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    For Penny's career, I want to see her go back to The Cheesecake Factory. But not as a waitress. Just imagine if Leonard and Penny (or the gang) stops there for dinner one evening and the service is abysmal, the wait staff is goofing around, the manager is harried, running around and completely ineffective. With a unique insiders view to how things should be run and better managed, I can just see Penny taking over, issuing orders from her table: to a waiter -- 'The couple at Table 2 asked for tea like ten minutes ago. Until now, I could see that they were enjoying their meal. If you want to salvage any portion of your tip, get it to them now, along with a piece of free cheesecake thrown in.' From her seat at the table, I can really see her like a general approaching D-Day, running the place with great efficiency and planning as she calls out directions and suggestions to the staff. Her talent wouldn't be wasted on the harried manager who hire her for her managerial skills and human insight on the spot. I've always enjoyed our time at The Cheesecake Factory. We always had a lot of laughs there. TPTB did the humor of the show a great disservice by excising it from the line-up and making Penny a pharmaceutical rep where the only laughs came from the wonderful Stephen Root who was afraid of Bernadette. After that, zero laughs in pharmaceutical sales. The humor could return, if, Penny as a manager, has to manage a group of surly, unqualified wait staff. Like Stuart had with Dale, his incompetent stand-in at the comic book store (loved Dale! Need more Dale!), we could get some of that, Penny overseeing and managing a group of Dales. I think that could bring back some of the missing humor. Not that I want even less time given to the cast but, at those times, when we did visit Penny at work, at least it will be fun and memorable. And it would serve another purpose. Those in the cast who are not written as geniuses are struggling: Penny and Stuart (Raj's struggling is self-inflicted). The everyday people of ordinary intelligence who bring warmth and street smarts are not succeeding. Maybe Penny could bring her managerial flair to Stuart's store and make it successful and we'd have a happier, more confident Stuart as well as more happier, more vibrant Penny.
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    Happy Shamyanniversary!!! Here's one of my favourite Shamy's kisses to celebrate them!
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    I was thinking back on season 10 on the moments that I remember and one stood out. In the Veracity Elasticity, the end scene in the hallway with Sheldon contemplating on going back to his old room or staying with Amy. The way his face changes as he realizes that Amy understands him. He mentions his dilemma through the donkey reference and she doesn't need anymore details. His whole expression the more she talks is what makes the scene so good. It looks to me that in those moments he suddenly realizes how much he loves her. To me, it is like he is falling in love with her all over again in those minutes. The scene was so powerful to me that I was convinced he would drop down on one knee and propose then and there. I didn't make a top 10 list, but that one would certainly be on it. Not bad for someone who doesn't seem to notice the little details anymore. haha
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    I actually thought it was sweet of Mayim to say. It clearly just stems from her feeling protective of Sheldon and Amy's relationship. At least that's how I took it.
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    Both quirky, a bit weird and deep down in some ways are probably both a little proud of it lol. I have never seen a couple like them ever on TV. I've seen some small similarities in some UK shows but as a complete package nope, nothing like it. I think that's a huge part of the appeal, on their own they are kind of fascinating because of their quirks and interests but it also transfers to their relationship as well. It's why I love watching them and this season they have managed to add more everyday common lovey-dovey couple stuff like more displays of affection between them, increasing the level of physical intimacy between them and yet they haven't erased or lost the quirkiness or the allure that the mind plays in their relationship (one could argue that they have found some of that old school Shamy intellectual spark again!) I think we as fans are kind of getting the best of both worlds right now from their relationship, everything we have wanted to see but they are still very much Shamy. I think the writers put on a masterclass this season when it came to them (and also Howardette to be fair as well).
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    Happy Shamy-versary, my dear Shamy fellows! Yesterday I did a little something with Pizap, for the remarkable day.
