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    Part of the problem is, as you say, they developed the characters. Now, when they try to go back to the pre-development humor, it doesn't work as well. Leonard falling back to groveling, or the "he wore me down" doesn't fit the characters anymore, so it seem incongruent, and not as funny. Their dancing, in episode four, although too short, was funny, because it showed a different side of them. Unfortunately that wasn't a lot of that this year.
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    For Penny's career, I want to see her go back to The Cheesecake Factory. But not as a waitress. Just imagine if Leonard and Penny (or the gang) stops there for dinner one evening and the service is abysmal, the wait staff is goofing around, the manager is harried, running around and completely ineffective. With a unique insiders view to how things should be run and better managed, I can just see Penny taking over, issuing orders from her table: to a waiter -- 'The couple at Table 2 asked for tea like ten minutes ago. Until now, I could see that they were enjoying their meal. If you want to salvage any portion of your tip, get it to them now, along with a piece of free cheesecake thrown in.' From her seat at the table, I can really see her like a general approaching D-Day, running the place with great efficiency and planning as she calls out directions and suggestions to the staff. Her talent wouldn't be wasted on the harried manager who hire her for her managerial skills and human insight on the spot. I've always enjoyed our time at The Cheesecake Factory. We always had a lot of laughs there. TPTB did the humor of the show a great disservice by excising it from the line-up and making Penny a pharmaceutical rep where the only laughs came from the wonderful Stephen Root who was afraid of Bernadette. After that, zero laughs in pharmaceutical sales. The humor could return, if, Penny as a manager, has to manage a group of surly, unqualified wait staff. Like Stuart had with Dale, his incompetent stand-in at the comic book store (loved Dale! Need more Dale!), we could get some of that, Penny overseeing and managing a group of Dales. I think that could bring back some of the missing humor. Not that I want even less time given to the cast but, at those times, when we did visit Penny at work, at least it will be fun and memorable. And it would serve another purpose. Those in the cast who are not written as geniuses are struggling: Penny and Stuart (Raj's struggling is self-inflicted). The everyday people of ordinary intelligence who bring warmth and street smarts are not succeeding. Maybe Penny could bring her managerial flair to Stuart's store and make it successful and we'd have a happier, more confident Stuart as well as more happier, more vibrant Penny.
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    I'm new to this forum and I would like to just say that this has been a massive year for as Penny called them "Pasadena's favourite power couple". I'm not entirely sure how Season 11 will premiere but I have a couple of ideas for how the season could premiere. The first idea I have is for the majority of the episode the rest of the gang go looking for Sheldon and we hear the answer to the proposal in the tag scene. My other idea is that we see the proposal and the gang contacts Amy over Skype to say that Sheldon has gone missing but she shouldn't worry. This could lead into Amy (with Sheldon next to her but not saying a word), trying to help everyone find Sheldon but also majorly hinting the she and Sheldon are engaged by pushing her glasses onto her face several times with her left hand before Bernadette or someone notices and asks her why she is doing that and she tells them everything. These are just my rough ideas and this is my first time posting so don't go to hard on this or me. Just one more thing. Is everyone excited about the Young Sheldon TV series? I personally think it could do well, and I read online somewhere that the show could begin in a How I Met Your Mother style with Sheldon talking to his kids about his childhood. Thankyou for opening this forum to me. From, a straight male who just loves The Big Bang Theory and Shamy in general
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    There is so, so much more to be explored with the nerd now that he has the girl. The thing is people have to be willing to go that route. To think about and write storylines that would tell that sort of story. We have seen the girl experience growth and knowledge about treating others in a more respectful way. We could see the nerd learn to not look down on people of lesser intelligence (he has somewhat, but can go futher). We could look at the couple grow together and mature and live their lives as a happily married couple instead of bickering; instead of witnessing writing that goes for the quickest, easiest laugh. This television show is more than well-established. It has reached the point where it is now (wait for it---) legendary. Now is the time to flex some storytelling muscles. To show us something that we have not seen. Is there a chance of being cancelled in the next two years? Hardly. People (TPTB) need to become brave. People (TPTB) need to expand their horizons. The Big Bang Theory is a 2,000 pound gorilla. Perhaps it is time they act the part and take on all comers. Make Raj bi-sexual and bring us along on his journey. Show us Halley being a toddler running around and touching Sheldon's things (wouldn't that be a hoot). Show us why Penny calls Leonard the love of her life. Show us that he didn't wear her down, he made her comfortable admitting who and what she loved. It is time for TPTB to grow a pair. People whine about OITNB winning awards? The star of Transparent has won the last two Emmy Awards for best actor in a comedy? Pull up your pants and be big boys and girls. Take them on!
