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    Hey guys! I'm sorry it's come to this post. Tripper/Tensor. Feel free to remove if need be. But I feel this needs to be out of the spoiler discussion threads and out there for everyone to read. This is a post regarding Spoilers, / Twitter / Tapings and Bill. First off. I want to point out that Bill is incredibly generous towards our community. He has always allowed us to speak about spoilers in the light that what we say is what we saw in our own opinion. And its not the true show until you see and judge for yourself. We can report on something sure, but it may come cross differently to how we saw it as an audience. The fact that he has been fine with us spoiling episodes among ourselves is pretty awesome. And we have to respect that he hasn't tried to put a stop to it. His point is. 'It isn't the real show until you see it yourself'. I have had the pleasure to have a few face to face conversations with Bill. And let me say. He is one of the nicest people I have met. I couldn't thank him enough for taking the time to talk and joke with me. And I will always remember the fact that he did that. My point here, He is a guy in power. People say don't meet your hero's, Bill to me is somewhat of a hero. And I'm glad I met him. For users that have been personally attacking Bill on twitter recently.. Regarding tickets and the show itself. Its not cool. I know some people feel very very strongly about certain situations being it tickets or plot lines. But attacking the producer of the show? Really? Come on guys. Its NOT going to change anything. The show isn't going to change because you start attacking. Bill does a lot for us. in terms of letting spoilers slide and taking the time to reply to fans on twitter. Attacking him is just down right rude. He feeds us one of the most amazing shows on earth which we are all fans of. If you are personally upset then bring it to the forum or private message among people who agree with you. Don't take it to Bill. Its not fair on him. I mean, How would you feel if you were in his position? Working hard on not only BBT but also other programs. An then opening twitter to abuse? And look what Bill does for us! He gives us script covers to speculate with, Taping night photos.. c'mon guys! The whole situation with ticketing and repeat attendance. I do very much understand where Bill is coming from on this. And I do respect that he is looking out for fans reaching out to him on twitter to get tickets. Which, We as a community are always happy to assist. If Bill knows we help people, I don't know. But it doesn't justify the way people have been behaving on the situation. Yes I went to the first 2 tapings this season. I attended last night because It was a group effort and I had already spent almost $2,000 on a plane ticket alone to be here for the first 2. Personally, For future attendance. I don't know. I have such a good relationship with people on the show. I don't want to ruin that in any way. So I need to consider my options here. I don't want my attendance to upset anyone. Spoilers. While I have always been happy to spoil people on what I see on WB tours and tapings. I have always done it knowing there is a risk to myself there. Bill knows I spoil. And we still remained a friendly relationship. I have always done it to bring happiness to people who enjoy the storyline as much as me. for those people who are itching to know the next instalment and speculate. Recently. People have been using spoilers as ammunition against the show and Bill. Spoilers that have come from me. So I have to take responsibility in some parts for peoples behaviours. So I have taken the decision not to spoil anymore. I don't want to feed fans with ammunition to attack the show or Bill. Im not cool with that. So I'm sorry guys. I love the show, I will continue to be the biggest fan I will be and I will closely follow the story lines. I am happy to still participate in the community, However. I will not be associating or tolerating any attacks made on Staff or the show itself. Kaz
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    Hello! Just wanted to come say hi, i'm still new to the forum. I wanted to thank all the shamys for being so patient with me last night. Last night was big! I'm going to try to write more BTS or more detail into the scenes before work. I was in shock last night with Sheldon, so my memory of the exact lines is still pretty much in shock with every scene. It was adorable. Just one thing. The I love you is Sheldon. It was perfect in my opinion because once he analyzes, he knows and says it. It looks like he had been thinking about this for a long time because he mentioned that the other option was having some kind of worm/insect (I still can't remember) inside of him but that he knew it was love. Not the other possibility. It's a big moment because you are expecting Amy to say it but then he just answers without her saying anything "I love you too". It was perfect. It was Sheldon. I couldn't love those two any more. Amy went into a panic attack and I think the whole audience did as well (I for sure did). I know I'm a hard core Lenny but I love Shamy as well so I hope I can come in here and discuss them as the seasons bring us more moments.
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    8.07 The Prom Equivalency Reported by batman75 Tape Date: October 14, 2014; Air Date: November 06, 2014 Story: Jim Reynolds, Steve Holland and Jeremy Howe Teleplay: Steve Molaro, Eric Kaplan and Maria Ferrari NOTE: Taped as 8.08 Some Lenny BTS:
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    Taping Report “The Prom Equivalency” Hi!! This is my first taping report EVER so please be considerate and I will try my best. This was also my first taping, now that I live in LA, I was able to make it and I can’t describe enough how amazing today was. But let’s start with the good stuff! Guys, I’m not great with dialogue but I’ll try to add the lines that I remember from the taping. I do not want to mess it up. This was a VERY special episode. 1) Penny’s Apartment Bernadette and Amy enter Penny’s apartment, Bernadette is carrying two grocery bags and they announce themselves. Penny asks if they brought utensils, a toilet paper, napkins and so on (basically everything lol). Bernadette raises one of the grocery bags and answers that they’ve got everything right there. Penny smiles and then Amy makes a comment about all the clothes that are on her couch. Penny answers that with all the new stuff that she had to buy for work, she had to make space on her closet. Amy replies that she was referring to the fact that her clothes were folded (lol) but smiles at the explanation and picks up a red dress that is at the top. Amy wonders about the dress, while Bernadette and her are looking at it, Penny replies that it is her prom dress and Amy and Bernadette look amazed. They say that they thought her dress was bundled up somewhere on a barn in Nebraska (lol). Penny asks them what type of girl they thought she was in High School? They both reply quickly: “easy” and “slutty”. Penny says the answer was popular. From there, Penny starts to serve them wine. She asks about their prom and Amy shares that she didn’t go to hers. Penny says that is sad. Amy says it wasn’t that bad, she was in the planning committee and the DJ let her dance one song with the floor mop. Amy starts swinging slowly like dancing. Bernadette says hers was horrible as well because her date only asked her out cause he liked her friend. Amy tells her something like “okay, you had a date AND a friend, stop showing off”. From there Penny replies that prom is not that great and she went to seven proms. Amy and Bernadette look at her, both amazed and Penny starts naming off the themes for the proms. Ending with “A Night To Remember”, which she claims she can’t remember at all. Bernadette mentions that it will be nice to redo prom (or maybe Amy did, I forget, sorry) and Amy replies that it will be nice to dress up the boys and attend an actual prom. Penny is not too taken with the idea. 2) Leonard and Sheldon’s Apartment Rajesh, Sheldon, Penny (sitting in Leonard’s spot) and Leonard (standing up) sitting around in the living room. Howard comes in right away and Leonard hands him his dinner. They are talking about the prom idea from Bernadette and Amy. Howard mentions that Bernadette is pretty excited because her voice went higher and the dogs started howling when she was telling him about the Prom idea. They ask Sheldon about going to prom and he said he didn’t: Sheldon gives a speech about him dancing and dating AP Calculus and education (this is a long speech, I can’t remember it all, sorry, but it is funny). Penny is rolling her eyes every time he makes a remark but smiles at Leonard when he hands her a drink. Penny is clearly still not taken with the Prom idea but she says that who cares what she thinks? And asks Leonard what he thinks about it? Leonard says that it will be kind of a dream come true, specially going with a date as beautiful as her. Penny makes a face and Leonard asks what? Penny replies with thanks. Now she can’t blow it off without looking like a bitch. Rajesh does this little dance looking at Leonard and saying, “that sounds like a yes”. Sheldon just looks at him. 3) Howard and Bernadette’s Apartment : This was a short scene. Bernadette is excited about redoing prom and mentions that everybody has RSVP and that Stuart is bringing a date. Howard is mad because Bernadette wonders who he is bringing and he says they both know its her mom. Howard can’t take it anymore and calls Stuart. Stuart answers and Howard tells him that this needs to stop: they used to be friends and now things are weird because he is dating/doing stuff with his mom. Stuart asks him to stop that he has an actual date and is not taking his mom. Howard replies with something like: “so now you are cheating on my mom? (lol). Stuart says there is nothing weird is going on between them and then you hear Howard’s mom calling Stuart for his bath, Stuart ends the scene saying he has to go. 4) Penny and Sheldon in Penny’s Apartment: Sheldon knocks on Penny’s door like about 4 times. Penny wonders about this because that is more than usual and he says, something like: next time he might be in a hurry so its good to have some at the bank (lol). Sheldon tells Penny that he figured out how to survive prom due to the fact that they are both hesitant about it. Penny asks him how? And Sheldon replies that they can both pretend to be aliens. Penny looks confused. One question: what? Sheldon and her walk in to her apartment while he explains that pretending to be somebody else helps to pass time. He did it the first time he attended her play over the bowling alley. Penny does not like this. But Sheldon continues to say that not too worry, his alien gave her 7 thumbs up. Penny walks over to her fridge to grab a drink and asks that if he has thought about the mating rituals that take place after prom. Sheldon seems lost and asks if that is the protocol. Penny says that not always but yes if your date drives a van. Sheldon surprises Penny by saying that he is not opposed to the idea if Amy wants to mate by shooting her eggs into space and him catching them with (I forget the term, I’m sorry but I was also in shock!). Penny just looks at him in total shock and Sheldon replies that she needs to admit it: his description turned her on. Penny is still in shock and does not answer. 5) Sheldon and Leonard’s Apartment: Leonard is fixing Sheldon’s bow tie. (They both looked really cute with their tuxedos; well they still had not grabbed their coats) Leonard tells him that he should learn to do it by himself or at least use the ones that come already done (clip on ones). Sheldon says that Bruce Wayne does not wear a clip on. Leonard tells him he also does not have his roommate doing it for him. Sheldon remarks that he is called Alfred and yes he does. Leonard gives him that point. Sheldon goes to grab a flask from the kitchen and Leonard just looks at him. Are you putting alcohol in the drinks? Sheldon replies that he is taking all the social conventions and doing them but that the flask had pomegranate juice. Leonard then mentions to Sheldon to not feel pressure if all his friends are having sex at the end of the night. Sheldon is confused and mentioned that Penny said the same thing. Leonard tells him to not stress, no peer pressure, its only a joke and to not be stressed. Leonard ends the scene with “you have no hormones” and Sheldon just stays quiet and confused. 6) Penny’s Door in the hallway: Leonard knocks on Penny’s door with Sheldon behind him. Penny opens the door and comes out with the red dress that was her prom dress. Leonard looks taken by her beauty and says she looks amazing or fantastic (I was dying at this point with them two and the way they looked at each other). Leonard kisses her on the cheek and Penny puts her arms around him while Leonard hugs her as well. Amy comes out then wearing a blue dress and she tells Sheldon he looks handsome. Sheldon replies with a thank you and stays quiet. Penny asks Sheldon: doesn’t Amy look beautiful? And asks him if that gets a part of his body going. Amy asks what is that part and Leonard explains. Sheldon says he can’t do Prom and goes back into the apartment telling Leonard he got the body part wrong. Leonard, Penny and Amy stay there and Leonard says he was thinking of another part. 7) Rooftop with Leonard and Penny – Scene 1: (I WAS DYING AS SOON AS I SAW JOHNNY AND KALEY, JUST THEM GETTING READY TO FILM, SORRY, MY LENNY COMES OUT LIKE THIS) Penny and Leonard come out to the rooftop. It looks great and beautiful and they both love it. The girls did a great job. Penny says that they did and she wasn’t too taken with the idea but that she likes that she gets to take Leonard to his first prom. Leonard asked her what makes her think he didn’t go? She changes her look on him and asks whom did he go with. Leonard responds that with a lady he likes to call loneliness. Penny looks all awww. Leonard responds to not worry. He had a threesome with her and with humiliation. Leonard starts walking and Penny turns around telling him that if she would’ve seen him all by himself at prom she would’ve asked him for a dance. Leonard replies that no she wouldn’t, it was before his growth spurt. Penny jokes that if that already happened? (Lol). Then Penny says that he wouldn’t have asked her either. Leonard says he would’ve. Penny looks at him. He concedes and replies that in his mind, once he was on his way back, after having a good cry. Penny just gets a cuter reaction after each one and they both laughed when he says about having a good cry. (SERIOUSLY ONE OF THE CUTEST SCENES THEY HAVE BUT THERE IS MORE) Okay, there are two scenes (well three) that weren’t taped that night, it was all done before the taping and they passed them on the screen, I’m going to describe those before the two biggest scenes. Limo Scene 1 – Howard and Bernadette are on one side sitting and Rajesh and Emily on the other side. They are making small talk and Emily mentioned that she likes this one girl that she got a tattoo from because she can take off body parts. Bernadette replies that she likes Cinderella, nervously. (lol) Emily mentions that if she knew that in the original Cinderella the sisters cut their toes to put in Cinderella’s shoe and Bernadette looks horrified. Then they stop because they arrived to pick up Stuart and he is with Howard’s cousin. The one he had sex with lol. 9) Limo Scene 2 – Uncomfortable ride, Emily is all happy because of it. Stuart and Howard start arguing over Stuart taking over his mom and his cousin, that is creepy. The cousin says creepier that what we did? Howards replies they are distant relatives. They all keep arguing. 