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    I've seen interviews with UK Soap actors on long running soaps that have played characters for say 10 years or more and they have expressed similar views when talking storylines for example Ken Barlow off Corrie kissed another woman and the woman who played his on screen wife Deidre when interviewed didn't like it or want to see it. If they love the character they play and really get invested into it then maybe it's natural to sometimes feel something like that, protective of it. If you read the full article even Mayim says it's a bit silly to feel like that.
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    Happy Shamyversary! We've been so lucky to have so many wonderful scenes with this special couple. Here's to many, many more!
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    A ridiculously clever, very sharp, extremely well written and acted scene that. One of my favorites of the season, a scene that really only could ever apply to Shamy or be pulled off by them. Veracity was my favorite episode of the Season.
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    And she is not offended. She knows he is a creature - no, make that slave - to habit. Or was. Probably my favorite moment of the season.
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    Wow that's amazing @Shamyfan95. Very Cool! Wow, 7 years of watching their relationship grown and develop and with at least 2 more years to come for our favorite couple! Even If in Season 11 we only get say as half as many developments as Season 10 or the pace is slowed down compared to the previous season for Shamy it should be amazing. I am confident we will have a lot to celebrate and enjoy this year and the next. I have no artistic or creative contributions to make, but I will re-post this .gif of their first meeting. And the signs were there, the double glance from Sheldon, Amy's slightly deeper breath, the mutual body language of 'Hmm, I think I find you intriguing' lol!
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    I am sorry you had a bad day... Here is a hug to cheer you up
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    Sorry you had a bad day...it will get better when I have a bad day I want a consoling hug. So here you go! Hope it helps. Wish I could make you some Strawberry Quick as well.
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    Happy Shamy-versary everyone!! I can't even begin to describe the absolute joy this wonderful couple has given me over the past seven years....I adore them with all my heart It's crazy to think how much a fictional couple means to me I've just finished my season 10 re watch and I've got pages of notes to help me pick my favourite top 10 moments..it really has been an amazing season!! All I have to do now is make a decision
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    Oh, for a second, I thought these two events happened on the same day, May 24th, (because of my time zone), but then I learned that World Turtle Day is on May 23rd... Nevertheless, happy almost coincidence!!! And, Giuseppe is the Shamy mascot, right?
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    Don´t let it tear you down! Remember there´s always a happy, cozy place here you can go to.
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    Happy Shamy versary all. I cannot tell you what a horrible day I've had but I'm so very happy to come home and see all of this joy. It has changed from a terrible day to a glorious one. Thank you all. Love this forum!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Exactly, bfm. They could write tons of stories with them married and have them not be cheap drama. Besides that , there is so much onscreen chemistry between Johnny and Kaley that when we see Leonard and Penny fighting senselessly, it seems as if they're playing against character. Furthermore when TPTB revert to jokes that would have worked in S1 or S2 it honestly sounds and feels ridiculous. The biggest problem with the writers is lack of focus, complacency, and down right laziness. The issue is that as characters change, the source of humor has to change because whether they want to acknowledge it or not, there are 10 seasons of canon which have to account for something. I know it's a sitcom, but they can't just keep on writing as if it is still S1. Changes have taken place, and while a joke, even a good one, might be funny the first 200 times, after that it becomes a little bit stale, wouldn't you say?
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    As you may know (or may not know) Jim and Tod have been kind enough to agree to pose for some pictures while they are on their honeymoon. It really is heartwarming to me how few people are sharing those pictures online. If you think in terms of the wedding pictures that Jim released, they were shared thousands of times, because it was their choice to share making it okay if we shared. Thank you to everyone here who resisted the urge and respected their privacy.
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    At the upfronts they were pretty confident that even after S12 there's still money lying on the table for them with TBBT somehow so these may not be the only things they factor in. They seem to be determined to milk that thing for all its worth and don't let it die a season too soon if they can help it (keeping the actors happy was apparently one thing on top of their agenda here). So I guess it'll be interesting how things develop after the next season.
