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    its like comparing a mass murderer to a common thief and putting them in the same category. Sheldon is incredibly flawed in many ways and his actions has shown a leopard never changes it spots. No matter what the writers want to make us believe in his non- believable speech about his friends in the finale. The other characters are flawed but not as flawed as sheldon. Sheldon wins in that category 10000000 times and not in a good way. Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
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    Sheldon paints himself in an ugly picture with his actions. He needs no help in that regard.
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    From Behind The Brand's YouTube channel BTS (3 pictures)
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    Absolutely correct, as Penny was also able to confirm immediately… …I just liked to note. 🙂
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    Wonderful! And the locket looks great on the second one
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    I feel ya, buddy. He really had a work wife. That’s over. It’s going to leave a big space. End of an era. Thanks all for update.
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    True, but not as much as Sheldon.
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    Yeah, after viewing again, I can definitely say that shirt still fits Penny and has faded!
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    Really nice drawings @luminous.
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    Amy didn't come up with a random idea either. She made a comment on the symmetry/asymmetry of Sheldon's tie (as did his mother) which triggered the idea in Sheldon. Amy helped with developing it (probably unlikely but possible).
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    Taking a closer look at the stuff in apartment 4A. (2 pictures) (2 pictures) bonniegrrl (Bonnie Burton) was on the BBT set with Anne Wheaton.
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    Here is a contrast of when Leonard and Penny first meet. Vs their last scene.
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    Amazing!!! I like it ❤️❤️❤️ Thanx
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    Penny is not his Priceline daughter any more than the Priceline daughter is fathered by captain Kirk. The actors represent Priceline characters not their big roles. It makes no difference that SMGs name is never mentioned. It is implied she represents herself as Buffy is not an actual person in the TBBT universe. I'll grant we can't know for sure if the fictionalized SMG is married in the TBBT universe. What we do know is that she said something along the lines of "You know this is not a date. Why are you holding my hand?"
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    I counted six Mississippis, but that's without knowing how long it went on before the video started.
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    Almost 9 years as either boyfriend/girlfriend, engaged or married. Anyway you look at it that's a lot of hugging and kissing. Not to mention the hugs when they weren't a couple. They shared alot over the years.
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    But isn't friendship supposed to be a two way street. In the last episode (12.22) Sheldon was not a good or respectful friend to Leonard after all he had done for him to help him towards his Nobel dream. Rallying support from ppls who sheldon have abused in the past. Great way of paying back Leonard's loyalty. As usual, all sheldon thought of was himself. Leonard was in pieces in that episode and needed a friend. Kiddos to Amy who proved she is more of a friend. Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
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    As I enjoy each character from this show for different reasons and I am able to praise even those that are not my favourite, I really loved what Leonard thought to do for help Sheldon and Amy. Because they deserved and was fair, Leonard said and implied. That's what a friend would do for us and this show is always about friendship, for better and worse. From right actions or not so right. Well done, writers! Btw, Amy , you still make me laugh and smile since your first episode. Girl, you never let me down! ❤
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