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    The Season 12 finale aired in Germany today...
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    The Nobel Prize in Physics was announced today....
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    Now, when all has been said and all has been done, I’m looking at Penny and parenthood as a journey of development. Like other things, becoming a mother was something far in the future for her. After some scares in her youth, she settled into a “yeah, someday” mentality, which suited her. Until. Until she started thinking. About marrying Leonard. About changing careers. When she thought about how they may no longer be “young and fun” I think her considerations went into overdrive. A way to stay young may be not becoming a parent. A change in her view has occurred again now that she is expecting. We did not get to see the process, but I for one imagine a lovely and loving long conversation between Penny and Leonard, where all is laid out. All is said between them and what their future holds. They always do seem to arrive there at the point of non return. Of revealing things to themselves, together, that had been hidden. That had been unsaid. The true beauty of their relationship and the totality of their love of each other was on display late in season 12. Penny’s complete support of Leonard v Beverly in episode 22 (this followed her worry, tempered support and joy and happiness for him in his professional decision and the results in episode 20) and finally their extremely evident love and devotion in episodes 23 & 24. So, to Penny, Leonard is a “veritable Mack daddy” and together, they will have “smart and beautiful babies”....
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    Ratings are tanking across the board so far this year, a quick calculation shows the average premiere is down 30-40 percent. On Monday, none of CBS' shows cracked a 1.0. The Neighborhood was high at 0.9. On NBC, The Voice was at 1.7, 911 was at 1.5. On ABC, The Good Doctor and Fox's Prodigal Son were at 1.0. On Tuesday, on NBC, This is Us had a 3.0 last year and a 1.8 this year, down 40%. The Voice was at 1.5 (down 40%). On ABC, The Conners, with the highest comedy rating of 1.3, was off by 1.1 points (45%) from last year (2.4). The rest of ABC's lineup was either 0.8 or 0.9. On Fox, the new Show the resident was at 0.9 and Empire, was down 0.9 points at 1.0, from a 1.9, down 49%. Neither of Fox's shows hit four million. CBS had a fairly good night, with NCIS flat at 1.3, but it's been the only show over 10 million viewers, at 12.24. On Wednesday, ABC struggled with The Goldbergs and Modern Family at 1.0 (but both were under 5 million viewers, Modern Family barely making it at 4.04 million. Their other two new comedies Schooled and Single Parents came in at 0.8 and 0.7, but Schooled was under four million (3.48) and Single Parents was under three million (2.87). Their new show at 10 PM, Stumptown only had a 0.7, but at 4.53 million was the highest viewed show on the network, beating The Goldberg's by 80 thousand viewers. On CBS, both Survivor and Big Brother ran 90 minutes, and were both around 1.2-1.3 demo. Survivor had around 6 million viewers and Big Brother had around 4.5 million. NBC ran Chicago First Responders (Med, Fire, PD) and all were somewhere around 1.2 with Med and Fire around 7.5 million with PD at 6.5 million. The big winner on Wednesday was Fox, with The Masked Singer pulling in around a 2.5 demo, with around 8 million viewers. Thursday for CBS wasn't bad, with YS at 1.0 and Mom at 0.8, and their new shows, The Unicorn (0.8) and Carol's Second Act at 0.7). YS was over 8 million viewers and the other three at 6 million. At 10 PM the new show Evil brought in a0.7 with 4.5 million. ABC had a good night with Grey's Anatomy at 1.6 and the new Show A Million Little Pieces at 1.0, with Grey's around 6.5 million and Pieces at 5 million. How to Get Away with Murder was at 0.6 but only 2.5 million viewers. Fox had Football, and on NBC Thursday was a complete disaster. Leading off the night was Superstore, with a 0.8 and only 2.86 million viewers. This was followed by the new show Perfect Harmony (0.5, 2.63 million), The Good Place, (0.7, 2.42 million) and the new show Sunnyside at 0.4, and only 1.77 million people. It picked up at 10 PM with the 21 season premiere of Law and Order SVU (something that no prime time drama has ever done) with a 0.7 and 3.84 million viewers. Friday, on CBS, the trio of Hawaii Five-0, Magnum PI, and Blue Bloods, were around 0.6-0.7 with 6 million for the first two, and 7.5 million for Blue Bloods On ABC American Housewife at 0.7 and 3.39 million viewers and Fresh Off the Boat (0.5, 2.44 million) were followed by two episodes of 20/20 (average 0.55 and 3.25 million) NBC ran a repeat of Bluff City Law (0.4, 2.70 million) then two episodes of Dateline (average 0.6 and 3.60 million viewers). Fox heavily promoted WWE smackdown and got a 0.4 demo, with only 1.39 million viewers. At 9 PM FOX ran a repeat of Prodigal Son to a 0.3 with 1.27 million viewers. It has not been pretty. Only one series broke a 2.0 (The Masked Singer), only one series broke 10 Million viewers (NCIS), and only one new series was above a 1.0 (Prodigal Son). I would not want to be a broadcast network executive this year, or in the years ahead.
