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    Had a great time, some very funny lines. As we already have all the information I won't repeat it here except for the title: The Confirmation Polarization. Ok, I'm going to give a recap of each scene, where I remember specifics (or can paraphrase) I'll add those. I'm not going to vouch for pinpoint accuracy. Cold Open. Shamy doing a fun with flags episode (don't get too excited, it was very short, basically leading into the episode). Sheldon apologizes for Amy, because she claimed there was never a flag with a purple stripe. Sheldon points out there was, I believe it was Lithuania, a country that had one, and he shows the flag. Amy then apologizes for Sheldon, for having his fly open the entire previous episode. The wanted to take questions, and Sheldon told Amy to take off her glasses, so her password isn't visible. She takes off her glasses, but then can't read the emails. She puts them back on and finds an email from Fermilab (at this Sheldon says that's near Chicago, the Windy City, a good city for flags. Amy says no, it seems two scientists have confirmed their theory. They start going back and forth getting louder and louder saying " We did it." When it gets really loud, there is a cut to the rest of the gang in the hallway, and Penny says, "Awwwww, remember when they only did it on Amy's Birthday." Scene 1 The gang (minus Shamy) are eating. Howard wants to brag on Bernie, but Bernie says he doesn't need to. Everyone shuts up and eats, Bernie looks around and complains no one is asking her about it. Leonard finally asks, and Bernie says her project has passed all the FDA tests. Then the rest ask which project and she keeps saying no (a really funny one was, Penny I think, asked about her eye drops and she said no, they had to re-brand it as some sort of industrial cleaner). Finally she tells them and that it is good luck for Penny, as Bernadette wants Penny to head the sales team for the drug. You can tell Penny is not really enthused about the idea. Penny keeps issuing weak reasons for not doing it, and Bernadette keeps saying things like "That sounds like a yes to me." Finally, Shamy comes rushing in all excited and ask if they all know what happened. Raj says, "You did it." (thinking of sex), and they say "Yes we did" (thinking of their paper). Then Sheldon says "We didn't even know we did it". Howard goes "Wait, what?" Then Amy says, we had to have two professors from Chicago tell us we did it" and Leonard gets this strange look on his face and says, "Wait, what?". Then Jim started explaining about the theory and what led the other two to figure it out. And, he screwed up. So, they restarted, and he screwed up again. He looked at the script, said Ok, and they restarted, and he screwed up again. Someone in the audience went "Awwwwwww", feeling bad for Jim, and Jim said "Don't Awwwww me, I can keep you here all night." and everyone laughed. Then he started again, and screwed up again. He finally gets through it, and after a long sentence of large scientific terms, Penny says "Wait, what?" Scene 2 Later, Penny and Leonard are cleaning up. Leonard mentions it's funny seeing Penny wash dishes. Penny says she knows how to do it, she just get tired and leaves them. Leonard goes, "are you using any soap?" Penny says "Then you do it." Leonard asks Penny about why she didn't take the job offer from Bernadette. Penny says Bernadette is mean, that she can be hard on her subordinates, and Penny doesn't want to have to work that way. Scene 3 Shamy goes to President Siebert's office. The first time they went through it, Joshua Molina (Siebert) rose and opened his arms behind the desk, and said "bring it in" Sheldon said "bring what in?", and Amy explained it was for a hug, and he said "No, don't bring it in." Then Siebert explains that the two scientists would be visiting, and "we" wanted to write up Nobel paperwork. Sheldon asked if he meant "we" indicating him and Amy, or "we" indicating all three of them. Siebert explained Caltech had 38 Nobel laureates and they won, they would be the 39th an 40th. Sheldon wants to be 39, and Amy says it doesn't matter. He agrees it doesn't matter, but then winks at Siebert. There was a rather long pause, then they restarted. This time Molina didn't open his arms until he was around the dest. Mayim laughed and said can we restart. So they restarted and there were a couple of changes (opening his arms later, some minor dialog changes). Then there was another long wait, they restarted and there were some more changes. the one I remember was after Sheldon's "we's", Siebert said "we" or "we" it doesn't matter. Then Amy says "Wheeeeeeeeeee" before continuing. Scene 4 (pretaped) Penny stops by Bernadette's office to tell Bernadette, she talked to her boss and she didn't want to let Penny go, as her area was short. Bernadette offers to call her boss to get her released. Penny says, "You don't have to call her, It's no big deal." Bernadette, "You don't want to work for me?" Penny: "No, it's not that, were just short, darn it. Remember don't call my boss. Bernadette: "Look if you want to work on this with me, I can call her." Penny: "No, I'm like darn it, but you don't have to call. I just don't want to leave her short of salespeople, remember, don't call her. And Penny leaves. To Be continued...
