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    It'd be great to have Penny make a Schrodinger's cat reference next season. Preferably in the sacred, rarely seen Lenny bedroom.
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    Hmmmmmmmm, I don't see anything in there about the show getting renewed. Just comments that they are hopeful. Based on their current ratings, I can see CBS requesting a 13th or 14th. Either one being touted as the final season. A finale 13th season would satisfy my OCD tendencies, for a nicely symmetric renewal pattern. The did their first season. Were renewed for one season. After season two, they were renewed for two seasons. They got two, three season renewals to take them to ten, then a two season renewal to take them to season 12. If renewed for a 13th and final season, here is what their renewals would look like: One year, two years, three years, three years, two years, one year (if renewed for one). Like I said, nicely symmetric. Unless they are complete idiots (and none of them are), they all currently have enough money (and will get more over the years) to live more than comfortably for the rest of their lives, even if they don't work again. So, money isn't really a consideration. Whether or not they are happy doing the show or want to move on to something else (Kaley and her horses for example) would be a bigger consideration. While I believe some are hesitant for various reasons, , I don't believe any of them are unhappy enough to not continue, if offered. So, moving on to something else (whether it's horses, writing, producing, or stage theatre) is probably the biggest consideration. One consideration is that the hours they are required for the show, which is rather small, does give them some freedom for other things. Except for taping days and some pre taping days, multi cam sitcom actors generally spend four hours or less at the studio.
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    Okay bit of a TB. Historian moment. IT was today 19th may 2008. S1 Finalie aired. When Lenny went on their first official date. They wr Babies! ๐Ÿ˜
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    After flipping through this thread again, you can say, that the general consensus among Lennies and Lenny fans is, that season 11 was better than season 10, evidenced by many postings/comments that state this. Well, I agree to this. Lenny's relationship is solid, they are obviously in a good place when it comes to their marriage, their banter is funny again and the alien that took over Penny and obscured the real Penny is gone. Of course season 11 still had its flaws. But it was a clear improvement in comparison to the previous season. What I'd like to see for Lenny above all in season 12 is more exchange of affection (kisses, etc.). There was too little of it in season 11. Oh, and some scenes in bed would be nice. Wonderful words @Strawberry PopTart Fan! And they are so true! Yes, Leonard and Penny are great, and yes, they still bring me so much joy as well.
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    Hmm...Yes, Iโ€˜m sure. Lennyโ€˜s bedroom action even inspired me to make the following drawing.
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    When you're trying hard to get it together on Friday morning, but keep getting distracted. The best of Luminous Lenny. have a luscious Lenny weekend!
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    Saw loads of tweets last night as the wedding episode aired in the UK saying 'Sod the Royal Wedding' and 'There is only one wedding we care about and that's the Shamy one' lol I watched it again on E4 and yes I had dust in my eyes again when Amy delivered her vows lol.
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    The very last scene of this episode and Lenny's recognizable joy and confidentiality should prove you right. Kwibke's melancholic or even envious look also supports this assumption. That's my humble point of view. ๐Ÿ˜
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    Actually , when I take into consideration that Leonard went to get Shamy because he was worried about them, and that Penny kept the order by laying down the law for both mothers and seeing also how both of them behaved in general (ie: the I'm pumped moment by Penny and the emotional embrace Leonard gave Sheldon) I must say that the real stars of the Shamy wedding were Lenny, undeniably, unequivocally and irrefutably.
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    And they use their bedroom for naughty Sci-Fi roleplaying. ๐Ÿ˜€
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    Well said! @snowflake79 That was also my observation during the 11th season. I hope the writers will maintain Penny's perky and spontaneous behavior and also continue to show us Leonard's intellectual abilities and honest reflections on his world. That would sum up what makes Lenny so valuable to me.
