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    I'm just gonna put this in here... @HeWolf Best wishes to you! 🥂
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    From the comments: sanctionedjohnnygalecki Man. Now I gotta watch this.
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    Movies should be left alone as well. There are way too many redo's of movies.
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    I like Johnny and enjoy his acting, but I hope he doesn't waste his talents on that dramedy playing a sad loser surrounded by even sadder losers. The spirit of that ensemble was Roseanne. She shot her mouth off and got fired. That ship should have been allowed to sink with her.
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    Thank you, all! The birthday wishes are very much appreciated! Thank you! The graphic is amazing!
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    Agreed. But that's how their relationship was, Howard led and Raj followed. To me, that got old fast. All the women he dated, I got bored with him dating. Especially the way he acted when he dated Claire and Emily. That really tuned me out with Raj, making me not really caring about his character.
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    I didn't take it that way. I took it as the big three together again or nothing. This is not a normal summer though. I know they're busy but I thought they'd at least ask each how they are doing, what have they been doing, or tell Johnny that his baby reveal party was cute, or something. They know this time they are not getting back together in the fall, so it's not like a normal break. None of them are. And I don't think dealing with a newborn or chasing a toddler will make Johnny look better over the next couple of years. Those first few years can be frazzling.
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    I believe that if he did revise his role as Leonard, it would have to be Lenny specific as he will not do a reboot of TBBT without Jim. But a Lenny spin off could be doable with possible cameos by Jim. I guess we'll have to wait and see.
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    Good for him. It should have ended, it did end and that's it. Lorre felt the show wasn't viable without any of the big three, and so do I, and from this, if it's true, so does Johnny. It's especially telling that the article says Kaley told People that she hadn't spoken to any of the rest of the cast since the show ended. Johnny did say on instagram that he was up for at least a couple of seasons on the Connors, so spinoffs aren't his problem, just this one apparently. But maybe it's just too soon.
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    I'm sure, Johnny will be a great dad.
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    My wife told me to go and get something that would make her look sexy. So I got drunk. Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
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    I know what that's like ! When others on this forum mention TV shows , I recognise the names of about ten percent of them, of which I've actually seen some. When they use initials other than YS or TBBT I'm lost. I eventually learned to tell from context the difference between internet initials such as RFLMAO or LOL and titles of shows I didn't know. That was after I learned what a show was. It was a long time after I got the internet that it dawned on me that names that had words in brackets after them were names of actors who'd been in a show or movie called whatever the word in brackets was. Of all the guest actors in TBBT over twelve years the only one I'd ever seen before was the fellow from Taxi whose name now escapes me. I'd heard Bob Newhart on the radio when his records used to get played on Two-way Family Favourites. I'd never seen anything any of the main cast were in either. A friend of mine went to Las Vegas a few years ago and she now tells me she saw Teller there.
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    I don't think that would happen. Anu was his best chance.
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    One of my favorite episodes as well. That cat costume, WOW!
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    It'll have to be soon, 'cos Johnny ain't no spring chicken anymore. 😊
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    Especially the horses and houses!
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    Another picture from the Split Rock Jumping Tour 😉
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    [emoji111] Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
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    I totally disagree. They are friends but they do not run each other's business lives. Johnny is in a new relationship with a new baby. If there is any time to take some time to yourself it's when you are going to have a new baby on your hands. If the big three manage it well they have enough money to live on for the rest of their lives, and live quite well. None of them has to work at all if they don't want to. But it had been made clear to everyone that if ANY of the big three left the show was done. So Johnny leaving would have done the exact same thing Jim leaving did, except Johnny would have taken the flak for it, not Jim. And resigning didn't do a heck of a lot for Lenny storylines last time. He probably wouldn't think, based on that experience, that it was going to improve much if he signed again. I know some people think they owed something to the rest of the cast and the crew, but everyone in this business knows how it works. Nothing lasts forever and they were lucky to have the years together that they did.
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    no idea. but i think is a great casting. always thought he looked like the stars from the golden era.
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    Kaley at the BBT series finale wrap party gettyimages.com
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    Interview form October 2007. Kaley promoting The Big Bang Theory which at this time had only been on the air for a few weeks.
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    Very interesting article. 🙂 Love the b/w pictures inside. 😍 Thanks for posting. 😃
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    Kaley speaking during the handprint ceremony at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. gettyimages.com
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    Here's a post featuring Bri with Simon:
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