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    Soooo...time to speculate. I've been looking around and, although I haven't found actual spoilers, I found some info. The pic is of the program of last night's taping. You can't actually see much. BUT Raj's dad is back. There's a "clerk". And the way I read the title is "The Confidence Erosion", but don't quote me on that because it's just a guess on my part. That is the best screenshot I was able to take. Now...the interesting stuff. On Twitter, someone said they couldn't get in because of "Too many VIPs". I found another post by a guy who was at the taping and I quote "Just back from the Big Bang Theory taping, [...]did they or didnt they elope.....my lips are sealed😜". ...and discuss.
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    Dating Raj is almost as bad as wearing the red shirt on Star Trek TOS. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Redshirt_(character)
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    THE GANG FLASHES BACK TO 2010 AS LEONARD TRIES TO REMEMBER WHERE HE KEPT A POTENTIALLY VALUABLE INVESTMENT, ON “THE BIG BANG THEORY,” THURSDAY, NOV. 30 “The Bitcoin Entanglement” – Sheldon tries to teach the guys a lesson after they cut him out of a potentially valuable Bitcoin investment. Also, a seven-year-old video reveals a secret about Leonard and Penny’s relationship, on THE BIG BANG THEORY, Thursday, Nov. 30 (8:00-8:31 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.
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    Seriously, this man would’ve eloped. But I completely did what my wife wanted. I did get to pick the cake. Had two choices. Got that part wrong, I found out years later. Glad I had nothing to do with the rest of the planning except agree. But I wholeheartedly supported her choices. Like Sheldon promised he would. I consider it his gift to her. A nice thing. Because he just wants to be married. No so much the hoopla - though maybe I’m just projecting. edit: look at me, sticking up for Sheldon. Wow. Hehe
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    Agreed. A lady working on this episode wrote on Twitter that she'd be working with Jim and Mayim all week and it was a dream come true, so no matter what the elopement is all about, we definitely get Shamy. That and the Majim selfie at what looks like a movie theater. And the two glasses and bottle on Shamy's coffee table. Kind of exciting not to know everything.
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    From Alex Ayers' IG stories: Alex trying to stick chewing gum into Kaley's hair. There's also Johnny walking up to Kaley, and Kunal (Raj) on the monitor in the Wolowitz bedroom. Filming a scene at the Caltech cafeteria
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    Today it is @Tensor birthday! In name of tbbt ladies , I raise my glasse! Happy Birthday, Tensor. I hope you have a great one! Cheers!
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    Well, when I examine the totality of the statements made by Sheldon, my overall assessment is that he is generally less credible than those around him. His whackiness is the basis of the show. It’s not like his schtick is about speaking truth to power. To some degree his role is to say those things said by drunk uncles at family gatherings - to get a laugh in the context of the show. As to prophetic powers - who knows. But Sheldon’s opinions - which is what he was expressing at the time - are generally and by design completely whack. As evidence I refer you to.... the show. Pick any episode for examples. Edit: carve out physics. That’s not opinion.
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    That s okay, I am a bit disapointed about this season too. But we dont have reasons, aside bad writing about Sheldon character imo, for worrying about Shamy. We must stay positive Good things about Shamy from last episode... Amy Farrah Fowler rocks and Sheldon is a lucky man for having her love. How he could not love her?
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    They don't have to show the actual party. They could show the pre-party, were the gang is helping set up. And then, after the party, where they are helping clean up. Something like the party Penny threw for Leonard, back in season 1.
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    I laughed at Amy's comment in the opening scene, in a season full of old style gags that's one I could laugh at because she's never not been afraid to say what she feels about her man even when everyone else in the room is probably cringing at it lol. That's the only thing I can talk about in this thread from last night's epiosde that meets the rules for posting.
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    That is my point really. Under Moloro we would of got something more akin to Romance Recallibartion *shivers*. But under Holland. Because he has softended the rough edges. Their "spats" are now as you put it light hearted teasing. And just their banter. It seems they are writing them more in character then they have been the three or so seasons.