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    I don't feel sorry for anybody in TBBT because at the end of the day they are all going to walk away from it rich and famous, and btw more power to them. Same thing goes for the producers and Warner Brothers and CBS. I have my opinions about who deserves to be paid a lot of money and who doesn't but at the end of the day the only people I feel sorry for are viewers who, like me, think the present incarnation of TBBT is sort of crap. We all watch the show because of what it represents to each of us individually.
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    You're right it is your opinion,but saying Leonard is boring is also subjective, while you find Leonard boring i see him as being the most normal and grounded of the guys which to me doesn't make him boring.While agree they could and should explore Leonard's character more, also in my opinion Sheldon's idiosyncrasies have become boring to me, doesn't mean he is to you and others just like Leonard isn't boring to me and others.
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    OK, I finished recording all the times for season 10 tonight. I'll be tabulating them and I'll start posting tomorrow night or Friday. Then it's on to season nine.
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    And yet you survived, hehe. We are lucky shippers these days From all shamy history, surely The Earworm reveberation is among my shamy favourites episodes of all time. However season 10 is pure gold, most of episodes brought something great to our couple that I may list on my shamy favourites at least one scene from each episode. I would highlight Veracity episode which was fabulous but The Gyrascope was superb! The Sheldon growth and the spontaneous lovemaking wish were really remarkable in such great season for our couple. I wish 11.01 could be in my shamy top from all time as well.
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    Supposedly in June in NYC from what I have seen on Twitter.
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    I think Penny is too lazy to be interested in that TBBT also usualy stays way far from politics. The most "political" they have been may be Penny wearing that Hilary Clinton sweater.
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    Mayim's comments could have been about the stories of her and Melissa seeking parity. Anyway however it played out it got done, at least two more years of the full cast to look forward to.
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    Been working on my first ever piece of fan fiction and my first attempt at doing anything like this. Now feeling brave enough to post a link here lol. Anyway, I have the first two chapters up of The Fowler-Cooper Resolution with a final third chapter being worked on. The story so far covers the events straight after the season finale with Sheldon and Amy at Princeton and with Leonard and Penny and later the rest of the gang back home wondering what is happening and speculating. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12496547/1/The-Fowler-Cooper-Resolution
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    I for one don't think the problem is Sheldon, it's Amy. Sheldon is still a great comic character without Amy, but Shamy is boring at best. Whereas KC and JG have terrific onscreen chemistry, Shamy have zero. And it's not JP's fault - he had chemistry wth CB as Beverley, and Sheldon and Penny always had great chemistry - mostly not sexual except when the sich wasn't real, eg the actually pretty hot Sheldon-Penny kiss in Leonard's dream in one of the early eps of S9. This is all self-evident. Which makes it inexplicable that Shamy have been made the romantic lead, to the exclusion of the most exciting couple. How can anyone care about Shamy? As for the future of Lenny, I just want to see more of them. I wouldn't mind if they divorced so long as their getting back together was the main storyline for at least a season, to the exclusion of all this Shamy dross. There are a number of films and plays about a divorced couple coming to realise that they are the only ones for each other. When I've finished this I'll watch The Philadelphia Story again.
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    I don't think anything will happen with Penny's job situation at all to be honest. I'm starting to think that Penny's career is the writers escape hatch when they really don't know what to write.
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    Penny didn't get parts all the time. As far as I know she got the hemorrhoid cream commercial, the production of Anne Frank over a bowling alley, the part in NCIS that got edited out, Serial Ape-ist I and II , a Street Car Named Desire and that's it, and we're talking over a 10 year period. When she got the hemorrhoid cream commercial she was going to go back to Nebraska because of "not making it" in Hollywood.
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    It is wonderful, @Shamyfan95! These moments are so great, oh so many feelings in this fanheart! Thanks so much for sharing it with us
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    I want some mention of Ramona because it kills the opportunity to use it again down the line for drama. Ideally we either we see an actual conversation between them about it or perhaps you see it mentioned in the past tense that they (Sheldon and Amy) had a conversation about it for example mentioned in passing with any of the gang. For example Amy might mention in passing to Penny that Ramona kissed Sheldon and they talked about it.
