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    It's getting strong reviews. Good to see her play another character after playing Penny for years.
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    It proves she's an outstanding actress in both comedy and drama!
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    Also, they seemed to insinuate it was some kind of a "wild, popular teenage girl" thing to do, a little adventure of hers. I can't believe they did that, and also got away with it like that. A few years later they may have gotten far greater protest for that. This Luther guy is the one who should be deemed responsible for that, and might be considered a rapist or sexual offender.
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    And a permit to dispose of hazardous waste.
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    Amy lost her mind in this one, and she did not even know it. What was Sheldon thinking? During the episode where Sheldon asks his assistant Alex to choose Amy X-mas gift choices, one was a framed signed print drawing of a neuron by Santiago Ramon y Cajal, the father of modern neuroscience. Sheldon calls 'dibs' and keeps it for himself. In a season 11 episode concerning Edison v Tesla, Sheldon admits Amy is the only Neuroscientist Sheldon can name. He not only can name him, but can remind himself by just looking at the 'dibs' signed print. It was likely on a wall for display. All he had to do was possibly lift his eyes. We know he threw his back out once by lifting a book, but these are only his eyes. There is something ironic, in that this topic is concerning the brain, and all he needed to do was use his. Mind over (gray) matter. If interested, you can search the web and see Santiago Ramon y Cajal neuron drawings. It seems the image used in TBBT may have come from Scientific America Magazine. Try using it as part of your search. It seems to match up best with a screen grab from TBBT. He shared the 1906 Nobel Prize with Camillo Golgi (of Golgi Apparatus- a intracellular organelle akin to a digestive tract inside cells, and the Golgi Tendon Organ-the sheathed nerve clusters at tendon's ends that tries to hinder such things as Achilles Tendon ruptures). Of note, Santiago eventually became an MD, went to Cuba and contracted malaria, and tuberculosis. Suffering for your art. To continue...protection.
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    I am going to ring my bell to draw your attention to this. I rode my bicycle past your window last night... In the episode where Young Sheldon learns to ride a bike without training wheels, he first tries using the bike without any training wheels (cold turkey, and, like a turkey suddenly without wings, it won't 'fly'). He then falls, and breaks his arm (his 'wing'). That was not necessary. Training wheels have adjustable settings for height of the wheels, so you can gradually eliminate the training wheel support, until they are o longer needed. (See my similar entry on the TBBT show Episodic Errors) Old Sheldon claimed he could not ride a bike, but erroneously he could, and did. Task memory is hard to 'forget', giving credence to the phrase 'You never forget how to ride a bike'. In a way, this is a cross walk cross connection.
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    Yeah, really nice to see that it´s getting good reviews, after all the hard work.
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    We can only hope that happens. She an Johnny were snubbed by the Emmy selection committee.
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    Total sarcasm. I guess sometimes people don't get my sarcastic rants. For the record, I agree with your post. It just upsets me to think of all the talent that was waste, as well as, the plotlines that were omitted due to the fixation of Shamy's ridiculous quest for the Nobel.
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    Besides getting a drivers license he also got a fishermans license!
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    True It is sad that the show had to end on a note likw this
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    Even if the direct line happened, the writers would just ignore he suggestions or just not acknowledge the line. They were too fixed on "Shamy" and their Nobel, they didn't care about the other cast members. They were just window dressing for Shamy in "The Shamy Show".
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    True, but they did get paid a lot of money to hold up that kitchen island bar. 😉
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    Yes It is so true that season 11 the majority of episodes were for Shamy wedding plans. Holy crap on a cracker they even had an episode about picking a wedding date for crying out loud. What a waste of time. Season 12 was really no better as it centered mostly on Shamy quest for the Nobel prize. Lenny it seemed were relegated to secondary status. A shame that tptb did not see this at all.
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    Season's 11 and 12 were all about Shamy. Add most of ten as well. The writers threw a few bread crumbs to the remaining cast members. Well, I guess if the producers were ok with paying Kaley and Johnny a million dollars an episode for two minutes of air time, then they were probably ok with it as well. For me, I recorded each Season 11 and 12 episode and fast forwarded a lot. I found many of those episodes boring. I'm sure many people enjoyed them. My enjoyment was in bits and pieces. I enjoyed Kathy Bates, Teller.
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    Nah, it was a misfire.
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    I was recently a contestant on Mastermind. My specialist subject was STIs. I passed on four.
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    Is NOT, NEVER was, NEVER will BE !!
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    In the episode where Penny gives Sheldon and Leonard matching Star Trek Transporter toys, Penny, Leonard, and Sheldon refer to them as 'Mint in Box' (MIB). We saw Sheldon cut the taped seal to open, and then break his. These were not 'Mint in Box'. A sealed collectible toy is a higher level of rarity, 'Mint in Sealed Box' (MISB). MISB is rarer, and more expensive than MIB. When Leonard opened his box, if he kept all enclosed bits, he could still call it MIB. Forgive me, I am a nerd, and trip to the web will confirm this. For example, I have a Millennium Falcon MISB, but it is so old that the original taped closure gave way long ago, in a galaxy far, far, away..
