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    I know a lot of people here know of my medical problems. For those who don't, I have trouble, at times, walking any kind of distance, say a block or two, without the aid of a cane. Around the house isn't a problem, or a quick run into the store I can handle. The people at AU were very kind and I was offered a cart to take me to the stage, it's quite a hike for someone like me. I was offered a end seat to make it easier. While we were waiting for everyone to enter, Mark Sweet stopped by to ask if we were ready, and if we were excited. Something he does as the audience comes in. For those who don't know, Mark is the guy who keeps the audience "up", keeps them loud, keeps them cheering. He also fills the time between scene changes with games, a few magic tricks. He gets people up to dance, and sing. He also reminds you that when you have to watch the scene a second time, to trying to look at it as if it's the first time you've seen it. It's a tough job, but he is one of the best in the business. He does all of Chucks multi cams (there aren't needed in the single cam shows), he works for Johnny on By the Book and also on a couple of other current CBS shows. I was able to talk to him for about four or five minutes, and he stopped by a couple of times afterward. He even threw me a couple of pieces of candy. Toward the end of the show, he invited people to come up to and talk about what the show meant to them. I went up and talked about being into science fiction, comic books, chess, and war games when I was a teen, and also how I was bullied. But, I mentioned I relate so well to Leonard and Penny because of the way my relationship went with my wife. I said I found my Penny and we've been married for over 40 years. Mark was kind enough to give me the last picture for the night, of the cast, with autographs. I was able to stop and talk with Gary Cuoco (Kaley's dad) for a few minutes. I just wanted to thank him for his comments regarding supporting military veterans (I'm a 100% disabled military vet). We don't agree on everything politically, but I have to give him props on that particular subject, so I stopped and thanked him. One funny thing was while I was waiting in the outside line, I was explaining our forum and I ran into three people who came to this site, and got information on how to get tickets and where to go on the date of the taping. So we talked a bit more, we would be talking and they would ask a question and I would have the answer. They called me a TBBT encyclopedia. One of the guys, was named, get this, Rajesh. He was from India and he had planned this trip for a few months. It was fun talking to him and when Mark was talking to him, even the crew turned around to listen to his story. Finally, I want to thank all those who wished me well with this trip. It has been a rousing success, I've enjoyed myself immensely, and it's not something I'm ever going to forget. Ah well, home tomorrow. I want to apologize for being behind in the ratings, but I'll have them up by the end of the week. I was also able to work on, and also be publishing the first chapter of a new fan fic on Thursday, three years to the day that I finished "Chew Toy". Again thanks everyone.
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    Ok all, just got done with the tour. There weren’t any scripts laying around, I did see the few sets. 4B/hallway/4A, of course( all the chairs with the various names were stored in the hallway). The cafateria was set and the swing set to the left of the audience had Shamy’s bedroom. We know Wil is in this episode, and the porch of his house is set up. There was another set, with what looked like a bed, possibly a doctor’s office, or hospital room, but i didn’t get a close enough view to be sure. The other swing set to the right of the audience, I did not see.
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    Scene 8. Cafeteria. Sheldon, Howard, and Raj are eating. Sheldon says he's got news. Amy doesn't tell him everything because she has to walk on eggshells around him. Howard says, "it's not just Amy", Raj says, "This isn't news", and then Howard says "it's because we don't want to hear you complain about the sound of crushing eggshells." Sheldon says he doesn't want Amy to think she has to have that kind of relationship. Howard says, "She knows." Sheldon asks how does she know, and Raj say, "we warned her." (pardon the paraphrasing in the above.) Scene 9 Bernadette's bed (pre-tape). Penny is reading more of Leonard's manuscript (with another flash back further into the story) how the mean boss saves the hero and Bernadette wants to know what Penny thinks of being the model for the mean boss. Penny says it wasn't her, it was Bernadette. Bernadette said she didn't think so, and asks Penny what happen when Penny brought it up to Leonard. She thinks back and says Leonard started stuttering and left the room. She thinks about that for a minute, then says "Son of a bitch." Bernadette smiles knowingly. Scene 10 Lenny apartment Pre-tape. Penny's reading some more of the story on Leonard's computer (another flashback). Leonard comes home and they has a light argument about Penny being the model for the mean boss. Penny finally leaves the room with this parting shot. "I know you say the hero (she used the hero's name, but I can't remember it) is 5 foot eight, but he's not fooling anyone (knowing Leonard isn't even five foot six). Scene 11 Shamy's apartment. Sheldon and Amy are playing chess, and Sheldon makes an intentionally bad move so Amy can win. He want's to show Amy he's mature enough to let her go onto PP, without him getting jealous. Amy says no, but Sheldon talks about Amy inspiring another girl to enter science. Amy agrees to go on and Sheldon says something about a brilliant woman scientist who is terrible at chess, I mean really terrible. What's your queen doing out there on the side, shopping?"
