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    Thank you, all! The birthday wishes are very much appreciated! Thank you! The graphic is amazing!
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    Movies should be left alone as well. There are way too many redo's of movies.
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    I like Johnny and enjoy his acting, but I hope he doesn't waste his talents on that dramedy playing a sad loser surrounded by even sadder losers. The spirit of that ensemble was Roseanne. She shot her mouth off and got fired. That ship should have been allowed to sink with her.
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    I've always believed in my heart that if Jim hadn't ended it Johnny would have. I totally agree. This can't have a long run as I see it. Are they really going to continue it with Sheldon at college, going through the same things he went through in high school but with taller kids? I don't see it working long term.
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    Roger Moore. I love Roger Moore. Giving it more thought I also really mourned the end of The Man from UNCLE. Ah, faces come back to me now from Death Valley Days...Ronald Reagan, Rory Calhoun, Stother Martin, Robert Taylor, and don't forget 20 Mule Team Borax!
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    Jim filming exteriors for TBITB Source
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    Good for him. It should have ended, it did end and that's it. Lorre felt the show wasn't viable without any of the big three, and so do I, and from this, if it's true, so does Johnny. It's especially telling that the article says Kaley told People that she hadn't spoken to any of the rest of the cast since the show ended. Johnny did say on instagram that he was up for at least a couple of seasons on the Connors, so spinoffs aren't his problem, just this one apparently. But maybe it's just too soon.
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    I totally disagree. They are friends but they do not run each other's business lives. Johnny is in a new relationship with a new baby. If there is any time to take some time to yourself it's when you are going to have a new baby on your hands. If the big three manage it well they have enough money to live on for the rest of their lives, and live quite well. None of them has to work at all if they don't want to. But it had been made clear to everyone that if ANY of the big three left the show was done. So Johnny leaving would have done the exact same thing Jim leaving did, except Johnny would have taken the flak for it, not Jim. And resigning didn't do a heck of a lot for Lenny storylines last time. He probably wouldn't think, based on that experience, that it was going to improve much if he signed again. I know some people think they owed something to the rest of the cast and the crew, but everyone in this business knows how it works. Nothing lasts forever and they were lucky to have the years together that they did.
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    Another picture from the Split Rock Jumping Tour πŸ˜‰
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    Posted July 25, 2018 New sequel: Hofstadter Acres Leonard decides to quit physics and buy some farm land in Nebraska (near Penny's family) and make a go of it. Penny's brother becomes a (court appointed for community service) farm hand who keeps calling Leonard his dad.
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    no idea. but i think is a great casting. always thought he looked like the stars from the golden era.
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    I have to agree. Season 6 was my favorite as well. The development in Penny was evident in Season 6!
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    I try, sometimes I succeed. Thanks. πŸ™‚
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    Iain and Annie are guests on Access Live this Thursday, September 26.
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    Maybe Christmas time. Don't want to give her ideas right now. ☺️
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    I know what that's like ! When others on this forum mention TV shows , I recognise the names of about ten percent of them, of which I've actually seen some. When they use initials other than YS or TBBT I'm lost. I eventually learned to tell from context the difference between internet initials such as RFLMAO or LOL and titles of shows I didn't know. That was after I learned what a show was. It was a long time after I got the internet that it dawned on me that names that had words in brackets after them were names of actors who'd been in a show or movie called whatever the word in brackets was. Of all the guest actors in TBBT over twelve years the only one I'd ever seen before was the fellow from Taxi whose name now escapes me. I'd heard Bob Newhart on the radio when his records used to get played on Two-way Family Favourites. I'd never seen anything any of the main cast were in either. A friend of mine went to Las Vegas a few years ago and she now tells me she saw Teller there.
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    One of my favorite episodes as well. That cat costume, WOW!
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    I believe this all came about before he knew his girlfriend was pregnant. So that doesn't play into his decision.
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    Chuck Lorre is responsible as it was his show ,his decision. But had Jim, Johnny and Kaley had agreed one more time, the show would still be on. Jim made his decision before Johnny had a chance. I don't think Kaley would have made that decision. But, that's all in the past.
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    CBS has released a press release for [episode:101]Episode 1.01 Pilot[/episode] of The Big Bang Theory. This will air Monday, Sept. 24 (8:30-9:00 PM, ET/PT). You can find all the details [episode:101]on our episode guide[/episode].
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    Big Bang Theory
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    Yeah. You've mentioned that a few times Sorry, lost my head and thought I was on the Lenny Thread.
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    I agree with everything you say, but couldn't tptb come up with any better plotlines than to have as you say "an unnatural cohabitation" with Sheldon. Even in "Friends" the main characters lived in separate apartments. And they let this living arrangement go on for over a year not just for a little while as Penny suggested when she caved in to Sheldon's whining.
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    I think it should've been either Lucy or someone else better suited for him than Anu. I didn't like him with Isabella, I just didn't feel it.
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    I was impressed. So many item addressed and explained. But the news that Penny was pregnant with baby Hofstadter was perfect for me. Penny still wrapping her head around her pregnancy, but happy about it. Your issues with the episode is yours, but definitely not mine!
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    When Johnny was on "The Talk" on May, 10
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    I just want to thanks all for this series. I watched all episodes. It make me and my wife laugh for 12 years and i cry cried in the last episode. LOVE FROM ANGOLA!!!πŸ’— WISH YOU BEST!!!😍
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    Kaley speaking during the handprint ceremony at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. gettyimages.com
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    It's Amy Farah Fowler Month. 😎
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