10) Limo Scene 3 – Howard and Stuart are actually fighting and there is a mess in the limo. Drama all over the place. Really short scene. 11) Sheldon’s Room – Scene 1 - Sheldon is lying down on his bed and Amy is by the door, which is closed, talking to Sheldon. Sheldon tells her to not come in because he is having, what a blogger (soccermom69 o r something) defined as a panic attack. Amy tells him to tell her what is wrong. Sheldon tells her that he started panicking because there is the pressure of mating at the end of the prom (he uses a reference which I can’t remember right now) and that even Leonard and Penny mentioned it. Amy tells him there is no pressure. Sheldon replies that he is not dumb. He knows how handsome he looks, that he even had to look twice when he saw himself in his tuxedo. Amy smiles on the other side of the door. 12) Rooftop – Scene 2 – (I WAS ABOUT TO CRY IN THIS SCENE) Penny is drinking punch and she sets it down and grabs Leonard’s hand. She says that she didn’t get to ask him in high school but that she will ask him now (to dance). Leonard smiles and says there is no music. Penny tells him there is no need for music and Leonard smiles more, who is the romantic now? Penny just rolls her eyes and they start dancing. Leonard says thank you for wearing your flats. (I was melting with the way they were looking at each other, in LOVE). Penny puts her arms around his neck, they are still dancing, and says thank you for wearing your heels. They keep dancing for moment and Leonard seems to be thinking. He says something like: “ look at me, dancing with the prettiest girl at prom”. Penny smiles and asks him if he wants them to take a picture of them both and send it to his chess club friends from High School. Leonard replies that he sent a picture of her in a bikini many years ago to them. Penny just looks at him but she is still smiling. They are in love and in their moment. They keep dancing. Leonard says that this is nice and he kind of doesn’t want anybody else to get there. Penny agrees, she just wants that moment for them two but she says that it’ll be nice to have a prom with no drama. -This is where they pass the scene of the fight at the limo- 13) Hallway, outside of Sheldon’s room – Amy tells Sheldon, through the door, that she is having a prom and that she is going to the rooftop without him. Sheldon finally opens the door and looks at her. Amy says that there is no pressure, that she is always hoping (for them to have something more) but that its fine. Sheldon says thank you for understanding. (cutest moment between them). Then Amy says that there is something she has been wanting to say, she knows he can’t say it, and its fine if the doesn’t feel that way (amy gets all nervous) and then…..Sheldon says “I love you too” (EVERYBODY FREAKED OUT AND YES I WAS IN SHOCK!) Amy just looks at him. Sheldon explains that the other explanation is that he had an animal inside (an insect or something, I can’t remember I was too in shock) but that since that is not a possibility, he knows that it is love. Amy still hasn’t said anything, she is in shock! She can’t breathe! Sheldon says wait, I know what is happening. You are having a panic attack! Amy nods and gets into Sheldon’s room. Sheldon stays outside and tells her something like: just because I said I love you it doesn’t mean girls are allowed in my room. He points for Amy to get out. Amy gets out and he follows her but not without him swatting Amy’s bottom and following her. 14) Prom – Scene Rajesh is in charge of taking the prom pictures. They taped this before the live show. It was quick with every couple posing for pictures. The best ones were of course Leonard and Penny and Sheldon and Amy. Amy is smiling on their picture and Sheldon has his eyes close, smiling but looks all funny. Leonard and Penny’s photo was super cute. Penny grabs Leonard’s arms and puts them around her while her back is towards him. Leonard makes himself look taller for the picture. GUYS THIS IS IT! THIS EPISODE IS AMAZING! I can’t express enough how special it was. Johnny and Kaley came to talk to us and thank everybody because this was episode 166th. They were excited as it was a special episode for them as well and they will do the show as long as we continue to want them there (of course, always). It was great attending and seeing them interact and how seriously they take their job. It’s a system of its own and I’ll add more details as soon as I can calm down a little bit and remember everything.
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    7.13 The Occupation Reclibration Reported by dana1010 Tape Date: 17 December 2013; Air Date: January 09 2014 Story: Eric Kaplan, Maria Ferrari, Tara Hernandez Teleplay: Steven Molaro, Jim Reynolds, Steve Holland Note, this was originally posted by bigbangsheldon in Post #13. It has been moved here to keep the reports separate and in order.
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    OK so just a small recap tonight. We didn't take notes tonight as we just wanted to enjoy it.. Honestly I had a really crap day in line thanks to the twitter stuff. So we just wanted to enjoy the taping stress free away form getting every scene exec with notes... This may even not be in order.. Sorry! But you will get the just So here you go... Season 9! Cold open: We start with Lenny in a wedding chapel. They are picking which wedding package to go for and debating if they are doing the right thing. Leonard's phone starts ringing. Its Sheldon. Sheldon is kind of hysterical, Asking to know if they got married yet. When leonard reply's no, Sheldon starts warning Leonard off of marrying Penny saying that Women hurt you. And the hurt is like a paper cut.. But the pain is deeper. Sheldon then breaks the news that Amy had ended their relationship. Leonard is quite taken back and passed the news onto Penny. Penny takes out her phone immediately to call Amy. Amy picks up the phone. She is sitting in her apartment. Penny asks if she is ok and Amy is quite upset.. Like a sort of depressed down. She says she's not ok and if penny could come over. Penny declines explaining what was going. This upsets Amy more feeling left out of the wedding. Penny says "Aw Amy don't be upset". Sheldon hears this on his phone and becomes kinda hysterical asking if they are speaking t Amy and asking if she is asking about him then climbing he doesn't care. they then goes and tells Leonard to go get married and YAY for love sarcastically. Scene A. Amy is leaving her apartment, She locks her door and turns around to see Sheldon there. This startles her and she takes a step back while asking what he was doing there. Sheldon says "you need time, I gave you time". Its only been 11 hours... replies Amy. "I'm not ready to talk yet". Sheldon accepts this then asks where Amy is going. He later starts accusing her of seeing another man and becomes a little insulting about it. Amy dismisses his accusations. He accepts this and offers to walk Amy to wherever she is going, She hesitates but accepts his offer and tells him she is going to Howard and Bernadettes apartment to watch Lenny's on a webcam feed. Sheldon is offended that he didn't receive and invitation and further claims they are his friends. Amy explains they probably didn't want it to be awkward so only invited Amy. As they start to walk together, Sheldon see's this as them being back together. "So now we are together again". Which didn't go down well. Scene B. Leonard and Penny are getting briefed by minister about the ceremony. They confirm with each other they defiantly want to do this. There was a few jokes thrown around here about rose petals on the floor... Scene C. Howard and Bernadettes living room. Everyone is sitting around waiting for the wedding to start on TV. Amy mood is low while everyone is being apologetic to her. Howard makes his normal jokes. Amy is explaining that Sheldon wasn't getting the break thing. Then They all spot Sheldon standing outside at the window. He is offended he wasn't invaded and also stated he needed the bathroom. Bernadette told Howard to sort this out. He did so by closing the drapes. Scene D. Leonard and Penny are walking down the aisle. The minister asks if they had prepared vowels. At the same time. Leonard answers Yes and Penny Answers No. Penny is a little surprised that Leonard had some prepared. They were really geeky and science related. Like an equation. It was super sweet. Penny's vowels came off the top of her head. She quoted the "You've got a friend in me" Lyric from Toy Story. It was incredibly clever and sweet. Scene E Back in the wolowitz lounge. Everyone (now including Sheldon) are sat around the TV watching the wedding. Sheldon directs a conversation at Raj explain gin if he had noticed the lack of affection between him and Amy it was because she broke up with him. Raj replies that it wasn't in his top 10 of things he was thinking about. Sheldon then throws another comment at Amy about taking her time. on figuring stuff out. Sheldon then accuses people of taking sides when Bernadette asks Sheldon to drop it. Sheldon then keeps the tension going by saying while he can produce eggs, her ability to do anything with them (I can't remember the line exactly here) Will expire soon. She she had better make up her mind quickly. Amy is completely offended by this. She stands up and says in an angry voice "Sheldon, You are immature, Selfish and you are insuring me to my face, I don't need anymore time. Ive made up my mind. We are broken up" and then storms out the room. Bernadette goes after Amy. Sheldon just stands there. He asks someone to take him home to which Raj stands up and offers. They leave the room leaving Stuart and Howard on the couch. The next thing we hear the minister on the TV saying "You are now Husband and wife" Everyone had missed the ceremony because of Sheldon and Amy's fight. Scene F Penny and Leonard arrive back at their hotel room. Leonard carry's (struggling) Penny over the threshold and over to the bed. They start to kiss passionately. Penny seems off though. Leonard senses something is wrong and asks whats wrong. Penny admits that the kiss on the boat was still bugging her a little. but says she can move past it and starts kissing Leonard again. Leonard breaks off the kiss trying to make Penny feel better by explaining the kiss was terrible and he even chipped her tooth. Penny asked if he felt guilty. Leonard replied that not so much as she had dental insurance. not quite getting the question. Penny clears it up for him. He does feel guilty. When it happens and every time he sees her. This came as a huge shock to Penny. We learn that Leonard kissed a girl he works with and see's regularly at work. Penny is not impressed. Scene G. Penny and Leonard arrived back home. Arguing as they walk up the stairs. Leonard at his door shouts "I may have been unfaithful, but but.. but.. At least Im not hard to lift. Penny has a shocked look on her face ad Leonard walking into 4a slamming the door behind him. Sheldon is standing there and makes a sarcastic comment about marriage. Scene H Amy is sitting with Howard, Bernadette at the Wolowitz kitchen table. They are consoling Amy who is evidently still upset. Stuart makes a move on her by sayifn about other man and putting his hand on her shoulder. Amy is like "Really?" Scene I Sheldon goes over the Penny's apartment with a tray of Tea. He has problems knocking on the door. (Funny stuff). Sheldon and Penny start taking about how rough their relationships are. He also mentioned that the girl Leonard made out with was brilliant and attractive. He says he should start dating her to get back at Amy. But then decided its to farfetched because she went for a guy like Leonard and has low standards. Penny replied that she is with Leonard. Penny gets on to the subject of him and Amy. Sheldon is obviously being very angry and not understanding the situation. Penny says to him "Well sorry, Its not my fault Amy thinks you're a bad boyfriend" Sheldon is quite taken back by this. He seems unable to let this sink in. You can tell he is upset and angry. He collects all the mugs and tea. then leaves swiftly. Tag Sheldon and Leonard sitting in 4A on Leonard's wedding night. They are both bummed and complaining about women. Sheldon is listing why Men are better. He mentioned madam Curie is the exception because she had a Penis for Science. Leonard mentioned he can't believe this is how he is spending his wedding this way. Sheldon wasn't surprised. That's all from memory. If I remember anything else I'm happy to add. IM also happy to answer questions.. Sorry its not that in depth.
