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    The Karl Fashioned Cocktail - submitted by Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook
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    A Cup Of Cuoco
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    A new podcast with Kaley: KALEY CUOCO - Laughter, Loyalty and Love more links: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/kaley-cuoco-laughter-loyalty-and-love/ http://thedailycordial.libsyn.com/kaley-cuoco-laughter-loyalty-and-love
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    Jim on the cover of the June issue of Esquire Spain...
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    This is why she is so endearing to her fans. She is so down to earth and what you see is what you get. A truly human being in every sense of the word.
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    From today.com Kaley Cuoco video chats on the 3rd hour — from her car! video in link above ⬆️ Another link: Kaley Cuoco video chatted TODAY — from her car in a bathrobe From NBC TODAY's official YouTube channel
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    The Big Bang Theory’s 12 Best Episodes—And the Stories Behind Them By Jessica Radloff from Glamour
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    Love her Cup of Cuoco episodes especially with Karl. He brings out the humor in her all the time. Great episode as usual.
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    I believe Raj would have been upset about the ding in his car whether the news he received was good or bad. It was when he noticed the old gentleman driving that he simmered down.
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    Oh my god,the cat's alive.
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    A Cup Of Cuoco
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    Looking Back at 'The Big Bang Theory' Series Finale One Year Later (PHOTOS) From TV Insider
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    I agree with you wholeheartedly. As you say Jim Parsons played this character perfectly The only problem for me was that he dominated almost every episode. I have mentioned previously on this forum that Sheldon/Shamy stories took up about 75% of the episodes the last three years . I also must say that watching all the reruns Sheldon became such an annoying character for me that you just wanted someone to tell him to STFU I also agree the writers took away some storylines from the other characters to write the Sheldon/Shamy characters
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    If it tastes like butter, and spreads straight from the fridge, you've probably had a power cut.
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    Was it really wrong, for Raj to be angry that guy dinged his car? I don't see that, just because he's elderly, he should get a free pass, to bash people's car doors.
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    I think The Cooper Extraction Season 7. Showed that was highly unlikely lmao.
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    Spoken like a true fan. I will not waste my time with that show. I hope you enjoy watching the show.
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    Dianne Abbott has announced that she wants to ban all private motor vehicles, in order to tackle the Car Owner Virus.
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    As a 64 year old redneck from Alabama who sometimes can't remember what I ate for breakfast, history doesn't matter to me as much as the future. You are of a different mindset. I applaud you for your convictions.
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    Yeah, but from what I've told, since I've only seen commercials, there are glaringly obvious differences between "YS" and what Sheldon related about his childhood on TBBT. That in itself is reason enough not to watch. But then again a no good cheating drunkard father is not a good thing to have on TV. If I watched "YS", I would be concentrating only on the differences.
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    That is a very good point! One of Churchill's most famous speeches, though, to Congress, is the one where he said if he'd had an American father and a British mother, instead of the other way around, he might have gotten there on his own. But even people in the United States are deplorably bad at times about their own history, never mind anyone else. As a historian it bothers me a lot.
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    Sorry, I'll take TBBT over a show I don't watch.
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    Some things in YS do look different from what Sheldon related or they're shown from a different persepective. Just because Sheldon when he was grown up said they happened doesn't mean we have to take all his accounts as gospel. The same might go for Amy. She could have put a spin on some of her tales for effect. We did see an overbearing side of Amy's mother, but then again Sheldon found her 'a delight'.
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    I know what you mean. When British people on TV occasionally do it I find it bewildering. When Americans do it I assume they want to be polite but some sensistivity from their own history lessons inhibits them from using 'Her Majesty' for a British monarch. It wasn't a problem for the scriptwriter when Shamy accepted their Nobel prize because the king and queen they were addressing weren't British. That's my guess. OTOH if Americans google HM they may well see pre-1952 references from the time when she was HRH Princess Elizabeth,during WWII for example, and have no reason not to assume the title stuck.
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    Happy 43rd Birthday to Brian Thomas Smith!
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    Another great episode. 😃
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    A Cup Of Cuoco
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    (2 pictures)
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    I disagree. Young Amy would be a sad series. We saw what Amy's life would have been like had she not met Sheldon and the gang, in 'The Cooper Extraction'. An entire show of birthday cupcakes with the protagonists tears in the icing would be the best we could get. Amy's life was tragic before she starts hanging out with Sheldon, which I believe is why she puts up with so much from him. As difficult as Sheldon might be, he's 1000 times better than what she had before. In Amy's eyes, he's the neurotic, but handsome, white knight that rescued her from a life of misery. That's why, when he says or does something loving and sweet, she effectively worships him. She's never had it so good, and can't believe she can.
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    From glamour.com Melissa Rauch: ‘I Never Thought I’d Be Giving Birth During a Pandemic’
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    Congratulations! 😀
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    Amy lied to her mother about Sheldon in order to avoid going round for dinner. Amy's mother seems to have realised she'd been too protective when it dawned on her that Amy wasn't dating. Whether Amy had needed protecting when young in the light of an apparent personality disorder, will never be revealed now. Nor will we know the truth or otherwise of Amy's stories : I can't see a Young Amy series on the cards.
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    Amy also lied to her mom, to stop her from pestering her about dating.
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    Happy 68th Birthday to Christine Baranski!
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    Happy Birthday, Kunal! 😀
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    Happy Birthday, Johnny and Kunal 😀
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    Really nice to see that they are helping the local restaurant.
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    Yes it was. In one instance (2.14, The Financial Permeability) , he didn't know she was behind, she told Sheldon. Once Leonard found out, and actually found out why she was behind (she leant money to Kurt), he went to Kurt's to get her money back. Which ended up with Kurt paying her back, which led to her paying Sheldon back. She didn't need a loan from Sheldon, she needed her money back from Kurt. Something Sheldon bailed on. And in another instance, he did pay her rent, along with a few other things. From 4.02, The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification:
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