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    First I would like to thank everyone on this forum for the last 4 days wether we agree or not Everyone has helped me get through a very stressful 4 days .Before Christmas my doctors found a spot on my right lung and after several tests they were 80% sure it wasn't cancer so Tuesday they cut that spot out of lung and took 2 limp nodes to test them too. Everything came back negative for cancer thankfully and i came home from the hospital today. Now i have basically have 2 months to recover and I'm bored already Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    Yeah, it was quick, but almost all of the Lenny plot, was pre-taped. The title of the show is The Novelization Correlation. Once I go through the plot, it makes a lot of sense. Because of this show, we were shown The Proton Regeneration (1106) as that show set up tonights. Besides Wil, Stuart and Christine Baranski were in it. Christine, and Melissa did not appear at the end, but Keven did. All of Bernadette's scenes, all of Stuart's and Christine's were pre-taped. Lenny plot was about Leonard's novel, and was centered around who exactly the female character is based on. The Shame plot was mostly about Sheldon's struggles with Wil becoming PP. After that, it was everyone (including Amy) telling him why they don't do things, because of his reactions. I'll go ahead and start the lengthier show description, but I wanted to get this out so you guys had something. I found it a really funny show. There are some very good laugh lines in it and a couple of good visual laughs. I'll do a few scenes and post, a few more and post, that way you all have something.
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    Scene 12 Lenny's apartment pre-tape. Leonard is talking to his mother on Skype. He's wondering if he was writing about Penny subconsciously, Beverly says don't you mean unconsciously? Leonard says sarcstically thanks mother. Then he says something about her being nice for a change (again a paraphrase) and she says something about why he keeps coming back. He suddenly realizes that he's been modeling the mean boss on his mother. He rushes to tell Penny, BURSTING INTO THEIR BEDROOM (yes, we finally have a bedroom sighting.) where Penny is folding clothes. This triggers a flash to the story, with Beverly saying all the same lines as the other bosses. While all the dialogue sounded mean-sexy with the Penny boss, and just mean with the Bernadette boss, it sounded really creepy with Beverly as the boss knowing Beverly is his mother. There was a comment from either Beverly or boss Beverly (Paraphrased) as "you are a physicist why do you want to be a detective." and that implied that Leonard was a physicist, why did he want to be a writer. From what I got from the scenes was that Leonard wasn't long for the writer business. As for the bedroom, it wasn't seen long, and all I can remember is that the sheets were white, with red flowers and there was fluffiness and lace on the Pillows. We'll get a better look once we can pause it. Tag. Shamy are watching PP, with Amy on the show. She makes a joke and the show ends with the song. Amy and Sheldon are talking and Amy says she's proud of Sheldon because she knows how hard it is for him to control his jealousy. He says it is hard. Amy again says something about being proud and Sheldon agrees. Amy rises off the couch and says she's going to bed. Sheldon rises and says he's going to the roof. Amy say "fine" or "I know" and "I love you" and heads off to the bedroom, Sheldon leaves the apartment. after about 10 seconds, you hear what sound's like a frustrating yell from Sheldon. BTS; It started out as a rough night for Jim. He had a problem with the balloon for the hoverboard (they had to get another hoverboard) and then when they continued, he blew a line. In the first scene in the cafeteria, Jim blew another line and they stopped, there was a laugh when the mic picked up Kunal saying, "but it's my best line." Then, as they tried to finish the scene, Kunal messed up a line. So they reset and finally finished it. In scene seven, Mayim was saying her lines and all of a sudden she just stopped and said "Too many lines." So, they reset and finished that scene. When Sheldon was telling Amy she could inspire some young girl to enter the sciences he sounded so sincere, that the audience "Awwwwwwwwwwww'd". Mark Sweet told us the sound people didn't want the awwwws as it make s it difficult to edit, so please be quiet on the next take. They did all the scenes twice, and the scene with the hoverboard three times. There were a few times where they re-wrote lines. I was close to Mayim as she came up to the railing at the end to talk to a young male teen who, I gathered from Johnny and Kaley's comments, was there from Canada, and I think had a medical problems (he was sitting in the VIP section.). This is it for the taping report. I have a couple of things happen with the taping (all good) and I'll get to those in the next post.
