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    The Lenny Storybook Chapter 268: The Confirmation Polarization (Season 12, Episode 13 - original air date: January 17, 2019) Source
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    Throwback to the paintball episode two weeks ago
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    Thanks for another great chapter of the Lenny storybook.
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    Don't put anything past them : they've got nine weeks yet.
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    Possibly Penny's last upgrade, and it comes off as mooching off Bernadette However bringing her acting back in now with sudden recognition for her would be even more fairytale than any of the Nobel stuff
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    I believe the "Yuck Facter" was more about the character's actions than looks! Sheldon is a handsome man, but as for his actions as a man, he's a yuck!
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    Yuck factor? Have you even seen Jim Parsons blue eyes? He's gorgeous-- Just my personal appeal
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    I love Leonard but really don’t find it neccssary to defend him. Sure he has his faults, but for me he doesn’t have the yuch factor that the other male characters do - but that comment is not based on a Talley sheet analysis, just personal appeal.
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    Each character’s fans will side with them even in the face of damning evidence - its human nature to do so, which is so evident in today’s political climate ( both sides; not trying to open that can of worms). I’ve criticised and supported all of them over the years depending on how the plot device has portrayed them. My own forum signature points out that I have a bit of all the boys in me, mostly the endearing stuff but also some of the negative, albeit not as amplified as a sitcom requires, so as someone who identifies with their traits ( I also have a Penny, Bernie and Amy in my family as well), I’ll recognise the good and the bad.
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    Feeling like Leonard could use some love! From a favorite Lenny episode.
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    Likely not gonna happen but would be hysterically funny (assuming Marissa's baby is Zach's). I just love Zach.
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    I don't like the idea of a surprise pregnancy. They can make her be surprisingly happy about it, but I'd rather having her get pregnant willingly, wanting a child.
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    Oh wow! Haven't thought of this, that's so little!
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    I joined this group because I'm a big fan of Jim Parsons. I saw him in Boys in the Band and I think he is a wonderful actor and seems like a sweet guy. I hope him the best when BBT comes to a close as I wish all the other actors continued success Willmiss this show but I agree with Chuck Lorre for bringing it to an end.
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    They can always say they were surprisingly successful and she got pregnant right away. It will be much more believable than Bernadette being pregnant for about 11 months the first time and getting a positive pregnancy test like a week after concieving the second time 🤷‍♀️ I'm leaning toward you're too hopeful haha but everything is possible I guess
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    I got a few boring hours to kill before my flight, then I remembered this post: I copied my list here to check: 1. One episode and one mention, so...still hoping for another one, haha. 2. Oh...long shot...What was I thinking back then?...LOL. 3. ummmm, no, not with the SA project in sight, I think. 4. Nah. 5. Aha, this is an easy one. LMAO. 6. One down, one to go. I'm confident that TPTB will have Mary back before the end. Yep. 7. Oh, I'm counting on it. 8. This is a fun one, maybe, I think. The additional one I wrote: 9. ummmm, maybe? 10. Still maybe. 11. Aha. LOL. 12. Maybe. 13. The ship has sailed, but they can still get Giuseppe home, haha. OK, back to the waiting. This is fun.
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    Is there time now for planning, trying and hoping ?
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    So we’re doing The Final Countdown right now? However, there are concerns to be considered. H: All right. Here we go. L-minus ten, nine.. S: Wait, what are you doing? It's T-minus. S11 - The Explosion Implosion
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    It's the best way out. That and Penny pregnant unexpectedly and feeling happier about it than she thought. I think so, called 'With a Whimper and Wine'.
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    Posts have been edited and hidden. Everyone is free to comment on what they think of the show and or characters. Everyone is not free to comment on what they think of other posters or their comments. Keep your comments about the show.
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    I have to agree. After all the disappointments, we all are probably a bit petty. So, I'm definitely on the petty train! I'd really love to think so, but if I do then I fear I'll be disappointed again. We'll have to wait and see!
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