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    Here's a larger look at the cover art for The Complete Series Limited Edition Blu-ray. You'll notice that episode titles from all twelve seasons surround the cast!  ❤️ 
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    Congrats to Jim, Todd and everyone associated with "Special" on their Emmy Nomination.. OUTSTANDING SHORT FORM COMEDY OR DRAMA SERIES - 2019 Special - Netflix Jim Parsons, Executive Producer Todd Spiewak, Executive Producer Eric Norsoph, Executive Producer Ryan O'Connell, Executive Producer Anna Dokoza, Executive Producer
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    Nominations were this morning. Here are the ones for TBBT OUTSTANDING DIRECTING FOR A COMEDY SERIES - 2019 "The Stockholm Syndrome" - Mark Cendrowski OUTSTANDING MULTI-CAMERA PICTURE EDITING FOR A COMEDY SERIES - 2019 "The Stockholm Syndrome" - Peter Chakos, Editor OUTSTANDING TECHNICAL DIRECTION, CAMERAWORK, VIDEO CONTROL FOR A SERIES - 2019 "The Stockholm Syndrome" - John D. O'Brien, Video Control John Pierre Dechene, Camera Richard G. Price, Camera James L. Hitchcock, Camera Brian Wayne Armstrong, Camera John E. Goforth, Camera
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    As a self-proclaimed "Desperate Believer of Cornfield-Penny" I would like to make this well articulated find available to the community for critical consideration. 😀 So, if you are wanting to create a winning team, make sure that you have a "Penny in your thoughts!"
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    I was hoping that Johnny would get a nomination. His performances in episode 12.21 and especially 12.22 were really highlights of the season. At long last Leonard drawing a line in the sand at work, maybe not getting what he wanted, but did gain respect and a sense of his worth to CalTech with the counter-offer. Also the truce with his mom. Again Leonard standing his ground. Both of these instances with support from his wife. Again, high points of the season. Even the last several seasons. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Tripper and I have been discussing that. We don't feel the pressure to get the "After the Show" sections up (since there won't be a new season), and Tripper's been working on some other things. We're also discussing changing the Young Sheldon part to be more similar to the current TBBT structure. (separate years, etc).
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    From podcastone.com Link to the podcast: https://www.podcastone.com/the-producers-guide-todd-garner-and-hollywoods-elite
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    I'd add that delegation was a vital skill : Penny turned the online find of Sheldon's 'friend who's a girl' by his other nerdy friends into girlfriend and wife material, thus passing the torch.
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    Yep, I feel like nominations would have been undeserved. If you are judging it in the confines of just a season it wasn’t Emmy worthy, nominations would have been largely driven by past glories and nostalgia.
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    Not surprised by the Emmy news. The last few seasons just have not been good. But Jim Parson's will always have his four to remember the show by. The clip won't work for me. I wonder why.
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    From tvline.com Emmys 2019: The Big Bang Theory's Series Finale Snags Nomination
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    Activity as predicted is starting to Decline. Natural with the show now over. This show has been such a massive part of my life. Since I was 18. My life was study watch Tbbt lol. And I don’t see it changing just because they have stopped production of the show. But Emmy nominations released tomorrow. What’s the chances of a nomination? Friends won in 2002. And was nominated in its final season in 2004. Tbbt might, with the nostalgia of its final season. We’ll see.
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    New trailer for Harley Quinn deadline.com: ‘Harley Quinn’ Trailer: Kaley Cuoco Is One Diabolical Villainess In DC Universe Animated Series – Comic-Con tvline.com: Harley Quinn Trailer: Kaley Cuoco Dishes Out Big Bangs! Pows! Thunks! as Gotham's Infamous Queenpin
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    I've had to do that. But I didn't have the kind of relationship with my relatives that Howard had with his mother. His constant fat jokes and her screaming were often over the top. I think it was a huge mistake to have Bernadette change to be shrill and authoritative like Howard's mother. She was not like that at first. I think she and Howard had a good relationship most of the time but when they tried to play her as replacing his mother I didn't think it was funny. Has anyone thought about what threads would be kept if we got a new section for post TBBT life? I assume there would be a thread about what the actors are doing next, and that weather, chit chat, and science in the news would stay and we'd have some kind of aftermath discussion page. Have the administrators decided if they are going to do that?
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    From etonline.com Watch 'Big Bang Theory' Cast Film the Very Last Take of the Beloved Sitcom (Exclusive) - video in the link above - ⬆️
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    This is Jim's 8th Emmy Award Nomination and his second for a non BBT show.
