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    So ive just typed up what feels like a essay but i figure this is my last taping i go to so might as well do the spoilers right lol here you go and if its too much sorry in advance 😂😂😂 Cold open is the whole gang in 4A sheldon and Amy saying how by the end of the honeymoon they were like a real married couple the good kind like on tv not lile Amys parents, howard makes a joke about how they're not a real married couple until shes ok with him peeing with the door open, bernadettes not happy with it either. Sheldon and amy got them "gifts" they all got 1 love NY teeshirts, they forgot to buy gifts so sheldon bought them on the plane, theres a line here about how NY could stand for anything not just new york. sheldon was bored googling stuff on the plane. He bought penny a xxl, shes annoyed, amy smacks him on the arm and says i told you, he says something like yes dear. Next scene is sheldon and amy opening wedding gifts and writing thankyou cards, sheldons written 16 and his wrist is hurting, they open leonard and pennys, saying its the perfect gift for a perfect couple, its a strange crystal object, amy shakes it, sheldon tells her to lick it cause it might be candy, amy asks if it could be a "marital aid" he asks what they could use a crystal shaft for 😂 I get a bit blurry here about the order of the scenes but ill try to remember lol It goes to the comic book store raj and Howard are watching stuart and denise flirt, raj asks whats wrong with stuarts face, howard points out hes smiling raj then tells howard he caught them making out at sheldons wedding. Stuart and Denise have a awkward goodbye and they ask if hes gunna ask her out, he doesnt know, raj says a big spiel about love which ends with him saying dont end up eating pringles on the toilet while your dog watches or something similar. Sheldon and amy are in bed, they cant sleep because they cant figure out what the present is. Sheldon wants to ask, amy says it would offend leonard and penny as its supposed to be perfect for them, sheldon doesnt care, she says they wont think youre a genius and he agrees not to ask. Eventually they get back up to tear up the box for clues, Sheldon is liking married life. Howard and bernadettes kitchen, bernadette asks whats wrong with stuarts face hes still smiling. Hes happy because he asked denise out and she said yes. Theres a couple jokes in here about personal grooming and stuff but i cant remember it too well, its funny though. Sheldon is hand delivering a thankyou card to leonard and penny trying to get info out of them. They ask if he knows what it is, he says yes and hes going to go use it then takes off out the door. Penny wonders if theyre being mean leonard thinks its funny. Sheldon screams from next door "what are you!" Howards in the Caltech cafeteria, sheldon ask him if he knows what the present is, he does sheldon doesnt want to know because theyve figured it out. Its the first clue to a scavenger hunt that will lead them to their actual gift, howard says thats right. Sheldon leaves happy thanking a approaching leonard on his way. Raj and leonard sit with howard. Leonard is still laughing, Raj wants to know what it was. Its the present that howard and bernadette gave him and penny for their wedding, raj asks if its the crystal chakra(i think thats the word) he gave them for their wedding, it is. Howard lied about them liking it. Sheldon and amy in berts office hes looking at the gift its quartz, they search what it could mean. Its based on a german word the same but spelt without a T. They decide the next stop is the coffee shop where they first met. Stuarts comic book shop, he asks raj for advice about his date, i cant remember much about this except it ends with raj being really down about being alone (was quite sad actually), stuart asks if he should fake a phone call and leave then does. Sheldon and amy going into the coffee shop, they are trying to figure out where their clue could be, they see the table they first met at. Theres a couple sitting there but they approach anyway looking for the clue, sheldon finds gum under the table. Amy goes to ask the barista if anything was left. Sheldon tells the couple this is where he met his wife and if they play their cards right they could be married in 8 years, turns out they're brother & sister. They redid this line a few times last time was sheldon saying font advertise that, he also said use protection in one shot. Amy has the lost and found box, the barista gave it to her when she asked if anything was left for them. They think its because they were lost until they found each other. Inside the box theres a chain with a locket with a stone, Amy thinks its quartz, no pictures inside sheldon says so they can fill it with their own memories, he also finds sunglasses in the box he thinks they were left for him because their future is so bright. He puts them on they smile at each other, hold hands and (basically 😂) skip out. Howard and bernadettes kitchen, stuart knocks asks them not to laugh. Hes orange, he got his hair dyed but it made him look pale so got a tan, hes tried washing it off and has tells them they'll need new towels, floormats, and a toilet seat. Howard makes a couple oompa loompa jokes. Raj skypes his dad, he wants him to set him up with a wife, after a small convo he agrees as long as raj stops posting photos of him and his dog in matching outfits. Back in 4A Sheldon and amy are thanking leonard and penny for the gift. Shes showing them the pictures of herself and sheldon theyve put in the locket. They are confused. Sheldon has a special thankyou card for them. He and Amy look so happy in this scene. The thankyou note theyve written is in sandskrit, but not regular sandskrit, they cant use the internet to translate it either as they are locked out of the wifi and the new password is in the card. Leonard isnt having fun anymore. Raj comes in and tells them hes getting married, they all react different, penny just says no. He describes the girl and how he just needs to hide his true self for 8 to 10 dates and its happening. Sheldon knows what hes getting them for a wedding present. Tag scene is stuart knocking on denises door for their date. She laughs he says he wanted to look his best and made a series of errors. She still wants to go out with him. She says maybe she can help him find nemo. They walk down the hall shes making orange jokes, he asks if shes going to do it all night she is. He asks if she feels like chinese for dinner she says she feels like orange chicken. And thats the episode, my friend has a very good memory for details so was filling in bits while i went lol Bts stuff there were a few mess ups, mayim seemed in a great mood chatting with Melissa and simon and her and jim were joking around alot. Jim looked like he was struggling early then got into it. I thought they were going to start laughing when she was holding the crystal thing and they had to stare at it, and when jim put the sunglasses on. They filmed a promo of the gang sitting around eating, they had to look like they were talking and laughing. Johnny and kaley looked really sad when they did their speeches both were tearing up thanking everyone for their support and thanking all the crew etc. Curtain call they all came out together holding hands.
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    Hello guys, I am so sorry, I promised a taping report but it was a crazy week and I didn't have time to write one. Here is what happened(I don't know if you already get any other report) Opening scene is the gang deciding who will pick up Sheldon and Amy's family. Amy uses lord of the rings as an example so the guys can understand. Sheldon says something like "good example and it also involves a ring that will make me dependent on you forever! " ans Amy says "Awn, he said forever!" and kisses him. Amy is on the phone with Wheaton to confirm about the wedding next day (Wil would be the officiant). Sheldon is practicing how to tie his bow tie, he says that is not even. So Amy tells him that it suppose to be asymmetric. Amy asks him if he is ok, if he is not feeling any wedding stress. Sheldon says that nothing will stop him of marrying her, not even if himself from the future comes to tell him to not get married. Amy says something about him coming back to the future to say that means that they got married (it was a smart line, I can't remember lol). Sheldon holds her hand and says :"I love you so dawn much!". At Howardette's house, Howard is petting a dog that he found on their backyard and tells Bernadette that he called the owner to pick up the dog. The dog owner gets there and is Mark Hamill (Simmon was amazing in that scene). So Mark thank Howard and says that he can ask him anything. Howard says :"You will regret about it!" haha At comic book store Stuart ask Denise to go with him to the wedding, and she says that will be weird because he is her boss. Howard come into the store and says that Mark Hamill will be the officiant. Denise turns to Stuart and says :"You need to buy me a dress!" Penny is in the car with Amy's parents. I don't remember the dialogue on that scene but it is pretty funny and she doesn't let Amy's father talk. Raj is with Mary and Missy in his car. Missy is pregnant and says that she is divorced. At Lenny's apartment we have George, Sheldon, Amy and Leonard. Amy tells George that is nice to meet Sheldon's big brother. He says that Sheldon got the brain and he got the body, the face and the hair. Amy ask Sheldon if he can talk with Texan accent, He says he can but he won't. So Amy says :"Say it!". Raj gets in the apartment with Missy and they say that Mary was at the church praying for Missy's soul. Penny gets there with Amy's parents as well. On the wedding day. Mark Hamill gets there and Howard tells Raj that he will be the officiant and he will tell to Wheaton. Later Wheaton goes to talk to Hamill and Hamill is like :"Who are you?" It was a funny scene. Leonard is helping Sheldon to get ready and he got emotional and hugs Sheldon. Than Mary asks Leonard to have a moment with Sheldon. She tells Sheldon that his father would be proud of him. He says that he misses him and thank Mary for everything. (It was such a beautiful scene). Than Mary ask him to help with his bow tie and he says that is ok because seems that it needs some asymmetry. Mary says that imperfect things make perfect things. Sheldon says I got go and goes to Amy's room. He had the same reaction he had on the last episode when he sees Amy ready for the wedding. He tells her about super asymmetry and ask her for his lipstick and starts writing on the mirror. Everybody is waiting for Shamy, so Leonard goes to check on them. So Howard tells Hamill that Shamy are late and ask the guests if they have any questions about star wars just to killing time. Mark does't know the answers so Stuart answers all the questions and Denise says :"You are so hot!" Leonard ask why are Shamy late. So he sees the formulas in the mirror and says :"that's interesting" so he stays there with them. Amy's mom says that is taking to long, that the wedding was a mistake and she would take Amy out of there. So Penny yells at her and says that Sheldon loves Amy and he would never do anything to hurt Amy ans ask her to sit down. So Amy's mom ask her husband to say something and he says Thank you to Penny. Penny goes to Amy's room and call them for the wedding. They tell her that they made a discovery but Sheldon tells Amy that they have their whole lives to do science together and Amy says :"Let's get married" So Sheldon sees Hamill and his reaction is amazing and Leonard tells him to thanks Howard for it. Sheldon tells Hamill that after the wedding, he has 4000 things for him to sign. Amy comes and She start with her vows. She says that she always had a dream to get married but than she stopped thinking about it but when she met him at the coffee shop, she knew that something was different and he was the one (it was so beautiful). Hamill starts crying and asks Sheldon to say his vows. Sheldon says that he always know what to say but He has no word on that moment but he will spend his life showing her how much he loves her. They kiss and when they are leaving. Kripke is singing. lol Shamy are in their apt looking their marriage certificate and Sheldon says :"We have Mark Hamill autograph). Lenny gets in the apartment with some presents that were delivered on ther apartment by mistake. Amy grabs one present and says that is from Stephen Hawking. Sheldon opens and is a pocket watch with a message :" Sheldon, I am glad you and Amy got married. I was about time. Get it? about time. hahaha!" Shamy and Lenny got emotional. Amy hugs Sheldon and Penny hugs Leonard. (It was an beautiful scene) Sorry, I might had missed something but it was all I can remember. It was an amazing episode.
