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    Johnny and Kaley called into a patient at the Kentucky Children’s Hospital today. It was similar to a zoom call as they were in separate locations(Kaley was home). It can be found, until late Thursday, on Kaley’s stories. ETA: Johnny added it to his stories on Thursday.
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    I was trying to not mention the zoo part. Horses, dogs, rabbits and god knows what I may forgotten. ☺️
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    Oh you went for James Wyatt too ?! I will change the names then, my fic won't be finished anytime soon anyway.]. I wanted to write something for what would have been Penny's 35th birthday, a celebration of the amazing Penny Hofstadter . She did have an impact on all of them so I thought it would have been nice to remind her that she means a great deal to a lot of people.
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    I really like this idea. But, I already have the names picked out, for my current fic. 🙂
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    I was in Tesco today and the man at the till was wearing a Captain America Christmas jumper.
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    In that house. There's definitely room for kids when they decide the time is right for them.
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    Some animals ??? More like a whole zoo.
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    That would be nice and yes Penny Hofstadter is amazing.
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    Love the Cup of Galecki and Kaley's picture.
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    All she has for a family is a husband an some animals, besides her Mom. Dad and Sister.
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    Yeah You might be on to something here. Even though his relationships do not seem to work out none of his exes say anything bad about him, at least none that I have seen. But he is a father now and that is what he always wanted to be. Also, Kaley is not pregnant yet as far as I know.
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