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    Happy Shamyanniversary!!! Here's one of my favourite Shamy's kisses to celebrate them!
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    I was thinking back on season 10 on the moments that I remember and one stood out. In the Veracity Elasticity, the end scene in the hallway with Sheldon contemplating on going back to his old room or staying with Amy. The way his face changes as he realizes that Amy understands him. He mentions his dilemma through the donkey reference and she doesn't need anymore details. His whole expression the more she talks is what makes the scene so good. It looks to me that in those moments he suddenly realizes how much he loves her. To me, it is like he is falling in love with her all over again in those minutes. The scene was so powerful to me that I was convinced he would drop down on one knee and propose then and there. I didn't make a top 10 list, but that one would certainly be on it. Not bad for someone who doesn't seem to notice the little details anymore. haha
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    I think they handled the season 7 fighting fairly well. It wasn't like the season 10 nonsense fighting. Leonard didn't act well at first, I could understand his reasoning but it wasn't the right thing to say at the time he said that but he did explain that it wasn't because he didn't believe in her and he made big efforts to support her later even if he didn't fully understand her decisions. I do think you have a point about the characters changing though. Character development comes with a price: you have to find new sources of humor for your characters. IMO, they didn't really do that for Lenny, they hadn't given it enough thought. One of their problems with Leonard and Penny, both as individuals and as a couple, is that they're "too normal" now. They've always been the "straight man" characters but over the years they have grown out of some of their quirks. Leonard have gotten more confident and have learned how to behave in some social situations he used to be puzzled about. Penny have matured and have learned to be much more realistic. These processes are still ongoing of course and I think that's how it should be. I wouldn't have it another way. The problem is that, JMO, the writers didn't find other sources of humor for them. It feels like they are just shooting in the dark with the stupid season 10 fighting and "he wore her down" stuff.
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    From S2 - The Financial Permeability P: This wasn't the plan. It wasn't supposed to go this way. L: Hey, well, what was the plan? P: Um, waitress for six months and then become a movie star. L: Uh-huh. Was there a Plan B? P: TV star. … L: A hundred and seventy dollars for acting classes? P: Oh, no, I can't give up my acting classes. I'm a professional actress. L: Oh. You had an acting job where you got paid?
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    I actually thought it was sweet of Mayim to say. It clearly just stems from her feeling protective of Sheldon and Amy's relationship. At least that's how I took it.
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    Both quirky, a bit weird and deep down in some ways are probably both a little proud of it lol. I have never seen a couple like them ever on TV. I've seen some small similarities in some UK shows but as a complete package nope, nothing like it. I think that's a huge part of the appeal, on their own they are kind of fascinating because of their quirks and interests but it also transfers to their relationship as well. It's why I love watching them and this season they have managed to add more everyday common lovey-dovey couple stuff like more displays of affection between them, increasing the level of physical intimacy between them and yet they haven't erased or lost the quirkiness or the allure that the mind plays in their relationship (one could argue that they have found some of that old school Shamy intellectual spark again!) I think we as fans are kind of getting the best of both worlds right now from their relationship, everything we have wanted to see but they are still very much Shamy. I think the writers put on a masterclass this season when it came to them (and also Howardette to be fair as well).