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    Okay, so I'm not sure if anyone has reported this yet, but there's dialogue from the prom episode that I'm not sure was in the taping report. In the scene where Amy tells Sheldon she is going up to the roof without him, he opens to door to come stop her by telling her, "I really did think you looked pretty." She stops in her tracks. "You did?" He explains that that's why he got overwhelmed. There's a lot of pressure on him about the after-prom traditions. Amy says, "just because it's prom, doesn't mean we have to spend the night together." Sheldon asks, "but were you hoping that we would?" Amy says, "I'm always hoping." That's when she reassures him that there's no pressure on him about the night and that all she wanted was to go to prom with him and dance with him. Which leads into her starting to say, "there's something else I want to tell you, and you don't have to say it back just because I said or just because it's the social convention…" That's when he says, "I love you, too." And the others who were at the taping last night and saw the episode might be able to help me confirm this, but I believe Amy asked him if he's sure. That's when he explains the feeling that he has and he's been trying to figure out what it is, and the only other explanation seemed less likely. Which means that it must be love.
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    I want you guys to know how hard these ladies are working on this report! "All right, who's got scene 13?" "Oh, that's me!"
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    I'm still reeling, I cannot think straight today. Man, I can't believe how perfect this whole milestone was, and I can't believe how consistently good the writers are at knocking *every single milestone* for this couple straight out of the park. I cannot wait to see Mayim and Jim act this out. I think the thing that makes me happiest about the episode is the lack of ambiguity. Every milestone we had in the past was walking the line, without committing 100% one way or another: in the D&D episode, Sheldon was still very guarded and cautious and not quite saying things clearly, in 7x05 there was some of his good ol' ass-ery for good measure an humor, in the SIK episode, the kiss came out of anger and then was followed up by an episode where he nearly breaks up with her over a table. Here, there's none of that. It's clear as day, it's black, not white or any other shade of gray, it's confident and matter-of-fact and canon: he loves her, he knows he loves her, he has known for a while and he's confirmed it three times in the span of one scene. Nobody can come back after this and argue that Sheldon doesn't love Amy as much as she loves him. And the way he said it is totally the way I thought would make more sense for him: that he would figure it out, logically, through time and when he figured it out he'd just *know* what he's feeling, no backsies, rather than blurting it out or needing to be coached by others to figure it out. And the same goes for Amy. Nobody can say anymore that she is into this just for sex or just to have a boyfriend. She's said it clear up (well, she couldn't quite bring herself to say it, but we know she meant to), that even though she'd like for them to be more intimate, it doesn't really matter to her, she's with him because she loves him. Again, to me it's like the balance has finally FINALLY been restored, and it couldn't be restored in any clearer way that this. I also love what mena said to me earlier about the symmetry in the scenes, and how this shows how similar Shamy are, again. How both of them are having panic attacks, for different reasons, and can tell that the other is anxious and panicky and needs reassurance. How both are totally clueless at Penny's door about the "body part" jokes Leonard is making. 8x03 was already fantastic in restoring that complicity that I missed for so long, but this is even better because it clears the air in a way that was overdue. I am so happy for Amy, because she finally got everything she deserves to have. But I'm also so happy for Sheldon because I really felt for him through the episode. He wasn't fussing or whining about going to the prom, he was trying to embrace all the "social conventions", and all around him people were reminding him of the one thing he feels so anxious about and I am starting to believe, now more than ever, that he really doesn't want to let her down OR let himself down when it comes to this relationship. It's not about not wanting to be intimate, it's literally about his huge issues with physical contact, like he said in 6x14. That's why he said he wouldn't mind mating with Amy at the end of the prom if he were an alien and could just catch her eggs (LOL!). It's not the sex that's the issue, it's not Amy that's the issue, it's his own hung ups. So I felt for him, for how nobody seemed to understand where he was coming from (hence all his quiet and confused reactions to the various "you have no homones" comments) and how much turmoil he must have had inside him and building up for years. Amy just finally putting his fears to rest, taking the pressure off of him, must have been like such a relief for him. I always thought that Sheldon really needed that reassurance in order to be more comfortable moving forward, and we saw it here in action almost immediately: she takes the pressure off, he finally feels comfortable enough to declare his FEELINGS, of all things, to her. And that final photo to me is just the icing on the cake. It shows these two people, with their respective burdens finally lifted from their shoulders, just being happy and in love together. For so long these two have been walking on eggshells around each other, because of what they assumed about the other ("He doesn't feel the same"/"She wants sex"), and that was never why I fell for this pairing. I wanted them to be on the same page, I wanted to see why they were together. The relief must be immense on being on the same page once again, with no ambiguities and no pressures. I don't know if this makes any sense or it's just a bunch of jumbled messy thoughts, but my brain has literally been turned to mush today and I can't quite function yet. I haven't been this happy about an episode in a long long time. The writers pulled out all the stops here to bring me totally back on board the Shamy ship.
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    Can we all also just appreciate that they not only watch French movies together (oh baby), but he spends that time watching her watch the movies? Noticing how her eyes sparkle? Jfc. Watching her hands move when she listens to harp music? Kill me.
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    Still NOT ok... Seeing it for real is something.. But seeing it again LIKE IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED. I was struggling to compose myself at work haha? I just want to point out.. They posed for these photos.. These photos were not taken during filming. During the filmed version. His hand is way higher. You're welcome.
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    Ok, Im going to give as much in depth description of the Shamy... From my View point. I was seated the 3rd row back pretty much centre stage. So I had a very good view of the Boys apartment. In the January taping... We all freaked out as we saw Jim and Mayim chewing gum before a scene.. So this time a few of us joked.. OMG they are chewing gum, knowing what happened last time.. LITTLE DID WE KNOW. Cold open: (Face sucking) Sheldon was sitting in his spot but nearer to the middle of the couch facing Amy. He was wearing a date night shirt (I think it was open buttoned?) Amy was sitting facing him in normal amy date night attire.. It was a new dress.. Amy style of course. They were sitting facing each other pretty close waiting for action to be called.. We all had a feeling something was about to happen.. Action was called, And they went in for the kill. I had a very clear view without having to look at the monitors, Amy had her arms were up over Sheldon's neck and hands resting on his shoulders.. While Sheldon had 1 arm around Amy's back and 1 hand high on her thigh. Kissing wise, I didn't to others didn't catch if any tongues were involved. But what we could make it that it was PRETTY damn intense. This wasn't the SIK or SIK 2.0.. This was a complete make out session. There was certainly head movement. It looked VERY passionate. When they broke the kiss (mutual break off) They smiled.. Amy mentioned about their 5th anniversary. Sheldon smiled and looking like a complete man in Love.. Agreed with her. Sheldon then asked if he should watch the new Flash series. Understandably Amy got pissed here. She mentioned that while they are making out and on their 5th anniversary, Thats that all he can think about?. Sheldon says Thats not all he is thinking about.. And he says this in quite a turn on way.. I mean it came across as quite flirty they way he said it. Amy replied asking if he was thinking about her... Sheldon answered he was thinking about her, As in asking her about her opinion on Sheldon starting to watch the Flash animated series. When he finishes this line, Sheldon moves in to re-inniate the kiss. He has her arms on her and moves in while smiling still. I can't recall.. But one of the girls thinks Sheldon said "Come here" when he moved into to face suck again... Before Sheldon could get in there.. Amy stopped in by placing 2 fingers on his lips.. Stopping him in his track."Really? Thats what you're thinking about?".. But Amy is still very pissed about Sheldon's thought process. She deny's him a Kiss. He looks disappointed. while Amy explains why she is pissed. Sheldon tells Amy she had killed the mood now anyway and gets up off the couch to grab a drink from the fridge. Amy follows him over obviously still upset. She points out again they have been together 5 years and the most she can get out of him is a distracted make out session while talking about super hero's an how she's been extremely patient with him all this time. Sheldon doesn't quite understand. He asks if Amy was being sarcastic (I THINK.. There was something along these lines), Amy replies in a sarcastic tone but Sheldon just did not understand. That was the end of the cold open. Shamy moments during the episode (Without Amy) Sheldon is sitting on his laptop when Leonard and Penny arrive home. Sheldon seeks the advise from them both straight away. He wasn't understanding why Amy was so mad. He explained the situation to both Leonard and Penny.. He described it as "There we were making out like teenage hooligans under the high school bleachers.." He describes the situation more to Penny.. "We went from kissy face to grumpy face" The next day, Over dinner. Sheldon was concerned as he had not heard from Amy in 24 hours, He reached out to Leonard and Penny about this again. When Penny and Leonard pointed out his errors.. Sheldon was still not convinced he was in the wrong. Penny tried to explain that Sheldon was taking the relationship far to slow later pointing out that They had been together 5 years and haven't even slept together. Sheldon's reply: "It's called foreplay". This is where Sheldon started to address the slow pace that lenny are taking.. pointing out a date had not even been set yet. Tag Scene (Amy backs off, Sheldon has a mother fucking ring) The scene starts with Sheldon sitting alone in the apartment on his laptop It seems like he has been thinking about things. He Skype call's Amy. Amy picked up the call, While looking pretty straight and a little taken back. Amy started to explain how she had been thinking about relationships. Sheldon too said he had been thinking about relationships. Amy goes onto explain how she has been so patient and how there is now easy way for her to say this because she loves him, but she needs to take a step back. She looks very shocked during this. It was quite heartbreaking. Sheldon sits there and looks shocked. He just says "ok" and they end on a "bye". Sheldon closes his laptop and just sits there. He's looking very sad and very shocked. Just like he doesn't know what to do with himself. He then starts to fiddle with his Golem figurine that sits on his desk.. He twists its around to face him and says in a serious voice, "Well Golem... You are the master of rings. What should I do with this?" And with that he pulls out a small box and opens it to reveal a ring. Scene, and Season 8 ends. Fade out!. ----- Wow, I mean just WOW! That was my 10th taping and Im just honoured to have witnessed that! I can't even begin to speculate on Season 9.. All I can think about was WHEN he was planning to propose and when did he GET that ring? DUDE!? -- A few things I would like to share about tonight taping! I got lucky as I somehow do at these things. First off.. Myself, Maddie and Maria got a wave from Mayim which was very sweet of her to respond . I was pretty close to the barrier and centre tonight.. So when Kaley and Johnny came up to the barrier I was in quite close view. Kaley recognised me from past shenangans (Flash mobbing, Backstage last week, Spcial media) and started smiling at me. I lifted my arm to wave and she noticed my Tattoo.. She looked shocked and just said OMG! She got Johnny's attention as well and asked me to show it to her.. "OMG Is that a Bazinga Tattoo?!? She kept saying OMG, Johhny just laughed.. They gave me some awesome smiles and waves. That felt pretty special! the pain of this thing was WORTH IT. They are such sweethearts! My buddy Kevin Sussman spotted me during the curtain call and started waving at me and having a few winks and jokes as we do.. He met my by the exit while on my way out to get our second selfie together. Im awaiting the cast party to finish for him to upload it.. The Kazvie lives! He is honestly the sweetest peace of human ever Fantasic wrap up to Season 8! I seriously can't believe its done already.. That went by so fast! On a personal level.. I have been the luckiest ever fan this Season.. With tapings and Cast/Crew recognition.. I got to meet Kevin and Bill.. Both of which take time to interact with me on social media. Bill is actually on first name basis with me now which is unbelievable! We have spoken in person quite a few times now. My interaction and selfies with Kevin have been mind blowing.. I got to meet Kunal, Molaro, Jim Reynolds and actually have a beer with them and other crew members backstage. They love my BBT Tat! *phew*.. I also got to meet Melissa, Conversed with Simon on Twitter. There was also The Interaction with Kaley and Johnny this evening.. As well as past interaction with Kaley, Jim, Mayim and Melissa while me and some other fans flash mobbed with them!.. More awesome stuff has happened as well.. Its mind blowing! Its been an incredible ride and an incredible season. I am incredibly fortunate, and I am happy I am able to share my interactions and spoilers with you guys.. Many of my now close friends in real life have originated from this very forum. These people in my fandom friendship are family to me. To everyone on the forum here.. Thank you all for keeping track and your positive support! I never plan to hold back.. And will be continuing this crazy fandom journey until the End..