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    Here you go anyone wanting spoilers 😄 The opening scene is so cute its sheldon waking Amy up in bed saying good morning wife and she says good morning husband, then he makes a comment about how its official they've consummated it and something about hanging the bedsheets out the window. They start their honeymoon in lego land and then go on to new york. Sheldon keeps scheduling everything including their coitus eventually amy gets mad and tells him she wants it to be spontaneous, they have a little argument, he explains himself( its very sweet in a very sheldon way) and amy says he can schedule everything as long as he doesn't tell her. Amy makes a science comment sheldon gets turned on and takes her back to their hotel. Lennys plot is the whole gang find amys dad has been hiding from her mum in shamys apartment. amys mum turns up later mad looking for him. Hes hiding, Leonard penny and mrs Fowler find him hiding, he doesnt want to go back, he wants a break. Penny cant understand how they are together, Leonard thinks their relationship is similar, they end up in a little argument. Penny thinks the fowlers are the weirdest couple they know and they know sheldon and amy, howard and bernadette and raj and his little "twitchy" dog, eventually mrs fowler tells penny how much fun theyre gunna have together and penny makes mr fowler leave. Raj is being interviewed by a local news station about a upcoming meteor shower, he spends his whole time talking about neil degrasse tyson, howard and bernadette watch on tv. Raj ends up in a twitter fight with him, the tag scene is neil calling raj theres some funny convo before they hang up and neil then calls bill nye. Bts stuff all but 1 of sheldon and amys scenes were pretaped, kunal had the first mistake of the night going up the stairs then almost fell coming back down, kathy bates messed her lines up abit, mayim and johnny had a mistake each i think. If anyone wants anything more specific feel free to ask if i remember ill share
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    I thought today’s episode was great because it was mostly a group episode, we got to see so many parents / siblings interactions, no petty fights, instead it celebrates friendship (beautiful Leonard / Sheldon scene and Howard got this amazing present to Sheldon), Sheldon wasn’t mean to anybody, and they found a beautiful way to incorporate science in a wedding episode - because of a line Amy said about Sheldon’s bow tie and then his mom mentioning something about imperfections (sweet scene with Mary in the groom room) he had this scientific breakthrough - he went to share that with Amy and she was blown away and they’ve both started working on it in the bride room , they had no board / papers so they were writing with lipstick on a mirror 🙈 Then Leonard came in and was like are you guys crazy , you’re stalling your own wedding... Then he saw the equations and was so blown away he joined them Then Penny saved the day (She also sassed and shushed Amy’s mom when she was being a bitch) Also they managed to incorporate a tribute to Stephen Hawking in the tag with the wedding theme... I just thought it was so flawless and so TBBT that they find ways to do that, make a big milestone episode like that but stay essentially them Ofc you might see it differently, feel there wasn’t enough Shamy or Lenny depending on your preferences, but for me it was a solid beautiful group episode Honestly I have a feeling it will be a longer episode ... Cause it’s the longest taping I’ve been to AND half of the scenes were pre-taped But also missy, Mary, Georgie and Amy’s parents didn’t have much screen time (whatever time they had was hilarious though ), it was mostly main cast
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    Hey guys! I’m sure somebody will give you a full TR so just wanted to share my overall impressions and BTS I thought the episode was just perfect and for those of you who don’t like Shamy - I felt it was more like a tribute to TBBT overall than just them So many guest stars , it was so cool to see missy and Georgie and Mary, also the actor who plays Luke Skywalker officiated the wedding (not a SW fan here so I don’t know him . Also we saw Amy’s parents, Bert, Wil Wheaton and Kripke, maybe somebody else in forgetting Bill Prady, Molaro and Chuck Lorre all went out for the curtain call WB president was there too at some point We got to see Mayim walking in the wedding dress up close 2 times as she walked from one side of the set to another Saw Bri Cuoco up there too with her and Kaley’s dad There was a really sweet scene between Sheldon and Leonard, and Penny was amazing tonight The taping was long, 3,5 hours , even though there were so many pre-taped scenes (probably half) Oh and a couple got engaged tonight! It’s the second time I’ve heard of that happening during tapings and I’ve always wanted to see that , it was so cool!
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    So here goes a TR, I def don’t have the insane memory some of the people on here have , so ofc some details are missing (also some jokes I do remember but skipping them otherwise it would get unbearably long and I just can’t type that much x D). I did remember way more though than I expected to. The pink eye storyline is the vaguest in my mind, probably cause all of those scenes were pretaped due to them needing make up for that, so we only saw them once. Also English is not my native language, so I’m gonna avoid citation rules completely sorry Cold open is 4B. Sheldon’s on the phone arguing with his mom, Amy walks in a second before they finish talking. Sheldon is very annoyed and asks rhetorically guess who my mom insists attends our wedding... Amy sarcastically asks if it’s Jesus. Sheldon says he wishes, instead she’s insisting he invites his brother. Amy’s surprised he hasn’t invited him in the first place. They talk a little more about it but I don’t remember the details Second scene is Bernadette’s apartment, Amy, Penny and Bernadette are in the living room . Amy is giving the girls some kind of pre-wedding gifts?, something nice from her and Purell x D and something else ridiculous from Sheldon. She tells the girls about the whole Georgie drama, that Mary’s threatening not to come if Georgie isn’t gonna be there. Penny and Bernadette joke that with the drama now it sounds like a real wedding Then Howard shows up and asks how would you know somebody has a pink eye. Bernie describes the symptoms and he says ok, so both of our kids have pink eye. Then he’s trying to get downstairs (he was in the stairs coming from the second floor) and Amy’s saying what are you doing, I have a wedding in a week. Howard’s still trying to get downstairs so Penny jumps across the sofa (idk how to describe it haha) and blocks his way, it was so funny. She or Bernie tell Howard to go take a shower and burn the clothes he’s wearing (or better all of his clothes , Penny says). It was so funny, Kaley cracked up and they had to do another take 4A Leonard and Raj are playing some video games and chat and Raj says he doesn’t wanna be the only single person at the wedding. Leonard says he’s not gonna be, there’s Stuart and Amy’s great aunt. Although he better hurry up cause Stuart’s already friended her on Facebook. Raj thinks maybe he could invite the girl who waxes him, he keeps no secrets from her after all. Leonard makes a joke that’s not something to brag about (not in these exact words). Sheldon comes in frustrated and asks Leonard isn’t Leonard’s brother the worst. Leonard says not really , but it’s not a fair competition cause there’s always his mom (different line in the third take). Then Raj mentions his brother ?Adut?, they used to fight but now they’re like best of friends. Leonard says how come you’ve never mentioned him. Raj says sure I have, he’s the one who left the door open when we were kids and my pet mangust got out. Then he gets mad and says ‘stupid Adut!’ Either after or in the middle is this scene Sheldon mentions he’s been trying to call his brother but he doesn’t wanna talk to him. The guys ask how can he be sure. He calls his brother and puts it on speaker and the voicemail says if it’s Sheldon calling, stop calling. They wonder what else could he do then to get Georgie to come to the wedding... Cut to Sheldon and Leonard on a plane and Leonard questioning how did he end up here if he kept saying no haha The rest I’m gonna describe out of order cause it’s easier. Raj storyline At some point Raj and Bernie are talking and he wonders why is it so hard to find a date. He wishes there was a service that’d let you pay and get a company... so basically an escort, Bernadette says. Raj says no no, not for sex (although if it goes well it could lead to sex), but just for human company. Bernadette says gotcha... so an escort. Raj says stop saying escort! She says she will when he stops meaning it. Then at some point in another scene he mentions to Bernie he got a date. Not for the wedding, but a regular date. But if it goes well, for Shamy’s wedding as well. And if it goes really well, for his wedding. At some other scene he says the date fell short. Bernie says how come and the camera cuts to him and we see he’s got pink eye. But then in the tag he meets a girl at a pharmacy who also has pink eye and he asks her to go to the wedding with him Pink eye storyline First we see Howard get pink eye and at some point he mentions Raj probably shouldn’t have borrowed his VR glasses the other day... Then also Bernie gets it and then Amy. At some point there’s a scene where penny’s Skyping with Bernie I think ? in 4A, Amy comes in , freaks out that if Sheldon finds out he’s gonna cancel the wedding. Somebody makes a joke that they could tell him the wedding theme is the Walking Dead and it’s just make up and they all agree he’d probably buy it Amy has touched Penny’s laptop while talking to Bernadette, Penny was like could you not touch it but Amy was mad i think and didn’t care. After she leaves, Penny purells the laptop and says oh look, purell did come In handy after all! It was so funny Throughout the episode we find out they’re all kinda mad at Penny she’s the only one who wasn’t infected Next to last scene of that storyline they all go to a clinic and wait for Bernie (she took the kids in) to find out if it’s bacterial or not. It is, so they’re happy, it’s gonna be gone before the wedding Last scene is Amy Skyping with Sheldon and she only shows half of her face so that he can only see the eye that wasn’t infected. Some funny talk between them (btw I was wrong , so we have 2 Shamy scenes). She suggests since he made up with his brother maybe he and Leonard should stay in Texas for ... (reads the instruction on the bottle of her medicine) next 2-3 days Honestly it sounds a bit stupid when you describe it like that haha but it wasn’t a bad storyline, just not my favorite cause I personally don’t like it when they mention sicknesses like that that are kinda visual... and esp when they show it. It was quite graphic x D Georgie storyline Sheldon and Leonard are in Texas and go to the tire store Georgie owns. It’s called Dr Tire. Sheldon freaks out of course and says the only doctor there is him. Leonard says um I have a Phd also. Sheldon says do you wanna wait in the car?! Georgie comes out and Sheldon says hello Georgie and he says he goes by ‘George’ now. Sheldon says it doesn’t work for him. Leonard introduces himself, they shake hands. Georgie says they haven’t talked in over 10 years, but of course, once Sheldon needs something from him he’s there. Some overused but funny jokes about Sheldon not getting sarcasm. Next scene is in Georgie’s office, he says so let me get this straight, you weren’t gonna invite me to the wedding, but then mom said she wouldn’t go, so now you want me to be there. Sheldon says I know you don’t hear this often, but you’re exactly right. Leonard says ‘not helping Sheldon’. Georgie says in a sugar coated voice well, if you wanted me there, all you had to do was ask nicely. So Sheldon does that (doesn’t come easy for him x D ) and Georgie replies he’d rather swallow a pregnant cat and lets all her litter come out of him x D than be at his wedding (different line in the first 2 takes about swallowing a snake, but I think they’ll go with this one cause this was way funnier). Sheldon says wow I see why you got into tires , cause you are tiresome! Leonard says let’s go and pulls him out. As they’re walking out Sheldon asks if that was too rude... Leonard says not to rude... and not too good. In