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    @spidergirl : Your post brought yet more tears. As we have come to "the end" we will begin to fall away from something that for better or worse has sort of become our online home for TBBT content. We agree; we disagree; we argue; we make-up (and sometimes don't), but we all have something in common: our love for this (as Mrs. Wolowitz would say) furcocktah television show. I just want to say now that I wish every single one of you as we make our exit (whenever we do so) peace, joy, love and happiness!!!
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    They are all terrific friends to each other, despite their exaggerated flaws and occasional ( there have been 268 episodes and 15/12/9 years of relationships to spread it out) bad behaviour. These individual instances of poor treatment of friends are often overblown examples of things that life long friends in real life experience and forgive and forget, with the odd example that may have gone too far e.g. the behind the back girl stuff re Stephanie and Priya and fantasising about friends girls. The humour staple of this show as I think we can all agree is playful ( sometimes hurtful) put downs, jibes and teasing and cutting observations of each others’ lives. We are IMHO way more sensitive about their treatment of each other than they obviously are. Other than a Penny punch to Howard’s face, a ‘Panty piñata’ showdown, an occasional one episode walkout, a swinging handbag, a Carpark fight, a YouTube punch on, a side kick inspired wrestling match, a public spat at a conference panel, a few pranks and name calls and I’m sure a few others I can’t recall, most of their responses to the daily snark are just just dirty looks, eye rolls and shrugs. But amongst all that - and my wife and friends have put up with smartarse comments from me for decades and let it slide - they have done a lot for each other. Lead insulter that he is, Sheldon has financially supported Penny, given her advice she’s appreciated, supported her when Leonard hasn’t been around. He’s saved Raj from deportation and provided company when Raj has needed. He fought for recognition for Howard on the gyroscope project, gave him emotional support when and after his mum died, and set up a fund for Holly. He clearly respects Bernie and was able to give her something the others couldn’t see with that D&D adventure he made for her. Despite putting Leonard down constantly, he has also been a support in many situations and regardless of what we see ON screen, being in constant contact with someone for 15+ years is a real friendship. Main target though she is, Penny has consistently been a support for Sheldon from Season 1, saved Amy from a life of loneliness while also putting up with a lot of crap from her, even when Priya was around, Penny helped out Leonard and gave him lots of support before they got together. She always drops everything she is doing when her friends need her. Leonard, despite his weaknesses, will do anything for everyone. Despite many setbacks, he was always a shoulder to lean on for Penny in the early years and did more than a parent for Sheldon. He’s often seen as the leader of the group. Despite their faults, Amy and Bernie have been great friends to Penny. I don’t think she would have survived season 4 without them. They have also talked up Leonard to her when required ( and yes also put him down ) and Bernie did help Penny grow up by getting her that job. Howard and Raj are harder to pin down other than just being good guys to hang around with that are less hassle than Sheldon but when required they listen and support. Obviously they are great support to each other as well as Bernadette as they have become the secondary friendship group as support to the Lenny/Shamy main act. My point is, we can all find examples of shitty behaviour as friends, but deep down, despite the the edgier Chuck Lorre show humour that makes them appear far from perfect friends, I think they are just as good friends as the 6 from Friends. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    It was a major bucket list item for my wife and I and we had been trying for tickets since the start of the taping season. We had a great time, both at the taping and with a mini getaway in LA and Malibu!