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    For those of you who noticed I wasn't here as much as I usually am (and for those who knew) I've been working on preparing the damage from Hurricane Irma (I know, back in September). Most of the damage was due to the wind doing this: Then the rain coming in. Into the ceiling, into the walls, into the carpet, into everything in my den. I did an emergency evacuation of all the electronics (Desktop, laptop, UPS, backup drive, my PS4, my router, all that fun stuff. During the storm, it looked like this: Until we lost power, then our carpet machine, which was sucking up water didn't work, the fan didn't work, so the carpet sat in water for a few days. We also had this for damages: And this: And this: After a few days, the carpet began to smell rotten, and so we had to pull it up, leaving the room looking like this" So, we had to contact our insurance company, and they came out, to look at it, then it took a couple of weeks before the check came, then the check had to go to our mortgage company and then it finally came back to us. At that point, we contacted a roofer (the rest of the roof had lost about a third of our shingles) and they finally came out (they were behind with all the damage in the area) and finally fixed it. After that, it was Christmas and then I had the trip to see the taping. After I got back we started work on the room Had to pull off the walls (which were only eighth inch Luan) to check for mold and any other damage, so the room looked like this: No, that's not me... We did find some damage in the walls, repaired that. Note there wasn't any insulation in the ceilings or walls, so we put some in, then put wallboard ( or sheetrock, or any of the few other names) on the ceiling and walls. Then we had to put the screw and joint mud up, then the texture, then paint. We also had to replace the ledge just under the windows. Then we replaced the window from the kitchen to the den (the den is an added on room) with a bookcase in the den (for the kitchen we boarded it up, with wallboard, then texture, them paint, then I put up some spice racks my wife wanted. Once the painting was done, then we had to put new tile down (this was going to replace the carpet). At the same time, we were going to replace the carpet in our dining area, and the tile in the kitchen. Well, we finally have all that done. Here is the finished product. This is looking to the back of my den. You can see my new dest, my new desk chair, the bookcase we put in and the curtains that replaced the old worn out blinds. You can also see my message chair our little table and my wife's rooking chair, along with a bit of the tile. Here is the view looking toward the front of the room. My TV, router, PS4, UPS and also my ethernet and TV antennae cables. For reference you can see my message chair and the lamp shade from the first picture. This is a better look at our wood look tile and if you look just to the left of the lampshade, you can see the tile we put in our dining area and our kitchen. So, now that room is all finished. I have several other things I have to repair (our storage shed, our awnings, and then this fall, have the outside of our home pressure washed and repainted. But most of this is now finally done.
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    E4 are showing 10 Sheldon and Amy episodes today and they are using Shamy's Story for the title. The Lunar Excitation/ Series 3, Episode 23, is on at 4 O'clock. The Zazzy Substitution/ Series 4, Episode 3, is on at 4.30. The Agreement Dissection/ Series 4, Episode 21, is on at 5 O'clock. The Fish Guts Displacement/ Series 6, Episode 10, is on at 5.30. The Fortification Implementation/ Series 8, Episode 20, is on at 6 O'clock. The Matrimonial Momentum/ Series 9, Episode 1, is on at 6.30. The Earworm Reverberation/ Series 9, Episode 10, is on at 7 O'clock. The Opening Night Excitation/ Series 9, Episode 11, is on at 7.30. The Long Distance Dissonance/ Series 10, Episode 24, is on at 8 O'clock. The Bow Tie Asymmetry/ Series 11, Episode 24, is on at 8.30.
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    It's been toned down, some this year. From 11X15. my guess is the left side of the bed (right as we are looking at it) is Leonard's side.
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    I'll take a piece of that action, whos holding the money?
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    heheheheh, yeah. Fortunately, we now have a new roof, they also added straps to all the joists, all our windows are Miami-Dade rated (won't shatter with a 2 x 4 at 145 MPH) and we now have hurricane doors. So, unless it's hits with winds over 190, we're in good shape.
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    Speaking of acting. Looking forward to see Kaley in "The Flight Attendant", which will be developed into a limited series by her own film and television production company "Yes, Norman Productions".
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    I think it could be fun if the gang walks in to 4A and see Penny sitting by the kitchen island all painted green under her robe and Leonard has his flight suit on.
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    Oh, thanks. Want some coffee? But around here it's time for a nap. ๐Ÿ˜
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    Galecki should have been up for an emmy for his "I thought I was all cried out" line. Yet another reason it is unfortunate the clip was not chosen to make it on the air.
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    I do not necessarily like to disagree, but I would like to make an observation. So if you distance yourself from the usual couple viewing, I can already see a significant difference in the development of Penny. E.g. she helped Sheldon to look deeper at string theory and also used her literal knowledge of educational practice against him (lol). Penny's attempts at corporate promotion with Bill Gates and her firmness against Ray's self-adulation on the discovery of a comet. Finally, her resolute appearance as a maid of honor at Shamy's wedding. These examples might be suffice as proof of my statement. ๐Ÿ˜‰
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    Oh Yes, Schrรถdinger's cat will never get old. One of my favourite episode to be honest.
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