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    This right here has hit me harder than anything ever related to Shamy, including Prom. When he said ILY2 during Prom, it was so fantastic to hear it, but I think we all pretty much knew already that he loved her. This here is something different. This is the ways and the whys to his love for her. He isn't talking about surface and superficial things. This statement contains such subtle things that no one would ever notice, except for someone who is so enthralled and in love with her that he can't take his eyes off her. He notices everything. Those things that only he sees. Those are the things that really make him love her. At least, that's how I see it. I am so in love with this scene.
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    BRACE YOURSELVES. I STUMBLED ONTO GOLD BY ACCIDENT ON FB. I cannot contain myself right now.
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    8.02 The Junior Professor Solution Reported by Jiab Pattira Tape Date: August 19, 2014; Air Date: September 22, 2014 Story: Steven Molaro, Eric Kaplan & Steve Holland Teleplay: Jim Reynolds, Maria Ferrari & Tara Hernandez [“The Junior Professor Solution” Scene 1 (cold open) Sheldon said he heard that during the world war II, they were developing super soldiers by impregnating women with another species. They would be half gorilla half human. Amy said were they considering any other animals?. Leonard suggested that hippo would be pretty badass, Howard said yeah but they would have to stop at Marble. Sheldon said it should be Koala, so they would be an Army so cute and couldn’t be attacked. Penny is gonna start her job next Monday, Bernie asked if she looked at the material Bernie gave her. Penny said not yet. Bernie was angry with that. Sheldon said to Amy “I’m sensing something awkward, am I right?” Amy said yes, and Sheldon said “switch” (I don’t understand what it means so I might get the word wrong) Penny said ‘Do you want me to be a teacher’s pet?’ Leonard asked if anyone ever got hurt being a teacher’s pet, and all of them raised their hands. (I don’t understand this as well, maybe you guys could explain this joke to me) Scene 2 Sheldon was at Janine Davis’ office. She said they will promote him to be a professor as a solution because his grant was for a specific research. Sheldon said but it requires teaching so I will pass the knowledge to the next generation. She said yes, Sheldon said you guys are sick. Scene 3 Amy’s lab Amy was stimulating pleasure self of a starfish. Penny came to her lab to invite her to lunch. Amy asked about Bernie. Penny said she didn’t invite Bernie because ever since Bernie got her that job she doesn’t stop bugging Penny. Amy said Bernie want her to do well and Penny was stunningly poor waitress, she’s still waiting for her corn dog 2 years ago. Amy said she was uncomfortable talking about someone behind their back because normally it was right at her face. Amy said okay she just had to turn off the switch, Penny asked why. Amy said the starfish will have a better day than her. Then Amy said there was a research that cheering a negative attitude toward third party will make the bonding between the two better, so what’s that skanks’ problem. Scene 4 The cafeteria Raj was thinking about his couple nickname with Emily. Howard asked why not your lastname. Raj said Emily’s lastname is Sweeny, Koothraweeny doesn’t sound good. Then Sheldon came to sit at the table complaining about the university promote him to be a junior professor. Raj asked why is it so bad to teach. Sheldon said it’s a stupid question, do I have to explain everything to you. I have to babysit a bunch of grad students, they may think dark matter is something in their diapers. Leonard said you like telling people they are wrong, Sheldon said ‘wrong’ then he said while I’m enjoying that doesn’t mean I always do. Raj said you like giving grades, Sheldon said B-. Then Sheldon said a lot of great people had students under their wings: Einstein, Professor X. and some of Prof. X’s students had wings, I will tell this story to students when the entire class fails the midterm. Scene 5 Amy’s lab Amy was stimulating the starfish, and she talked to it ‘you like it, don’t you’, ‘that’s right, say my name’. Bernie called Amy by skype. Bernie invited her to go out without Penny. Amy asked if it was about Penny didn’t work hard on the job and that would reflect you. Bernie said I don’t know if she doesn’t realize that or she doesn’t care. Scene 6 Classroom Sheldon was sitting at the teacher table alone. The guys came in to see him. They asked why there was no one here. Howard said did you send everyone to principal office. Sheldon said there was no class, no one signed up, he called the department secretary to ask and apparently he has a reputation for being obnoxious. Leonard said ‘What’ (not very sincere) Raj said I’m sorry, then Leonard said that’s not your fault. Sheldon said I will devote all my time to dark matter. Raj said ‘oh you prepared cookies for your students’, Sheldon said it’s Fig Newtons, I was gonna ask them who helped develop Calculus and have a cookie named after, and when someone answer Newton, I will say it was wrong, Fig Newtons was named after a town in Massachusetts and I will throw the cookies away. Howard said he will take Sheldon’s class. Leonard and Raj said ‘Why would you do that?’ ‘What’s wrong with you?’. Howard said he wants to get a doctorate. Sheldon said it’s a graduate level physics I don’t think you understand a single thing. Howard said “ I’m more than smart enough to take your class”. Then Sheldon asked Howard 3 physics questions and Howard answered all of them right. Sheldon looked pleased, then Howard asked “now am I smart enough?” Sheldon said no. Howard said engineers are as smart as physicists. Sheldon said you take that back. Howard said no. Scene 7 Sheldon and Amy were walking up the stairs together. Amy told Sheldon “After I had a drink with Bernie, Penny called to complain, when I talked to Penny, I got a text from Bernie”. Sheldon said ‘why did you tell me this, I’m preparing a lecture for Howard’. Amy said “because it takes 15 years for high school to finally awesome, I love them both and now I’m in the center and I love that even more”. Sheldon said “not now, I have to intellectually (I missed the verb here) my dear friend”. Amy said “you better watch that attitude because you are dating a popular girl now” Scene 8 Guy’s apartment Leonard opened the door and said you are up late, Sheldon said I’m working on a plan for Howard, he is going to be lost, then Sheldon pointed to the other board and said that one even I don’t really understand. Leonard said “why are you doing this, why do you get to so much trouble just to prove that you are smarter”, Sheldon said it’s no trouble, it’s a pleasure, I’m a teacher, it’s my job. Leonard said “the idea of someone is as smart as you or even smarter scares the pants off you” Sheldon said “Do you mean I have emotional issues below subconscious that I can’t deal with someone who threatens my intellectual superiority.” Leonard said you think about it. Sheldon said “Howard is allergic to peanuts, how could I use that against him?” Scene 9 Classroom Howard walked in, Sheldon said okay now that everyone’s here we can begin. Howard said “I talked to Leonard if you are going to belittle me and make this unnecessary hard then I’m out, but If you have a sincere effort to be a good teacher than I’m willing to give this a shot. Sheldon said it’s a fair request and I see no reason we can’t both benefit. Sheldon asked Howard “are you familiar with… (3 physics topics), and the third one Howard said he feels a little fuzzy about that. Sheldon said ‘Haa, I knew it’. Sheldon said there are a lot of materials before your first test which is in 8 minutes. Howard put on earphones and listened to music. Sheldon told him this is a classroom not American bandstand, and pulled them from his ears. Howard said you are a crabby teacher then I’m a crabby student. Then, Howard tear off his paper, Sheldon asked what he is doing. Howard said I’m making a straw to shoot with spit ball. Sheldon said you can’t do that, I’m your professor, you have to treat me with a proper…( Howard shot a spit to his mouth), Sheldon said “your spit in my mouth” and his face looked like he was gonna die (Jim acted so hilarious, the man is so talented). Sheldon ran off the door. Scene 10 Amy’s lab and Penny’s apartment Amy called Penny to invite her out, Penny said she will stay home looking at the material Bernie gave her, Amy said okay call me when you decide she is a bitch or something. Then Amy called Bernie to invite her for a drink, Bernie said “that sounds great but I promised Penny I will stop by and help her with the material, I’m probably too hard on her, we talked we are good” Amy said that’s good that situation with you guys put me in a weird position. Bernie said we are back to normal now. Amy said yeah, when she is nice to your face. Then Amy called Sheldon “Hi boyfriend” ( she began her conversations with Penny and Bernie with ‘Hi girlfriend’ too) and Sheldon said “can’t talk, spit in the mouth, probably gonna die” Scene 11 (Simon waved at the audience before this scene) Guy’s apartment Sheldon opened his mouth for Leonard to check. Leonard said “you are not having STD”. Sheldon said “are you sure?, it doesn’t feel innocent as it used to”. Howard came in and said “you reported me to human resource, I dropped your class, I hope you are happy”, then he said you think I’m not smart enough just because you asked a topic I’m not familiar with. Howard asked Sheldon 3 engineer questions and Sheldon answered the first 2 questions right. The third question he looked confused then Howard said you don’t know, do you. Sheldon coughed so hard and a spitball came out, he said “thank goodness, I got it, I don’t have to check for stool” (on first take Jim coughed too hard and that spitball came out of his mouth too early) Johnny and Kaley came up to thank the audience (I think they do this every episode) Scene 12 Penny’s apartment Bernie asked Penny a pharmaceutical question and Penny answered it so well. Bernie said “let’s stop here, you got this, let’s call Amy and go for a drink”. Penny said “she seems like really want to go out tonight”. Amy was eavesdropping at the door, she ran so fast down the stairs before picking up the phone and said “hi girls”. Scene 13 (tag scene) Guy’s apartment They asked each other questions (I think they are scientific questions but I can’t remember what they are about), and they shouted together happily. Leonard said “we are so smart”. Raj said “why didn’t girls like us in high school”. Howard said “we are awkward and weird and can’t play sports”, Leonard said “right again!” and they all shouted.