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    Scene 4 (pre-tape). Shows Bernadette in bed reading with Leonard pacing. Bernadette makes a noise, and Leonard is all like what, what? All Bernadette says was "It was the baby." Bernadette likes it. Leonard is happy. Then Bernadette asks if Penny likes the female character? Leonard doesn't understand and Bernadette says she's a blond bombshell, who is very mean, and rolles her eyes. There is a cut to an office in CERN, With the hero (Leonard), his mean boss (Penny), two other scientists (Howard, looking a bit like Urkle and Raj, looking, I don't know) along with the janitor (Stuart, with a ridiculous mustache). The dialog, while sounding mean, sounds sexy as Penny (the boss) says it to Leonard (the hero). Cut back to Bernadette and Leonard, and Leonard wondering if Penny will be mad. Scene 5 Wil Wheatons house (on his porch). Wil comes to the door and Howard is there. Wil asks what is up. Howard says "He's sorry" and pulls Sheldon into view. Wil wants to know if Sheldon is putting him on his super secret enemies list and Sheldon says he's just a regular guy, he only has an enemies list. But he's taken Wil off of that list. Wil says that's interesting, he doesn't care, but it's interesting. He also apologizes and says if Wil needs a real scientist, to give him a call. Wil starts with "Actually..." and Sheldon jumps in all happy Wil would consider him. What Wil was going to say, he was interested in female scientists and asked Sheldon to help him get Amy for the show. Again, the audience's laugh was another "Oh no he didn't do that to Sheldon." but he did. Sheldon says something about both of them coming on the show. You know, to show that a woman scientist would still be able to land a man. Howard cuts in and says to Wil, "I told you I was sorry." Scene 6 Pre-tape. Lenny's apartment Penny is reading Leonard novel and there is a cut back to the same scene as Bernadette. Everyone is the same, except that the hero's boss is now Bernadette (with straight hair). Now, all the comments between the hero and the boss are just mean. Flash back to 4A and Penny is asking if the woman boss is based on Bernadette cause after all she's mean and rolls her eyes. Leonard hems and haws says yes then gets up and leaves the room. Scene 7 (Shamy's apartment) Amy comes in and Sheldon says something about he wants her to do something for him. Amy asks, "Does it involve a news report where I say you were quiet and a loner and that I'm just as surprised as everyone else?" He says no, no and goes on to explain that Wil want's Amy for his show. Amy declines and Sheldon presses her as to why she doesn't want to do it. She talks about not wanting to get between Wil and Sheldon because of how Sheldon would react. Sheldon now believes everyone walks around on eggshells when he's around.
