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    Great to see everything went well with the filming of the remaining episodes of 'The Flight Attendant' and the plane has landed successfully. ✈️
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    Kaley Cuoco remembers how Alyssa Milano welcomed her to the final season of 'Charmed' From Yahoo!
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    Official trailer (from HBO Max official YouTube channel)
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    Source https://www.instagram.com/p/CGgGETbDeRO/
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    Cup of Cuoco https://www.instagram.com/p/CGfloFjB8BT/
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    A new Cup Of Cuoco
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    This was before Amy's transformation. At this point in time (mid season four), she was still mostly the original Amy. She didn't drink either, nor was she interested in sex, among other things. Those came about in the second half of season four, as she spent more and more time with Bernadette, and especially Penny. So, I don't see this as an episodic error, more as the before of the Before and After Amy. And now back to writing fan fic.
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    Rollout plan: Source: tvline.com
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    From tvline.com Kaley Cuoco's Flight Attendant Gets HBO Max Launch Date, Perilous Poster
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    I just love Cup of Cuoco episodes.
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    This just demonstrates my point. Amy and Sheldon met in (3.23 The Lunar Excitation) . Where she specifically stated all forms of physical contact were "off the table". Shamy's first date, (4.01 The Robotic Manipulation) ) was only one show after that, and if Amy had to ask if it counted, she obviously didn't think it counted. Four episodes later (4.05, The Desperation Emanation), Amy eschews the idea of sex and Sheldon specifically, as a joke, says they should have sex, then adds bazinga, and Amy didn't object to not having sex. She mentioned Gerard, in the second half of season four (episode 4.17 The Toast Derivation), just like I said, where her transformation was beginning. The time with Sheldon sitting in the next room, was in season five (5-18 The Werewolf Transformation), again after the start of her transformation in the second half of season four. And, a desire to masturbate, is not the equivalent of a desire to have sex with another person.
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    Wow, this was kind of sucky Do not like the way Kaley was treated And that man should put on some clothes
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    Jim is working a lot as well.
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    Loved that outfit. No, but you might get a Yeehaw. 😁
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    And one of the most gorgeous women I've ever seen, has one.
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    Jim & Brian attended The University of San Diego MFA program together 3 pictures
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    In the Todd Zarnecki episode, Penny brings day old cheesecake to show compassion to Sheldon, and Sheldon states, "stale pastry is hollow succor to a man who is bereft of ostrich". Penn replies, "Just say thank you". Sheldon replies, "I thought I just did". After looking up the words, it seems that Sheldon actually commented that the stale cheesecake was inadequate support in his time of distress to someone who was grieving due to the loss of his ostrich, Glenn. That is not an apology to me, but, perhaps to Sheldon, it is as close as he would come. I enjoy this forum, but it is hollow succor to a fan bereft of new Big Bang episodes. Any comments?
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    Jim and Matt Bomer on CBS This Morning....
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    Is Kaley still doing those Cup of Cuoco Episodes?
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    Not only does he get sarcasm sometimes but I think he knows exactly what he is doing most of the time. Everything is a game to Sheldon and he must win in order to keep his claim that he is smarter than everyone else. As an example I was watching a repeat of "The Gorilla Dissolution" in the scene after Raj and Sheldon meet Emily in the movie theater, Sheldon asks Raj why he was upset seeing Emily with another guy and says to Sheldon wouldn't you be upset if you saw Amy with another guy? Sheldon's reply was can't happen they have an ironclad relationship agreement which precludes any physical contact with someone else. Raj says but you don't have sex with Amy either, in which Sheldon replies "Slick huh" This says to me that he knows exactly what he is doing to manipulate girlfriend.
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    There are times he gets the sarcasm.
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    (1 video, 1 picture)
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