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    Penny wouldn't be the first to insist it was 'an accident' when in reality it happened 'accidentally-on purpose', which is a saying where I grew up. It saves face when you don't want to tell people your first declaration was sincere but only up to a point. The fields I've worked in, both professionally and voluntarily, have taught me that Lenny's situation is as common as chips (fries ) on a Friday. Maternal instinct v self-preservation can be a two-way street. Bernadette would not need any explanation, given her own history and mixed feelings about it and Amy would accept without quibble that Penny had been sloppy or careless. The men would be pleased for Leonard regardless, if they gave it any thought at all. Note that Penny had never been sterilised although she could have well afforded it and had not sent Leonard for the snip either. She obviously wasn't on the pill, although she's much more organised in her life than she was when she was younger and would have remembered to take it every day. She hadn't had an implant either, nor was she on annual jabs. When she realised she had run the risk of pregnancy - assuming it was true she didn't know what she was doing - she didn't raid her sample store or dash to the pharmacist for a morning-after pill. And good lord, how many times have we seen her drunk and wanting sex ? This time she wasn't even drunk that we knew of, since Sheldon reminded her she was driving, which the writers hadn't had him do before. But drunken accident is her story and she's sticking to it, and blaming her husband to his face. Objectively, Penny's declaration out of the blue in 1203 that she didn't want children was bizarre to start with. She'd never been shown as hard-nosed or anti-motherhood. There didn't appear to be any reason. For instance, pregnancy needn't have interfered with her career just as she was beginning to like it : she could take as short a maternity leave as she wanted and there's a brilliant nursery at Caltech. She's always been a maternal sort, even in the early seasons when she was an irresponsible flibbertigibbet. She can deal with Sheldon and is the stablest among female friends who include the cleverest women on the planet. She's lovely to Raj, the wobbly doctor of astrophysics. And they all love her. She knows her husband may be superbly intelligent but has his weaknesses and with few lapses treats her as if he thinks he's a lucky sod to have wooed and won her. She can hold her own with geniuses and what's more has met all their living parents. She should know she could knock any of their mothers into a cocked hat. However, she was put on the spot by Leonard and like an uncertain racehorse or an insecure show-jumper, she refused a fence she wasn't confident enough to take. Motherhood, especially of a genius's children, was a big thing for Penny to face, and any misgivings she had kept down naturally surfaced then. She was suddenly having to think seriously about it. The future was upon her. Would she be up to raising an academically-inclined family if she needed to ? Whoever they took after, becoming someone's mother would be the final settling-down, the end of desirable - 'doable' as she called-it - hot, cool, fanciable Penny whom she was already beginning to miss. What she once saw as her chief, perhaps only, assets would be gone. So, rebelling against what others expected of her was the order of the day. It was the easy way out. She could be child-free, keep her time to herself for putting on her make-up and doing her nails, go on trips alone or with her husband, meet her friends as much as she liked, drink as much as she wanted, be free to do her exercises and her yoga and go for runs, and spend her own money on herself. Carrying on with the status quo. Losing nothing. But perhaps that certainty didn't last. Most women who've ever been independent think about what they'll be giving up in order to become mothers. But they go ahead anyway, which is why so many of us are here. Sometimes when they're changing nappies at dawn they remember what their pre-children lives were like and look forward to the day when they're all at school or even to when they've left home. Those who start to regain themselves after raising children to school age sometimes feel broody again in spite of everything. They don't want another one really, but end up pleased when the annoyance at the failed birth control wears off. Penny will have heard all this from colleagues at work, just like we all did - and I daresay those young enough are still hearing it. I think, Penny being Penny as we know her, finally put her mind to weighing things up. There were losses and gains however she looked at it. Best thing was to carry on with the decision she'd made, but just in case, leave things to the hands of fate : do nothing medical or surgical to reinforce her child-free position. If conception was 'meant' and in her stars, then she'd be reconciled to it. Complain, protest, blame your husband, curse your stars at first, and then announce that you were more pleased than you thought you'd be, despite what you'd previously chosen. Jump that fence this time. BTW not telling people as early as two months is quite normal, at least here in UK. When I started work the fourth month or even later was usual. Official confirmation by a doctor didn't happen until after three missed periods and even then it wasn't always right. Now that there's a scan at about nine weeks to check it's really a baby growing there, it's earlier, true. I can see why Lenny would want to wait for the questions until they got home from Sweden, however. As it happens, it doesn't matter that their friends and much of the world's public already know : anecdotally it appears that discomfort and lots of sickness at this stage bodes for a successful outcome.