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    Had the opportunity to watch the first episode of "The Flight Attendant" It was a terrific story leaving you wanting more, Kaley I thought was brilliant in the role of the airline attendant who has a drinking problem and suffers through a blackout that she cannot remember what happened to her. Apparently many critics agreed that she successfully transferred her persona from Big Bang Theory to a dramatic role. Although the film is advertised as a dark tragic/comedy it showed that Kaley has a range of emotions to express. This is a series worth watching.
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    Here's a nice article on Kaley's work, post Big Bang.
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    missmayim: Sorry mom. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Love, Kat 😻❤️
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    If I can share a few thoughts here about Penny’s character growth, not that the growth is nonexistent, there was growth. But there are a few things to add. There are things we cannot change for the sake of comedy that Big Bang Theory writers chose to use, like the fine line they use to dance around between giving each other a hard time and bullying each other. But I do wish they had taken some time to develop Penny a bit more, particularly with the issues that came up on Season 12. This is not just because of my love for my Lenny ship but because there was a lot of growth for her character that was, for the most part, played down. We knew Penny had commitment issues because of her experiences in the past: seeking validation through relationships with other men which probably eradicated from her dad wanting a boy and so on. But once she shifted her career and started maturing, it felt a little incomplete to experience this growth in her character. The writers left a lot of it to be implied or to have occurred in the behind the scenes when things shifted to focusing on Sheldon (but that is another topic). Even if its through comedy I would have loved to see a few of the following things: 1) Acknowledgment that when she decided maybe I do not want to have kids, that it came from the commitment issues she has always had. She was in love and comfortable in the marriage with Leonard and changes in the relationship have always taken Penny a long time. "I have not wrapped my head around it", she mentions towards the end. Thank you writers but this discussion needed to start in Season 11 perhaps? They had discussed kids and she had said someday, they were in a future plan. But when Leonard mentioned a timeline, this is when it became real for her and she panicked. They rushed it through the last season. 2) The relationship with her sister. 3) Money. Penny for a long time lived under financial insecurity. Leonard even went through her bills when they were NOT dating. It made no sense that when she started making big money, Leonard seemed to not be part of the conversation. Even hiding a bank account. Not that I am implying that Leonard should have taken over her money but some sort of discussion could have happened (even if they included Sheldon) were Penny seeks advice on how to handle her new salary and her debt. 4) The relationship with her mom. We got a glimpse of it during the wedding but she seemed to never reach out. Same with Bernadette. The only one of the girls that got to explore their mom was Amy and it was a given that she was used for comedy. And well, she had been the trauma factor for Amy. The “healthier” side of the parents never got addressed for anybody but even less for Penny. 5) Boundaries on her sex record vs. bully storyline. I can deal with the bully storyline, except Season 12 Episode 1. Leonard will never be one to flinch when Penny shows affection. The comedy could have taken place in so many other directions. Won’t go there anymore. Back to the topic… I think it was very disrespectful for her closest friends to continue to put Penny down for her past. I loved when she told Sheldon that she had a word for how promiscuous he could be with himself. But there was never a stop. The writers dealt with Howard’s past adventures better than they did with Penny. They gave Howard the opportunity to grow from it and face consequences when it played a role in his present. With Penny, there was never that opportunity. Not only was it used to put down Leonard: they had Penny constantly dealing with it. It was clear she was committed to her relationship with her husband and that she loved him. But the “comedy” behind this never acknowledged that she was now in her 30’s and not as reckless as when she started the show. 6) Drinking. As a viewer, my understanding was that Penny used to drink a lot because she had a lot of stress, issues and she was in her 20’s. The “normal” pastime that is considered “popular”. As a contrast to all the guys. But as she got older, drinking wine was something she would do occasionally. Writers kept using it as if she continued to drink excessively. She was not and she was dedicated to her marriage and her job. They even had Bernadette baby proofing the licor in her house. Hope this is not too long. I’ve been pondering on these characters. I will continue to rewatch all the seasons. But in 2020, I keep wondering what other storylines we could have explored in the show if these had been addressed differently for Penny. I love her character.
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    That is not Marla Gibbs. Her name is Vernee Watson. (there are various spellings, including hyphenating the last name of Johnson, when she was married). She was also a nurse in the hospital when Sheldon's barber, Tony D'nofrio, was in the hospital (0518 The Werewolf Transformation) and was the nurse at the Hospital when Howard ate the candy bar that had Peanuts in it, on Leonard's birthday (0116. The Peanut Reaction). She was also in the unaired Pilot. Vernee goes all the way back to 1993-94 with Chuck Lorre. She is currently in the main cast for Lorre's Bob Hearts Abishola. Her first appearance in one of Lorre's shows, was in Grace Under Fire (Bernadette's dad, played by Casey Sander, was second billed in that show and was in all 112 shows). Besides the two Big Bang related shows, she has also appeared in Lorre's Two and A Half Men, Mike and Molly, and Dharma and Gregg. She currently has almost 180 acting credits, going back to 1970.