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    OK, here it is. I don't remember all the lines, or most of them for that matter, but I'll do what I can. Cold Open Shamy's apartment. Sheldon is ranting about PP and Amy is trying to calm him, telling him he may like it. Sheldon claims he won't and is going to start complaining on the internet. Amy wants to know how he can complain about something he hasn't seen. Sheldon retorts, "have you ever seen the internet?". Amy then suggests if he watches it, he'll be able to complain about specific things. Sheldon likes that idea, so they start watching. It's got updated music to the same theme song and then Wil says they are going to build a hover craft. Sheldon get all excited, because he loves things that hover. Then Wil says and only with a CD, a plastic bottle top, a nail (I think) and a balloon. Sheldon gets upset cause he has all those things. It's intimated he's going to build it. Scene 1. Lenny's apartment. Leonard's working on his book. Penny comes in and asks what he doing, and what is that noise. Leonard says he's working on his book, and the noise is his new keyboard, that sounds like an old typewriter. There was some back and forth about the hero and something about whether the hero could eat dairy without leaving the room, because there is a lot of cheese in Switzerland. Then Leonard tells Penny he just came up with the murder weapon. Penny says a Swiss Army Knife? Leonard very dismissively says "No, no, no". Penny leaves the room and Leonard turns back to the keyboard and says "That's better than mine." Scene 2 Sheldon's playing with the hoverboard he built using things from the show. He's starting to like Wil as PP. Then Wil tells a joke, "Why can't you trust atoms?" Sheldon thinks about it, then Wil says, "It's because they "make up" everything." Sheldon thinks that's hilarious, and explains it to Amy. Then the doorbell, on the show rings and Wil say's "Who can that be?" Sheldon thinks it's great Wil has added suspense to the show. Wil goes to the door, and opens it, and its Howard at the door,he's a guest on PP(the audience had this great "Oh no he didn't" laugh, know Howard being on would piss Sheldon off.) Scene 3 The Cafeteria. Leonard, Raj, and Howard are eating and Leonard is talking about his book and trying to come up with some things. Howard suggests giving it to Bernadette to look at. Since she was put on bedrest, she's seen all of the detective shows. Then Sheldon joins them and tells Howard he forgives him. Howard says thanks. Leonard asks, don't you want to know what for? Howard says something along the lines of "no, he's taking it, good year for Howard." Sheldon says something about PP and Howard says all Sheldon has to do is apologize. There was some other banter between Raj and Sheldon.
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    All, just a quick note, I’m on my way to California, (7:05 flight ). Because of the trip, I will not be generally available for the next few days. As a result, reports or questions may not get picked up as quickly, and you will be better off contacting Tripper, instead of me, with any concerns until next Thursday. I will be here after the taping on Tuesday, to report on the taping, so in general, see you then. Tensor
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    During the tour, I took some pictures, and I thought I'd put them up here. There were a lot of places where we couldn't take pictures inside, so I don't have those. First up, the entrance to the tour: Once inside, on a wall, among various movie and TV scenes, is this scene from 6.23: I have more to put up and I'll do those as I get to them.
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    While talking to our guide, I mentioned that I had designed and built sets for several of our local community theaters. As we approached the end of the tour, he said we were going to take a slight detour, that they don't normally take, and he ran us through the mill shop. The mill shop builds the sets needed for all the shows and movies. For example, the following two are from TBBT. The first had some identification numbers on it, along with the words. ("Prince" "Bath"). Anyone want to take a guess at what the thing with the placards on it is, when it's unpacked and put up?: While the Placards aren't viewable, I knew what it was(the tour guide confirmed it) Can anyone identify the following? And finally, at the end of the tour, there is a area where you can see how a show goes from script to shooting. It also has the set "Central Perk" from the series Friends (and has a snack bar named the same). Once past there, they have some of the costumes, props and areas used in some of the more famous WB movies "Casablanca", "My Fair Lady" to name a few. Also a couple of areas dealing with their animation and short divisions. There is one area that has a case holding the Academy awards for many of their movies, some Emmys, and Golden Globes also. You also get to take a picture of you holding an actual Oscar. Finally after all that you come out of the are and walk down a short hallway. In that hallway, I found this: OK hope you enjoyed this short tour.
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    We finally got to stage 25. He didn't tell us where we would be going to look at a set, but since we were walking toward 25, I knew. Everyone else was surprised (and happy fro what I could tell) that we were going to see TBBT set. State 24 is now known as the "Friends" stage, as it was shot there and ran for 10 years. It has a plaque near the entrance announcing it as the "Friends" stage. Stage 25 will be getting one, designating stage 25 as The Big Bang Theory Stage. A show has to run for more than 10 year in the same stage, to get a plaque, and the stage named after it. They haven't put one up yet for TBBT, but it will get one. There was some confusion as to when to get tickets. Our guide was telling everyone they should try on Tuesdays. I corrected him, and when they all found out I was going to the taping today, they started asking all sorts of questions, which I answered. After a brief talk about how the taping is done, we heading out of the stage (this is when I took a peek at the swing sets.). The following are after we left the stage, the first I'm pointing out why I'm there: The second is me relaxing near their parking spots A surprises for me, and the end of the tour.