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    I don't think they deserve a round of applause just for showing a childless couple for the sake of showing a childless couple and doing so in an IMO incredibly lousy way. It would've been a whole other story if they had Penny have this opinion or doubt wanting children around season 7 and have Leonard gradually come to terms with that, over a long enough time, and decide to marry her, convincing viewers that the couple won't carry this burden forever. At the very least they could've done the out of the blue change of mind better than "Oh I've had some thoughts over a few weeks and now I've changed my mind over a major life decision I haven't shown doubts about before."
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    I wish all of you a joyful, bright, healthy, prosperous and happy new year 2019! 🥂🎉🍀
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    I think the series lost completely its originality in the first place and became an ordinary sitcom. The characters have changed too much. They now feel dumbed down for a broader appeal. It was my absolute favorite and also the only show because of how different the characters were and how clever the writing was. This quality has clearly declined. What made the show stand out to me from other sitcoms is gone. At this point I'm just going to keep watching because I'm here in this forum and I'll be here until it ends (that seems to be the best consolation to me now).
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    Sorry for the late reply. Well, it is actually Bernie who encourages Howard to do his magic again “professionally” (!). It is sweet but she soon regrets it 😉. I am hesitant to give away the jokes. I am not good with spoilers myself and most of the time I regret having read them...
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    Happy International Kissing Day 2019.
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    Feeling bittersweet about the end of this show. Admitally it has not been the same show, and their was a drop off point around the sixth season. And I know we've had all our shipping wars over the years lol. But all these characters even Sheldon, have contributed to the success of this show. The show was a well oiled machine, take one character away it does not work. Sheldon does not work without Leonard or Penny, and vice versa. This forum, and really the community has been a big part of my life since 2013. I am hoping this site can continue. Shows end, but the characters can keep a show alive. Through its audience.
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    What I will miss the most with the show ending is all the discussion with members from all over the world on this forum. Sure we don't always agree on various things but we all have the same love to the show.
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    Looks like Wil is a pre-taping a Professor Proton scene today
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    Penny from tonight's episode Penny taking charge... Source
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    The writers have been known to leave story lines unaddressed for an episode or two, so who knows what will be next. But I don’t think that plotline is necessarily finished.
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    When Penny learns of Leonard's decision regarding the grant money he will so get laid.
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    I know people have strong feelings about this episode (and they're all justified) but for me, this was such a great Amy episode. She asserted how important her field was to her, we got to see her be excited about it and called out sheldon for being selfish, a known flaw in his character, but for me, one of her own flaws was addressed. Now this is just me, but Amy is not the best at being vulnerable. Getting angry, that she's great at but expressing fears and insecurities is not her strong suit. She'll either joke or be matter-of-fact about talking about her lonely past, both clear methods of detaching the emotion from it. Here, not only did she call sheldon out on his crap but she expressed her fear of losing herself. The best part IMO, she wouldn't have done that if sheldon had let her go back to sleep. By stressing how important it was for their marriage to talk about it, it opened the door for her to be honest both with him and herself. Sheldon's "Thank you for explaining" tells me this is the first time she's ever told him that. A tired plot? Absolutely. but it explored Amy as a character and I loved it. Also, them passing math notes in the beginning like giggly teenagers was the best.
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    People's Choice Awards final nominations have been announced https://tvline.com/2018/09/24/peoples-choice-awards-2018-nominees-full-list-tv-nominations/ TBBT has been nominated as Best Show and Best Comedy and Jim Parsons has been nominated as Best Comedy Star.