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    Happy Shamy-versary, my dear Shamy fellows! Yesterday I did a little something with Pizap, for the remarkable day.
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    Happy shamy- versary!! Seven years, just wow! It has been a long but so worth journey for both as they have been getting to know each other as couple and to themselves as individuals. I have been shipping some romantic couples for years but shamy has and will have always a special place in my heart! Can not wait for what next two seasons could come up to them! Now let's do a party of gifs?
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    HAPPY SHAMY-VERSARY!!! On this day 7 years ago "The Lunar Excitation" aired and our favourite couple finally met! It's been a long road for these two but so worth it. Cheers to the happy couple!
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    I'm not so sure that we actually need a career storyline for Penny, but what we really need is a serious plot that isn't dropped by the writers after one or two episodes for Penny in season 11 and 12, because it felt like Penny was all over the place in season 10.
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    I think they still only have eyes for each other, both had the opportunity to move on and try something different (In Amy's case she actually did) and yet they were drawn back to each other in the end. The Ramona factor was all Ramona, she had her own agenda at play there. Sheldon didn't at all bite. I think overall they have done an amazing job this season by actually getting back a bit to some of the 'allure of the mind' stuff (which you have seen in their conversations, Buridan's donkey, the project they started working on together etc) they had going in their early relationship which was probably lost a little over Season 8 and Season 9. But then you have the added bonus of the more physical, affectionate and intimate side of their relationship on display as well. I think they got that balance spot on. They are back a little to their quirky, weird, nerdy part of their relationship but also a couple clearly in love and not afraid to express that as well. They are kind of perfect right now imo, can't think of anything else I would like to see or perhaps change.
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    I've seen interviews with UK Soap actors on long running soaps that have played characters for say 10 years or more and they have expressed similar views when talking storylines for example Ken Barlow off Corrie kissed another woman and the woman who played his on screen wife Deidre when interviewed didn't like it or want to see it. If they love the character they play and really get invested into it then maybe it's natural to sometimes feel something like that, protective of it. If you read the full article even Mayim says it's a bit silly to feel like that.
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    Happy Shamyversary! We've been so lucky to have so many wonderful scenes with this special couple. Here's to many, many more!
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    A ridiculously clever, very sharp, extremely well written and acted scene that. One of my favorites of the season, a scene that really only could ever apply to Shamy or be pulled off by them. Veracity was my favorite episode of the Season.
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    Happy Shamy - versary my lovely Shamy peeps ! I'm loving all these gifs so much@mirs1 that's a personal favourite of mine too - Sheldon really let's go !!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    And she is not offended. She knows he is a creature - no, make that slave - to habit. Or was. Probably my favorite moment of the season.
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    Wow that's amazing @Shamyfan95. Very Cool! Wow, 7 years of watching their relationship grown and develop and with at least 2 more years to come for our favorite couple! Even If in Season 11 we only get say as half as many developments as Season 10 or the pace is slowed down compared to the previous season for Shamy it should be amazing. I am confident we will have a lot to celebrate and enjoy this year and the next. I have no artistic or creative contributions to make, but I will re-post this .gif of their first meeting. And the signs were there, the double glance from Sheldon, Amy's slightly deeper breath, the mutual body language of 'Hmm, I think I find you intriguing' lol!
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    At this point, it would have been better to do what Chuck Lorre has done this year for Mom, most of the money for the Emmys campaign was donated to charity. They have that TBBT scholarships at UCLA, for example...I agree they don't have a chance of winning an Emmy, but they could use a new photo shoot for so many other purposes, we were discussing about how awful the DVD covers are lately, for example. And it's not just that, they have given up to many other things: the quality of the DVD extras has declined, there were very few interviews form Molaro as a show runner this year, there was less advertising of the show...