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    OR the gang goes back to the Cheesecake Factory and Raj meets a waitress from India who is working her way through grad school. But, I agree, they have to go back to the Cheesecake Factory, just as we need to see more of Penny and Sheldon in the laundry room.
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    I would love to give you all my likes available from now until the end of the hiatus! So many good points and ideas here 5Miss! There really needs to be a broadening of the horizons for TBBT beyond what it has been the last two seasons. The total focus has to be shifted and brought to all the characters and this would be a step in the right direction. It will give "closure" to Penny's career situation and it would add a place for all the characters to meet and interact.......
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    Guys, a Ship Zone is for generally supportive statements for a particular ship, and does not allow negative comments about other ships, or other characters. This is to prevent debate about other ships or characters in a particular ship's thread. Or to prevent negative comments about the particular ship. This thread is a perfect example of the opposite to a ship thread. There were negative comments about Lenny. There were critical comments about Sheldon, and there were rebuttals to the comments about Sheldon. All those would not be allowed in a ship thread. To turn this into a ship thread, all the negative comments about Lenny would have to be removed. All the negative comments about any other characters would have to be removed, and all the rebuttals would have to be removed. A suggestion would be, if you don't want rebuttals to your posts concerning other characters, don't post negative comments about other characters. It may not stop all of the rebuttals, but it will lessen them.
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    Every time I see the this thread's title it makes me sad(no offense Veejay). It makes me think of a (metaphorical) funeral for Leonard and Penny but it also makes me think of Professor Proton's funeral, a sad episode in which I loved Lenny in so much.
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    Extremely subjective. In TBBT, Leonard over the last three seasons has become victim to what I like to call the "Richie Cunningham syndrome". Ron Howard played this role on the '70's show Happy Days. The show was from his point of view concerning him, his family and friends as high school students in 1950's Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Then. All of a sudden, the world discovered the character of Arthur Fonzarelli or Fonzie; "The Fonz". Fonzie took off like wildfire and the television show followed suit, making Fonzie a breakout character similar in many ways to what has occurred with Sheldon. More and more episodes included Fonzie until he began to figure heavily in many, many stories. The term "jumping the shark" originated with an episode featuring Fonzie doing a daredevil stunt where he in fact jumped over sharks on water skis. Leonard's character has been diminished greatly. IMO, the reason people now find him "boring" is because he has no stories being told, or if they are told, they are done so briefly. We heard all about how sad both Howard and Sheldon were when the project was termed "finished" early----what about Leonard? It was his original idea that morphed into the project. Why wasn't his reaction explored more. Leonard is boring? What about more focus on his upbringing? We all know how reprehensible Bev treated him. That can be fleshed out more. His wife could seek to find out more about that relationship. We could further explore his relationship with and his feelings about his father and how that effected his youth. He has a brother and sister. We've met Sheldon's sister and Penny's brother. Why not one of Leonard's siblings? There would be much, much to explore in either of those relationships. Those explorations could also include Penny. I could go on and on. Once the character for whom the series' point of view went through is now just an afterthought (we all remember the episode where Sheldon discovered that Leonard was the center of their group....). The Big Bang Theory is very close to "jumping the shark". There is a way to keep things fresh without the same old same old.....Expand the horizons.....
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    I guess he's food blogging his honeymoon now. lol This looks delicious.
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    Perhaps there is more than one way to interpret Mayim's comments. The show needs her because of her characters relationship with Sheldon. Shamy is her meal ticket. It sounds to me like, "You are in my spot".