the hotel room Sheldon’s on the phone with his mom. He’s trying to tell her how it went but we get the idea she shuts him up cause we just see him sit down and get sad and say ‘yes mam.... yes mam... yes mam’ (basically the same replies as when he was speaking to her in the cold open). Leonard asks what that’s about and Sheldon says his mom is not getting in the middle of it, she says they should work it out between them. Leonard asks why Sheldon doesn’t want Georgie there in the first place... Sheldon says it’s cause he was a bully and mentions that Halloween story I’ve mentioned in one of the previous posts. Leonard says let me go talk to him... At some point in that scene he mentions he knows what it feels like to live with a bully, Sheldon asks your brother bullied you too? He says no, he meant Penny Leonard walks in Georgie’s office, Georgie’s on the phone on a business call. Can’t really repeat the conversation , they talk a bit about his work . Then Georgie says look if it’s about Sheldon, there’s nothing you can do. Leonard says but he’s your brother! Georgie says they have nothing in common. Leonard says that’s not true, you’re both tall, you’re both brothers... I don’t know why I started it like it was a list. Georgie says a line that I can’t remember, Maybe that Leonard’s completely wrong? And Leonard says hey! That’s a really Sheldon thing to say Then they kinda bond and talk, Georgie says you know how I got to open my first tire store ? I had to bust my ass off, cause all of the extra money we’ve got were always spent on Sheldon. Sheldon’s college tuition, him going to study in Germany... (probably there was some more) And how does it feel after all of that to still know he’s mom’s favorite kid? Leonard says if it helps, he’s my mom’s favorite too Then Georgie offers him a beer, Leonard says sure but could you open it for me? Georgie says it’s (that kind of beer that opens easily, forgot the word... ). Leonard says ‘I know’. Georgie looks at him weirdly haha and opens it, it was one of the funniest scenes. Leonard says I’m sure Sheldon wasn’t the easier brother to grow up with, but look, you haven’t exactly been super nice to him either... what about that time on Halloween when you stole his costume? Georgie says ‘but he was gonna dress like a girl scientist!’ Leonard says madam Curie? Georgie says thinkingly ‘I didn’t know she was a madam!...’ Point is Georgie says he was gonna get beaten up for that, I did it to protect him. Then Leonard wonders what about the time you used to sit on his head when he tried to watch Star Trek? Georgie said well that was just funny. Leonard agrees. Georgie says he did a lot for Sheldon, he protected him, drove him around, apologized to people for him... I’m sure you’ve had to do all of that too and Leonard says yes he does all that, he can relate Maybe there was a bit more I really loved that scene Next scene is hotel room, some funny moments with Sheldon calling room service but he doesn’t wanna order anything, he wants to correct their spelling in the menu. Leonard walks in with Georgie and says Sheldon, I think you gotta apologize to your brother... Sheldon is like ‘wtf’ and looks at Leonard and says ‘I’m sorry?!!’ Leonard says good , just like that , but more sincere and in that direction (points to Georgie). Georgie says forget it, it’s a bad idea, it’s like patching a tire.. and actually maybe not the best example cause one should never try to patch a tire, always get a new one Then Sheldon and Georgie kinda started accusing each other standing opposite each other on different sides of the room , and Leonard between them, and Leonard says good start , let all those feelings out, they both simultaneously turn to him and tell him to shut up, at that moment they do look like brothers and actually having way more in common then they think. So Leonard steps aside and they talk. Georgie says I’m sorry life hasn’t been easy for you, but it hasn’t been easy for the rest of us either. Do you think it was easy for us when dad died and you went away to college ? Mom was a mess. Sheldon says how can this be true, I’ve talked to mom all the time and she seemed fine ! And what about missy. Georgie says well it’s because she was trying to protect you! And missy was a stupid teenager, I’ve had to take care of both of them. Sheldon says then why you haven’t said anything, Georgie said that’s cause I was trying to protect you too, you’re my baby brother. Sheldon is a bit taken aback Actually a really powerful emotional scene. There was complete silence in the audience during Georgie’s speech) Then Sheldon genuinely says I’m sorry... And it would mean a lot to me to have my big brother with me at the wedding. Georgie says he wouldn’t miss it. Then he puts his hand on Sheldon’s shoulder, Sheldon instead of hugging him pats his hand... After like a minute of complete silence the audience finally laughed) Cut to Leonard who’s tearing up and says ‘am I crazy or does it feel like we just patched a tire?’ Then a little comedy moment with Sheldon looking at him judgementaly and saying come on Leonard, weren’t you listening, he JUST said one should never patch a tire I think that’s it : )
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    "The Laureate Accumulation" The gang is watching Campbell/Pemberton on Ellen. Sheldon is just waiting for Ellen to ask them what exactly Super Asymmetry is so the world can see what big frauds they are. Instead, she asks them to sing their Physics song. They get up and perform "Let's Get Physics-al". Penny looks super impressed. Sheldon goes to their hotel to tell the other team they have to hold a press conference to tell the world that Super Asymmetry was his and Amy's idea and that they're frauds. They decline and Kal Penn's character (Campbell) tells Sean Astin (Pemberton) that his wife was not right, and he's not a fraud at all. Sheldon says she was right and they basically slam the door in his face. Guys eating at the cafeteria. Sheldon sees another video that Pemb/Camp have uploaded. Leonard tells him it doesn't matter what they do, no one ever won anything by being nice. Raj says, well Tom Hanks has won tons of awards and he's super nice. Some back and forth on Tom Hanks. Then Siebert comes up and tells Sheldon not to worry about the other team's publicity tour. They ask if he's worried and he fake laughs and says of course not. He's scheduled a reception with a bunch of other Nobel Laureates so they can get the science world on their side. They don't have to worry about being likable if they can get the other scientists to support them. Sheldon asks Siebert, doesn't he think that him and Amy are likable. Siebert says that's what he likes about Sheldon, he asks the difficult questions. Howard and Bernie talk in their living room. Halley is afraid of the dark so Howard goes to talk to her. Bernie overhears him telling Halley that he was scared in space, and he also was wearing a full diaper. Sheldon and Amy talking in their apartment. Amy is reading out list of Nobel laureates invited to the reception. Sheldon winces after each name, because he's somehow insulted or alienated every single one of them. He says he wouldn't have insulted them if he'd have known he'd need them in the future. Amy just looks at him and then he admits that's actually not true. Stuart and Bernie at H/B house. Bernadette is trying to draw a cartoon about Howard in space and Stuart asks her if Halley drew that at school. He offers to illustrate the nighttime story. Says it will be a real change from his usual drawings. Bernie asks what he usually draws, and he awkwardly says, well good night, and hurries off. Leonard and Penny at their apt. Leonard is washing dishes and Penny says she thought he said was going to workout. He says you have your ways of working out and I have mine. Sheldon and Amy come in, asking to borrow some cookie dough. They're going to send the Noble laureates cookies to convince them to come to the reception . Some discussion about how Sheldon didn't mean to insult all of them, he just sometimes misses social cues. Penny says "you don't say" (very funny facial expressions in this scene lol). Sheldon and Amy's apartment, intercut with scenes of the various scientists receiving their cookies. Kip Thorne and George Smoot see they're from Sheldon and throw their's away immediately. Frances Arnold opens her up and says mmm cookies, then sees they're Oatmeal Raisin and throws them away. At the apt Sheldon is checking his email. He excitedly calls Amy over and says look someone has taken the cookies we sent and spelled out Thank You with them. Amy looks and says, that word is not "Thank" Sheldon. Bernie and Howard with Raj at their house. Bernie shows Howard the book with Stuart's illustrations, it's called Frightened Little Astronaut. And a publisher wants to publish it, but they need Howard's permission. Howard says no way and walks out. Raj says maybe they should all it the Bitchy Little Astronaut instead. Leonard and Sheldon at L/P apt. Sheldon feels bad because his past bad behavior is making Amy suffer. Leonard looks surprised and asks Sheldon when he started caring about other people's feelings. Sheldon says, well when Amy was shocked by the Christmas lights (or something like that) and he laughed at her, it was sometime after that. Amy and Penny are in the laundry room and Amy is explaining what Sheldon did to each of the Nobel laureates and why none of them are coming to the reception. Penny is sympathetic but she's like damn, I probably wouldn't come either. Back to L/S, and Sheldon is saying he just has a problem telling when he's gone too far. Leonard says he can help him by saying a code word when he shouldn't say anything. It will be "shut up". Sheldon says that's perfect, since he hears it all the time, and no one will suspect it's their code word. H/B house and Stuart is convincing Howard to agree to the book. Stuart says he could really use this. Howard wants to change everything about the astronaut, including the name, giving him muscles, and having him fight aliens in space. Stuart says so basically you want it to be a superhero astronaut. Howard says yes, that's perfect. Penny and Leonard trying to convince Kip Thorne (maybe, I can't remember which one) to come to the reception. Penny asks him about his work and he's impressed she knows about whatever it was. While Leonard is talking, she quickly googles it, then reads off to him exactly what it is. Penny tells him that Amy is actually really nice, and if you combine her and Sheldon (math!) you get an okay person. Bernie trying to convince Howard to do the book. He doesn't want his kids to know how scared he was in space. Bernie says the book might help some kid who's been scared know that they can overcome it (basically. Melissa had a ton of trouble with this line and had to re-do it 4 or 5 times). Finally she guilts him into it. Howard says she uses guilt expertly, just like a Jewish Mom. The reception is happening. All the Nobel laureates are there and Sheldon and Amy seem to be doing well. Then Pemberton and Campbell show up. They say that George Smoot invited them, they're Facebook friends, and they call him Smooty. Leonard checks in with Sheldon to see if they're alright, and Sheldon says now everyone will find out that the other team have no idea what they're talking about. Shamy go up to Pemb/Camp and quiz them with a really in-depth question about Super Asymmetry. The guys guess the right answer and Shamy are stumped. Pemberton and Campbell then give a speech about how they've felt so accepted since they proved Super Asymmetry and they weren't sure if they would fit in, that sometimes they feel like frauds but everyone has been so great. All the scientists in the room are nodding along and looking impressed. Sheldon wants to say something but Leonard tells him to shut up. Finally Amy has had enough and totally flips out. She screams at them that what they're feeling is called Fraud Syndrome and it's actually because they're true frauds that they're feeling like that. She says her and Sheldon should be the winners because they discovered Super Asymmetry and the other team doesn't even know what it really is. Everyone is looking at her like she's crazy. Sheldon asks Leonard if that's what he looks like when he says something he shouldn't and Leonard says yes, and Sheldon thanks him for stopping him this time. We end on Howard reading The Frightened Little Astronaut to Halley. He's trying to change it, but Bernie catches him. When she leaves, he changes it and tells Halley that he really did fight aliens in space .