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    From Entertainment Tonight 'Big Bang Theory' Says Goodbye: 16 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets From the Emotional Finale Taping You may have already watched The Big Bang Theory’s tear-jerking finale, but you definitely didn’t see these emotional behind-the-scenes moments! ET was on set in Burbank, California, for the live taping of the CBS comedy's very last episode and when we weren't freaking out over all the hidden Easter eggs or cheering for the surprise appearance of Sarah Michelle Gellar, we were holding back tears while watching the cast say goodbye to the characters they've played for the past 12 seasons. Here are 16 on-set moments that every Big Bang fan should know about... <full article & video in the link>
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    (8 pictures) (7 pictures) (2 pictures)
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    From Deadline Hollywood ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Joins A Big Collection Of Smithsonian Memorabilia The Big Bang Theory is now a part of television history, and soon will be a part of American history, thanks to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, which has acquired iconic pieces from the TV cast to add to its collection. Sheldon Cooper’s Super Hero shirt, Howard Wolowitz’s dickie and belt buckle, Amy Farrah Fowler’s knee-length skirt and other items join the museum’s collection in Washington, D.C. No display date was announced. The news was revealed by Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg, Kunal Nayyar, Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch during a joint cast appearance last night on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The show is signing off as the longest-running multi-camera series in television history, with 279 episodes and 12 seasons, The Big Bang Theory aired its final two episodes back-to-back on Thursday, but will likely live on in syndication until the earth is a frozen snowball. The museum sees its mission as preserving the nation’s memory, and its collection includes such iconic items as Archie Bunker’s chair from All in the Family, Kevin Arnold’s NY Jets jacket from The Wonder Years, and an annotated script from The X-Files pilot episode and FBI badges, among many other items. The Big Bang Theory donation includes full costumes worn by the seven primary characters, all from the series costume designer, Mary Quigley. In addition, The Big Bang Theory has also donated Leonard Hofstadter’s hooded cargo jacket and “Recycle” T-shirt, Penny’s tank top and Ugg boots, Rajesh Koothrappali’s sweater vest and jacket, and Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz’s floral dress and cardigan.
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    Ok, thank you 👌, you are are wonderful for explaining this to me. It is appreciated. I get that that not everyone thinks that Sheldon and Amy would be good parents. Not perfect. But who is? I guess you want my reasoning or data on why I think they would be good parents? They are in a loving, stable, relationship. They have good communication with one another. Meaning they both know they are on the same page about wanting kids and how they will be raised. Sheldon says 15 kids, but Amy will make him realize that 3 kids will fit his devisable by three desire. Sheldon will be king of diaper changes, bathing and feeding, playtime and assisting with homework. Babies need a schedule. Who better than Sheldon for a timely schedule. Money is not an issue, so the baby will be well fed, nice home and plenty of toys. Sheldon is not as good at emotional stuff but has come a long way. He is very loving and considerate towards Amy although he doesn't always know what to do in certain situations. Amy has really helped guide Sheldon in this area and I am sure she will continue to do so. She will guide Sheldon through what he doesn't do as well. If Amy has been patient enough and loving enough to help Sheldon as she has, I see no reason why she wouldn't show the same love and patience to a child. Say what you will about Amy. But you can't deny her kindness and empathy. Some say if the child is not a genius he won't be interested. I disagree. Sheldon will always think his children are better than others because he made them. He is in love with everything he creates or does. He sees no flaws in his work , or anything he touches. I don't see that changing over a child. For better or worse it is his progeny. I remember how thrilled he was to see his and Amy's expirament in the lab and how he enjoyed talking about it. They have a wonderful group of friends who will no doubt be great honorary aunts and uncles who will be part of their life. Just as they are for Howard's kids. They will have a loving Mary and MeMaw. They have aunts and uncles who will influence them. In the end they will make mistakes but be overall great parents.