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    Okay, I'm going to start out by letting you all know that I have read NO comments here from last night's taping, and I probably won't, because I need to not dwell on negative thoughts at the moment. I probably will also not be reading the comments to this post I'm making for the same reason. But after hearing that there's a lot of upset, I wanted to give you a perspective from someone who was at the taping. I do hope it will help a bit, and maybe start some more positive conversation (because all of us could use a bit of that right now). Also, I apologize in advance for the novel. This was the most intense and depressing episode of BBT I have ever seen (for obvious reasons) and it went beyond what I was imagining, particularly with Lenny (who I really felt was left in a worse place than Shamy last night, to be honest). As for Shamy, it was both better and worse than I was imagining at the same time. What I loved was that Sheldon went after her right away. It was clear that this meant something to him. He wanted her back immediately. Heck, he even chased her down to the Wolowitz's house. Those moments were sweet and funny, and they showed that she matters so much to him. That gave me hope. Then, yes, after she broke it off completely, he was angry and upset. This to me, is totally Sheldon. He's confused and hurting and he's lashing out and trying to figure out how to deal with this. He's never been in this situation before, remember. I believe he's going through the stages of grief, the first and foremost being denial. Then he moved on to anger once he understood that she was calling things off with him. I'm hoping for some real bargaining and depression next--not because I want to see him hurting, but because it will show that he is NOT giving up on her. I've heard that there are people who think that way--that Sheldon will just give up on Amy now and will just never go after her. I don't think that could be further from the truth. It hurts right now as fans, and it's easy to get caught up in that hurt and our own emotions and reactions to it immediately and feel that things are hopeless. But it was clear to me how much this is affecting him. Amy finally standing up for herself when he puts her down/insults her was something that NEEDED to happen. That was why she told him she's breaking up with him, and I'm glad she took a stand. I'm not happy they're broken up; it hurts my heart. But just think about the reunion they will have later! Also, right after that when they were consoling her in the kitchen, she said that she hopes she did the right thing. She's doubting her choice. She clearly still loves him. And when Stuart tried to put the moves on her, she looked at him like "WTF!?!?" and made a comment about it being inappropriate. She's not over Sheldon, and I truly believe he's not over her. Let's look at this logically too. Season 8 was all about Sheldon growing more and them hitting so many milestones. Why would they do all of that and set it all up that way (even establishing that he loves her and has a RING) just to destroy the ship? I really think this season's beginning is about him learning some hard lessons that still need to be learned, and this was the way they thought it would be believable for someone like Sheldon. All that drama could have been a way for them to get us to go through this with him as well and to feel the hurt he's feeling. He loves her, he wants to spend the rest of his life with her, and then he's hit with this, and it's going to make him have to evaluate some things about himself and his relationship. He doesn't know how to cope right now (he was never expecting this, and that fact is also a part of him taking her for granted that he needs to wake up to) and will be going through some hard emotions until he comes to the realization that he screwed up. This is another step in his growth toward being a man, and being the right man to marry her. I know some people think that it's Amy who is being unfair/unreasonable after all the growth Sheldon has made, and people will argue that she knew what she was getting herself into, etc. But Amy has also grown as a person since they first got together, and she has needs of her own. She needs to be with someone who respects her and puts her first, and I don't think that's unreasonable at all. I want to remind you too to look back at previous seasons. Most of us hated when Sheldon would make snide comments to Amy and she would just let them roll off her back. We wanted her to grow a backbone and for Sheldon to be nicer. Would any of us put up with some of the things Sheldon does in real life? Or would we put up with feeling like we're not an equal or not held in as high regard as we should be, or if we were insulted frequently? He's gotten better about those things, but they still happen. And combined with her need for intimacy that from her perspective is still not returned, I can't blame her for needing to evaluate things. His insult was just the last straw. But even still, she's doubting that decision because she loves him. I think with her spelling it out for him that he's selfish and rude, it will get him thinking. And I think with Penny basically telling him he was a bad boyfriend to Amy, that will get him thinking too. But he needed a wake up call. It's a painful one--for all of us--but it did need to happen. Sheldon has such tunnel vision much of the time, and this will broaden his field of vision so he can be aware of how he's treating her/affecting her in the future. Hopefully they won't drag all of this out overly long, and I can totally see that when they do get back together (and they will!) it's going to be so explosive. As for the intimacy issue--yes, she knew what she was getting into back then, but that doesn't mean that her need/desire for that should be discarded. "Oh well, she's with Sheldon, so she'll just have to deal with being celibate her whole life". I don't agree with that sentiment. They've grown together so much and they've both evolved, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with her wanting that with him. If she was trying to force him into it, that would be another story, but she has never done that. I think after five years with someone where that seemed to be going nowhere, any of us would be evaluating our options. The intimacy and the taking her for granted at times are really their final hurdles, and because of that, I believe that Sheldon will be missing her and he will start realizing how much he really does desire her--in EVERY way. They had to do this in a way that would truly wake him up to all of this, and while it's harsh, it will be exactly what he needs in the end. As for the ring information we didn't get, I'm sure this has already been said, but I'll say it myself as well: I have a feeling we might find out about that next episode since they often do a two-part premiere. I also think the boys will be talking and the girls will be talking, and maybe the guys can help Sheldon start to see where he went wrong. I really believe he's soon going to hit those next steps in the grieving process and try to bargain to get her back and also get depressed without her. This isn't over. The writers know what gold they have with Shamy. CBS promotes them like nothing else. Things seem dire now, but they'll get better. Even after all the drama from last night, we need to remember that this is a comedy show. I seriously doubt the writers will leave it this dramatic/depressing for long, and with their two main couples in such peril. I guess that would be my main worry at this point--that they'll keep things too dramatic for a sitcom for too long and the show will lose some of its magic. For now though, I'm going to have faith in the writers because they have a plan, and I really can't see things staying in this dramatic state for long. Things have to get better from here. This show has been so much about Sheldon's journey and growth. If it would have been HIM breaking up with HER, I think the situation would be more dire, because then he would have just decided he was done and that would be that. With it being Amy doing the breaking up (and that decision clearly affecting them both) it will give him the opportunity to grow from the experience and make things right. He wouldn't be upset and angry if it meant nothing to him. If he was going to give up, he'd be shrugging like "Well, I guess that's over then." The writers even said in that TV Guide article that Amy will make her way back to him and that Sheldon will learn how to make this work. I know it's hard right now, and you're all perfectly capable of making your own decisions about how to feel and whether to continue to watch the show, but I would suggest that you at least wait to see what will play out in the next few episodes. They'll have filmed the first few before the premiere even airs. Hopefully we'll know more by then and can go into the season a bit calmer, because we'll know that things are moving in the right direction.
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    Here we go y'all. I'm very tired and about to conk out, so I'm happy to answer questions tomorrow or I'm sure many of the other attendees can help out. Keep in mind that this is my take, I didn't report everything, and episodes always play out differently on the screen than what you read. If you're happy, that's great. I'm pretty happy with the episode. But if you're upset, I just ask that you please wait until you watch the episode before you make a shitstorm because honestly, it's not worth it. If you're upset, you are entitled to it and you are not wrong, but you also may change your mind when you watch the episode. I am not the writers, nor am I the actors. I am but a mere fan with imperfect eyes, imperfect ears, and an imperfect memory. I cannot convey their emotion, or the subtleties in the text, or anything else. Bill Prady said it best. The show is what exists in the episodes you watch, not what you read on a message board. So here's just something to think about and talk about while you wait to see the show, but it shouldn't be something to blow a gasket over. Let's all remember Status Quo. Let's all remember that we love this show and these characters and all things considered, the episode was very well done. All right, my feet have left the soap box. Let's do the thing. The episode is "The Commitment Determination." It applies to four couples and across all storylines. Directed by Mark Cendrowski. Story by Chuck Lorre, Jim Reynolds, and Maria Ferrari. Teleplay by Steven Molaro, Steve Holland, and Eric Kaplan. COLD OPEN. Two takes. (Only first take has kissing.) Apartment 4A, Sheldon and Amy. Amy and Sheldon sit on the couch, she in a pink floral dress and he in his dress pants and dress shirt (no jacket/blazer). The scene begins with them in mid-make out, his left hand on her thigh and right hand around her shoulder, her hands on his shoulders. The camera slowly pushes in as they continue to make out. When they break apart, Amy is breathless. She can't believe that it's been five years since their first date (the day they met). Sheldon is all smiles as he agrees. And then he wonders: should he watch the new series, The Flash? Amy is taken aback. "Is that seriously what you're thinking about right now?" Sheldon's smile remains as he says, "Among many things." Amy wonders if any of those things is her. He says yes, and then explains: "I was wondering, should I watch the Flash? Oh I know, I'll ask Amy!" He grins and leans in to continue kissing, but she stops him with fingers to his lips and pushes him back, asking him what he thinks he's doing. "You're right," he says, "you kind of killed the mood." They stand up and walk into the kitchen and she asks him if he can see the irony in how he admires a superhero known for his speed when they've been together for five years and all she can get from him is a distracted makeout session on the couch. Sheldon admits he's not very good with irony, but he's been getting better with sarcasm, so would she like to give that a go? She sarcastically responds, "Sure, I'd love to!" He tells her she can do so any time. SCENE A. Two takes, three pick ups. Comic book store. Raj, Emily, Stuart. Emily and Raj are flipping through comic books, and she expresses that it has been a while since she's been in a comic book store. Raj encourages her to point him out and exclaim that he's her boyfriend if anyone wants to know. (This part may be cut based on following pickups.) Stuart comes out from the back and informs them that he's closing early to go eat some meatloaf that Bernie is making for Howie. Not that they invited him, but that's not going to stop him. Emily finds a creepy looking skull with screws and things coming out of it and asks Raj how cool it would be in her bedroom as a lamp. Being the Pottery Barn kinda guy that he is, he's not really into it. Deflated by his lack of enthusiasm, Emily reluctantly puts it back. Raj feels so badly that he offers to buy it for her. Stuart is already counting his money. SCENE B. Two takes. Apartment 4A. Sheldon, Leonard, Penny. When Leonard and Penny arrive home, Sheldon is desperate for answers to his relationship crisis. He explains that Amy is upset with him and he can't figure out why. Penny shrewdly identifies the problem: Sheldon was talking right before she got upset. When Sheldon explains what happened ("we were necking like a couple of teenagers" and "we were necking like a couple of hooligans under the school bleachers" and then "goodbye kissy face, hello yelly face"), Penny quickly understands the situation and ends up having to explain it to both of the boys, who are busy weighing the pros and cons of starting and getting invested in a new TV show. She explains that when you're kissing a girl, you should be focused on her. Sheldon still doesn't get it. He thought to ask her about Flash, doesn't that count? SCENE C. Two takes, one pickup. Wolowitz kitchen. Howard, Bernadette, Raj. As the trio prepare dinner, Raj wonders if his friends have ever noticed Emily's twisted side. He mentions that she wants to have sex in a graveyard, and Bernie doesn't see a problem as long as they both consent. Raj admits