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    I got this from Nicole this morning. If anyone has any questions, PM me and I’ll pass it on. She said she would answer if she remembers. Name: The Paintball Scattering. In addition to the main cast, we have President Siebert, Anu, Denise and a couple of others with small parts. ***This is not scene by scene, just a summary of the episode as a whole.*** Shamy’s paper has been published and it is getting really positive feedback from the science community. Siebert allows Shamy to eat in his private dining room, and tells them there is a lot of press to be done. He wants Amy to do the press and Sheldon to stay out of it. At first, Sheldon understands, but when a website publishes an interview titled “The Neurobiologist Who Revolutionized Physics” he gets very upset and blames Amy for it. They fight through a few scenes, and at one point Amy points out she talks about Sheldon constantly through the interview and “I didn’t write the headline.” Leonard and Penny want to have a paintball game, and throughout the episode they get Shamy, Howadette, Raj/Anu, and Denise/Stuart to join them. (Howard volunteers both him and Bernadette without asking her, because he knows she will be game, “I’ve been pretty annoying lately and she’s gonna want to shoot me.”) There is a comic book store scene that has Raj offering to install a doorbell alarm for Anu (he has one and loves it), and Denise tells Leonard/Penny/Stuart that her roommate is moving out and she hasn’t been able to find a new one wink wink nudge nudge. Penny says to Stuart “you hear that? SHE NEEDS A ROOMMATE” and he either flees to the back of the store or out the door, depending on what take they use. Later, Stuart is telling Howardette and Raj that Denise wasn’t mad, “she said she was fine.” They all know that wording is a bad sign and start consoling him. Raj gets a notification on his phone from Anu’s new doorbell alarm and Bernadette tells him it’s wrong to check it. He says “who is this guy?” and she is interested. They see Anu hug a man and invite him in. At the paintball game, Denise and Penny are captains. Denise picks Leonard first. He is very confused about being picked first for anything. Penny picks Bernadette. I don’t recall who all is on the teams but I think Shamy is on the same team, and so is Raj/Anu. Stuart is picked last but still picked (by Penny, who pretends there are more people to choose from so he feels better about it, but he is still thrilled because sometimes he doesn’t get picked even when there is no one else left). During the game the fighting couples fight more intensely, and Raj makes some smart mouth comments to Anu before revealing he knows she had a guy over. She admits it was her ex, he came to pick up some stuff, and they still talk but she isn’t cheating on Raj. She demands he take the app off his phone, and that she should trust him. He yells “HOW CAN I TRUST YOU I HARDLY KNOW YOU” and they stare at each other. While this is going on, Denise finds Stuart and shoots him about 20 times. Leonard finds Penny peeking out of her team’s base and says “bang, I got you.” She said “why don’t you shoot me then?” he said they are too close together and it will hurt. She says “no it won’t” and shoots him. He is in pain and she still doesn’t believe they are too close so he shoots her and she’s like “oh wow okay that does hurt.” (They’re not fighting, I thought it was kind of an adorable scene in a way.) At one point, Bernadette shoots Howard and he says “ow” and she offers to “kiss it and make it better,” and they go into one of the sheds to have sex. Denise walks in on them when she tries to get the team flag and they throw it out the door to her. Anu storms off, and Raj offers to drive her home but she refuses. Shamy is also leaving and they offer to take her with them. Leonard and Penny find Stuart and he admits he is scared to move too fast and lose Denise. They both kinda give him a pep talk and Leonard at one point basically says he doesn’t think the fear of losing the person important to you ever goes away. That leads to Stuart apologizing to Denise and swearing he’s serious about the relationship, he’s just scared. Denise says she understands and she doesn’t want to mess it up, either. Tag is Shamy giving a joint interview. The interviewer asks Sheldon a question first, and it is one that Siebert had initially warned him might get asked (about the Russian paper). Sheldon tells Amy he’ll wait in the car and runs off, and Amy smiles at the interviewer and turns the microphone back toward herself.
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    At some point in the groom room they were talking and Leonard said ‘I’m happy for you... now you are officially and legally Amy’s problem’ and Sheldon says ‘aww Leonard.... I’m always gonna be your problem’ And Leonard hugs Sheldon and Sheldon doesn’t mind thought some of you guys might dislike that line, but for me it was one of my favorite scenes
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    I rise from the grave to bring spoilers. I am too much on a high from managing to finally attend a taping not to share with the happy Shamy crowd. Not much direct Shamy interaction but they had a plot where Sheldon decides to bond with his in-laws because he “wants to be a good husband and since they’re important to Amy, by the transitive property, they’re important to him”. Cut to Sheldon trying to bond with Larry and failing once Larry finds Howard’s magic tricks more exciting than Sheldon. So Sheldon moves on to Mrs Fowler next and they surprisingly bond once it comes out that Amy used Sheldon as an excuse not to spend time with her mother and so Mrs Fowler realizes she’s been angry at Sheldon for no reason all this time. And they bond over their hatred of Amy and her dad putting ketchup on eggs (amongst other things - there’s a cute like where Amy’s mom tells Sheldon how can he defend Amy when she’s thrown him under the bus and he says she’s his wife and he loves her and if he can forgive her putting ketchup on eggs he can forgive her this). LOL. Sheldon now finds Mrs Fowler a delight. I can’t believe I got so lucky to see Kathy Bates act right in front of me with Jim and Mayim! There was a blooper with Kathy and Jim that was just hysterical that I’m 100% sure is going to end up on the DVD. The other plot was about Raj and Anu planning to sleep together for the first time and Raj getting so stressed out he relapsed back into his inability to speak to her while sober. It was a surprising twist and a cute resolution but nothing to write home about.
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    I was at the taping last night. They also showed the episode from the week before. Last week two story lines. They are all eating in apt. and discussing Raj's arranged new girl friend. They hadn't met yet, but he claims since they took a test he knows her well. Everyone except Sheldon has how about romance and Sheldon says lucky. Raj asks a question that shows that Lenny won't know each other well and Penny says send us the test. Raj has his date with Anu. She is business type, working as a hotel concierge. Very cut and dry, but pretty and nice. Lenny takes the test and Penny thinks she doesn't want kids. When she tells him in the next scene he thinks she's pregnant and is sad and leaves when she tells him. Reactions from Sheldon, I don't care; Amy, you have to have kids to be our kids friends because we both have no social skills, and Bernadette, yes you do. Howard tells Raj he shouldn't have an arranged marriage and Raj is angry. Howard and Bernadette complain together that their should listen to them because they know what they are doing and things together. Then Stewart and his girlfriend come in and go to his bedroom playing sexy music and H and B look like maybe we don't have it together. In the cafe tells Raj, that Raj is a romantic and he makes him sad to see him give it up, but will support his marriage. At home, Lenny makes up and he says he wanted children, a nobel prize and the Batmobile, but realizes he has Penny and that is enough. The phone rings and Penny's dad is mad because he was grand babies, Leonard say he may not be okay with it. Anu and Raj on second date, he says I need romance and can't go through with this. She gets on one knee and proposes and he happily accepts and they kiss. Last scene Penny rents the Batmobile for Leonard. Next post last night's show
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    Hey guys , so since nobody’s doing a full TR (yet?) I’ll just post a timeline, I hope that helps to put it all together 😄 4A - group scene, they’re figuring out who’s gonna pick up who at the airport cause there’s a lot of work to do. Penny’s in charge. Some cool metaphors about how they’re like the avengers/ like lord of the rings. Amy mentions some demon from LOTD and makes an allegory it’s her mother. A cute small Shamy moment 4B - Amy’s on the phone with Wil Weaton who’s gonna officiate, some talk / jokes about a ST actor officiating their wedding. Sheldon’s freaking out he can’t make his bow tie absolutely symmetrical. Amy says that maybe he doesn’t need to, sometimes there’s beauty in symmetry. Short but really sweet Shamy scene Raj is picking up Mary and Missy. Some typical Mary racist-or-not-depends-on-how-you-look-at-it Indian remarks ; ) We find out Missy’s pregnant and separating from her husband Penny picking up Amy’s parents. She’s not having a good time 😂 4A - Amy meets Georgie and loves his accent... Trying to make Sheldon use the accent too but he doesn’t get why and doesn’t want to 😂 Then she meets missy, Sheldon says if I need a kidney - you know where to look for it... Says I love you too Shelly. Then Penny enters with amy’s parents, she’s completely exhausted 4A - Amy’s parents are having dinner with the gang... Amy’s mom finds out about FWF. She says ‘Amy.... you put your videos on the internet... You know what men do with those videos!’ Missy and Georgie think their mom’s not gonna be the weirdest mom at the wedding. Amy’s mom is so ridiculous Penny doesn’t even have to say anything to Leonard standing behind her, she just raises her glass and he gets it she needs more wine to be able to deal with this. Hilarious scene The rest is a bit out of order Howard finding the dog, hearing the knock on the door, seeing the owner is Mark Hamill... hilarious scene with his reaction. Comic book store Stuart scene that I’ve described before The wedding venue scene when Raj and others see mike Hamill, they freak out like Howard before. Wil / Mark where Wil is pissed Sheldon and Leonard scene in the groom’s room with the hug Sheldon and Mary in the groom room , a very sweet scene... Then she says something and he has an epiphany and runs to talk to Amy The girls in the bride’s room... Amy says it’s weird, but she’s not nervous at all. Then her mom knocks and she says and that’s gone now. A scene with the two of them Sheldon runs to see Amy and they start doing science together ; ) The guests are wondering what’s taking so long so Leonard goes to check on Shamy and ends up joining them The guests freak out more , in particularly Amy’s mom, says this was all a mistake, she knew ‘this Sheldon’ would hurt her daughter and stands up to go take Amy and leave... Penny says ‘hey! You sit down . Sheldon loves Amy and would never do anything on purpose to hurt her’ . Then she sasses Mary too when she stood up and tried to applaud Penny for shutting down amy’s mom. Funny moment with Amy’s dad Penny goes to check on Shamy. Sheldon says Penny you’re right... We’ll have all of our lives to do science together. Let’s get married Amy’s walking down the aisle, 95% sure it was her dad by her side The wedding itself - they exchange vows. A Really beautiful special moment... Mark Hamill finds it touching and starts crying ; ) The tag - Stephen Hawking’s present
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    Spoiler alert: Don't read on if you don't want to know what episode 12 is all about. What a fun night! (Even though the episode wasn't necessarily one of the funniest.) Leonard and Penny’s storyline was a little more on the serious side. Zach and his new wife Marissa (Zach, by the way, is apparently super rich now after selling off his company), ask Leonard to be their sperm donor to help them have a baby. Penny gets upset that Leonard is considering it but in the end decides that since he had no say in her not wanting to have kids, she gets no say in him doing this. Anu is still upset with Raj for what he did in episode 11 (if that hasn’t been spoiled already, I’m happy to do so). The wedding’s off, but Raj, in true Raj style, tries to win her back in “Love, Actually” style. By the end of the episode, in a sweet moment, they decide that they’re going to start dating - start their relationship from the beginning instead of the middle. This show will air on January 10 in the US I was hoping the cast and crew would acknowledge Mayim’s birthday, but no such luck tonight. I still had a blast and am still very sad that this is their last season. And likely the last time I’ll get to see one of their tapings. I’ll always cherish this memory!