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    The first place you get to, as you enter the lot, is the production area, where the various production and writer's offices are located. The tram stopped to show us what used to used as a motel, but was now offices for the various production companies. I snapped this, as I recognized the name of Johnny's production company, on the parking stop just below the short bush, Alcide Bava. Not saying that is where Johnny's personal office is, just that his company has a spot in this building. We turned a corner and to our left was a building that was pointed out as Chuck Lorre's building. I didn't get a shot of the building (I was on the right of the tram), but I did get a shot of the parking lot. The Big Bang Theory is obvious, but in the back you can see two spots. One, to the left is for the show Mom, and the other is for the show Young Sheldon. The next shot was from "Midwest Street". These are for exterior shots and the inside of all the houses are not set up to be used for shooting. What they do, is to use the inside of these houses as offices. While not TBBT, this house is related to the show: More coming later.
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    Today is Taping Day! Whooo!!! Have a happy day, everyone!
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    We got to the back lot and the firsrt place we stopped was at this place. It's been used in a lot of different shows, mostly as a jungle or swamp(there is a small pond behind the shack) but it's link to TBBT is this: the shack in the picture, is dressed, inside, as the paintball shack. You probably won't recognize the following, as it's been used for other things since, but the following was used as the front of the apartment building in The Spaghetti Catalyst, where Howard and Sheldon leave the building, and Sheldon gets chased by a dog, for the hotdogs he was hiding in his pants: The final one for this post is another you won't recognize, but the interior of the following was used as the tattoo parlor in The Gothowitz Deviation. More tomorrow.
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    Ok everyone, we’ll be heading to the studio in about 15 minutes. You might get one more post from me, but don’t hold me to that. “ See you on the other side, Ray...”
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    Glad you got good news from these nodes test, @legacy99. I wish you a quick and safe recovery. Online comunities like this forum most of times be part of users lives for years. Consequently, we live through happy times, hard times as we step by often or not so often to check our favourite show news or we feel into discuss most recent episodes , old or upcoming ones. It helps to be here as we try to handle with things in our real lives that seem easier as we spend a good time talking about our favourite characters, episodes or scenes. Sometimes it is better than an apointment with a therapist and also cheaper, lol. What I am trying to say is it is really great when we all here willing to help a member to feel better whatever the reason. We all are fans but we are also human beings with emotions and issues, we are not machines, the way we use to communicate is a machine( laptop, cell phone, etc). We dont. Cheers to Big Bang Theory and us! *raising mug of tea*
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    I was going to do this tomorrow, but I've got some time before bed. The following is sometimes used as Central Park, for New York scenes. For TBBT, it's simply where they shot the kite flying scene from season three. It's not all that big, maybe 20 x 30 feet, but could be closer to 15 x 30. The next isn't really from TBBT, but again is related. As we were driving past the "Chicago "L" part of the back lot, I spotted (I asked and it was confirmed) the Cooper family car from Young Sheldon: Finally, You may not recognize it, but even though it has a MS Hotel, in TBBT, it was the theatre where they were showing the extra 21 seconds of Raiders. Next, studio 25
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    Happy Taping Day, everyone! I think chances are good we could get a taping report this time.
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    Actually, for me Leonard is a hero and no joke. Quite heroic in his interaction with his friends and those he loves. Perhaps a hero with feet of clay, who may have tripped when drunk and instantly regretted it (we'll never know for certain as the writing choice was not the best). A man damaged by treatment in his youth, not only by the world at large, but also by those who should have shown him care and tenderness. No caring, supportive mother for him. No adoring, yet snarky mee-maw on site for him. Of all the characters, for me, Leonard's story is the most compelling. That he has become the man that he is (again, caring toward his friends and adoring of the woman he loves) is for me heroic. I look beyond the cheap jokes made in the name of comedy and that is what I see. That is what the story of The Big Bang Theory is for me. Anyway, that's just me, a dopey Lenny/Leonard/Penny enthusiast......