that he might not be consenting consensually. He contemplates breaking up with her, but Howard doesn't think he's got the guts to do it. Raj says the same thing about the two of them breaking up with Stuart by throwing him out the house – they never have, and they never will. SCENE D. Two takes, one pickup. Apartment 4A. Sheldon, Leonard, Penny. Penny asks if Sheldon has heard from Amy. It's been twenty-four hours, he says. That should be enough time for her to realize she's wrong. Penny agrees with Amy that he's been taking the relationship slowly. Sheldon defends that it's "called foreplay," and then points out that she and Leonard have done the same with their relationship. Penny waves her engagement ring in his face to prove him wrong. In typical Sheldon fashion, the information goes over his head and he, confusedly, waves his ringless hand backwards at her in return. Leonard and Penny explain, in perfect adorable synchronicity (each saying a few words at a time as one) that they are focused on work and they'll pick a date when they're ready. Sheldon is completely fine with this information, but I guess his judgment (or their guilt) is pretty loud so they tell him to shut up. SCENE E. Two takes. Wolowitz living room. Howard, Bernadette. Bernie asks if Howard ate her yogurt. Turns out, Stuart must like yogurt that helps ladies do what they say they don't do but they actually do. Bernie thinks it's high time they kick that boy out of their house, and Howard thinks it should have been months ago. Bernie points out that they didn't want to do it while he was getting the comic book store back up and running or during the holidays, or when his aunt died. Howard thinks it's suspect that aunts always seem to die when they bring up the living situation. (Second take was that Stuart was sick, and Howard thinks he made that up; he doesn't have jaundice, his face just looks like that!) They agree to talk to him tonight. Howard's dropping the hammer. (Don't confuse that for him taking charge. Nah, Bernie is the hammer.) SCENE H. Three takes. Apartment 4A. Sheldon, Leonard, Penny. While they clean up dinner, Leonard asks Penny why they haven't set a date. She says that they've been busy and things are good and they're not in a rush. If he wants to pick a date, he can. Leonard says it isn't just about that; they haven't planned anything. Cue the rapid fire decision making; they want a small, indoor wedding, black tie, and although Penny wants butterflies released, it's probably not in the budget for CBS. Expect the occasional Sheldon Cooper peanut gallery commentary from across the room. He's not in the conversation, he just has a lot of opinions. SCENE J. Playback. Graveyard. Raj, Emily. Raj and Emily are having their horror film picnic in the graveyard. Just the two of them. And all the dead people. Emily wonders if he's scared of ghosts, but he's more scared of her, if we're all going to be honest here. SCENE K. Two takes, one pick up. Apartment 4A. Sheldon, Leonard, Penny. Sheldon apologizes for making everybody upset, and they wave it off saying it's probably best that they talked about it anyway. He wonders if that means they're picking a date, and Penny has finally had it. Why is it so important to everyone that they pick a date? Leonard explains that they love each other and that it doesn't matter if they get married tomorrow, a year from now, or in fifty years. Penny's not too keen on the idea of waiting until they're old and gross. Sheldon remembers his old and gross aunt and uncle who were married for 63 years and began to take on the properties of melting cheese by the end. He exits the living room since, you know, he probably shouldn't be in this conversation in the first place. Penny sidles over to Leonard on the couch and mentions that she's free tonight. The audience is losing our shit. Is she for real? Leonard asks, for what? Penny's ready to start melting with him. We're losing the rest of our shit. Vegas isn't that far a drive, and Leonard is so game for this idea that it's not even funny. It's really not funny because we're actually screaming and clapping and crying messes on the floor. Sheldon is positively beaming from his perch. He's so happy that after all these years, they're finally doing it. But seriously, Penny, have you learned nothing? Get out of Sheldon's spot. SCENE L. Playback. Wolowitz living room. Howard, Bernadette, Stuart. / Graveyard. Raj, Emily. Stuart comes home and Mr. and Mrs. Astronaut are ready to lay down the law. Too bad it seems like Stuart's kind of a standup guy who's replacing the yogurt he ate and also bought Howard some cereal. While he puts the groceries away, Bernie and Howie give each other the courage not to let that deter them. When Stuart comes back out to talk, they found out that it's his birthday. Probably better to just give the guy some cake than an eviction notice, eh? Intercut with this breakup scene is Raj and Emily's. With much the same outcome. They're making out, but Raj puts a stop to it. He needs to talk to her about how they're very different people. Emily's pretty sure he's about to break up with her and asks him as much. But he quickly backtracks. She tells him to just do it if he's going to do it, because she's not going to do it for him. But it turns out what he really wanted to say is that he loves her, and he plants a big one on her. I guess no one is breaking up tonight. Oh wait, let's hold onto that thought for a second. Everyone got a drink handy? Okay, sweet. Let's do this. Deep breaths. Get your therapist on speed dial. SCENE M. Re-enactment. Leonard's car. Leonard, Penny. Leonard wonders if people will be mad that they're eloping, but Penny doesn't care. This is about them, not anyone else. She's so happy they're going to do this, no regrets. Leonard's not so sure. Penny wonders what's wrong. Leonard admits that he has something he wants to get out before they do this so they can start their marriage with no secrets. He reminds her of his North Sea trip, and the audience is already in a state, as is Penny. He mentions that there was a lot of drinking, and yes, Penny remembers that bit quite vividly. Leonard explains that there was this girl... Penny demands to know what happened. Leonard continues that it was just kissing and nothing else. Penny's wondering why he's bringing this up now. It seems like they're getting married, and he wants to sabotage it. He's just trying to be honest. But while Penny is not the happiest we've ever seen her, she can live with it. It was just kissing, it was before they were engaged, and he's being honest about it now. He asks if they're still getting married, and she says yes. He tries to make it better by telling her the kissing wasn't that good, but that's probably not the words he needs to be saying right now. TAG SCENE. One take. Apartment 4A, Sheldon. Amy's apartment, Amy. Sheldon makes a Skype call to Amy, who picks up quite melancholy. Sheldon begins to tell her that he's been thinking about relationships a lot lately, but Amy interrupts. She has too, and this is not going to be easy for her to say because she loves him so much. But she's been very patient with him. (To which, Sheldon evidently does not agree.) She's been put through the ringer, emotionally and physically, and she just needs some time and space to sort herself out. She hopes he can understand. He is quite shocked and doesn't quite know what to say except that he understands and agrees. She says goodbye, and they hang up. Sheldon closes the lid to his laptop quite sadly. He consults the Gollum on his desk, who knows a thing or two about rings. (Cue shrieking from the audience. Was I a part of that? I can neither confirm nor deny.) He reaches into the desk and pulls out a ring box with an engagement ring. "What do I do with this?"
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    She was making a joke! Guys! Come on. She wasn't being serious about the hair. And I don't get why it's a big deal that she wasn't ready for this, when we all were shocked how early in the season this came and were just saying the same things not long ago... I bet she's also wondering what the heck they have in store for the rest of the season. It's clear as day that she left the important stuff last in that post, and IMO, she did a fantastic job conveying on screen what she wanted to convey as described in her post, because it's definitely how I read Amy's behavior in that scene. She KNEW Sheldon loved her, that's why she didn't say "I know you don't feel the same" or anything like that, but rather "You aren't ready to say it back". She knows Sheldon has huge problems expressing his emotions, but that that doesn't mean he doesn't have any. And that's why, like Mayim says, Amy is perfect for Sheldon, because other women would just stomp their feet and demand to hear the words even if it's at gunpoint and their partner isn't honest. Not to sound cheesy and quote a song that has stuck with me all weekend, but, Amy would never say ILY just to hear it being said back. Mayim also makes it clear that the feelings have been there a long time even though they hadn't been expressed verbally, which is something we all suspected. I really enjoyed reading her post, the only thing I always have a bit of a disagreement with is with her views on clothes... but that's another story! I found it very interesting that TPTB were adamant that wardrobe does justice to Amy's looks in this episode, instead of dressing her just to be a clown. And I think they did a wonderful job, because she looks very much Amy and very natural, yet so pretty. As for the discussion about who fell first and when... it's hard to pinpoint to me, but especially because of how much differently these two process their emotions. I think Sheldon is the one that feels early but expresses and embraces late, whereas Amy is the one that feels late but embraces and expresses that quickly. To me, it was always clear that Sheldon was taken by her much much earlier than she was. The way he always compared their "friendship" to the romantic relationships of others, imo, was a clear subconscious indication that he never saw her as just a friend, no matter how much he tried to deny it - probably because he didn't really understand his feelings at the time. Whereas I think to Amy he was genuinely just a friend until around Herb Garden, when she really started to have a big crush on him. And it's not surprising that she started being attracted to him much later, because I always got the impression that early Amy was way colder and more detached than Sheldon, who I always always saw as a very emotional person underneath all his facades. And I think that's when Amy kind of started overtaking him, because she has less of a problem embracing her feelings and doesn't overanalyze things to the extent that he does. When each realized they loved the other it's hard to tell. I think for Amy it's when she started hitting walls with him, because it's easy to be infatuated with someone when everything goes smoothly, but only love makes one stick by the other when things get hard. For Sheldon, I think it's harder to say, because he thinks a lot and keeps a lot of things bottled up for a long time, so I literally could pinpoint dozens of moments between early S6 and the "I like you for who you are" where I could say "This was the moment!". I think the kiss arose his more physical/intimate feelings of romance, but I think the unconditional love was there a while before that.
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    I still have the biggest butterflies. It's so perfect, they way they've done it. When I see the actual episode, how he says it and his face and her reaction, I'm just gonna lose it. And the photoshoot scene as well. They are so freaking in love. I've felt they were for a while, but actually knowing it's a fact now just blows my mind. Sheldon, who was appalled by the idea of romantic love, made fun of his friends for it, and said time and time again it was all for lesser humans, has fallen in love. And he tells her with such candor. I can't. From the way I read it, it seems like he's incredibly touched by her saying that there's no pressure to have sex. I think he was putting a lot of pressure on himself to try to do it that night, because it's custom and he knows Amy wants it (and just the mere fact that he didn't immediately forbid it and that he was actually considering it -- OH MY GOD). He probably thought he would be failing her if he didn't do it that night. And from the season premiere, we know he doesn't want to fail her. But then she said it was okay, and it was a huge relief to him. But! Then she said that she wanted to say something, and she KNOWS he doesn't feel the same, and I think it hurt him that she didn't think he loved her. He was like, "Whoa, wait a minute. I love you, too. Don't ever think I don't." Even though he was pretty much making a huge hypocrite out of himself for belittling the concept of love and he was eating sh*t and proving himself wrong, it was important to him that she knows he loves her. So much so that he goes on to explain and say it two more times. I don't know. Maybe it will play out differently. Regardless, it will be stunning. I already know that I will cry like a little girl (I've already cried over this, lol). And I already know this will be my favorite episode. I'm just completely stunned he says he loves her. Even after waiting impatiently for it for years, anticipating it for the last eight months, even after thinking up countless scenarios with my girls and getting emotional, being devastated in the finale when it didn't happen, hoping against hope it would happen in November sweeps, I can't believe it. The concept of Sheldon Cooper in love. The concept of Sheldon Cooper getting butterflies. The concept of Amy Farrah Fowler, a woman who no man ever looked at twice, never felt like she was wanted or desirable, spending the first 30 years of her life lonely, has managed to do the impossible. She made a man who'd rather chop his own arm off than fall in love (much less ADMIT IT) fall in love with her. She's literally the only woman in the world who can say Sheldon Cooper is in love with her, and will only ever be in love with. Amazing.