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    The episode is called "The Citation Negation." Leonard researches citations for Sheldon and Amy's paper. He finds a Russian paper that basically discredits super-asymmetry. Bernadette tries to beat Howard and Raj at Fortnite, and recruits help from Denise. I'll work on a longer report. Johnny iced his hand all night, and his face showed he was in pain. The injury wasn't written in.
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    Its called the conjugal conjecture and theres 3 separate plots, sheldon and amy on honeymoon, leonard, penny and amys parents and raj, howard and bernadette with raj having a twitter feud
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    Here’s a short description of the taping last night. It’s from Nicole, and if there are any questions I can pass them along: Alright so episode is called The Conference Valuation. In addition to the main seven, we have Stuart, Beverly (though that scene isn't going to be filmed until later in the week) and a few one off characters. The A storyline is Penny and Bernadette at a conference for the drug they were working on together. Penny is an amazing saleswoman and the other drug companies take note of that. One rival company offers her a job with them. She (briefly) entertains it because she's flattered, Bernadette is upset at the idea that she might take it, but she turns it down and says she's very happy where she is. B storyline is while Penny and Bernadette are gone, Howard is responsible for the kids (there is a line I really loved where he says he can handle babysitting and Bernadette goes "you're not babysitting, they're your children, you're parenting.)" He has Shamy + Leonard + Raj over for board games, and they end up "doing experiments" on the babies from a book Sheldon found at the bookstore, which includes testing to see which hand is dominant, object permanence, etc. Leonard realizes that this was his entire childhood. We find out later that Amy purposefully had Sheldon find that book and then come over to get him interested in babies. The tag is him admitting he wants kids, but they have to be great in number and be divisible by three so he can do the experiments he wants on them.
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    Scene 11 Sheldon barges into Siebert's office, telling him what the other scientists are doing, and objecting to them trying to get rid of Amy. Siebert says he agrees and Caltech will fight to get Amy on the Nobel committee. Sheldon stops short, says he was expecting more pushback. Siebert says his job is to take care of Sheldon's academic and personal needs. "Huh," says Sheldon. What do I do with all this nervous energy. Siebert says they have a brand new weight center, go there to work it off. Sheldon asks, where is it? Siebert says it's in the new gymnasium center. Sheldon goes, Where's that?" Siebert gets up to take him to the Scene 12 . Penny is walking up the stairs and she finds Bernadette sitting on the step on the second floor. Penny asks if she's been there long, and Bernadette says, "Long enough for two of your neighbors to ask if I was lost and needed my mommy." Penny says she isn't going to do the job. Bernadette says no problem, she found another salesperson (I don't remember the name, lets call her Peggy) to do the job. Penny is upset, because that woman has been stealing her yogurt. Bernadette says she had to pick her, since Penny didn't want to do the job and besides Peggy is smart because she has a masters. Penny says that she is smarter than Peggy, because she can read Penny on the yogurt. Bernadette says she needed someone who could handle the job, be tough and she didn't want to press Penny, since she didn't want to do it. Penny says it's not that she doesn't want to do it, she's just nervous about doing it....Hey, wait a minute, I know what you're doing. Bernadette goes "Is it working?" Penny goes "Yessssss" and then turned to go up the steps. Bernadette says " does this mean I'll see you Monday?" penny says "Yesssssss" as she turns the corner of the staircase. Bernadette snickers, and says, "I could get her pregnant if I wanted to." Tag Scene Pre taped . Penny has just completed her presentation to the salespeople working for her. As she passed out the folders with all the information in them. She says they have to learn all the information by tomorrow, and one salesman, Peggy, says no one can learn all of the info overnight, besides, do you know everything that's in there? Penny give her a withering look and says, "Do you want to go head to head on this, the winner get the yogurt in the fridge." The other woman looks away, with Bernadette smiling. Then Penny says go ahead and go, learn it. They are still milling around and Penny yells, "I said go learn this, now and everyone be back her in the morning." The other salesmen run off and Bernadette walks up to congratulate Penny and ask, "do you really know all the data in the packet?" Penny start talking to Bernadette in the same tone of voice she yelled at the other salesman. Bernadette says, stop, that tone doesn't work on me." Penny goes, "yeah, I know, sorry." Ok, that's it for the taping. I may wait until tomorrow to give you the rest of the BTS info, I'm tired.
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    "The Citation Negation" The opening scene takes place in 4B. Sheldon and Amy are discussing how the citations should appear in their paper. Sheldon says in the appendices and wants Amy to do the research. She suggests they have a grad-student do it, but Sheldon doesn't like the idea. Amy then suggests Leonard, but Sheldon is hesitant. It cuts to Sheldon in 4A proclaiming that he's having an affair with Rita, a cafeteria worker. He tells Leonard not to say anything. Penny enters and asks Leonard what was going on. Leonard says that Sheldon was testing him to see if he could keep a secret, but he couldn't tell Penny because he didn't want to "fail" Sheldon's test. The next scene takes place in the cafeteria. Sheldon and Amy approach Leonard sitting at a table. Sheldon says he is not having an affair. Leonard obviously knew better. Amy was upset that Leonard didn't have the desire to reach out to her. She asks him if he thinks Sheldon is desireable to women, and Leonard says, "No." They ask him to research the citations for their paper. He agrees, saying it will be fun for the three of them to do it together. Sheldon reveals that they aren't going to join him. Leonard likes that better. Howard and Raj are at the Wolowitz house playing Fortnite. Raj's avatar does a celebratory dance, and Howard kills him. Then, Howard's character dances. Bernie enters and wants to play. She dies almost instantly. Leonard and Raj go to the university library to research the citations. Raj is spooked by the atmosphere, so they both agree that they'll talk to each other. Raj keeps calling Leonard's name to which he responds. Eventually, Leonard moans and wheezes, distressing Raj. There was too much dust, and Leonard stopped to breath his inhaler. Bernie practices playing Fortnite at her office. Penny does well and implies that Bernie is just stupid. I can't remember the wording... At the university library, Raj and Leonard read articles at a table. Leonard comes across one in Russian and suggests they have Howard translate it. Raj tries to use Google Translate, which generates pure rubbish. He says he understands why it's a free app. Howard translates the article for the guys, minus Sheldon, in the cafeteria. The author says there is no merit to super-asymmetry. Apparently, the article is from the 70s, and not a new idea. Johnny had trouble uttering this Russian name several times. Leonard suggests that they tell Sheldon together, but Raj and Howard want Leonard to do it alone. Bernie goes to the comicbook store and encounters Denise. Stuart was away. There was some back-and-forth about the gals' choices in men. Denise's family had a funeral home, implying Stuart is a corpse. Denise inquires about Bernie's attraction to Howie. Bernie says, "Look at him." Denise offers to teach Bernie how to play Fortnite. One take had Denise showing Bernie a callus on her finger. Another said that she hasn't been in sunlight in forever. Leonard is in the hallway and keeps walking up to and from 4B. He can't seem to get up the courage to knock. Penny comes up the flight of stairs and notices. Leonard fills her in. She encourages him to leave an anonymous tip. Apparently, she tried telling a friend in high school that the girl's boyfriend was cheating on her. It didn't go well. Penny was the other girl and even had a hickie on her neck. The girl gave Penny a blackeye just before prom. They stop talking about her high school years, and Leonard proceeds to knock on the door. Penny says wait until she goes into 4A, clearly wanting to avoid the drama. In the Wolowitz's living room, Denise teaches Bernie how to play the game. Her tactics include insulting Bernie, who gets offended. At one point, she tells her to hit "X," and Bernie doesn't know where the button is. Denise makes fun of her for not knowing her alphabet. Leonard tells Sheldon and Amy about the article. Sheldon is initially shocked. Then, he breaks a white-board and goes crazy with rage, before storming off to the bedroom. There is a bedroom scene between Amy and Sheldon. Amy tries to comfort Sheldon, but he doesn't like her calm rationale. She gets upset about their research being cast aside, and Sheldon decides he doesn't like this reaction either. (I think this scene was here...) Back at the Wolowitz's, Bernie plays Howard and Raj again. She smugly says how bad she is, surely hoping to show them up. She does well at first and impresses Raj, but then Howard kills her. She gets upset and storms off, proclaiming that she makes more money than Howard. Leonard and Penny go to check-in on Amy and Sheldon, who stayed home from work. Both are in their pajamas, eating on the couch depressed. They discuss being wrong about their theory, it being Saturday, and saying the Russian professor's name wrong. Basically, they were wrong three times. Sheldon becomes interested in Leonard and Penny's take-out dinner, so the two leave it for them. The tag finds Penny and Bernie playing Fortnite in 4A. Bernie is happy that she's beating Penny, and squeals in delight. Penny doesn't care at all. She just wants to go to lunch. Leonard enters and Bernie is so happy that she hits the water bottle out of his hand. The second take had water splash out and cover Johnny. Penny says that she'll drive and leaves after Bernie. BTS: - Melissa Rauch was out by her car when my group was about to enter the soundstage. She was putting a birthday bag, for who I assumed to be her daughter, in the car. - Johnny iced his hand all night. When he was seated, his hand was steady and laid on a book, the table, etc. He looked to be in pain. - Wyatt McClure, a.k.a. Billy Sparks from YS, was a VIP. He sang "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." - Kaley and Johnny thanked the audience. I didn't know if Johnny would or not with his hand, but he still climbed up the railing. - A man proposed to his girlfriend towards the end of the evening. A lot of the crew members were in tears. I'll try to field any questions tomorrow. Sorry if any of this is out of order. There were a ton of scenes, both taped and pre-taped.