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    Yes I felt around Season 7. When they made the decision to shift the show to Shamy being the romantic leads. And The Romantic Hero and Herione of the series. And relegating Lenny and Johnny and Kaley to a supporting role. I have no idea who made that decision. I always thought Shamy were better as this alernative, quirky couple. You need to attract peoples mainstream sensibilities. That is Lenny. I mean I don't have any figures. But I have a feeling most of the audience who were watching from 2007-2011 have tuned out. Dragging out Lenny getting married, Shamy having sex. Just tuned out a subset of the audience who never returned. Most likely outgrown the show. Which I think most of us have. So yeah I would agree the problem is Amy. Has been for a long time. I love Mayim. And I do like Amy. But in a comedy sense. I do find her dull and boring. Jim and Mayim just don't have any on screen chemistry. i know I know Shamy and Mayjim fans right now are chasing me with pitch forks hahaha. But from a comical stand point, they just don't. So I agree it was inexplicable that they made Shamy the romantic lead. I mean going on Social Media I don't think anyone cares about Shamy. I see mostly everyone asking for more Lenny. But unless things change in S11. That ship has sailed. I don't see them getting divorced though. I mean if they were going to get divorced, they would of by now. Last time they broke up was S3. And CBS Sitcom Marrages rarely get divorced. ETA: Some one mentioned S8 or S Hate. That S8 finalie may possibly top S4 finalie. For absloute abandoment, and absolute recklessness. The fact that, story made it out of the writers room. And who ever came up with the idea of Leonard cheating, and lying about it for two years, even working with her. Should of been fired on the spot. I mean genius! This well make up for this bad season, we well get our audiene back were geniuses! I remember seeing a video on youtube, those top ten ones. Top ten decisions writers should be fired for. Lenny S8 finalie was #1 . The writer who ever responsible for that haneous crime. Should oof at least been shut down straight away. As it is it was prob Lorre lol. So that was not going to happen. The fact it made it on tv. In the first place. MY God, how embarrasing. We all know it was just fake drama to counter the Shamy break up. They are clearly willing to push their protagonist Leonard down a stream without a paddle. For a snickers wrapper lol. Since then I have just had a sour taste in my mouth in regards to this show. Apart from all the other 1000 reasons why this show has gone down hill fast. S8 finalie is at the core of it. Do you have a time machine? Can we go back to 6.24. And tell them to marry Lenny. OR don't marry them lol. Nope. To me that was the start of character assaination. If they got a machine gun and killed Leonard. Hell if they actually killed Leonard off in the S8 finalie. That would be a better outcome then what we got. IT was that bad. And now we have to put up with incongruous jokes. That make no sense, nor are they funny. Simply because of how far they have developed both characters. Like Wore me down jokes. Leonard is a lazy husband. Penny is a digruntled housewife. Do those characterizations really fit Lenny? I mean if someone told me in Season 6. When Lenny get married. Penny would be deconstructed to his domesitcated, depressed housewife. I woulden't beleive you. I seriousley would not. I expect her to be a fun wife. Not this watered down, shadow of her former self. Leonard too. He has changed. Too.
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    Thank you all [emoji173]️!!!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Tbh I think it was a well pretended tongue dance. A few years ago I read an article about a romantic brazilian show ( telenovela) that I adored where it explained there are ways to kiss that give the impression to the viewer that it had tongue. Anyway imo the kiss anchieved its goal as it showed so well how much shamy missed each other for these 6 months of separation. It is one of my favourite shamy kisses because of that
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    Or maybe if she was a big success then viewers would maybe question why she is still living in that apartment or that area? Her struggles with acting and her lack of money was a key component of her character over the years. I want to see some resolution to her job (if it's still an issue, who knows it is a bit of a mess writing wise) but I really hope it's not back to acting. There are other things she could do, things potentially less stressful on her and her relationships.
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    This forum needs to create an award for research this in-depth. Perhaps the "Most Exalted Order of Tensor" medallion... Kudos for undertaking such a project.
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    ...and that makes me wonder if we will indeed see a wedding in season 11. Get the whole family in (minus the Dad). Meanwhile I can't help but think of Amy's excitement. Thinking back... She can top that now that Sheldon is kneeling at her door with a ring. Wonder if we will hear the same sort of "life does get better line from Sheldon?