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    Just to clarify i'm largely not a fan of the other show because I don't feel its an accurate depiction of Sheldon's character and background, they radically changed it because they couldn't do a show based on what we knew of his childhood. The unreliable narrator excuse can only go so far, too many times and you become a liar. I'm not anti Sheldon, though I am far from happy how his character has been depicted this season. It is also my view that under Holland's direction he has slipped back into an earlier iteration for the purposes of a story far too often. The stories in general this season IMO have been far too average, the quality of the dialogue has slipped and as a result so has some of the acting performances. They are resting on their laurels, instead of being bold and forward thinking in the final season.
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    @Tensor All my best wishes to you! 🥃 You always know that comedy and logic can coexist in a show and that show can still be wildly entertaining.
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    I've got really inspired reading this thread and decided to make a cute little video of Lenny as parents please enjoy, especially if you're as desperate as I am for those smart and beautiful babies! P.s. if it's not allowed to post fan videos here, please tell me, and I'll delete it asap
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    I wonder if there is there a limit on gifs you can attach to a post? I'd like to post 100 facepalm gifs right now.
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    I want to thank all those that wished me a happy birthday. I really do appreciate it. I've been away from the form off and on (I'm currently in a play) I've been scarce, but it nice to see the well wishes. Again thank you all.
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    From The Hollywood Reporter 'The Big Bang Theory' Will Meet 'Young Sheldon' in Time-Jumping Crossover The space-time continuum on The Big Bang Theory is about to be disrupted. A December episode of the CBS comedy will feature a brief crossover with its spinoff, Young Sheldon. Three of that show's stars — Iain Armitage, Lance Barber and Montana Jordan — will make cameos as their characters. CBS and producer Warner Bros. TV are keeping details under wraps, but considering Young Sheldon takes place almost 30 years prior to the present-day setting of Big Bang, some sort of explanation, be it a dream sequence or a wormhole, might be necessary. Armitage plays the young version of Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons), who starts attending high school at age 9 in his East Texas hometown. Barber plays Sheldon's dad, George, and Jordan is Sheldon's older brother, Georgie (Jerry O'Connell has played grown-up George Jr. in a few Big Bang episodes). The Big Bang Theory has featured adult versions of Young Sheldon characters before, including O'Connell's adult Georgie and Robert Wu as the grown-up Tam, Sheldon's childhood friend. Laurie Metcalf played Sheldon's mom, Mary, on Big Bang for years before Young Sheldon cast Metcalf's real-life daughter, Zoe Perry, as the younger version of the character in the spinoff.
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    It not just a horse term and has nothing to do with taking charge. It’s an expression used in the south or west, indicating joy or enthusiasim. It’s use as a horse term comes from the rider exclaiming their joy for the ride. If sex wasn’t good, Penny would hardly be enjoying or being enthusiastic for the “ride”.
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    Oh dear, that may be the stroke (well, stone) that will break my back and make me stop watching the show. The lack of Missy brings me hope, I'd assume if this were about George Sr.'s fatherhood in general, she would be there too, not just the boys. Maybe it's another story of how Sheldon had misjudged his family, thinking his father only cared for Georgie, while in actuallity he made a lot of effort for Sheldon. Again, unnecessary. This is all a big commercial for YS. By the way, I have watched the first season, and two/three episodes and some odd videos of the second season of YS. I think it's a nice enough show (though not enough to justify its high ratings), but it is too banal for me. And I do not take it as the past of TBBT's Sheldon, because I agree with @Jonny, it doesn't match. In one episode Sheldon could lie effortlessly, in another he was a great singer-actor-dancer(!!!), and he generally has a better grasp of emotions both in himself and in others and of social cues than he had years and years later which is weird. Come on, that's not TBBT's Sheldon. Anyway, whatever my opinion is on YS, I do not want it to intrude on TBBT, especially when it has so few episodes to go. #lettbbtbe
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    One question though: since this is TBBT after all, when Lance Barber appears, won't everybody think it is Leonard's former nemesis Speckerman? What a load of crap!
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    Hope you're enjoying your birthday @Tensor
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    Same here. What the hell was that idea of a crossover? Imo it is totally unnecessary... *facepalm repeatdly*
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    Happy birthday, @Tensor! Thanks for everything you're doing and have fun all year long!
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    Happy happy birthday @Tensor! This is a chance to say thank you for all the incredible work you do so we can all enjoy this forum. I wish you a wondetful day and many great years to come.
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    I feel the same way. It is a pity they dont be bold enough to surprise me more this season. Too many stuff sounds old and sometimes boring.
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    I have no opinion as I don't watch it. I don't like being forced to have that show invade my favorite show. They are two different shows about Sheldon. One as older Sheldon and one as younger Sheldon. From what I am told by people who have watched, Sheldon's TBBT memories of his childhood is different from the "YS" show.
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    They haven't really slipped much, it gets around 2 million fewer viewers than TBBT before DVR figures and any adjustments. It's never retained all the audience from the TBBT (1st episode maybe was close). This is the most lacklustre season I have seen since probably Season 3 and injecting ideas, scenes, cameos or other stories from the other show that I have no intention or desire to watch isn't going to change that. Disappointing that one of my all-time favourite tv shows that I have got so much enjoyment from and met friends over is going out with such a whimper.
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    Completely disappointing. And to echo @bfm completely unnecessary. Does anyone know if YS has slipped in their ratings? Are they not holding onto the TBBT audience? We have already had the first 7 episodes supposedly written before anyone knew the end was coming. To add crossover episodes detracts (for me anyway) from a final season that has been for the most part run-of-the-mill. Yes. #lettbbtbe
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    Yeah I guess this is part of their EPIC season promotion. I think it is just a shameless way to build up YS. What can they possibly show here: that his father was not the drunk he portrayed him to be? Geez, KMN
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    I can't believe tptb think this will make the final season great but i guess you have to make money any way you can Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    I beg to differ. Yee-haw is not only for riding horses. It is an exclamation of the first order and in the context of the episode it was said so loudly that even the neighbors heard it. I don't believe it was merely an expression of approval for Leonard taking charge, but an exclamation due to the lengths Leonard's passionate was taking Penny. I could be much more crass and accurate, but you'll get the gist of what I'm trying to say, I believe.
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    Remember when “Speckerman” was the benchmark for a bad episode. I caught the episode where Penny crushes Leonard’s hopes for children in the future. Devastating. It appeared to comprehensively close that future avenue. Validated my decision to let go and stay mum going forward. The local broadcaster is flooding the schedule with YS. I’m finding it easy to resist. AND @tensor. Many Happy Returns and thanks. Cheers Mark
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    Happy birthday @Tensor and a big thank you for all the work you're doing at this forum. Hope you're having a great day.
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    This was amazing! Nicely done and thank you for sharing!!!
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