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    I would hope this late in the run they would have been averse to making any cast changes, but particularly the main three. I think of other shows which made cast changes late in the game like That '70s Show and Scrubs to make another season. While it may seem pleasing beforehand to know you're going to get more episodes, I think you end up looking back at two different shows: the show as it was and then an unnecessary addendum. An addition that in your mind separates from the show you loved. Not to pick on Scrubs, but in my mind there eight seasons and then something else - worth watching when it aired, but quickly forgotten and not worth revisiting. I totally understand the feeling that more episodes, no matter what, are better than facing the impending end. But I think any changes made to the show at this point would just become a disappointing footnote. We'd get a Season 13 but with an asterisk by its name. A couple of years later, when the end still inevitably arrived, would it have been worth it? Clearly we don't know what the response would have been if a different actor had called time, but I would like to believe it would have been the same. I would hope they felt limping to the finish line with an altered cast is not the way to go out. I can't say I understand the hostility toward an actor for reportedly wanting to stop after twelve years, a tremendous length of time, when continuing would have been the easy thing to do. Why not take the money and just show up? When somebody chooses not to, I think it's worthy of respect even if you're disappointed. I think the same applies to deciding not to retool the show to keep it going at all costs.
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    First all scenes were in swing sets, hard to see. Mayim was not there, maybe because of holiday. Still fun. Pre-taped, Shamy in apt, Sheldon is photoshopping people in their wedding pictures, the Wright brothers, and he get a email from Tam. He is coming to CalTech with his son who will be attending school there and wants to see Sheldon. Amy asks who Tam is, Sheldon is very angry at Tam and won't tell Amy why. In Bernadette's office, Penny and Bernadette want to check out Anu, Bernie calls her dad to do a police check on her, he says no. Pre-taped, Amy asks the gang in Lenny's apt, what they know about Tam, they haven't heard about him, but check Sheldon's enemy list. They find Tam and it only says he knows why. They decide to find him on campus. Penny and Bernadette go to the hotel where Anu works to check her out, they make plans with her to go out to dinner. She gets reservation for a hard to get into restaurant and Bernadette says if she can get in anywhere why would she want to marry Raj. Pre-taped, at CalTech Quad, the boys check out every Asian man until they find Tam. They ask about Sheldon and he is unaware Sheldon is angry at him. Sheldon comes over and calls the boys traitors and says Tams knows why I am mad and Tam says no I don't. Penny, Bernadette, and Anu is nice restaurant. See LaBron James. They talk and Anu says she tried falling in love and it didn't work and thought my parents are happy, I should do it their way. Sheldon's office, Leonard and Sheldon talking about how it stupid for Sheldon to angry at Tam and Leonard for taking Tam's side. Pre-taped, Shamy in apt taking about why he is angry. He seems when he came to California, Tam was supposed to come too, but he stayed in Texas with his girlfriend. Amy says it worked out okay, you have new friends and a good life. Back in the restaurant, the girls are drunk and Anu is questioning them about why is Raj still single. They say many embarrassing things, like bathing with his dog, crying while listening to music, and others. Sheldon's office, Sheldon forgives Tam and Tam says I didn't know you where angry. When I didn't come to California I knew you would do well and I was in love with my wife wanted to stay in Texas. I have had a good life. Sheldon responses you are so brave. Cafe, Tam is leaving and Sheldon makes Leonard drive him to the airport. In Bernadette's office, Bernadette is showing Penny a blur in LaBron's intsagram photo and says it's her. The phone rings and Raj yells why did you tell Anu I use Secret deodorant, it was secret. Don't talk to her anymore. The girls decide to see Anu again to fix it, maybe she can get them in another fancy restaurant. Sorry I left out most of the jokes, it was funny. At least, you the plot.
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    @brilliantfool Thank you! I have ticket for next week... I'll give you guys spoilers as well... Spoilers and detailed TR are always welcome! :D
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    Ok so everyone seems to be interested in the leonard story, here's the 30,000 foot view. I wont give a play by play spoiler but it should be enough So, episode opens with The gang on the couch, similar to "olden times" :). They were discussing what movie to go to and where/when to eat dinner. Everyone had an opinion and Leonard did not want to eat late at night. Sheldon argued with him, Leo caved and the entire group told him he as "satisifier", as somone who does whatever anyone else wants to take the least path of resistance. Afterwards, Penny continued to push Leo to see that the group is correct and to start doing what makes him happy, and to not take penny's feelings into account for things he wants to do. So, Penny tells Leo to pick an activitiy, and he struggles with that. He also shows Sheldon the "new strong" Leo and takes a new way to work (or home, or somewhere, I don't remember) which frightens Sheldon. What the real Pivot point of the episode in my opinion was that Leonard feels his job is inadequate, and he is unhappy. He writes a proposal to President Sibert (spelling) about leading up a plasma physics team, and he was not willing to take no for answer even if that meant leaving the university. Penny found out and was rather upset, as any wife would when her husbands job might be in jeopardy and he argues with her about it. In the end, President siebert said no and Leonard walked out. The show ended with Penny discussing what happened with Leonard and it was revealed that after Leonard walked out, Siebert said they didn't want to loose him so gave him a Co-lead position on a different "study" (don't remember what is was about). Leonard was happy with that and that he stood up for himself. My take on this: I feel they could have filmed an alternate ending, where Leonard was NOT offered a different position and come to find out that Leonard is going to leave to go to a different university. IT would be a befitting ending to the show's dynamic, as he would be the first of the 4 to leave the university which could the the "end event". Let me know if what I posted does not make sense.
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    Had a great time, some very funny lines. As we already have all the information I won't repeat it here except for the title: The Confirmation Polarization. Ok, I'm going to give a recap of each scene, where I remember specifics (or can paraphrase) I'll add those. I'm not going to vouch for pinpoint accuracy. Cold Open. Shamy doing a fun with flags episode (don't get too excited, it was very short, basically leading into the episode). Sheldon apologizes for Amy, because she claimed there was never a flag with a purple stripe. Sheldon points out there was, I believe it was Lithuania, a country that had one, and he shows the flag. Amy then apologizes for Sheldon, for having his fly open the entire previous episode. The wanted to take questions, and Sheldon told Amy to take off her glasses, so her password isn't visible. She takes off her glasses, but then can't read the emails. She puts them back on and finds an email from Fermilab (at this Sheldon says that's near Chicago, the Windy City, a good city for flags. Amy says no, it seems two scientists have confirmed their theory. They start going back and forth getting louder and louder saying " We did it." When it gets really loud, there is a cut to the rest of the gang in the hallway, and Penny says, "Awwwww, remember when they only did it on Amy's Birthday." Scene 1 The gang (minus Shamy) are eating. Howard wants to brag on Bernie, but Bernie says he doesn't need to. Everyone shuts up and eats, Bernie looks around and complains no one is asking her about it. Leonard finally asks, and Bernie says her project has passed all the FDA tests. Then the rest ask which project and she keeps saying no (a really funny one was, Penny I think, asked about her eye drops and she said no, they had to re-brand it as some sort of industrial cleaner). Finally she tells them and that it is good luck for Penny, as Bernadette wants Penny to head the sales team for the drug. You can tell Penny is not really enthused about the idea. Penny keeps issuing weak reasons for not doing it, and Bernadette keeps saying things like "That sounds like a yes to me." Finally, Shamy comes rushing in all excited and ask if they all know what happened. Raj says, "You did it." (thinking of sex), and they say "Yes we did" (thinking of their paper). Then Sheldon says "We didn't even know we did it". Howard goes "Wait, what?" Then Amy says, we had to have two professors from Chicago tell us we did it" and Leonard gets this strange look on his face and says, "Wait, what?". Then Jim started explaining about the theory and what led the other two to figure it out. And, he screwed up. So, they restarted, and he screwed up again. He looked at the script, said Ok, and they restarted, and he screwed up again. Someone in the audience went "Awwwwwww", feeling bad for Jim, and Jim said "Don't Awwwww me, I can keep you here all night." and everyone laughed. Then he started again, and screwed up again. He finally gets through it, and after a long sentence of large scientific terms, Penny says "Wait, what?" Scene 2 Later, Penny and Leonard are cleaning up. Leonard mentions it's funny seeing Penny wash dishes. Penny says she knows how to do it, she just get tired and leaves them. Leonard goes, "are you using any soap?" Penny says "Then you do it." Leonard asks Penny about why she didn't take the job offer from Bernadette. Penny says Bernadette is mean, that she can be hard on her subordinates, and Penny doesn't want to have to work that way. Scene 3 Shamy goes to President Siebert's office. The first time they went through it, Joshua Molina (Siebert) rose and opened his arms behind the desk, and said "bring it in" Sheldon said "bring what in?", and Amy explained it was for a hug, and he said "No, don't bring it in." Then Siebert explains that the two scientists would be visiting, and "we" wanted to write up Nobel paperwork. Sheldon asked if he meant "we" indicating him and Amy, or "we" indicating all three of them. Siebert explained Caltech had 38 Nobel laureates and they won, they would be the 39th an 40th. Sheldon wants to be 39, and Amy says it doesn't matter. He agrees it doesn't matter, but then winks at Siebert. There was a rather long pause, then they restarted. This time Molina didn't open his arms until he was around the dest. Mayim laughed and said can we restart. So they restarted and there were a couple of changes (opening his arms later, some minor dialog changes). Then there was another long wait, they restarted and there were some more changes. the one I remember was after Sheldon's "we's", Siebert said "we" or "we" it doesn't matter. Then Amy says "Wheeeeeeeeeee" before continuing. Scene 4 (pretaped) Penny stops by Bernadette's office to tell Bernadette, she talked to her boss and she didn't want to let Penny go, as her area was short. Bernadette offers to call her boss to get her released. Penny says, "You don't have to call her, It's no big deal." Bernadette, "You don't want to work for me?" Penny: "No, it's not that, were just short, darn it. Remember don't call my boss. Bernadette: "Look if you want to work on this with me, I can call her." Penny: "No, I'm like darn it, but you don't have to call. I just don't want to leave her short of salespeople, remember, don't call her. And Penny leaves. To Be continued...
