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    A lot of feet fetishes in here atm
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    Buzz Aldrin wasn't wearing his space suit gloves, when he had Communion. From the series From The Earth To The moon:-
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    Kaley posted the new Harley Quinn trailer on her IG too.
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    New trailer for Harley Quinn deadline.com: ‘Harley Quinn’ Trailer: Kaley Cuoco Is One Diabolical Villainess In DC Universe Animated Series – Comic-Con tvline.com: Harley Quinn Trailer: Kaley Cuoco Dishes Out Big Bangs! Pows! Thunks! as Gotham's Infamous Queenpin
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    Lightning struck a building at a school that I worked at for 12 years. The sad thing is it destroyed one of the original buildings... over 100 years old. Hoping the link to the pics work.
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