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    But his not having had the curiosity to read her favourite novel before suggests either he's dully incurious or doesn't really love her.  Disagree...I have zero interest in my boyfriend's novels about history and war. Thankfully, we are allowed and expected to have different tastes. Just because I don't have the desire to read his favorite book does not mean I do not love him. I would not expect him to read my trashy romance novels or murder mysteries to prove love or dedication towards me. That is a silly notion in my mind.
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    It seems to me he is a character on a TV show who acts the way he does because he is written that way. I'm a Shamy and I swoon over their sweet moments, because they were (IMO) done so in character. Not because I believe this how real people should act. They are not real people and to hold them to that standard is unrealistic
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    A sitcom needs an antagonist in the mix. That is Sheldon's role. If TBBT had been about Penny, Leonard and Leonard's extremely polite and considerate genius room mate where would the show have gone....no where. So even as they have evolved Sheldon, they continue to use him as the antagonist to create humor.
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    Yeah, in S. 10 the costumes department found a great balance with her wardrobe, it was still Amy's style, but more colorful and modern; I guess it could be justified story-wise with the fact she lost most of her clothes in the flood of her old apartment and had to shop for new ones. Her hair was also prettier, with nice curls. Then in S. 11 they reverted everything back to S. 6-Amy looks, both the wardrobe and the hairstyle/make up. I don't advocate for a change of looks in Amy, I like she feels comfortable with her own skin, but S. 10 shows there would be some space for little changes in better without altering the character one bit. Too bad they didn't stick with that!
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    So you're suggesting that every couple who hasn't read each other's favourite novel doesn't love each other? I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that's not how people work. Of course Sheldon is "dully uninterested" because he as a character has always been (and this is where I explain the joke) full of pride and prejudice about other people's interests that he deemed beneath him for some silly reason. Sheldon is only smart in a very limited area of expertise but any kind of social interactions is certainly not part of it. He can barely navigate present day life - what makes you think he can understand the finesse of Jane Austen's time period? His final assessment was that the novel had a lot of pride and prejudice, for goodness' sake!
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    Promotional photos for episode 12.02 "The Wedding Gift Wormhole" are up on cbspressexpress. (geo-blocked) Link: cbspressexpress.com
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    Promotional photos for the season 12 premiere episode "The Conjugal Configuration" are up on cbspressexpress. (Sorry, geo-blocked) Link: cbspressexpress.com
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    The creators, EPs, writers etc want to keep the L/P and S/A neighbor thing going. They want the 4A/4B back and forth to keep happening. They want the iconic sets front and center. It's not about the character of Sheldon being a "good friend" it's about keeping eyes on the screen.
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    If we could burn that ugly brown vest alongside with the couch that would be quite a feat!
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    Great promo pics for both episodes, can't wait! 😊
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    If we're trying to decide how Sheldon is changed to see how it will relate to how he behaves in the new season, perhaps this discussion is valid in the season twelve thread. I am going to go on this assumption. So let's see some opinions. Was Sheldon a good friend at any of these points in the show? 1. Fuzzy Boots Corollary when he tried to cheer Leonard up after Leslie turned him down by suggesting he ask out Penny. 2. Loubenfeld Decoy when he is worried about the flimsy lie Leonard tells Penny to get out of having to see her in a musical. 3. Peanut Reaction when he goes with Penny to help her pick out a present for Leonard. 4. Barbarian Simulation when he tried to help Penny's depression by introducing her to online gaming. 5. White Asparagus Triangulation when he liked Leonard's new girlfriend and tried to keep them together. 6. Financial Permeability when he loans Penny money. 7. Work Song Nanocluster when he helps Penny with her home business. 8. Cornhusker Vortex when he tried to teach Leonard about football when Leonard feels left out among Penny's friends,. 9. Adhesive Duck Deficiency when he helps Penny when she is hurt. 10., Gorilla Experiment when he tried to teach Penny physics so she will understand Leonard's work. 11. Irish Pub Formulation when he tried to help Leonard keep his relationship with Priya a secret. 12. Isolation Pormutation when he tried to comfort Amy when Penny and Bernadette leave her out of dress shopping. 13. Date Night Variable when Raj is depressed and Sheldon invites him along on his and Amy's date so he won't be lonely. 14. Fish Guts Displacement when he took care of Amy when she was sick. 15. Hofstadter Insufficiency when he and Penny hang out while Leonard is away and they both miss him. 16. Anything Can Happen Recurrence when he spends the evening with Penny when she gets upset with the other girls. 17. Hook Up Reverberation when he and the other guys consider investing in the comic book store to help Stuart reopen., 18. Application Deterioration when he offered to donate 1/4 of his profits to a college fund for the Howardette baby. 19. Romance Recalibration when he offered to draft a relationship agreement to help improve the Lenny marriage. 20. Comic Con Conundrum when he offered to help Raj with his finances. 21. Explosion Implosion when he builds the model rocket with Howard, who is worried bout raising another child. I had more but this was getting too long already. Are any of these proof of friendship?
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    My favorite dress was the one she wore on her date with Dave when Sheldon went to find her and saw Dave kiss her. That was a cute dress.
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    The Lenny Storybook Chapter 205: The Fermentation Bifurcation (Season 9, Episode 22 - original air date: April 28, 2016)
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    IMO that look doesn't 'quite' suit Amy/Mayim now, everyone ages that's life and clothing and style does evolve and change. I think like you said they made some subtle differences with her clothing and hair that actually suited an older Amy/Mayim and it wasn't radically different to her well-established character's style. But they have gone back to what it was like years ago for some reason.
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    It was explained in the plot. It has nothing to do with his feelings for her. It was the result of him having the wrong idea of how to handle conflict in a relationship. It's not that difficult.
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    Yes. I for instance took in interest in what my friend/girl friend and eventually my wife was studying rather than her favorite novel. She was keen on Latin America studies and I knew nothing at all about it so I got myself a big fat text on the history of Latin America to find out what it was all about. There is no one right way as people are all different. What is most important to them is diverse.
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    Married Life does suit Shamy!
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    Leonard: Am I like the dryer sheets of your heart? Penny: Better. You’re the lint trap of my love. 😃
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    The Lenny Storybook Chapter 192: The Platonic Permutation (Season 9, Episode 9 - original air date: November 19, 2015)
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    Just looking at the Shamy promo pics....it's great to see them in a bed that actually looks big enough for them both!! I bet they had a lot of fun in that 😉😁 And Sheldon's wedding ring....😍
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    IIRC, that was the first time Penny was called (Mrs.) Hofstadter (by Sheldon).
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    Lovely they are, love them! Did you notice the Sheldon's wedding band? Omg and thinking back of the scientist that despised the need of romance in a person's life and now look at his big broad smile: my shamy was and will be always pure love, I knew from first scene! So happy! ❤
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    Lovely promo pics, Shamy are in the mist of their newly wed bliss indeed!
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    Leonard and Penny in the season 12 premiere episode. ...and Penny Source: cbspressexpress.com
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