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    I'm all for more balancing, and even more examples or stories being more from her perspective involving Shamy. Even having her being at fault in some situations or her having to cope, deal or come to terms with something. Maybe even Amy having to change instead of the usual Sheldon has to change dynamic in some stories. Amy is a brilliant character in her own right and even though she is already my favorite character I've always thought they could do a bit more with her. Her parents could be a way to do some of that.
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    I don't think incentive is the problem. Often the harder he tries the worse he gets.
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    I disagree. S11 has had a lot of “filler” episodes IMO and I think surely the writers if inclined could explore, even in a small way, Amy’s past that would include her familial relations. The character has been with the show for 6 seasons and though she was introduced as a supporting character I think over the years she has earned a much bigger role. The other characters have all had their share of the spotlight when it comes to this topic and for whatever reasons TPTB choose to ignore this side of Amy. I think it’s time they made her a little more human, and I think there is enough of the audience out there (especially with how popular the Shamy relationship is these days) that would enjoy this to warrant a plot involving the folks. There is after all a finite amount of episodes left to do it in too. It wouldnt take a lot of effort, nor do we need them to be regulars on the show that would complicate an already crowded cast of regulars.
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    Thank god she was unsuccessful! If she got it in there they may have had to cut her hair to get it out and that might well kill 3KU11
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    Shamy celebration in 4B or a girls night (minus Bernadette)?
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    The new episode they are filming tonight is called "The Sexuality Immortality". It is a very heavy Lenny episode. Sheldon and Amy buy a couch and offer to have the delivery guy haul away Penny's couch. Penny and Leonard look at each other and as they remember so many great times together on the couch we are shown flashbacks of some of their most amorous moments. In the end, they can't part with it and move it to the spare room and get busy. Oh. Sorry. Did I say that out loud?
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    On the Internet, no one knows you're really a cat.
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    I wasn't thinking of throwing the couch away. I'm just uncomfortable watching Sheldon and Amy on this iconic piece of furniture. There are too many irretrievable memories that come up when I look at it.
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    As far as I am concerned you don't love a person for their clothes, you love them for who they are and how they make you feel.
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    I'm enjoying this season more that I have in the past three seasons. The tiny Lenny moments we've been given have been rather enjoyable and I'm glad that snarky Penny SEEMS to have melted away. I find myself LOL at times -- really loved Leonard's little laugh last week -- it was sort of a dismissive school yard 'Nyah, Nyah' -- when Sheldon said he wanted to speak with Penny alone. A tiny but fun moment. The last episode I've let stay in my DVR was Season's 10 'Veracity' with the delectable bondage scene -- Leonard being chained and whipped (Down, Freak Flag! Down!) -- and before that was Season Hate's 'Graduation'. But that being said, even with nothing I'd really feel compelled to re-watch again, I've been enjoying this season.
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    He’s looking for a “he wore me down” joke....
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    Sorry, I really didn't mean to be a downer...I usually am very positive. So I feel l should say something positive to help balance my negative review a little bit. Jim and Mayim have amazing chemistry together and I love how Amy can always see the good in Sheldon. Even if he is being an ass.
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    I was not a fan of this last episode. Several things really irritated me. 1. Amy tying Sheldon's shoes? This was weird to me. Sheldon is an adult man not a child. 2. The way the group treats eachother is really getting on my nerves. I dont mind the once in awhile jokes at someone elses expense but it has gotten too mean for my liking. I miss the group being actual friends. I miss them having fun together. Please bring back some fun. 3. Not a fan of Sheldon going backwards in his growth. Back to showing no compassion. I was hoping new Sheldon would continue forth in this season. So far no. I miss Sheldon from last season. I did like Amy saying Sheldon gets her motor running... Sorry so negative this morning. Just not a fan of this season so far
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    My opinion about Jessica R. (Glamour) reaches unexpected heights after 3 episodes. Well written again. https://www.glamour.com/story/the-big-bang-theory-season-11-episode-8-recap-sheldon-screws-over-leonard "Naturally, it's Penny (let's keep #JusticeForPenny going you guys!) who's the voice of reason again this episode, and she tells Raj he can't go on sleeping with a woman who's trying to screw over his friend. I feel like the series finale of The Big Bang Theory will end up being one big dream of Penny's, who's really a world-respected psychologist."
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    Yeah, I agree. Look at the door in the picture with Simon. "Fun to be one" Here are screencaps taken from Kaley's IG stories.
