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    Now, when all has been said and all has been done, I’m looking at Penny and parenthood as a journey of development. Like other things, becoming a mother was something far in the future for her. After some scares in her youth, she settled into a “yeah, someday” mentality, which suited her. Until. Until she started thinking. About marrying Leonard. About changing careers. When she thought about how they may no longer be “young and fun” I think her considerations went into overdrive. A way to stay young may be not becoming a parent. A change in her view has occurred again now that she is expecting. We did not get to see the process, but I for one imagine a lovely and loving long conversation between Penny and Leonard, where all is laid out. All is said between them and what their future holds. They always do seem to arrive there at the point of non return. Of revealing things to themselves, together, that had been hidden. That had been unsaid. The true beauty of their relationship and the totality of their love of each other was on display late in season 12. Penny’s complete support of Leonard v Beverly in episode 22 (this followed her worry, tempered support and joy and happiness for him in his professional decision and the results in episode 20) and finally their extremely evident love and devotion in episodes 23 & 24. So, to Penny, Leonard is a “veritable Mack daddy” and together, they will have “smart and beautiful babies”....
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    Kaley and Briana 😷😷
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    A Cup Of Cuoco
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    I just watched the last episonde of The Big Bang Theory and it's amazing! I cried so hard it was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! The Big Bang may be the the number 1 comedy but it's far more than that! It's the most pure, beautiful and heartwarming love story anyone has ever known, it's about the most simple and true way anyone can love and it's about how the smallest things can have such a huge impact on peoples lives and make them turn out amazing it's not just a tv show it's a life lesson and the best story I have ever known. Thank you so much, because that, is the explanation for how the universe works. It did start with The Big Bang...
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    Avery’s hair is coming in nicely.
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    (1 video, 1 picture)
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    From the comments: 😄
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    From HBO Max official YouTube channel At 0:44 you can get a fleeting glimpse (one second) from Kaley's new show "The Flight Attendant". The launch of HBO Max will be on May, 27th. Source
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    Happy 65th Birthday to Laurie Metcalf
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    This was such a fun and rather sweet post! Also, thank you @luminous for keeping the spirit alive here! I appreciate your posts so much!
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    The Big Bang Theory’s 12 Best Episodes—And the Stories Behind Them By Jessica Radloff from Glamour
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    This is why she is so endearing to her fans. She is so down to earth and what you see is what you get. A truly human being in every sense of the word.
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    From today.com Kaley Cuoco video chats on the 3rd hour — from her car! video in link above ⬆️ Another link: Kaley Cuoco video chatted TODAY — from her car in a bathrobe From NBC TODAY's official YouTube channel
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    Happy 43rd Birthday to Brian Thomas Smith!
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    From variety.com Kaley Cuoco to Star With Kevin Hart in ‘Man From Toronto’ (EXCLUSIVE) From deadline.com Kaley Cuoco Joins Kevin Hart And Woody Harrelson In Sony‘s ˋMan From Toronto‘
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    A Cup Of Cuoco
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    Happy Birthday, Jim!
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    From usmagazine.com Kaley Cuoco Says ‘Big Bang Theory’ Costar and Ex Johnny Galecki Is a Great Dad: ‘He’s Always Wanted to Have a Baby’
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    Kaley filming "The Flight Attendant" in New York City. 🎥🎬🎞️ Kaley Cuoco is seen on set of 'The Flight Attendant' on February 25, 2020 in New York City. gettyimages.com Kaley Cuoco is seen on the set of 'The Flight Attendant" on February 24, 2020 in New York City. gettyimages.com
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    Kaley and Karl's new house From variety.com Kaley Cuoco, Karl Cook Buy $12 Million Hidden Hills Estate
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    They explained Amy's name at Paley Fest a few years ago. The name was decided upon during a writers meeting. She's named Amy because it means "beloved". Chuck Lorre added the middle name Farrah because he liked the way the two names sounded together. They then decided on the last name of Fowler because it's an old English surname (one who catches birds or fowl) and it would match Cooper which is also an old English surname (one who makes barrels or buckets). The name was decided upon before they even hired Mayim.
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    A new Cup Of Cuoco
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    From Variety Top Rated Shows of 2019: Super Bowl LIII, ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ ‘Game of Thrones’ Dominate CBS is sure going to miss “The Big Bang Theory.” The long-running sitcom, which ended in May after 12 seasons, was a ratings bazinga for the Eye network up until the very end. And in fitting with its popularity, the comedy’s May 16 finale, “The Change Constant”/”The Stockhom Syndrome,” was the highest-rated telecast of a scripted series on linear TV in 2019 — averaging nearly 25 million viewers. ” It was also the top-rated scripted broadcast telecast (and No. 1 comedy airing) of the year with adults 18-49, averaging a 5.0 rating. “The Big Bang Theory” ultimately landed 13 of the top 100 most-watched telecasts of the year, while spin-off “Young Sheldon” grabbed another 12 slots. But it was ultimately another broadcast that cemented CBS’ status as the most-watched linear network of the year in total viewers: Super Bowl LIII. No surprise, the matchup between the Los Angeles Rams and eventual winner New England Patriots was the top telecast of the year, averaging 98.8 million viewers. <full article in the link>
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    True dat! And Kaley loves her new closet. 😃
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    New episode of “A cup of Cuoco“
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    Wonder if she went commando as in the book. If her portrayal is as good as he says she is, hopefully it might get her an Emmy nomination. Wouldn't that be something after all these years as a comedic actress she receives an award as a dramatic actress. It would just go to show her range as a terrific talent.
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