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    Merry Christmas to all members of the forum. 🎅 🎄 ❄️
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    Merry Christmas to all my TBBT friends! Many blessings to you and your families. 🎅🎄☃️🎁
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    Happy holidays to everybody! To whom celebrate Christmas, have a happy one. Have fun and stay safe! And Tbbt, you always rock! ♥️
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    Happy Christmas to everyone on the forum. I hope you all have a wonderful day!
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    Getting ready to leave the hotel for lunch, then head over to the studio.
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    Wishing a happy holiday season to my fellow TBBT lovers!
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    Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
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    I wish all my fellow Lennies and all those who are not necessarily Lennies, but have a soft spot or symphathy for Leonard and Penny a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.
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    I wish a wonderful new year to all my Lenny friends!
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    I wish all my fellow Lennies and all friends of our beloved couple joy, health, prosperity and happiness for the new year. HAPPY NEW YEAR! 🥂🎉🍀
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    I wish all of you a joyful, bright, healthy, prosperous and happy new year 2019! 🥂🎉🍀
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    I think the series lost completely its originality in the first place and became an ordinary sitcom. The characters have changed too much. They now feel dumbed down for a broader appeal. It was my absolute favorite and also the only show because of how different the characters were and how clever the writing was. This quality has clearly declined. What made the show stand out to me from other sitcoms is gone. At this point I'm just going to keep watching because I'm here in this forum and I'll be here until it ends (that seems to be the best consolation to me now).
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    If we only had someone going to the next taping...
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    The Lenny Storybook Chapter 266: The Paintball Scattering (Season 12, Episode 11 - original air date: January 3, 2019)
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    Babies may need a schedule, but they don't follow them very well. I would love to see Sheldon try to set a bathroom schedule for a baby, then deal with the mess that is changing. Or a sleeping schedule. If he thinks Leonard and Penny across the hall are loud, wait 'till he has a screaming kid, at 3 AM in the same apartment/house. Remember what happed at the end of season seven when all those changes were thrown at him? He may be able to adapt, given enough time, but kids never give you enough time to adapt. I'm not saying he wouldn't rise to the occasion and try, just that he has a well known, self stated, aversion to changes, messes, germs, and noises. Things a baby is outstanding at producing.
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    May this enchanting genie let your wishes you have for Lenny come true in the new year.
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    Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, my Lenny friends! 🎄
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    Happy Holidays to all my Lenny friends. Have a great Christmas. [emoji16] Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
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    Merry Christmas to all who celebrate (Happy week to all who do not 😁)
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