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    OK, Heres what happened, Originally, I wasn't planning on going on the tour.. But since Its a weekend, theres no filming and we are dying to know about this set, I thought I would give it a try. Low and behold.. the tour guides ask everyone on the tour which sets you want to see, of course, I as right in there with BBT. We walked onto stage 25 and up into the audience area.. The normal standing sets were there. The Guys and penny's apartment were still as per normal with white sheets over the furniture to protect them during when the sets are not used. The one different thing I did notice was the GOT IS STILL MISSING. This really upsets me. Now Im sure you all know. "swing sets" are sets that are not used for every episode. They are built purposely for the episode which is in filming. This could be a 1 time set or regularly appearing set. They can also be set up in other locations. The 2 swing sets We could see was the Comic book store (with fire damage, ill get to that later) and Amy's apartment, There was 2 more swing sets, The University Cafeteria and Mrs Wolotitz lounge. I will explain the condition to each set soon, as for now.. The set up as follows: The Red indicated standing sets (Sets that never change or move) The Blue indicated swing sets Comic book store | Penny's apartment | Hallway | Shenlard's apartment | Amy's apartment __________________________________________________________________________________ Camera's Camera's Camera's ____________________________________________________________x______________________ Wolowitz's House | | University Cafeteria (not in audience view) | Audience Seating | (not in audience view) (The X will explain a few things below) The last time I was there for the Mommy Observation.. The set up was this: Sheldons Bedroom | Penny's apartment | Hallway | Shenlard's apartment | Mrs Coopers house __________________________________________________________________________________ Camera's Camera's Camera's __________________________________________________________________________________ Not used | | The Bar (not in audience view) | Audience Seating | (not in audience view) About the Sets.. Penny's apartment, The boys apartment: Nothing been changed.. They had white sheets over the furniture as they do when not being used.. The GOT sword is missing.. There was a HUGE type of table thing with a white sheet over it which was sitting int he camera walk in front of the boys apartment.. At a guess It could have had been a casino table.. But I have absolutely NO idea what it was.. Things in the set get moved around and stored all over the place while other sets get built.. It was probably nothing. Amy's Apartment: It wasn't completed.. Half the kitchen was missing.. however the lounge area was its normal self with white sheets over the furniture.. Half the props for Amy's apartment were sitting in a cart in front of the boys apartment Where the x is. Props being kitchen utensils, the microscope etc So I'm guessing they are half way to completing it before the taping on Tuesday, which makes me thing Mayim will be there. Wolowitz House: We was lucky enough to leave this way.. We left the audience area and onto the Camera walk way and walked between wolowitz house and the comic book store to the exit. which is how I got to see these sets in detail. The wolowitz set was the lounge.. It was fully fitted as you would see on camera. If its going to be used or not, I don't know. The Comic Book Store: The first thing I will say, Is its NOT rubble or completely destroyed. However there is fire damage. There are still things on the walls which have not been burnt but do have damage. Some parts are completely gone.. The set was very dirty with burn marks, Things on the floor etc.. It DOES look like it could be repaired. University Cafteria: I couldn't see this set or even get any peek. I only know it was there because the tour guide told us. The script. After we had a lecture on how filming is done, filming routines etc.. The tour guide allowed us to all about the audience area to get a better view of the sets.. I went to the far left to get a better view of Amy's apartment. I was standing in front of where I placed the x. I was looking at at all the props. And sitting right there on a desk table thing was the script. Sitting upside down for me. I leaned over as far as I would squinting and looking down t it (my eyesight isn't amazing) And I just made out the title. The tour guide didn't know any spoilers.. I probably knew more tbh! And thats all to be said! I spent most of the tour updating twitter, I think most of you enjoyed that And Kazzie blooper of the day.... As we was in the audience area.. there was another tour group (with someone in a wheelchair) walking along the camera lane all the way down the set.. I asked if we could do the same but got rejected.I was told "they can only go down there because its a wheelchair tour" And what did I go and say? "OMG they are so lucky" I got a few awkward looks, and I had to explain what I meant.. omg I was humiliated.. Luckily I was dead already from being there. I hope that cleared a few things up for you guys and put things into better prospectives. Now we just have to wait a few days for the taping!
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    Okay I am not going to talk details about every scene, but the cold open had my heart pounding so I will share with you that one. Leonard and Penny walk into the apartment after walking up the stairs and find Sheldon and Amy standing at the island in S&L's apartment. Sheldon says good your home. They both walk towards them and Sheldon puts his hand back to take hers in his. They hold hands in the living room staring at Leonard and Penny. They start saying how they have decided to take their relationship to the next step after much evaluation of their relationship. Penny replies nervously with "okay". Then Sheldon turns to Amy and says "do you want to say it", and Amy says "let's say it together". Then they both say at the same time "we're getting a turtle". The scene is set up to make you think they are going to say something like coitus, engaged, or something along those lines. But that is just good comedy.
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    7.05 The Workplace Proximity Reported by MJistheBOMB Tape Date: September 24, 2013; Air Date: October 17, 2013 Story: Steve Molaro, Steve Holland & Maria Ferrari Teleplay: Chuck Lorre & Eric Kaplan & Jim Reynolds
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    I am (sort of) back! I miss discussions on the boards so much, but life has left me with very little time for it these days But I couldn’t not show up in the aftermath of the most amazing episode of the season. I want to just blurt out my thoughts about the episode before I go back and read of all of yours and disseminate my likes around the thread, so that I don’t get influenced by others’ take on it all. So I’m sorry if I repeat anything that’s been said already, too. To be honest, this was so perfect that I could very easily end the summary of my feelings just there: it was perfect. The writers keep outdoing themselves every time with these milestones and this one was by far my favorite so far. I love how they always always always treat their relationship with the utmost respect when it comes to their big moments, even in the dialogue and the choice of words. We discussed this to death already when the taping report came out and I said I loved how there was no ambiguity in any of it, but it’s worth repeating again. I think the way Sheldon calmly and matter-of-factly explained to her how he knew it was love it’s so IC for him but also so great for the story and to get the audience to understand that there is no ifs, ands or buts here: to quote Sheldon, there is no denying what these two feel for each other anymore. Like I said before, the idea of Sheldon blurting it out accidentally or in an emotional moment or being in denial about his feelings never sat quite right with me, and I’m glad the writers didn’t go for either of those scenarios. We know Sheldon has been evaluating his relationship and his feelings for a long time now, and it’s only realistic that he would tease apart all the minutia of what he is feeling before reaching his conclusion, and that once he did, he would be 100% confident of it. I think one of the reasons why this couple is so solid and so stable, despite their problems, is because neither of them rushes into things before they’ve thought them through and before they’re ready. They always take the next step at a point where they’re both more than ready for it, and if one is ready before the other, they wait for each other. I think it was so sweet the way Amy seemed to be the only one to understand where he was coming from, and why he was so anxious, rather than dismissing it with jokes about him not having any hormones or what have you (and, man, that camera panning to his face after that line was a punch in the stomach). About Sheldon being anxious. When I read the taping report I didn’t quite pick up on the fact that Sheldon might have indeed been considering to give sex a try, until others pointed out the sequence of events. But it’s even more evident actually watching the episode (I found it curious that he fiddled with that wallet for so long for a prom on their own roof - I was half expecting a condom line from Leonard there). I do think that his anxieties are pure performance anxieties at this stage. Not in the sense of your typical guy’s performance anxiety of “Will I be able to last?”, but in the sense that I do think he’s become completely open to the idea of giving it a go (as he seemed to imply to Penny - and I think all their off-screen kissing is the reason for his current state of mind about that), but there’s the big elephant in the room for him of his big issues with touch/germs combined now with the obvious fact that he cares A LOT not just about Amy but about “doing things correctly” for her (as per Molaro’s interview? The fact that he was going all out with the prom, wanting to take a photo and slow dance was shocking). I can totally see his anxieties stem from that, the fear that maybe he goes for it and then halfway through everything goes wrong because his hung ups rear their ugly heads, or maybe he’s worried he won’t enjoy it, or he might freeze and ruin it all for her. For THEM, actually. I loved how he said the pressure wasn’t on him but on “young couples like US”. They’re in this together. The panic attack was the most adorable thing ever, and acted to perfection by Mayim. I think she did such a great job with the subtleties in the whole scene, really, from the way she was all shy and flattered by Sheldon’s compliments to how patient and comforting she was to him to how nervous she was when she decided to go for it and tell him she loves him. These two do nervous and inexperienced so amazingly great. Sheldon at the door, being overwhelmed by how pretty Amy was (and I LOVED that it wasn’t a makeover, it was just Amy, dressed up: the glasses, the hairclips, and even the digital watch!) and not being able to speak to her - the guy has known her four years and never shuts up and one look at her and he’s turned into a statue - was acted SO damn well by Jim. Again, given Amy’s panic attack, I am still putting my money on a cold feet scenario. Which might lead to them sharing a bed platonically, which is something many of us think it’s a logical next step. I could see them decide to do it and then Amy gets another panic attack and they end up just sleeping. And maybe Amy had told Penny to ask for advice and Sheldon had told Leonard, and so the next day everyone thinks they’ve done it, but they actually haven’t. And so they might try to pretend they did? Until the truth comes out and everyone thinks it’s because of Sheldon, when in reality it was Amy? I think that’s the best way they have so far to drag it out and make it believable and consistent, since it’s obvious to me that the cat is out of the bag as far as Sheldon’s “deal” is concerned and that was the only thing slowing them down until now, really. I’m sure there’s a lot more that I want to say and it will come to me, hopefully I’ll have time to engage in discussions more this weekend, but… wow. I am so darn happy right now. I haven’t been this happy with Shamy/Sheldon/Amy since S5.
