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    In my view, the largest “problem” is the need for TBBT to be Sheldon-centric. All roads and all stories must lead to Sheldon. This began in earnest in Season 7 (one could argue the ridiculous ”Sheldon Cooper’s Council of Ladies” in Season 6 May have been a harbinger) and has only gotten worse. That all characters need to bond with Sheldon (two episodes in successive seasons with Sheldon and Bernadette spending quality time???)and that we need to be spoon fed Dr Cooper’s pathway to personal growth does a disservice to the rest of the characters and to the original concept of Sheldon. It is a sell out to the perceived popularity of only one among many.
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    From The Hollywood Reporter CBS Fall Premiere Dates: Special 'Big Bang' to Boost 'Magnum P.I.' The comedy will bow on Monday before quickly returning to Thursday. CBS is staggering its fall premieres, rolling out new episodes over the last week of September and the first week of October. And just because the network no longer has Thursday Night Football, doesn't mean you won't be seeing a little bit of The Big Bang Theory on Mondays. The Big Bang Theory, along with spinoff Young Sheldon, will again open CBS' fall season on Monday, Sept. 24 with a special 8 p.m. airing leading into the series premiere of Magnum P.I. That should do quite a bit to boost awareness for the network's latest remake — and possibly a little something for the following Monday's arrival of the time slot's full time occupants, new comedies The Neighborhood and Happy Together. The rest of that September week is packed with returns and premieres, and both Big Bang and Sheldon will air the second new episodes of their respective seasons that Thursday night. Sept. 27 also marks the much-anticipated return of Murphy Brown, which a CBS press release jokingly noted as having a "new time slot." (It last aired on the network in 1998, so DVRs aren't exactly expecting to see it on Wednesdays again.)
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    Did I read "Penny jumps"? 😁
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    I think it's super cool that the twelfth season will premiere 11 years to the day of the series' debut back in 2007.
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    Let's not forget our male hero!
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    ...and another visible step forward into the new season.
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    Kaley - compare to Abbott & Costello (as you pointed out), Lucille Ball, Mr. Bean or Jim Carrey - eye rolling, pucker pouting, arm crossing, foot stomping, physical/slapstick comedy, very well suited to Kaley's outgoing physicality and especially to her Series 9-10 depiction of the classic sitcom shrew-wife. Katey Sagal was entirely believable as her Mum - she bosses Wyatt and one of her go-to gestures is the very same trout mouth pout! 😁 Mayim - compare to Buster Keaton, Steven Wright, Craig Ferguson or Stephen Fry - understated, dead pan delivery, wry/dry wit, unassuming appearance, humour often derived from self-deprecation or sardonic word play. This contained comedic style makes her rare explosions all the funnier. Teller was the perfect choice to play her Dad; though wordless, like Mayim, his comedy is subtle, compact and economical. Each school of comedy has its practitioners and proponents. It is simply a question of personal taste, not superiority.
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    Penny has something to announce:
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    I want Penny to jump right into Leonard's welcoming arms in season12
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    On to new adventures in Lennyland!
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    My glass is half full! To wine, bubble wrap, season 12 and to Leonard and Penny!
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    WeIcome, S 12! BTW, two new episodes in the week September 24-30, that is a treat indeed!
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    Yay! New season thread. Wishing good things for Lenny this season. 🤩
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    Let's not forget the deal @snowflake79 proposed in the season 11 Lenny thread: Yeah! Let's do it! 😃
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    Absolutlely, It shall be interesting to see what our favorite couple are up to in season 12.
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    Hello my dear fellow Lennies and Lenny friends. Let's turn this into a happy place during season 12. Cheers!
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    The upcoming season feels more real now that the threads are up. As usual I am hoping for a season full of Shamy goodness. And I am hoping the Season feels more like 10 than 11. I am interested to see how married life impacts Shamy or changes anything or not. Don't see why it should massively, they have been in this kind of married bliss state already for a while before they actually tied the knot. But the writers may have some ideas to implement their newly wed status into their stories and it could be interesting. Other things I am looking out for is Shamy project, FWF again and maybe seeing more of Amy's parents. Overall Shamy are in a great place heading into Season 12, you couldn't say that about every season lol.
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    And I'm very sorry for your loss, but I completely fail to see what relevance it has in a TBBT discussion or how it is even remotely related to it.
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    I'm looking forward to joint Amy-Sheldon science projects in Series 12, a change in the 4B decor (PLEASE!!), and a return to the quirky, brainiac pastimes that made them so enjoyable. A round of Fun With Flags (or even better, the flag convention!) would not go amiss! As I've said before, even as a non-shipper, I've always relished the gemütlich ambiance of the Shamy threads. I anticipate another year of the same!
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    Today, Kaley said something about the sling she is wearing because of her shoulder surgery and if it would affect work on TBBT in one of her IG stories: "I don't go back to work til mid August. I'll have this gianormous awkward thing off in a few weeks. So, it won't be a problem."
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    Yeah. One can still dream. 😃
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    I watched an s11 episode. The one where Raj breaks with Howard. Sheldon is just ridiculous. Not funny. Seriously ridiculous. Like moronic. I respect the success but they are coasting - and delivering blancmange.
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    Yeah! And here comes my ABSOLUTELY favourite again! The whole sequence of Penny's interview was an outstanding highlight from the complete Season 8 for me.
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