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    Anyone can give examples of every character being a good and bad friend. It only takes 5 minutes of thinking either way, depending on who you like or dislike. They’re friends whose bad behaviour is amplified coz that’s what a lot of sitcoms do. Don’t get the need to rehash this whataboutism stuff over and over but then........online forums - what else is there to do?! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    SHELDON CHOOSES BETWEEN FOLLOWING THE RULES AND STAYING LOYAL TO HIS FRIENDS, ON “THE BIG BANG THEORY,” THURSDAY, JAN. 31 “The Meteorite Manifestation” – Sheldon is thrilled to help Bernadette and Wolowitz navigate bureaucratic paperwork, until he discovers they are breaking the law. Also, Leonard is disappointed when his friends exclude him from a scientific project, on THE BIG BANG THEORY, Thursday, Jan. 31 (8:00-8:31 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Andy Daly guest stars as Nathan. Source
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    Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, my Lenny friends! 🎄
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    I'd also like to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year 🎅 I'm looking forward to seeing what's in store for Shamy during the second half of this final season. They are, for me, the best couple on the show, no contest!!!! They're the reason I became such a huge fan of the show and why I'm still watching after 12 years. I really hope we get to see the happy ending this awesome couple deserve 😊
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    SHELDON SEEKS ADVICE FROM THE ONLY PERSON WHO CAN HELP HIM – HIS YOUNGER SELF – ON “THE BIG BANG THEORY,” THURSDAY, DEC. 6 Special Guests Stars Include “Young Sheldon’s” Iain Armitage, Lance Barber and Montana Jordan Christine Baranski Returns as Leonard’s Mother, Beverly “The VCR Illumination” – Sheldon and Amy are still down about their theory being disproven, but a VHS tape from Sheldon’s past inspires him not to give up. Also, Bernadette turns into a pageant mom when she tries to help Wolowitz ace his Magic Castle audition, on THE BIG BANG THEORY, Thursday, Dec. 6 (8:00-8:31 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.
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    I have not said anything about this, as my opinon is quite different from the majority I believe. I am with you in that I like the decision. However, I do not find it selfish. The laser will benefit the university in that it may lead to new discoveries and have far reaching uses. That Leonard's work will benefit is also good for CalTech. Who knows what projects he may be able to obtain for them. I see Leonard as just being fed up with all the attention and selfishness being thrown at him. Howard was particularly boorish in that regard. Others were looking to spend the funds on very personal items (a koi pond for their office? Please!) Anyway. I am fine with how Leonard awarded the funding. It will in the end benefit the university well into the future. (my unsolicited, non-expert opinion)
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    That "shut up" didn't bother me much because I took it as "I'm wrong, don't rub it in" and I think for Leonard it was mostly just amusing. What I didn't like is that before that Penny had an air of being trerribly bored and not wanting anything to do with Leonard and wanting him to not bother her. If the tone of her snarky comment on his joke was somewhat different and her body language as a whole was different I think the "shut up" would've been better recieved as well. The writers keep telling us that they're happy but they don't seem to be. Not that they look miserable, and they do have cute moments, but to me they mostly feel bored, disillusioned, unfulfilled. I'd say that if the writers want to portray a happy childless (by choice) couple they are doing a very lousy job. Childless (by choice) couples should not be happy with this representation, IMO. Then again, I have no idea what these writers are trying to do and I'm so tired of trying to understand it.
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    From TV Line Big Bang Theory's Melissa Rauch Joins Showtime Comedy Black Monday he Big Bang Theory‘s series finale is still months away, but Melissa Rauch has already lined up her next TV gig: Showtime’s Wall Street comedy Black Monday. Rauch, Oscar nominee Bruce Dern and Saturday Night Live vet Horatio Sanz all have signed on to the satire, which stars Don Cheadle (House of Lies), Andrew Rannells (Girls) and Regina Hall (Girls Trip). Initially handed a 10-episode order in June, Black Monday will take viewers back to Oct. 19, 1987, the day of the worst stock market crash in the history of Wall Street. Per the official description, the series will tell the story of how “a group of outsiders took on the blue-blood, old-boys club of Wall Street and ended up crashing the world’s largest financial system, a Lamborghini limousine and the glass ceiling.” Rauch will play Shira, the loving wife of Paul Scheer’s trader, Keith; Dern will appear as legendary trader Rod; and Sanz will play Wayne, a Wall Street wild man who works for Cheadle’s Mo. Black Monday, which hails from David Caspe (Happy Endings) and Jordan Cahan (My Best Friend’s Girl), is slated for a January 2019 debut.