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    Vernee Watson. Multi-connected. The BBT, episode 1, she was the receptionist at the sperm bank, she was there at Bernadette's birth of Halley, (Be it preconception , or after birth - Vernee was there),Howard's robot run amok moment (trying to perform a second bris), Young Sheldon's gall bladder, Jake's scalp stitches with Uncle Charlie. Vernee was there. Where else in Chuck Lorre lore is she?
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    Missy Cooper had a daddy/daughter dinner. She wore a Tiara. Old Sheldon gave Amy a Tiara. Perhaps, that was how Sheldon came up with that 'too much' gesture?
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    Hello, I have been away for quite a while from this forum and I miss discussing Lenny. I hope this post fits here. I did not wanted to start a new one in case this had been discussed before. I recently saw a post/video on Instagram on Young Sheldon where Sheldon explains that his son name is: Leonard Cooper. Amy makes an appearance saying that he is lucky that she allowed him to name him Leonard. I know that he named him Leonard because (despite the necessity of the writers for everyone to put down Leonard even though he is the center of their friend group) he loves him. So, I kept wondering, what would Leonard and Penny name their child? If it was a girl, I could easily see Leonard wanting to use Penny's name. There are no other women that have been a positive role model for him. If it was a boy, will Penny and him want to use Leonard? If anyone is out there with an idea, what do you guys think? I do not watch Young Sheldon but I thought it was a cute detail to add. And now I will really like to know Lenny's child name. Hope everyone is keeping safe.
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    Two four six eight! I know how to masturbate! Winner! Winner! This is why I should never be the leader of a pep squad... ... I still win this though..
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    therealjimparsons: Babies that were born the day I met Todd Spiewak turn 18 years old today; happy birthday to them, and happy 18th blind-date-set-up anniversary to Todd. Our intuitive friends, Tami and Oonie, put us together and, on November 15th, 2002, we played pool (huh?) at Slate on 21st street; we sang Karaoke (again, huh?) at Sing Sing on Avenue A, and then we went to Robbie’s birthday party at… some gay bar on the east side (that part makes sense to me). Todd walked me to the 1st Ave L train stop and, as we said goodbye, I knew we would be seeing each other again - which ended up being two nights later, when we went to see Michael Moore’s “Bowling for Columbine” at the Union Square AMC - because nothing says “let’s start a life-journey together” better than a divisive documentary (why couldn’t we just go see "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", like every other new couple in 2002?) That said, we both loved the movie and talked about it at Patsy’s Pizzeria (may the Union Sq location Rest In Peace) afterward. My life changed completely and completely for the better. Love wins! ❤️ 🌈
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    Nothing else matters . I’m back with my princess 👑 Netty! (In my @horsepilot safety vest of course ) 😉 🦄 ☀️
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    Veronica, the born again Christian, and Georgie, the born to be wild Christian, get baptized and Georgie declares his love and kisses her in front of the congregation. Veronica slugs him using her right fist. Likewise, Penny slugged Howard with her right fist, and Howard never got anything on the kisser (his nose got in the way). At least, Georgie got the kiss , before the fist. Your kiss, your kiss, is on my fist. This is a right cross cross connection.
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    Nick at Nite has begun airing promos stating that Young Sheldon will join their line-up on Monday, November 30, 2020!
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    I know this was just rehashing of old stuff but these items lingered in the back of my mind and I had to put them down on paper. I am hoping to write someday for anyone interested not exactly a list of grievances on the show but a list of unsaid, unexplained and unresolved occurrances in the show that was not presented to the audience. Since I am a Lenny fan most of them would be about Penny and Leonard. This just gives me something to do to pass the time and not for any particular agenda.
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    Hey, everyone, It's time to give chucky his retirement birthday wish. Happy 65 chucky.
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    More pictures from the L'Officiel Australia photoshoot...
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    Happy 68th birthday to Annie Potts...
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    I hadn’t heard that one. At Comic-Con that year, Bill Prady did say that whatever side you came down on(whether they did or didn’t sleep together) that you should be happy with the resolution. From the reactions, I’d say Bill was wrong
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    Source: Margaret Gardiner - YouTube channel
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    I wouldn't mind reading that fan fic if you have the title of it please? " I've got a figure of speech about how sexually promiscuous you can go be with yourself " , probably one of my favourite Penny's lines 😆😆 We've seen Leonard visibly annoyed ( and hurt too IMO) at Sheldon's constant reminders of Penny past sex life but it would have been nice to hear him , at least once ,vocalize that anger. I'm surprised that female writers were involved because to me Penny was clearly written from a male point of view. I won't add anything on the Luther joke which was simply disgusting.
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    There are 66 legs in that room and I'm not George Orwell and this isn't some unholy Communist farm, so I'm not counting wings as legs; 66 legs in that room total.
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