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    Here's a larger look at the cover art for The Complete Series Limited Edition Blu-ray. You'll notice that episode titles from all twelve seasons surround the cast!  ❀️ 
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    Happy International Kissing Day 2019.
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    Congrats to Jim, Todd and everyone associated with "Special" on their Emmy Nomination.. OUTSTANDING SHORT FORM COMEDY OR DRAMA SERIES - 2019 Special - Netflix Jim Parsons, Executive Producer Todd Spiewak, Executive Producer Eric Norsoph, Executive Producer Ryan O'Connell, Executive Producer Anna Dokoza, Executive Producer
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    Nominations were this morning. Here are the ones for TBBT OUTSTANDING DIRECTING FOR A COMEDY SERIES - 2019 "The Stockholm Syndrome" - Mark Cendrowski OUTSTANDING MULTI-CAMERA PICTURE EDITING FOR A COMEDY SERIES - 2019 "The Stockholm Syndrome" - Peter Chakos, Editor OUTSTANDING TECHNICAL DIRECTION, CAMERAWORK, VIDEO CONTROL FOR A SERIES - 2019 "The Stockholm Syndrome" - John D. O'Brien, Video Control John Pierre Dechene, Camera Richard G. Price, Camera James L. Hitchcock, Camera Brian Wayne Armstrong, Camera John E. Goforth, Camera
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    Kaley and Zena πŸ‘±β€β™€οΈ 🐴
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    As a self-proclaimed "Desperate Believer of Cornfield-Penny" I would like to make this well articulated find available to the community for critical consideration. πŸ˜€ So, if you are wanting to create a winning team, make sure that you have a "Penny in your thoughts!"
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    Rufus 🐢
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    Yes, a great Lenny episode. Here is @luminous Lenny storybook chapter for this episode.
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    From Entertainment Tonight's YouTube channel
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    I was hoping that Johnny would get a nomination. His performances in episode 12.21 and especially 12.22 were really highlights of the season. At long last Leonard drawing a line in the sand at work, maybe not getting what he wanted, but did gain respect and a sense of his worth to CalTech with the counter-offer. Also the truce with his mom. Again Leonard standing his ground. Both of these instances with support from his wife. Again, high points of the season. Even the last several seasons. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Great news. Can't wait to see her in "The Flight Attendant". https://www.amazon.com/Sick-Girl-Rachel-Hargrove/dp/1980315159/ This sounds really interesting.
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    From hollywoodreporter.com Kaley Cuoco to Star in Warner Streaming Drama From Greg Berlanti as Part of Big New Deal From variety.com Kaley Cuoco Signs New Overall Deal With Warner Bros. TV, Boards WarnerMedia Series
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    Kaley Cuoco and her husband posted about their anniversary in very different ways
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    (1 video, 3 pictures) (7 pictures)
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    Today is the first anniversary of Kaley and Karl's wedding. πŸ‘°πŸ€΅
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    Press Preview Day for the rebuilt BBT sets that will now be part of the WB Studio Tour...
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    From comicbook.com Harley Quinn Animated Series to Premiere at Comic-Con This Year
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    Happy 39th Birthday, Melissa. πŸ˜ƒ πŸŽ‚
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    Tripper and I have been discussing that. We don't feel the pressure to get the "After the Show" sections up (since there won't be a new season), and Tripper's been working on some other things. We're also discussing changing the Young Sheldon part to be more similar to the current TBBT structure. (separate years, etc).
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    From podcastone.com Link to the podcast: https://www.podcastone.com/the-producers-guide-todd-garner-and-hollywoods-elite
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    (5 pictures)
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    Kaley's new house is more and more taking shape. On her IG stories she posted clips showing the construction of the swimming pool. A few weeks ago she also gave us a glimpse of parts of the interior. This new house is really big.
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    Take pictures, post them here, I wanna see.
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    I'm so excited to be going to see the exhibit in August!!! ❀️ On a related note, are the cast's hand prints already on display at the TCL Chinese Theatre? I'll definitely be going to see them as well, provided they are there.
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    Happy one year anniversary Kaley and Karl πŸ˜€ (3 pictures)
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    (2 pictures)
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    i think it is an age issue, and he has a very valid point there. he always said even in early seasons he would hate to be middle age and play sheldon. the fact that he suggested Ian, I think shows that he feels affection for the show, but he is over playing that guy. imo.
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    I agree. I feel he will miss everyone involved in the show but not the character so much. I don't blame him . That had to be a tough character to play for all those years.
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    New trailer for Harley Quinn deadline.com: β€˜Harley Quinn’ Trailer: Kaley Cuoco Is One Diabolical Villainess In DC Universe Animated Series – Comic-Con tvline.com: Harley Quinn Trailer: Kaley Cuoco Dishes Out Big Bangs! Pows! Thunks! as Gotham's Infamous Queenpin
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    From tvline.com Emmys 2019: The Big Bang Theory's Series Finale Snags Nomination
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    Well folks, Happy Independence Day!!!!!!! That is, here in the U S of A!!!!
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    @Zephon75 My best wishes to you! πŸŽ‚ πŸ™‚
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    Yay!!!! Happy birthday@zephon75 ! And on a Thursday (which will always be TBBT day to me!) Enjoy your day! Celebrate!!! [emoji304][emoji512][emoji322][emoji320][emoji324] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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