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    Happy new episode day! Judging from the promo, sneak peaks and the photos we know there is going to be a Shamy scene in this one and some interactions. It will be interesting to see what its like tonight (tomorrow for some of us Europeans).
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    Excellently put, I couldn't agree more The main reason I want to see Amy's parents is not for creating storylines and providing an opportunity for humourous gags and interactions for Sheldon its first and foremost to flesh out Amy's character even more. I mean sure we will get those Sheldon moments if they appeared, but it should be to provide something for Amy. That's what I am hoping for.
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    It's table read time. Too bad, Bill Prady isn't posting the script covers anymore.
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    I was just reading the other thread, and OMG, I really hope we can have some spoilers to talk about. Drama, filler, boring or not, surprises or not, whatever... Thank you the generous people who provides infos and photos about the show.
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    Promo for episode 11.08 "The Tesla Recoil"
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    It would indeed be nice with a new living room arrangement in 4A, but as you said it will sadly probably never happen. I would also want to see Lenny's bedroom again and with some nice bedroom scene between Leonard and Penny but again I don't think this will happen. It is really funny to me that Penny decorated the bedroom the way she did because her old bedroom in 4B doesn't look anything like the new bedroom in 4A and I'm guessing that Sheldon's old bedroom will be a nursery for the future Lenny baby or babies.
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    Actually, I don't have all that much faith in the writers. But, I'm not sure what having more faith in the writers has to do with any of this. You asked why someone might put more credence in Leonard's comment than Sheldon's. It's simply a fact that Leonard's comment has more to back it up, than Sheldon's.
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    Here are the times for week 7: 11.07 The Geology Methodology As we know she'll be around for, at least another episode, I added Ruchi, along with Rachi (Raj + Ruchi) to this weeks totals. I went back to the previous episode with Ruchi and added them up. Here are the results for this week, with the season totals: Week Total Season Total Show 19:45 143:35* *"Previously on The Big Bang Theory" one minute total Commercials 10:15 82:25 Minor Characters (MC) 4:45 21:45 Leonard 4:05 50:10 Sheldon 10:30 77:10 Penny 2:55 43:55 Raj 10:30 42:45 Howard 6:45 48:00 Bernadette 1:00 34:15 Amy 2:15 45:35 Stuart 1:15 7:15 Ruchi 4:10 10:30 Shamy (Total) 2:15 24:00 Shamy (Alone) 2:15 15:50 Lenny (Total) 0:10 18:20 Lenny (Alone) 0:00 6:25 Howardette (Total) 0:50 13:00 Howardette (Alone) 0:00 6:50 Rachi (Total) 4:10 4:30 Rachi (Alone) 3:00 3:20 Guys 1:00 3:30 Girls Gang 8:10 I you want to know how I'm getting the times, you might want to go back look at how I've defined things It's the system I used for seasons 1-10. While I'll be tracking everything the same way, I will be putting up some of the results weekly. Every four weeks, I will put up the spreadsheet, so all the times, for all the pairings, can be viewed. Tensor
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    I have slowly given up demanding rational decisions from the makers of our sitcom. Either the series is aging or I'm the one who has given up on the development mentioned above and has not given it any deeper meaning. I don't want to go into any further profound explanations, but I'm still looking for some fun. I'm afraid, yes.
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    So it wasn't really a spat. I thought it was a funny scene and as we've been saying it wasn't harsh or nasty, more lighthearted teasing. Loved "Leonard! Sad face, sad face!" For me, the Penny character is very funny and the actress Kaley nails it almost always.
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    Yes. Here is again, what I got from the scribble on the board (https://www.instagram.com/p/BZ12rNCBj-L/)... ...and thanks @nusspot for the information.
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    If I remember correctly, there was no requirement that the writers keep track of that kind of thing.... Let see....." Yes, there was no requirement for keeping track, just a straight question as to why some people give more credence to Leonard's comment, rather than Sheldon's. But, my answer to that comment shows that the writers did keep track of it. It appeared in the pilot, and, as I pointed out, it appeared again three years later. If the writers weren't keeping track, they wouldn't have been able to reference it later. So, evidently, they did keep track of it.
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