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    IMO the real “crime“ was to invent this kiss towards the end of season 8 in the first place, just to create drama for the season finale. And it‘s funny when Leonard is accused of not telling it Penny for two years. It was difficult for him to tell Penny about the kiss, let‘s say at the beginning of season 7, when even the writers didn‘t know about it until the end of season 8. That‘s the problem with retconning. Retroactively inserting a certain event into the timeline can be a really bad idea at times.
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    I think the book is an excellent plot for Leonard, I'm very interested to see more of it. In my Country, more or less 10 years ago, a very young physicist wrote a novel, it had vaguely to do with Mathematics (in the sense the protagonist was a Mathematician). Surprisingly, as it was his first published work, it had tons of success, won all sort of very prestigious literary prizes, a movie was made out of it and now that physicist (he is not working in Physics anymore, he is a full time writer) has become really famous. So I think the plot can be believable for Leonard, the writers can make it so, if they "sell" us his book as a good one.
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    Perhaps some publisher would be interested in a detective story featuring a scientist, written by a scientist. Someone with inside knowledge. Dick Francis was a mystery writer who had experience with horse racing. His books dealt with mysteries in that arena. John Grisham was an attorney who turned to mystery type writing, some of which featured attorneys. There is some precedent for this sort of thing. Another question here would be why would any publisher have interest in The Sun Also Rises or This Side of Paradise? I believe it took a lot of convincing to publish Moby Dick....No reason why there shouldn't be any interest at all. Who knows, maybe he is a lousy writer and the submission will be turned down. Is that more to your liking?
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    @Tensor thank you so very much about this incredibly detailed report! Your memory never ceases to amaze! It sounds like you had a wonderful time and I am so happy for you! You even got to be among the first to finally see the Hofstadters bedroom! I skimmed through the Shamy parts and read the Lenny parts. The episode sounds fun and funny. What Leonard does with Beverly, turning to her once and again, is clearly repetition compulsion. That is when one repeats, in this and other ways, something that was beyond his capacities to handle. It can happen to in "simple", "everyday" things but is much more prominent, powerful (and sometimes hurtful and dangerous) in the case of trauma, which is the case for Leonard. It is also a big part of his relationship with Sheldon, IMO (the condescending, cold, mean person who he tries to satisfy but makes all these crazy demands and demeans him constantly). If Beverly were even a very mediocre therapist, by the way, she would have known he needs to repeat the experience and have it changed, have the other process it and act differently instead of recreating the experience. Getting him to understand what he is doing could also help. (Also, and I know the writers certainly didn't intend for this, his playful banter with Penny could perhaps be viewed as a form of such a correction, he's getting criticism but it is playful and he plays back.) I'm dissapointed, though, that Beverly seems to crush his book project. I was excited about this plot. Wondeful post!!!! 1000 likes!!!! People don't realize how severe is the treatment Leonard had when growing up. He suffered emotional abuse and getting where he got and being who he is, shows great resillience. Leonard is a fighter, this can be seen in him not giving up on Penny even though her own issues made for her to hurt him. I agree with you very much. Trauma always leaves scars, even when one manages to get back or gain an adequate level of functioning. In a creative activity such as writing a story it is not surprising at all for the trauma to show.
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    More from Alex Ayers' IG stories Kaley and Johnny talking to the audience... ...and a picture of TBBT's new props lady
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    @legacy99 After such hard days, take care of yourself and have a good rest. (With a little help.)
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    Two pics at the link... http://ew.com/tv/2018/01/16/big-bang-theory-beth-behrs-photos/?utm_campaign=entertainmentweekly&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=social&xid=entertainment-weekly_socialflow_twitter
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    I seriously doubt it. She would have probably tag him as crazy and stay away from him most of the time, their only interactions being greetings, awkward silences walking up/down the stairs and Sheldon complaining about her being noisy. She mostly came to 4A for Leonard, if it weren't for him she would hardly know Sheldon.
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    Believe me, I know exactly what you've been through. Happy to hear that you are cancer free.