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    Hey guys !! I was at the episode 2 main storylines : Sheldon’s mom insists he invites Georgie to the wedding otherwise she’s not coming either, Sheldon tries to call him but Georgie doesn’t wanna talk to him so he and Leonard go to Texas to invite Georgie in person Howard & Bernadette’s kids get pink eye and it’s 1 week till the wedding so Amy’s worried about getting pink eye as well. Despite everybody (except for Sheldon and Leonard cause they’re in Texas ) trying to avoid Howard, they all get pink eye (and they’re a little mad at Penny she doesn’t ). In the end they find out it’s bacterial and not the other one so it’s gonna be gone till the wedding) And another mini-storyline - Raj is trying to get a date for the wedding cause he doesn’t wanna be the only single guy there If nobody writes a TR soon I’ll try to post more later (prob tmw though cause I’m busy :/ )
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    Funny episode tonight. A-plot was the Shamy Nobel laureate situation. No resolution tonight on that front. They're still competing with Dr. Pemberton (Sean Astin) and Dr. Campbell (Kal Penn) for the nomination. They (Pemberton & Campbell) have been doing a publicity tour for support. They even went on Ellen to sing a viral song about physics that they'd posted on YouTube lol. Siebert planned a reception for Sheldon & Amy to drum up some support from other Nobel laureates, but none of them wanted to come because Sheldon has insulted all of them at one point or another. Leonard and Penny eventually convinced them all to come to the reception. B-plot was Howard and Bernie. Basically she wanted to make a nighttime story book for the kids about how Howard overcame his fears in space, called The Frightened Little Astronaut. And she wanted Stuart to illustrate it. Howard wasn't feeling it, but eventually he agreed to it, though he kept trying to change details to make himself look better. Lots of VIPs there tonight. Mayim's Mom as well as Jim's Mom were in the front row. The hype guy jokingly teased Jim's Mom about something (he didn't recognize her at first), then spent the rest of the night apologizing to her lol. Iain Armitage (Young Sheldon) was there too. He was hanging with Jim in Sheldon's spot after the show. You can tell the cast is savoring these last few eps. Lots of joking around and laughing, lots of hugs after the curtain call. When they came to speak to the audience, it seemed like Kaley was on the verge of tears. I'll do a more detailed taping report tomorrow.
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    Hi guys, there seem to be no details about the thanksgiving taping, so I’ll fill you in a little. Sorry for not posting earlier. This was due to travelling and illness. To start with I was surprised that everything that had been taped, had already been broadcast. So we got to see 1209 which had already aired before the taping. 1210 is a direct continuation of 1209 “The Citation Negation”. I’ll give you the name of the episode when I am home and have dug out the little program of the show. There are lots of guest stars: Iain Armitage, Lance Barber, Montana Jordon and Christine Baranski. I almost screamed when I read this so my excitement was huge 😊. Sheldon is still upset about the Russian Paper so Amy goes over to Lenny to find out if there is anything she can do that she hasn’t tried yet to cheer him up. Leonard suggests tea but Amy tells him that Sheldon now questions everything and has renamed tea into “leaf soup” 😉 So Leonard gives Amy an old video cassette and VCR with a recording Sheldon had apparently made as a child for himself for an emergency like this. We get to see the first minutes of the tape (Iain speaks) but then the tape changes to a football match his father had taped so the original footage is gone. Sheldon is devastated. Leonard’s mother is video chatted for advice. While Sheldon is in the bedroom Amy continues to watch the video. After a while Sheldon comes out and asks “why are you watching this”? Amy explains that she hoped that there is something left of the recording. It is then when we get to see Lance Barber talking to his football team including Montana. The team had lost horribly so Lance explains that you actually learn more from mistakes than from success (this is actually very sweet). Both Amy and Sheldon are surprised to see his dad on tape. Then Amy begins thinking that they have made a mistake and that the Russian paper could be right but that there are more sides to super asymmetry (sorry, I can’t remember the exact wording). So in the end they are both back on track. There is a little side story where Howard plays “the great Howdini” which is quite funny. I liked this episode a lot because of its depth and the character development. It is also beautifully written and the video tape is an excellent means to bring in the Young Sheldon characters. If you have any questions please ask, I’ll try to answer them.
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    Btw just 1 Shamy scene (nothing romantic) and 0 Lenny I think in this episode Sheldon keeps mentioning (to Amy and to Leonard/Raj) that Georgie was a horrible bully, that’s why. which we later find out from Georgie and Leonard’s conversation was not true at all. For example Sheldon told Leonard how when he was 8 Georgie threw away his Halloween costume and he had to wear a blanket and be a ghost. When Leonard confronts Georgie he says Sheldon apparently was gonna dress as a ‘girl scientist’ (madam Curie) so he had to throw it away otherwise Sheldon would get beaten up ). Really loved the scene with Leonard and Georgie
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    I did not attend yesterday, but I found this on Instagram (attendee username removed in case they want privacy).
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    A few more notes from the taping (sorry I haven't got to it, we had the trip home, then I must have caught something as I've been running a fever and generally feeling like shit). Anyway, I met several people who came to the forum to find how to get tickets. For those who don't remember, the tickets for this episode went up early, like two and a half hours early. The people who found out and put it up here were there. I thanked them, as I probably wouldn't have been able to get tickets if they hadn't been put out early. I met a couple at breakfast who had also checked in here. Johnny and Kaley came up to do their usual thanks to the audience. Johnny was getting all sappy, and started to tear up, and he said he was doing that to get Kaley to cry. It was a bit surreal seeing my ship standing only eight feet away. Before they came up to the railing to talk, there was a young woman from China who was singing Soft Kitty in Chinese (I don't know what dialect) and she had to stop, because they had gotten up on the railing. After they left, Mark Sweet asked her to continue. She said she couldn't, because when Kaley came up to the railing, she had said Hi to the young woman, and she was all flustered. I had to laugh at my wife, when they introduced Mayim, she came running out and my wife said, "They're real." LOL One thing we both noticed, Melissa really does look very small. Yes we know she's short, but it's much more obvious at the taping, than when watching on TV.
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    Theirs is a very interesting dynamic, especially from Penny's vantage. I feel that deep down she has long, long, long ached to have Leonard be a part of her life in a forever way. The hints we get to this (coupled with KC's acting ability in these moments---which is quite something) go back to season 1. The "good for him. Good for Leonard" as she and Sheldon stood outside his bedroom door when Leslie Winkle was on the other side. The huge, huge smile as she walked away from Leonard and Sheldon's table at the Cheesecake Factory when she found out it was over between Leonard & Leslie. The interaction at the Halloween party after Leonard departed from the bullying by Kurt--her defenses were down because she had too much to drink and she acted on her hidden attraction. Bitcoin this season gave fuel to the fact that it has always been Leonard for her, nearly as long as it has always been Penny for him. All the rest was noise. In the debacle of the Las Vegas wedding, there was never a question for her about staying with her best friend; with the love of her life. It was more a question of her acceptance of what she learned. Of wrapping her head around the news. When Sheldon insultingly denigrated Mandy Chow for being with Leonard, her angry response "I'M WITH LEONARD" says it all. She is with Leonard. All the rest is noise. I'll take this typical run-of-the-mill, non-quirky "nerd gets the pretty girl" relationship that shows a deep, deep, forever sort of love any day over ALL others.
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    Amy says every day he’s making her happier than before... Which she thought was nor possible but it is. Sheldon says that’s weird, he normally always knows what to say... but at that moment he’s lost for words . Then he said something beautiful but I don’t remember what it was) when Sheldon runs to the room to share his epiphany with Amy, he sees her in the dress and all and is stunned, says wow, you look BEAUTIFUL.... That’s not what I came to tell you , but YOU DO.... In the beginning of the episode she’s asking him is he sure he wants to get married? He says nothing could stop him, when if his own self came from the future and said something bad comes out of their marriage, like a baby that’d destroy the earth or something 😂 amy says ‘and also that would mean we have married already anyway cause I know you believe time is an enclosed loop’ Sheldon’s stunned she knows him so well, says ‘I love you so damn much’ : )
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    Who’s Denise, is she the comic book store girl ? If yes then yeah... she was with Stuart : ) he’s asked her to go to the wedding with her, she thought it’d be weird... Then Howard comes in to the store and tells them who’s gonna officiate the wedding... She’s shocked and turns to Stuart and says he’s gotta but her a dress : ) and then in the wedding they have this moment where she tells him he’s hot 😂 Cause he knew all the answers to the SW questions that people asked Mark Hamill and he was like so on point... knew every detail. Mark knew nothing 😂 (questions were asked cause they needed to stall, so Howard was like , who’s here a SW fan ? - everybody raised hands - even Amy’s dad and her mom destroyed him with her look 🙈 - so then Howard was like, Mark will answer your SW questions while we wait )
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    nope, just some piece of meteorite, didn't say anything more about it. OK, here what I can remember .... 😀 The Meteorite Manifestation Bret wants to examine piece of rock from the sky and needs help from Raj and Leonard gets jealous because they do not want to use his laser to cut it. Bernadette and Howards new neighbor builds an illegal balcony with perfect view of their hot tub and installs strong floodlight with a movement sensor underneath …. Here come the spoilers 🙂
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    Scene 8 Howard, Bernie and Raj are all sitting at the table in the Wolowitz's kitchen. They are talking about Penny working for Bernadette, and Howard points out that pushing her isn't going well. Then there are several conversations about how good Bernadette is in getting people to do what she wants. Raj is trying to figure out what to do about the Anu situation, and Bernadette manipulates him rather easily (Howard looks surprised (sorry I can't remember the exact situation). Bernadette says she changed Howard to the point where ehe wanted to be an astronaut and Raj points out that Howard wanted to be a astronaut when he was young and Bernadette says, yep, that's how good I am. scene 9 The guys are in the cafeteria, Sheldon looking at this iPad, and Raj starts talking about Star Trek Discovery, and Leonard says he's a couple of episodes behind, so Raj stops. Then Leonard asks about the latest Walking Dead, and Howard and Raj both claim to be 2-3 episodes behind, so Leonard shuts up. Then Howard mentions something (I didn't catch it) and again a couple are behind in watching, so Howard shuts up. Then Sheldon shows Leonard the iPad and explains how the other two scientists are going around on a press tour, and how they want to drop Amy off of the Nobel nomination. Raj says something about it being Sheldon and Amy's theory, no one who makes a wrong discovery would become famous. Howard says, you mean like that guy that was trying to get to India and found a new continent, what was they guys name? Raj gives Howard a dirty look dand asks it's, they can't do that, can they? Leonard points out that the Nobel committee tends to like experimentalists better than theoreticians. Sheldon says something like 'are you trying to scare me, like that campfire story about the guy with a hook for a hand?" Kunal screwed up the first word of the scene and they stopped. They restarted, but Johnny said his first work, while Kunal hadn't finished his line. A while later, Jim messed up again, and the quickly corrected it. scene 10. Amy and Sheldon are eating, and Sheldon is tut-tutting for a while and Amy asks what's wrong. Sheldon asks how Amy knows there's something wrong. She says, he's barely touched his dinner and he sounds like a bomb waiting to go off. He then explains what Fermilab is going to do, and what they want Caltech to do. You can tell Amy's upset, but she says that Sheldon should do what they suggest. He says that she wrote the paper with him, and deserves credit. Amy says, no it's his dream, and all that she wants is for him to be happy. (there was a big Awwwwww here). Sheldon then says she has to stay on the nomination, because without her, he wouldn't have been able to make SuperAsymmetry work. (another big awwwwwww, here.). They hug. For the second take, they asked the audience not to say awwwwwww during the scene. They reran it, we stayed quiet and they went on. To be continued...