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    I am sorry you had a bad day... Here is a hug to cheer you up
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    Sorry you had a bad day...it will get better when I have a bad day I want a consoling hug. So here you go! Hope it helps. Wish I could make you some Strawberry Quick as well.
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    Happy Shamy-versary everyone!! I can't even begin to describe the absolute joy this wonderful couple has given me over the past seven years....I adore them with all my heart It's crazy to think how much a fictional couple means to me I've just finished my season 10 re watch and I've got pages of notes to help me pick my favourite top 10 moments..it really has been an amazing season!! All I have to do now is make a decision
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    Oh, for a second, I thought these two events happened on the same day, May 24th, (because of my time zone), but then I learned that World Turtle Day is on May 23rd... Nevertheless, happy almost coincidence!!! And, Giuseppe is the Shamy mascot, right?
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    In one of his post finale interview, Molaro said he was not sure how the Season premiere will be, but probably people will feel robbed if they don't see Amy's answer. Personally, I would feel that way, especially with that "Ramona broad"-thing still pending somehow...
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    A lot of people want to be stars, until they find out how much work it requires to get there. My daughter spends three to four days a week running to auditions (even if she is currently working). She would ask friends of hers, who claimed they wanted to work as an actor, if they wanted to come along with her. Very few accepted her offer.
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    Since the purpose of the breakup was never to actually separate Shamy for good I think it would have played out pretty similar. Like, yes, maybe Sheldon would have latched onto Ramona as a new friend and all that but I think the moment things would have gotten more serious he would have backed out. Much like he closed the door on that seemingly perfect Vanessa girl that showed up on his doorstep he would have turned Ramona down for an equally flimsy reason. I don't think the writers actually have it in themselves to let Sheldon even be tempted by another woman (as per one of Molaro's recent interviews) so I wouldn't be particularly worried.
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    Jim's PR people have already updated his bio on his IMDB profile... Spouse Todd Spiewak (13 May 2017 - present) Trivia When Parsons married Todd Spiewak in May 2017, they had been romantic partners for 14 years. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1433588/bio?ref_=nm_ov_bio_sm
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    In the first half of the video, little Iain clutching Jim's hand. So sweet. And then towards the very end of the video, Jim playing with his wedding ring, He might have not even been aware that he was doing it.
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    Exactly. Ultimately I believe we all judge a series because of what it means to each one of us individually. It also depends on how success is judged. The fact that ratings are higher doesn't necessarily mean a show is better, just that it appeals to more people. There could be an argument for saying that this is achieved by appealing to least common denominator, so... At least for me, continuity has always been of paramount importance. When it's not adhered to it makes me feel cheated of the real story, as with contradicting canon it's difficult to know what part of the story to "believe". I sometimes wish TBBT wouldn't contort itself so much for the sake of a joke, because most of the times said jokes are not even particularly funny, TBH.
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    Don´t let it tear you down! Remember there´s always a happy, cozy place here you can go to.
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    Happy Shamy versary all. I cannot tell you what a horrible day I've had but I'm so very happy to come home and see all of this joy. It has changed from a terrible day to a glorious one. Thank you all. Love this forum!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Okay I am going to stop, promise, lol! Just because I left sexy Sheldon out of my Top 10 Shamy from Season 10, lol!
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    Well...Molaro cares about ratings, and I'm not sure a premiere with a time jump when we don't actually see how Amy and Sheldon settle things will be a good start for the show.
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    The Big Bang Theory finished the season as the number one non-sports show in the 18-49 demo, total viewers, and the 25-54 demo.
