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    You manage to explain the balancing act between seriousness and plausibility within a fictitious genre. Very nice! 🙂
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    Thank you, all! The birthday wishes are very much appreciated! Thank you! The graphic is amazing!
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    Bravo! A perfectly honest, accurate and true post! Positively agree!
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    Another production deal for Jim and his team... From Deadline Hollywood Jim Parsons-Produced Comedy ‘The Monarchy Is Going To S***’ From Amy Reed In The Works At Quibi EXCLUSIVE: Quibi has put into development The Monarchy Is Going to S***, a comedy from writer Amy Reed (Diary of a Female President), Jim Parsons’ That’s Wonderful Productions and Warner Bros. TV. Written by Reed, The Monarchy Is Going To S*** is set in the modern-day kingdom of Andova, where the lives of twin princesses are thrown into utter disarray when the King’s newly discovered illegitimate son is named as the rightful heir to the throne. But the two irreverent princesses won’t exactly go away quietly, not when they believe The Monarchy Is Going To S***. Reed executive produces with That’s Wonderful’s Parsons and Todd Spiewak. Eric Norsoph, That’s Wonderful’s Head of Production and Development, co-executive produces and will oversee the project for the production company. Warner Bros. TV, where That’s Wonderful is under a deal, is the studio. <full article in the link>
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    I'm sure, Johnny will be a great dad.
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    I don't think that would happen. Anu was his best chance.
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    Agreed. But that's how their relationship was, Howard led and Raj followed. To me, that got old fast. All the women he dated, I got bored with him dating. Especially the way he acted when he dated Claire and Emily. That really tuned me out with Raj, making me not really caring about his character.
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    Iain and Annie are guests on Access Live this Thursday, September 26.
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    Darling sweetpea Dunja... there is always room.
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    My granddaughter is a junior in high school. Not a little girl any more. She once went trick or treating as a "Daling" or something like that from Dr Who. I know she scared the crap out of the other kids. I didn't even recognize her. To tell the truth, she scared me too. I had no warning whatsoever. For a couple of minutes I thought one of the Grim Reaper's henchmen was there to get me. ☺️
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    Maybe Christmas time. Don't want to give her ideas right now. ☺️
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    She wasn't afraid to tell him as well.
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    Yeah he will. He appears to be researching on the subject.
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    I'd love to find something similiar to that for my son's girlfriend. They just got engaged two weeks ago but he's talked about this for years. I keep watching recollections.biz for something along those lines. They make historical costuming and have lots of Victorian things.
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    My wife told me to go and get something that would make her look sexy. So I got drunk. Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
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    I know what that's like ! When others on this forum mention TV shows , I recognise the names of about ten percent of them, of which I've actually seen some. When they use initials other than YS or TBBT I'm lost. I eventually learned to tell from context the difference between internet initials such as RFLMAO or LOL and titles of shows I didn't know. That was after I learned what a show was. It was a long time after I got the internet that it dawned on me that names that had words in brackets after them were names of actors who'd been in a show or movie called whatever the word in brackets was. Of all the guest actors in TBBT over twelve years the only one I'd ever seen before was the fellow from Taxi whose name now escapes me. I'd heard Bob Newhart on the radio when his records used to get played on Two-way Family Favourites. I'd never seen anything any of the main cast were in either. A friend of mine went to Las Vegas a few years ago and she now tells me she saw Teller there.
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    From the comments: sanctionedjohnnygalecki Man. Now I gotta watch this.
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    I'm just gonna put this in here... @HeWolf Best wishes to you! 🥂
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    Movies should be left alone as well. There are way too many redo's of movies.
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    From Deadline Hollywood ‘Young Sheldon’: Craig T. Nelson To Recur On Season 3 Of CBS Comedy Series Parenthood and Coach alum Craig T. Nelson is set for a recurring role on the upcoming third season of CBS’ hit comedy series Young Sheldon. Clearly a nod to his signature character on ABC’s ’90s sitcom Coach, Nelson will play Coach Dale Ballard on Young Sheldon. Dale Ballard is a Little League baseball coach who butts heads with George Sr. (Lance Barber) about Missy (Raegan Revord) wanting to join the team. The character will be introduced in the sixth episode of the upcoming third season, which premieres September 26. On Coach, which aired on ABC from 1989-97, Nelson won an Emmy for his portrayal of Hayden Fox, head coach of the fictional NCAA Division I-A Minnesota State University Screaming Eagles football team. <full article in the link>
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    (I pressed the 'like’ button intentional.) 😁
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    Building on that : if he cared about his character, the storyline about the sperm donating dilemma would have felt like the pits for him. How much lower could they go ? If what happened to Leonard influenced his decision-making he'd have refused any further contracts point-blank. The rest of the cast must have been wondering what more rubbish the writers were going to come up with. It was writing on the wall for what the next season was going to bring. Actors care about their reputations as well as money. What material they accept reflects on them to a certain extent.
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    I totally disagree. They are friends but they do not run each other's business lives. Johnny is in a new relationship with a new baby. If there is any time to take some time to yourself it's when you are going to have a new baby on your hands. If the big three manage it well they have enough money to live on for the rest of their lives, and live quite well. None of them has to work at all if they don't want to. But it had been made clear to everyone that if ANY of the big three left the show was done. So Johnny leaving would have done the exact same thing Jim leaving did, except Johnny would have taken the flak for it, not Jim. And resigning didn't do a heck of a lot for Lenny storylines last time. He probably wouldn't think, based on that experience, that it was going to improve much if he signed again. I know some people think they owed something to the rest of the cast and the crew, but everyone in this business knows how it works. Nothing lasts forever and they were lucky to have the years together that they did.
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    I've never been in showbiz but I can see how there are many areas of it which involve being part of a team in which all depend on one another. They surely are always prepared for the fact that the time is going to come when one of them will be the first to say he or she can't carry on. Over a lifetime of working it must be something they get used to. It's a precarious profession. They can't be making their career decisions based all the time on what other people might want. Also, it's only natural that over the years they'll talk about it : Chuck Lorre went as far as announcing to the public what he'd do when any of the main cast decided to move on.
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    With regard to Kaley's new house. Judging by the picture above and by pictures/videos from Kaley's IG stories, her new house is really spacious. A few days ago I saw a video on Kaley's IG stories, showing the staircase. I think my house would almost fit in there. 😄
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    Pretty tough to pick from the first 100 episodes or so. But picked mostly from Season 1-5. And 2 from 6, and 1 from 7. The Middle Earth Paradigm The Nerdvanna Annihilation The Peanut Reaction The Barbarian Sublimation The Panty Piñata Polirization The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis The Adhesive Duck Deficiency The Vengence Formulation The Staircase Implementation The Justice League Recombination The Love Car Displacement The Recombination Hypotheses The Beta Test Initiation The Holographic Excitation The 43 Peculiarity The Scavenger Hunt Vortex
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    ^^^^^I'm completely baffled now...
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    I agree with the idea of maybe at the end, during the final tag, that we see the future of everyone. I also cannot picture the group ever being too far separated from one another. I also think Raj will have found someone. Of the three choices to me it has to be someone that fits in with the rest of the gang. To me that person is Emily.
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    One of my favorites of Johnny!
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    Ariella appears in that photo, but something is missing in the mix.
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