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    So glad you got good news and are recovering and that the Forum is a comfort and help to you. I started watching the show about 5 years ago after a recurrence of cancer. It made me laugh and cry, amused me, passed the time. I got hooked on the show and fell in love with Lenny. Took me a while to join the Forum after lurking for awhile. So glad I did. Now it's a regular part of my day! Knock wood, I've been very healthy since recovering then. Laughter and people who share your passion really helps!
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    The writers probably never imagined this stupid boat kiss will still be discussed more than two years later.
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    1)First of all nobody owes you an explanation or justifications as to why they come to the forum, and I find it offensive that you even asked for one. 2) Secondly, in Tonstar's case, (gathering form a lot of posts I've read from him through the years, he used to like TBBT, but doesn't anymore because it has turned into the Sheldon show, and he (as me) watched TBBT primarily for Lenny. (Sorry Tonstar if I overstepped my bounds talking for you, but I think it needed to be said). 3) Finally I don't come to the forum for you, so if my opinions put a damper on your love for the show, I'm sorry to say but I really don't care.
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    Happy new episode day, everyone!
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    I really like that Leonard is helping Penny and they are having so much fun with it!Very, very cute scene!
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    Another one from Alex Ayers' IG stories
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    Wishing you all the best and a quick recovery! Great posting @spidergirl! Couldn't have said it better! It's great to see that despite all the different preferences we have when it comes to TBBT and despite all our different point of views and opinions we can be a real community when it really matters.
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    My thoughts are with you my friend along with my hopes for your speedy recovery I know what would make me feel better...
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    It's possible, anything is possible and the writers have shown if they want to inject some drama into the show they can and will. But with storylines I would imagine part of the process involves ultimately weighing up will the storyline actually sell to the audience and will they buy into it or not. In this case i.e. some drama at the Shamy wedding possibly leading to some cliffhanger or going for high drama and the wedding actually not happening there are three things in my view that probably go against doing that: 1. Shamy are mega popular. You just have to look at the viewing figures that those Shamy milestone episodes get and a wedding would be no exception. People will be rooting for Shamy to have a successful nuptials. 2. They are really in a good place right now, I think if there was to be some drama and the decision is made you then need some setup episodes before hand with signs that something dramatic could happen. You know to actually sell the storyline to the audience otherwise they might not buy into it, if we start seeing that then i'll worry but until then I am expecting only postive things. 3. We may have a Season left. There are a finite number of episodes now left with possibly more stories they want to tell. It make more sense that going into Season 12 Shamy are married and they can focus on other stories and developments instead of dragging it out. Another point which is probably most key is that Shamy are clearly end game. If a 'soul mate' belief exists then I can't think of a better example than them on television. To coin a phrase from years ago on another very famous show " You're my one in five billion", well in Shamy's case they are each others 1 in 7.6 billion lol. Whatever happens between now and the end of the show I just know at the end of it they will be happy and together Easier said than done but I wouldn't worry, only worry if there is something to be worried about. As Amy said the other day they are in a great place right now
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    Oh no, but nothing will ever kill my little emojifs!
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    The writers give us as much "Shenny" as they do because Sheldon and Penny are the most popular characters. When the show started, Johnny got the top billing of the big 3 based upon his career history. But his character is the least popular of the 3. So the writers are responding to popular demand. I did find it interesting, and I admit, gratifying that in Jessica Radloff's review of the last episode she is fed up with Sheldon's bs. May be a classic example of too much of a good thing. Anyhow, it is what it is, it's hard on Lenny's and even harder on ardent Leonard fans. If anything, for me, I love Leonard and Lenny more than ever and appreciate when they are good together and try to enjoy the humor in the show as a whole. Smaller doses of Sheldon would improve the show for me but I'm not holding my breath.
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    Well Jim said once she's game for damn near anything....
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    Mayim and her award http://media.gettyimages.com/photos/actor-mayim-bialik-accepts-best-supporting-actress-in-a-comedy-series-picture-id903982590
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    Howard was creepy in an overt way. More "all talk and no action". Sheldon's creepyness was more covert, in someways a little more dangerous when you think about it. He is one lab accident away from....
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    That whole explanation was a contrived bit of nonsense on the part of the writers.
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