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    4 days to go, guys!! Thanks to everyone who already participated! So far the top positions are pretty close so I have no idea which one will make it in the end. Welcome to the forum!! And another guy to boot! Careful, we ladies can get ca-ray-zeee sometimes. ;D I fear 4B is a little small for that. :C Well, they did redecorate the living room. But let's be blunt: Throw out that ugly couch, that's what we want!! LOL
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    Sorry, but I completely disagree. There are things to write for Leonard and Penny, individually and as a couple. Instead of just teasing things about Penny's career, they could fully dive into it and yet they choose not to. They could write stories about Leonard at his job as well and they choose not to. They could have Lenny have a mutual - maybe even super weird - hobby and have them have some fun with that, and yet they choose not to. They could properly dive into them maybe wanting to have kids, and yet they choose not to. You've watched Friends, Skull. You know what's possible even when couples are already married. There are two reasons Lenny's story is "over": 1. TPTB's love for Sheldon 2. They don't give a shit
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    As @April said, there's no wrong answer here, probably if I did my chart again from scratch I would have different moments listed in it, I must confess I've forgotten a few and the charts you guys posted made me regret some choices, LOL! Anyway, the die is cast, and this is just a fun way to celebrate this fantastic season! Whatever moment ends up in the final chart, it's the right one!
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    Lot of photo editing going on, cutting and pasting from different photos over the years. Really poor, amateur in fact. I know the show brings in a huge amount of money, but imagine if they actually tried with decent promo work, cast interviews, photo shoots etc. I bet it wouldn't hurt the ratings either in fact the opposite. They are not killing the goose that lays the golden egg far from it in fact, but I wouldn't say they are treating it as well as they could.
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    I don't think Ramona is more attractive than Amy.
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    Okay more doom and gloom. I was thinking seeing most of Lenny's big moments occured first two seasons. What were their best and biggest moments from Season 3 - Season 6. In Gif Form . Good way to kill a lazy Saturday. 3x01: Best Opener to a Season from this show to this day Watching the Grinch who Stole Christmas Leonard trying to impress Penny's Football Friends. Was Classic "Oh you've been falling down all night" "Leonard what do you and Penny talk about after the coitus?" Leonard Chooses Penny over the Ring Penny then proceeds to Punch Sheldon in the nose. For trying to take the ring 100th episode. Lenny get back together. And to current episode 10x24. Have remained together ever since She kept his inahler Penny surprises Leonard. by beating him at Chess LOL. Penny Marks her Terriotory The Classic "Some times I forget how smart you are" "Nothing to see here just sexy police buisness" My all time fav moment of the series.. Damn well never see that Lenny EVER again . Looking at all that makes you understand how far the writing of this show has declined. Post 6.24.
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    Just saw all these beautiful pictures. I'm so thankful that they shared these intimate moment of their life with us! I know that they didn't have to do it, but they did it still and I'm so happy! I love them for it! It is so wonderful to see two people that still love each other so much after all these years! May it last forever!
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    From Extra Jim Parsons Dishes on His Wedding It’s a big week for “Big Bang Theory’s” Jim Parsons, who tied the knot with his longtime partner, graphic designer Todd Spiewak, on Saturday at the Rainbow Room in New York. On Wednesday, “Extra’s” AJ Calloway caught up with Parsons, who was promoting his “Bang” spin-off, “Young Sheldon” at the CBS upfront presentation. The actor, who is notoriously private about his personal life, posted pics of his wedding on social media. Of the nuptials, he revealed, “It was fantastic…much more fun than I thought it would be.” Parsons said, “I wasn’t too nervous, just a lot to organize and I thought, ‘Well, this will be sort of fun,' and sort of, ‘Let’s get through this,' then it was all fun.” The couple had a great time celebrating, with Jim saying, “It was the latest I stayed up in many years. I’ll be honest with you — I’m still paying for it. I got a cold, I was at the doctor earlier and got antibiotics.” Jim will narrate and executive-produce “Young Sheldon.” He called it a family story, pointing out, “It’s gonna be very different than 'Big Bang Theory,' but it has a lot of comedy in common with 'Big Bang Theory. It’s an origin story.”
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    You get a like from me just for quoting "First Wives Club". And I've never liked the acting storyline for Penny. I want her to succeed in something else.