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    Scene 5. Sheldon and Amy are at the Athenaeum having lunch. Amy says the last time they were in there, was for their wedding. Sheldon says it has a lot less grandeur without Mark Hamill in it. Amy deadpans, "That's what you said about our honeymoon." Molina brings in the two scientists, (Kal Pen and Sean Astin) and specifically tells them not to try and hug Sheldon. The two explain that they weren't even looking for SuperAsymmetry, They just had some results with Kaons (a subatomic particle that can decay into matter or antimatter violating CP symmetry) and some of their colleagues told them of Shamy's paper. Sheldon is puzzled how they knew that SuperSymmetry would help them with their data problem. They both say they didn't even understand SuperAsymmetry, but it help them with their experiment, and it's made them famous. The two of them looks excited, but Shamy looks stunned. Then Kal Pen's character says "oh hell, I'm going to hug him anyway. So he gets up and hugs Sheldon. While they were doing this scene, Sean Astin screwed up at the same place three or four times. The cameras were off, but the mike picked up his comment that he didn't want to disappoint anyone here. Jim jumped in and said don't worry about it, he disappointed them earlier in the evening (referring to his problems in the first scene). Scene 6 Pre taped. Bernadette called Penny into her office, and tried to get her to agree to head the sales team. Penny tried the "were shorthanded" but Bernadette pointed out she called Penny's boss, and found out that Penny section wasn't short. Bernadette continued pressing Penny, until Penny tells Bernadette she doesn't feel comfortable about taking it. She's didn't graduate from college and all the people who would be working for her have degrees, that she doesn't really know how to handle people, etc. Bernadette talks about how she should know how to handle people, just by watching Bernadette. Penny's not sure, and just then a guy comes in, says "Dr Rostenkowski" and Bernadette goes off on him and he quickly leaves. Penny looks at Bernadette and she shrugs and says, "I love that guy." scene 7 The two scientists are eating in the Athenaeum. Sheldon walks in and they start talking about the Nobel paperwork. The two point out that there can be only three names on the nomination forms. Sheldon leans toward Astin and says, "Are they leaving him (indicating Pen) off the nomination?" Pen says, "No, they are not leaving me off." At that, Sheldon leans toward Pen and says, "Are they leaving him (indicating Astin) off the nomination." "No" says Pen. Astin says, that Fermilab is going to nominate Pen, Astin and Sheldon, because Physicists should be nominated for the Physics prize. They also pointed out that a different set of name on the nomination from Caltech, would be counter productive, as then there would be fighting over which names. So they hoped Sheldon would see it their way. Then they said something to the effect that wasn't Sheldon the type of person who would do anything to get a Nobel?" And Sheldon shouts as he's leaving, "I hope not." To be continued....
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    Leslie and greg are people having coffee that sheldon and amy interupt, they aren't important characters to the storyline to be honest Yes we were soooo lucky to get tickets and are so grateful because we flew over for the tapings 😄
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    When they check in to their new york hotel, sheldon tells the bellboy its their honeymoon and then lists all the things they have planned. Harry potter on broadway part 1 and 2 nikola tesla walking tour. Next one they are in their wizard robes after harry potter sheldons happy amys mad because he disrupted the show, he wants to have coitus she doesn't theres some funny dialog about them doing it in the shower but it could cause injuries. Then they are on their tour, sheldon is pointing out the mistakes the guide is making, amy is still mad, he tells her if they had coitus the night before like he wanted shed be happy, amy storms off. He approaches her later carrying 2 hotdogs, hes tells her hes not a physical person but wants to be a good husband and if he doesn't schedule he might forget and send her into the arms of a long shoreman, they compromise on the schedule. Meanwhile hes still holding the hotdogs and its super funny, Amy says something sciencey and sheldon gets turned on and tells her they need to go and she asks him why and he says i need you to say that again when we get there.
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    Just got out of the taping Its a great episode!
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    It’s probably already been said, but one amazing side note from the finale (and who among us who truly loves these two is surprised?) was the love of their friends and the true and complete happiness for them that Leonard and Penny displayed. From Penny’s take charge role as matron of honor, giving assignments. Her handling both Mrs Fowler AND Mrs (Mary) Cooper in defense of both Sheldon and Amy was a great moment as was her enthusiastic “I’m pumped” along with her hop and jump to action! Although Leonard teasingly told Sheldon that he was now fully Amy’s problem, his tearful moment showed his true feelings for his dear friend with his characteristic sensitivity on full display. They are wonderful, caring, loyal and true companions to themselves and to their circle of friends. Small but wonderful moments for Dr. and Mrs. Hofstadter.
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    From theknotnews.com EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS | ‘Big Bang Theory’ Wedding Album: Get the Exclusive Look Inside Sheldon and Amy’s Nuptials Source
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    No cliffhanger! the tag is the scene where Lenny being Shamy some presents that were sent to their apt instead and one of them is Stephen hawking’s present it’s a pocket watch Btw they didn’t show us 11x23 before the taping! They showed the wedding dresses episode instead
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    To each their own but I personally loved the episode cause of Georgie. I love him on YS so it was so nice to see him here. also I was in the first group of people to come in, they were still checking in the VIPs in front of us, and the actor who plays Georgie walked past by us and greeted everyone... People around me got excited and I had no idea who he was haha. Anyways it was so sweet of him to do that! also most of the actors messed up tonight , I think Johnny even used the F word haha. Mayim, Jim, Kaley, Johnny and Kunal all messed up once or twice. They gave us the pizza so early I was worried it’s gonna be a short taping with lots of playback but thankfully it was not the case, it was almost 3 hours PS the hotel room you’re talking about is the one in Texas where Sheldon and Leonard stay
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    Merry Christmas to all members of the forum. 🎅 🎄 ❄️
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    Thank you for the nice comments, I have lurking for years and felt a owed you all a report. Sorry I left out so many words, but got home very late after the taping. I had a good time, won candy for being married the longest. (which also make me feel very old). Raj really looked happy after the proposal, not like when he tried to break up with the girl friend in the graveyard. A funny thing when Leonard got in the Batmobile he drove without Penny and then came back and said get in Robin.
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    From TV Line The Big Bang Theory: Keith Carradine to Return as Penny's Dad in Final Season Penny’s dad/Leonard’s best bud will be back before The Big Bang Theory signs off forever: Keith Carradine will reprise his recurring role in the CBS comedy’s final season, a CBS rep confirms to TVLine exclusively. “Wyatt is back, for a moment, anyway” Carradine tells TVLine, marveling at the “interesting vibe on set.” The blockbuster series “has profoundly changed all of [the cast’s] lives, and yet they are all still absolutely delightful,” he adds. “And there’s a wistfulness there. I noticed that everyone’s there doing what they have become so expert at. It’s a sense of family.” Carradine made his Big Bang debut in a Season 4 installment titled “The Boyfriend Complexity,” in which a then-single Penny asked Leonard to pose as her boyfriend while her father was visiting. Carradine has since made two more appearances, with the most recent being Season 10’s “The Conjugal Conjecture,” aka Penny and Leonard’s do-over wedding episode. Carradine currently plays President Henry Dalton on CBS’ Madam Secretary. On Monday evening, he can be seen serving as guest programmer on Turner Classic Movies.
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    I seriously don't understand what is happening with this forum at the moment. Sheldon isn't being written out, why would he be? If they write Sheldon out then Amy will go with him. The show is ending, there will be no more seasons, unless they decide to do a reunion season 10 years down the line. And Jim posted his thoughts and feelings towards the show ending on Instagram, and to me it seemed like he was throwing barbs at people who are accusing him that it is his fault the show is ending. 12 years is a bloody good effort for any show, and yes we may have wanted one more season (personally I feel as though this is the right time to end things) and there will be more shows that will capture our imagination and make us want to join new forums and talk about those episodes. And just remember don't be sad the show is ending, be happy because there will always be reruns on, or if you have every season on DVD you can watch it as many times as you like. Because while the show may be ending with the twelfth season, with no more seasons afterwards, just remember you can watch the 12 year journey again and again for the rest of time
  49. 18 points
    There's a new promotional photo from yesterday's episode I thought my Shamy friends might like. 😉 cbspressexpress.com
  50. 18 points
    Yes! Of course and the actor who played Luke Skywalker officiated the wedding! (it was supposed to be Wil, but the day of the wedding Howard found this guy’s dog and he said what do you want in return and Howard asked for this to surprise Sheldon ) Yes guys, all is great! They’re married! I’m going away from wi fi now really beautiful happy episode !
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