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    1st Round Emmy Ballots came out today. Both Jim and Kaley received nomination bids.... Jim for Supporting Actor in a TV Movie/Mini-Series in "Hollywood" Kaley for Character Voice Over Performance in "Harley Quin". Both of their shows received multiple nomination bids in other areas. Voting for this round ends July 13th. The final Emmy Award Nominations will be announced on July 28th.
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    Just want to wish a Happy 2 year anniversary to Kaley and Karl....and may your best years be yet to come
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    Happy 72nd Birthday to Kathy Bates
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    Thanks for the update. However, another beautiful moment which we Lenny fans got jilted out of watching
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    I thought I would drop this in here. Most of you know I'm writing a fan fic about Penny's pregnancy. One thing that a lot of people don't know or realize, is that Penny, in the show, would have been due, either last week, or sometime this week. While the show ended in May, episode 23, The Change Constant, depicts the 9th of October and one or possibly two days after that. Nobel prizes are announced on 9 October. Episode 24, The Stockholm Syndrome, depicts the week before and up to, the 10th of December (The prizes last year were handed out on the 10th). With Penny claiming the sex with Leonard, after she got drunk with Sheldon, as the occurrence that caused the pregnancy, conception would be sometime the second week of October, which gives her the due date during the weeks mentioned. So, for all the Lenny lovers out there, by next week, their child will have been born.
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    To put simply, no. None of Penmy's behaviors that you described (and none of those you did not describe) is at a level to be considered a symptom of BPD. Also, although they had their ups and downs, I do not think you can consider Leonard and Penny's relationship very "unstable" (especially later on), and she does not idealize nor degrade him. I hope you're doing well and taking care of yourself, by the way, knowing that BPD can be challenging to handle. If you're looking for a representation of BPD in comedy, I highly recommend Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.
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    YES Happy Birthday Zephon75 and many more
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    Happy Birthday @Zephon75. Hopefully you'll have a wonderful day with many more to come!
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    Happy Father's Day. (2 pictures)
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