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    I still want to see them coming back to the building for the reunion, only Stuart is not stood up. He is just the first one there, and then the others all arrive.
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    From the comments:
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    There was an interesting article on Screen Rant about how the show might end for Sheldon. It discussed the fortune teller way back when Penny took him. The fortune teller said everything will come in to place when you commit to the girl. It suggests the Nobel Prize and possible child all thanks to Amy coming into his life. I would like to see a flash forward to them getting the Nobel years out. With teenage kids.
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    I always thought a time jump would be a real possibility, and with it all being pretaped they could do stuff like age the characters with makeup and the like. I'm thinking scenes with all the characters older with text coming up on screen or maybe even a voiceover that shows us as a viewer what happened to them down the line. And if they did have kids then you could easily have some actors to play their children for a scene, much older so no issue around kids on set. You could even have adult children if it really did show us a glimpse far in the future. Though maybe a time jump showing aged characters might be a bit 'sitcom cliche?' I don't watch a lot of US sitcoms these days so I wouldn't know lol.
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    Wow!!! (They’re absolutely correct!)
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    I loved that moment. It was the moment Penny was secure in her self. The tank tops which perpetuated her self image and actualisation. Only for Leonard’s eyes now.
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    Chapter 20, Halley POV.
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    This is your contention, and you have yet to provide any kind of support for this, other than your say so. While I have provided two peer-reviewed articles, that directly contradict your claim. You haven't provide any kind of support, so your claim is nothing more than male bovine exhaust. If you can't provide support or refutations of the articles I provided, just say so. Your word, not matter how many courses you've taken, has been proven wrong, by the studies I provided. Did you see him take it? If not, then it's quite possible he didn't, hence his catching it from Penny. What's so strange, Leonard took the theraflu, that's why he didn't get it. Yep, Penny got exposed, then exposed Sheldon, the simultaneous onset of vomiting was simply the differential time of incubation. It took longer for Penny's symptoms to manifest, based on the incubation periods in the two studies I presented, that you have yet to refute.
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    I'm keeping my expectations for Lenny in the final episode as low as possible . Sorry, my crystal ball didn't work properly yesterday.
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    Thank you ever so much! ❤️
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    Yes. It is somewhat generational. Using the 'F' word used to be much more rare and even more rare in public. Back in the 30s and 40s, use of vulgarity, in general, was somewhat class-based. Profanity had different patterns, but, also was not used in public - remember Rhett Butler's "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn." Caused a huge stir.
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    One of their best/cutest moments! Her look over her shoulder; his smile of appreciation!! These two are just the best!!!! (thanks for the gif/walk down memory lane @luminous . You're the best too!!!!)
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    A gif for #flashbackfriday For her husband's eyes only
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    Alright, I realise that this is not so applicable since Howard got engaged to Bernadette, but I was wondering what everyone else thought of his 'special' friendship with Raj? I love this dynamic and how they guys play it perfectly and think it is one of the elements which makes this particular show so funny and unique.
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    Hello everybody! I must admit I discovered "The Big Bang Therory" only recently. I saw some episodes of the first season that aired in reruns on a commercial TV station in November last year. I liked the series at the first go. It didn't take long and the DVD's of season 1, 2 and 3 were ordered at an e-commerce company starting with an "a". Season 4 is not yet released over here. ...and now I'm here!
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    Thanks everyone for the warm reception.
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    Hi and welcome /wave
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    I agree, the Raj-Howard moments/scenes almost always make me laugh. Hopefully there's more of it again in the future.
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    Hi Liuminous, Welcome to the forum. I hope you have fun visiting and meeting other fans of this brilliant show.
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    Hiya and welcome. Where abouts are you situated? I'm from Australia myself.
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