of Alcide Bava will serve as producer. Warner Bros. Television, which also produced “Big Bang Theory,” will serve as the studio. ,full article in the link>
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    Happy 67th Birthday to Chuck Lorre!
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    YOUNG SHELDON Air Date: Thursday, October 24, 2019 Time Slot: 8:00 PM-8:31 PM EST on CBS Episode Title: (#YS305) "A Pineapple and the Bosom of Male Friendship" AFTER BEING RELEASED FROM THE MENTAL HOSPITAL, DR. STURGIS MAKES HIS RETURN, ON "YOUNG SHELDON," THURSDAY, OCT. 24 "A Pineapple and the Bosom of Male Friendship" - After being released from the mental hospital, Dr. Sturgis unexpectedly breaks up with Meemaw, on YOUNG SHELDON, Thursday, Oct. 24 (8:00-8:31 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. REGULAR CAST: Iain Armitage (Sheldon) Zoe Perry (Mary) Lance Barber (George Sr.) Annie Potts (Meemaw) Montana Jordan (Georgie) Raegan Revord (Missy) Matt Hobby (Pastor Jeff) Jim Parsons (Voice of Sheldon) RECURRING CAST: Wallace Shawn (Dr. Sturgis) Richard Kind (Ira) Ed Ackerman (Nate) STORY BY: Chuck Lorre & Steve Holland & Maria Ferrari TELEPLAY BY: Steven Molaro & Tara Hernandez & Jeremy Howe DIRECTED BY: Alex Reid Source: http://www.thefutoncritic.com/listings/20191003cbs06/
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    So we're under fire again... Early morning today IDF killed a leader of one of the major terror orgnizations in Gaza. They targeted him specifically, waiting until "non-involved" (e.g., children, non-terrorist citizens) left his house and then shot and killed him and his wife. He was responsible for many shootings lately (the towns and cities close to Gaza are often under fire, when I say we're under fire it's when there's more shootings and they target further areas). So now there's a lot of shootings, over 180 since this morning. Most of them towards the southern areas, mostly the people close to Gaza, but there have been further shootings, e.g., close to Tel-Aviv. The IDF is not responding massively at this point, wanting to get things to calm down. Hopefully things will turn back to normal (or better than this, because "normal" for the people near Gaza is frequent shootings...) as soon as possible... I live closer to Tel-Aviv so it's not that bad, definitely wayy better than in the south, but I do work in a southern city. A rocket actually hit an area I was close to just yesterday... Today they cancelled school and closed work places in a big part of the country, we'll have to see what happens tomorrow...
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    Alone in her. In my pants.
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