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    In every taping report the language of the Strawberry Quik scene is a little different, so I don't know which one is the most accurate, but the overall sense I get from the exchange is that Sheldon likes it a different way than he usually does it, and he hates that he likes it. (And if Roxanne's report is correct, that he not only likes it equally as much, but likes it BETTER.) That sums up quite a few things which are happening to Sheldon, and should give you a good idea of where Sheldon's head is at. A lot of people have mentioned that what Sheldon is reacting to by taking flight is his natural aversion to change, but I think there's a lot more to it than that and the Strawberry Quik is just an example of the plethora of issues. To me, these are: change, control, being wrong. Ironically, there is a big change which Sheldon wants to make in his life, and that's to his career and field of study but the university is not allowing him to make it. (Ding ding ding: hello psychic prediction.) So he's considering leaving the university, because he realizes that his control over his own intellectual pursuits has just been destroyed. Moreover, he thought he could easily change his area of research and found out he was very wrong. Meanwhile, Leonard and Penny have gotten engaged and are making plans regarding their living arrangements. Sheldon assumed that he would have input into how things would proceed, he thought he would be included in the living arrangements, and he thought that the change would happen at the usual snail's pace he's comfortable with. Boy, was he wrong. Leonard and Penny are making this change and it's out of his control. As for Amy, that's the ultimate area where he tries very hard to keep things under control via the Relationship Agreement, and he even gloats to Raj that he's managed to get Amy into a position where she's not allowed to be with anyone else but him but at the same time he's unwilling to be fully with her. A part of him has fooled himself into thinking he really has control over the relationship and over her, but another part of him has to be aware that's not true. He also remarks, again, on the "pressure," and as we saw in the scene where she suggests they take a walk and he snaps, "it's all about sex with you," the majority of that pressure is in his head. Now that I think about it, this is actually the result of the D&D sex at the close of last season. I keep saying that the D&D session was never mentioned again and didn't seem to have any impact on the story because Sheldon seemed to be into it at the time, but hasn't shown any sexual awakening since it happened, and that was confusing to me. Now I realize that that was the moment when Amy told him, straight-forward, that she wants more physical intimacy in the relationship and he became aware that's a need of hers he's not meeting. Since then, he's pushed back at the issue and commented on pressure - some of which is in his head but certainly not all - that I think has stemmed from that conversation. So I guess that the conversation did actually have an impact, just not in the way I, or most Shamy shippers, thought it would. (Or maybe wished it would.) Maybe it did awaken him sexually on some level, but as we see with the Strawberry Quik, he hates that he likes it. He's not willing to accept it even if it makes him happy. The D&D sex actually added way more pressure to Sheldon to change and evolve in the relationship and he's been struggling with it ever since. Moreover, there is the kiss, something which Sheldon was in the middle of mocking when he did it and found out he was wrong about it being stupid or causing him displeasure. It had quite the opposite effect; he liked it and a part of him is giddy about it while another part of him hates it. Because it means he was wrong, because it means he loses control over his emotions, because it's all part and parcel of the direction in which he needs to change to continue to make it a viable relationship. He doesn't have the tools to handle all of this because a long, long time ago he swore all of this wasn't for him and never would be, and he's never truly made the internal adjustments necessary to embrace being in a relationship and to give up the idea of himself as a special snowflake who was above the pedestrian issues of the average man on the street. All of those things, and more, have been going on with Sheldon this season, and it's a challenge to his entire self-perception, his ego, his personal fantasy of his life trajectory. I think that if Sheldon had his way, he would be 82 and living in that apartment with Leonard, surrounded by Nobel prizes and occasionally entertaining Penny and Amy as overnight guests. He literally thought that he was going to continue to live with Leonard and Penny would be slowly, one day a week, introduced into his life as another roommate at a pace HE was comfortable with. That entire idea reeks of delusion and denial on the grandest of scales, which Leonard took a sledgehammer to because he literally had no choice but to do so. So Sheldon is internally going through a bad time. He thought he knew he who he was. He thought he knew where he was going. He thought he knew how he was going to get there. He thought he knew what he liked and didn't like. He thought he had control over all aspects of his life, and worked tirelessly with routines and flow charts and documents and coercion to keep it all in place. Boy, was he wrong. (And he hates being wrong.) Boy, are things going to change. (Leonard is leaving. His mother has a new man in her life. The comic book store burned down. Professor Proton died. He kisses girls now.) Boy, is he not even remotely in control. (His emotions betray with him Amy. The university won't let him change his career. Leonard won't slow down for him. He couldn't bully his mother. He can't stop death. He can't stop natural disasters. He can't prove string theory.) Throw all this and the Strawberry Quik at him, and it creates a situation which Sheldon finds intolerable and incredibly painful. All of his illusions and fantasies and even his happy place are stripped away, and he has to grow up and face reality and he's still not ready. Moreover, this is profound enough that even all of his usual tricks will not work, so he's tossing it all - his routines and his comfort zone and everything else - and he's picking up an aimless lifestyle without any people or work in it. Instead he's going to do about the easiest thing he can manage - board a train, ride it wherever it's going, stop in a hotel, sleep, and then ride the train again. The only needs he has to fill are the clothes on his back and basic hygiene, and he's right that he can easily pick up all of those things on the road via his credit card. He's going to create a new routine without any people to bug him or to care about, without any work or the demands of the office. For all I know he's going to end up watching reruns of the Golden Girls while surrounded by Nobel prizes made of cardboard and play minesweeper and cry a lot. But by god he has to answer to nothing and nobody but himself, and for awhile that's going to feel so much better than where he was in Pasadena. But it fixes nothing. It doesn't matter what he does or how long he rides the trains. The illusion of being free while on the road is just another illusion he needs right now so he can function. He can interact with nothing but his computer and the goodie-cart lady, but it solves none of his problems. This is his last ditch effort to regain some control over his life, and to give himself some time to deal with everything that he's been in denial about for a long time, but it's still just the "pause" button. He needs to think about it and mourn all of the ridiculous things he believed in, like the idea Leonard would stay forever and, dare I say, his sexual and romantic identity, and then open himself up to the ability to formulate and grasp the new concepts, and try to expand himself far enough to embrace a new personal identity and paradigm. This is what I assume he'll be doing while out riding the rails: thinking. And basically working on himself. The reason people are mad at him ( I think), is because he should have been doing this all along over the past 3 years he's been in a relationship with Amy, but he hasn't done nearly enough or as much as he thought he had, and that lack of effort is catching up with him now. In the meantime, I think Amy has been left blindsided. She's worked hard to not spook Sheldon and in the long run there was nothing she could do to control him or the situation either: she thought he was a flight risk and the truth of the matter is that he was. Sadly, she's STILL treating him calmly, and not showing him her true feelings. She is still doing far too much to please him, and in a sense, she has bent over backwards to give him what he wants and to his chagrin that doesn't make him happy either. It's another thing he doesn't like - she gets his food order absolutely correct, for instance, that first time she broaches the idea of moving in with him, and it makes him grumpy and panicked. All his life Sheldon thought he wanted someone to worship him and cater to his whims, and now that Amy is here doing it he actually doesn't like it. (And I'm kind of with him on this, I wouldn't want to be babied either, and unfortunately Amy does too much of that nurturing and enabling, and it's not good for either of them, and especially not good for the relationship.) She is mature and quiet with him on the phone, but the moment she hangs up her true feelings come out as she drives Leonard out of his own apartment, whacking him with a pillow! The girl is upset, and once again, your heart breaks for her but at the same time you have to start to wonder - why is Amy putting up with this? Please don't give me the excuse that she loves him; can she truly love him when she looks out for her own needs and desires so poorly? She's put him ahead of herself, and she centers her life and happiness around him too much and clings to him, and it's undercut her, and it's undercut the relationship too. She might be staying calm with Sheldon, but she's actually terribly upset. She should be, Amy's biggest issue is clearly being left alone, and Sheldon has abandoned her. And he did it, actually, even though she didn't really do anything to force it to happen, at least not overtly. (Although I do think that her overdrive to please him, and her drive to move in with him and to suggest it at precisely the wrong time for him to hear it is backfiring on her here.) She has made some jokes and comments about sex this season, but when Sheldon plays dumb she immediately drops it. She pulls her hand back instead of touching him, because she's unsure about how that will do over. He kisses her, and he's even the one who will take her hips and draw her closer, but she still doesn't have the courage to touch him back. Amy has worked so hard, and she clearly loves him so much. To fail to see her get any payoff, and to abandoned when being alone is the thing she fears the most, is simply heart-breaking. She's bent over backwards to try to be the perfect girlfriend and I'm sure that in her eyes she somehow hasn't done enough when I think, in truth, she's actually done too much. I doubt that telling Sheldon to go to hell is going to help her, no matter how emotionally satisfying it would be for her to tell him off, and since she's not psychology ready or willing to let him go anymore (as she still was when she gave him her ultimatum at the start of season six) I don't think she could manage to pull that off anyway. She should tell Leonard and Penny off for their interference and condescension as well, but with Sheldon gone she wouldn't dare also lose her bestie at the same time since it would leave her in the position she's determined to never, ever be in again: alone. The best thing Amy can do is work on herself, and learning to put her own needs front and center again. To get back some of her sass, her honesty, her spunk, and to stop keeping her mouth shut and being patient in hopes Sheldon will just organically wake up one day and realize what a jewel he has in her. As Penny used to counsel Leonard, Amy's feelings in this relationship matter, and she needs to treat herself as if that is true if she has any hope of commanding her true half of a relationship with someone as stubborn as Sheldon Cooper. She also needs to continue to cultivate her own life now that her time with the gang has given her the tools and better social skills to be able to do so. Which brings us to the next point: the whole season was Sheldon-centric, not Shamy-centric. The role Amy plays through most of it was little more than a foil that was pushing through some of the plots that were impacting Sheldon. It's always been about Sheldon this season, and very little about Amy and what is going through her head or the development of her character. (She has no friends outside of the gang. She's the only member of the gang whose father we know nothing about.) If there is one thing I feel they need to do for next season if they want to concentrate on this relationship working or not is remember it's not all about Sheldon and spend more time fleshing out Amy. The Shamy relationship is about both characters. You have to concentrate on Amy as much as you focus on Sheldon. The lack of attention to Amy and her side of the story is partly why the relationship has seemed so one-sided in Sheldon's favor, and I hope that if the writers do listen to anything which is debated out in the wild wild fandom on the internet, they note how popular Amy/Mayim and realize that a few Amy-centric stories here and there will be in demand for next season. The attraction is to Shamy, and shipping the couple, from an extremely large section of the fanbase, and only telling Sheldon's side doesn't cut it. It's like watching both Sheldon and the writers both treat Amy/Mayim as secondary to him, and take her for granted, and I personally don't like watching it nor do I feel it suits the story they are trying to tell. It's a relationship, there must be balance, and right now it doesn't have any of that. Anyway. It might be the best thing for them to be apart. But it sure doesn't feel good, and that's one of the warning signs about this whole kitten caboodle for me as well: gut instinct was mostly shock and distress. The initial reaction was rejection, and the majority of people were extremely upset. As someone who tends not to wear rose-colored glasses, I was not half as upset as others in the ship. You guys have heard me complain, particularly about the doormat they turned Amy into at Thanksgiving. But I didn't feel a big emotional pay off here at the end and I don't know what I think about having to come to terms with it via herculean mental effort than by natural instinct. I think a part of it had to do, too, with the groan-worthy "tradition" they have of sending someone off at the end of the season. Did they really need to keep that plot line alive? Is it really all that cute anymore to have someone leave for the summer if it's not the payoff you organically grew in the storytelling? Can I just groan at the fact that they decided they needed to do that again? Does it have to do with the fact that this actually solves nothing, that they spent an entire Sheldon-centric season pushing Sheldon forward and working on Sheldon's character development, and the pay off is that they pull a massive cop out and simply send him off, immature enough to face any of his problems, buying time and making no definitive statements or answers about his "deal" or progress or anything they've been building towards? Really, you spent a whole season concentrating on Sheldon and moving him forward and your punchline is to have him regress backwards way further than the place he started this season, at Amy's door, telling her relationships are hard, he likes her quirks and all, and he's in it for the long haul? There's no emotional pay off here. Sheldon has gone backwards, and "dealing with it" is on hold while he rides around on the train "thinking." While Lenny Shippers make wedding plans (and congrats to them, sincerely), Shamy shippers are aimlessly dithering around "on pause." They aren't together, they aren't broken up, they're separated and we're all, literally, "on a break" and spinning our wheels until we get answers. Sorry for the cliff hanger, but those cliffs gotta hang. It's going to be endless speculation and a gazillion fan fics about Mee Maw "fixing" everything even though the whole point of Leonard and Penny seeing Sheldon off was them saying goodbye to their role as his pseudo-parenting. No more pseudo parenting. This can't be fixed with a Snickerdoodle. It's funny, a recent interview with Molaro today has him saying: I know I have no choice but to move forward. Well, that is true. Molaro and Sheldon both must move forward; they have no choice. But they have a whole summer to think about how they are going to do it. I don't know what choices they are going to make, but if we combust the status quo only to return to it 4 months from now, I think there's going to be a lot of remotes smacking a lot of TV screens across the US. How long is Sheldon and his development going to take, and how long should we and Amy hold out until we've lost our patience and our appetite for it? ETA: Might be the longest post I ever made. Everyone who is playing the TBBT forum game at home: DRINK. And not the Strawberry Quik that started this mess either. Unless you spiked it. In which case, I approve.
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