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    From tvline.com Emmys 2019: The Big Bang Theory's Series Finale Snags Nomination
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    Exactly 50 years ago, today, Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin completed what John F Kennedy described as "the most hazardous and dangerous and greatest adventure on which man has ever embarked." They came in peace, for all mankind. On this 50th Anniversary, of this most momentous event, can we spare a moment, to remember those spacemen and women who lost their lives, in the pursuit of mankind's ultimate adventure? Valentin Bondarenko Vladimir Komarov Gus Grissom Edward White Roger Chaffey Georgy Dobrovolsky Vladislav Volkov Viktor Patsayev Dick Scobee Mike Smith Judith Resnik Ron McNair Ellison Onizuka Christa McAuliffe Greg Jarvis Rick Husband Michael Anderson David Brown Kalpana Chawla Laurel Clark William McCool Ilan Ramon R.I.P.
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    The Television Academy made an adjustment today. "Special" now has four Emmy nominations. Best Short Form Drama. Two separate nominations for Best Actress in a Short Form Drama and (announced today) a Best Actor Nomination for Ryan in a Short Form Drama.
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    Probably not those of us who have had to take care of a parent and/or grandparent.
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    Here's some kinda, sorta Emmy news. Tripper sent it to me today. https://t.co/wrX5uoh7QT Some of this sounds very similar to conversations (here and other places) about OITNB and their comedy award.
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    D'arcy Carden didn't get a nomination for her work in the latest srasom of "The Good Place" so even if this were the best BBT season I wouldn't have been surprised. (And no it wasn't the best season at all...)
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    That has happened before, in the past, when the academy final decides to recognize something that they had ignored before. A perfect example happened during the run of the show. Bob Newhart won his Emmy, basically, for his previous work, that had been ignored.
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    I've just met a lady who makes me feel young again. She's 110.
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    yaaaay!!!!!! so happy !!!!!!!!
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    That is one thing that bothered me in the last few seasons, the writers were either having a hard time writing, lazy or got so comfortable in their jobs that they just went for the one time laugh and threw canon and even common sense out the window.
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    I still check the email address where I receive notifications about the forum. I have yet to shake off the habit of expecting to hear what's planned for the upcoming season. Something that's niggling me about the last season is Amy's immediate response of 'Sounds expensive' to Raj's suggestion of sprucing herself up. Raj reminded her she had just won pots of money. The idea of affordability doesn't make sense to me. Now we know Amy loved a bargain when it came to clothes,but she was often seen wearing things she hadn't had on before so she must have been accustomed to buying new from time to time. She also had new glasses occasionally. She had a good job, a husband who also had one, and lived in a tiny apartment. The idea that she'd think twice about paying for a haircut seems very odd. Surely it can't just have been the writers' ploy to get a laugh out of what Sheldon wanted to buy ?
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    I also check in once a day. (I used to do it twice.) I haven't watched it either. I am not a big TV watcher and have so much to do in the summer I don't usually watch TV anyway. When i do turn it on it's usually to toss a move into the DVD player. I did binge watch that 70's show when we were having rain every single day and I couldn't work outside or do any work on our house. I still think Raj is a descendant of Fez. I'd love to see TBBT nominated for an Emmy but I really didn't like much of the last season. The best thing I can say is it's better than season eight and that is not saying much.
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    Activity has certainly waned and will no doubt continue to do so since there will be no more new episodes. Personally, while I still check the forums at least once daily, I haven't felt compelled to post anything in quite a while. In fact, I also haven't watched a single episode of TBBT since the finale. I see the show listed on my guide and think about watching but then decide there's no point. The show is over. What were once seen as parts of a greater whole; bits of an ongoing story; place keepers until the next chapter unfolds; are now just parts of a finished tale. The curtain has dropped; the book is closed; Porky has spoken; and, Howard has Vespa'd off into the sunset. Perhaps one day I'll be ready to re-visit the 12 year TBBT saga, but right now I have no interest. It would be nice to see TBBT nominated for one, or more, Emmy's, but I'm not sure the Season 12 content truly warrants any such accolade. It was better than some of the prior seasons, but certainly nothing fantastic.
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    Small Ads. I'm looking for a dominant woman. Tell me to call you!
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    A very true and accurate analysis from Ken Levine. He is right the Emmys have become a joke because the same shows keep getting nominated and there is so much diversity of shows to watch. I have said in the past that there should be now two sets of awards; one for cable/streaming and one for network tv.
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    I am so happy for Melissa! She deserves such great news after everything she lived through the miscarriage. Best wishes for her pregnancy goes well.
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    Mayim's birthday greetings for Melissa
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