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    The fifth episode, with guest star Bob Newhart, is called "The Planetarium Collision," per the Futon Critic. http://www.thefutoncritic.com/showatch/big-bang-theory/listings/
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    Link: The Big Bang Theory showrunner Steve Holland answers burning questions about the series finale
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    Just some random observations and opinions. What storyline would have been satisfactory to Lenny fans if Penny wasn’t pregnant? I got nothing. Easier for TPTB to ignore some bad Early season writing about Penny not wanting kids (not to mention totally out of left field) than to have no story. As someone suggested earlier if Penny didn’t want kids she wouldn’t of been pregnant Fascinated about some disappointment that Amy wasn’t pregnant. Really? You got Shamy winning the Nobel Prize (which is more far fetched IMO than Penny pregnant) and Sheldon the central figure in both episodes. And then there were complaints about Sheldon acting just like ...............,,.,,..Sheldon. As to some upset over Amy’s new look suggesting she should please Sheldon. Would Sheldon do that? Better question is that what women should do? Raj. Anu thought more highly of her career than Raj. Raj thought more highly of his friends than Anu. It seems he is fine with that decision and made peace with that. Why can’t everyone else?
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    Leonard and Penny in promotional photo for the series finale (episode 12.23/24 "The Change Constant/The Stockholm Syndrome"). Source
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    The time of looking back slowly begins. Although looking in my case should be taken literally. It has always been my ambition to present content as pictorial as possible. While yesterday the focus was more on the imagination, using Penny as an example, today I would like to devote myself to the phenomenon of consistency for Lenny. The fabulous evolution of The Holy Kitchen Island: * That all started with a big bang. * Usually comfy. * Good times. * You remember? * Of course! * Hard to resist. * Need to defend. * Resolute statements. * Very resistant. I hope you can agree. 🙂
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    From an interview with CBS Entertainment president Kelly Kahl at today's Television Critics Association CBS Day in LA. The article is a discussion of the the future of comedy at CBS. These two stood out for me.... How would you characterize the network's plans for The Big Bang Theory's series finale? You're not going to not know it's coming! We will support it heavily and celebrate it. It's been 12 amazing years and hundreds of millions of viewers. It's been a special show for me and everybody at CBS. These kinds of shows don't come along that often. We want to give it the proper respect it deserves on its way into the sunset. Any plans for an extended finale or retrospective of any sort? We're still talking about those things. Full article from the Hollywood reporter can be found HERE
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    The Lenny Storybook Chapter 261: The Imitation Perturbation (Season 12, Episode 6 - original air date: October 25, 2018) Source
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    YES! A very very good one! I'm happy that I was too curious and watched it in the morning after all (lately I've been watching The Good Place in the morning and TBBT after my work out or on Saturday). I wrote in the episode thread, but some additional shipper stuff: They were very cute in their first scene, before the whole kiss thing. I really liked Penny being in a good mood and seeming to like Leonard's costume. And we got another sweet and casual (I mean that in a good way) kiss Penny is not an open book, she hides things, pretends, downplays things. That's IC, that's been the case for years. The writing is much stronger when it connects to consistent traits like this. At the end of the day, she actually cared for their story, I'd say more than Leonard. She was emberassed by the way she behaved then, showing that it's not just Leoard who has messed things up along the way and should thank his lucky stars for having her in spite of it (as implied by certain lines of jokes). Leonard may have started, for her, as the nice neighbor or the nice neighbor she found cute, but turned out into so much more, and now she wishes their beginning was so much more (than alcohol lowering her inhibitions and sadness pushing her to act on nascent feelings). I'm still keeping my hopes very low, I rather have pleasant surprises like this than (more) burns, but to more like this! The first season 12 episode I will rewatch. Thanks! ❤️
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