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    Kaley and Briana 😷😷
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    A Cup Of Cuoco
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    I just watched the last episonde of The Big Bang Theory and it's amazing! I cried so hard it was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! The Big Bang may be the the number 1 comedy but it's far more than that! It's the most pure, beautiful and heartwarming love story anyone has ever known, it's about the most simple and true way anyone can love and it's about how the smallest things can have such a huge impact on peoples lives and make them turn out amazing it's not just a tv show it's a life lesson and the best story I have ever known. Thank you so much, because that, is the explanation for how the universe works. It did start with The Big Bang...
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    Avery’s hair is coming in nicely.
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    There are several enjoyable Lenny moments in the last few episodes. And one really, really, really, REALLY, fun Leonard moment, that comes close to the pillow.
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    Anyone see the Big Bang theory rememberence tribute on the Emmys tonight? Good tribute. Showed Leonard’s Slap. And had the slowed down Bare Naked Ladies theme. Johnny posted it
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    From the comments: 😄
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    From HBO Max official YouTube channel At 0:44 you can get a fleeting glimpse (one second) from Kaley's new show "The Flight Attendant". The launch of HBO Max will be on May, 27th. Source
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    This is a fun idea Stephen, let's see I could go several different ways with this, new neighbor, going to get the TV, losing their pants, hmmmm. We know the big thing from the episode wasn't always in the title. But, in this case, I'll go with the main point, "The Neighbor Initiation".
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    The numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 were simply the numeration of the four different simply reasons for the loss of viewers, for broadcast. Your point about charging enough to make a profit is true, to a point. They could find ways such as creating less costly shows. This is where reality show come in, those are relatively cheap to produce. Or, new shows are generally cheaper than older shows. If you have two shows, pulling in the same ratings, but one cost you twice as much to produce, its the more expensive one that gets cancelled. There are various ratings, but the three that are paid the most attention to are the 18-49 demo, for Live + same day,(SD), Live + 3 day and Live + 7 day. Ad rates were originally based on who watched when it was on. Then, they added the Same Day. That was simply those who watched the show by Video Tape or Digital Video Recorder, by 3 AM, the next dat. If Big Bang was on at 8 PM on Thursday, if you watched it by 3 AM Friday, it counted as same day. Those are the daily ratings you see (and I used to post). Then with tape and digital recorders, the networks wanted to charge for the number of viewers for Live + 7, but the people buy the ads, didn't want to include anything except Live + SD. So, they compromised on Live + 3, within the last few years, they went to Live + 7. Fast forwarding through them is considered the same as getting up to get a snack or going to the bathroom, with live ads. You can't control what people do during ads, they pay for the number that are watching the show. The ad rates for watching over the internet are different than watching over the air (Live + 3 and Live + 7 are considered watching over the air) Watching them all, say on Netflix, has no bearing on the cost of broadcast ads. Netflix doesn't give out it's viewing figures, so there is no way to determine who is watching when. Any streaming service has the same problem. Netflix generally goes by what called complete viewing. How many viewers watch all of the episodes of a particular series. Those series that didn't pull in viewers for all of the episodes, generally had a better chance of being cancelled. I read an article that mentioned the Netflix series GLOW, had a problem with that and may not get a fourth season. They did, but it was also announced as their last. See, another consideration is that the cost starts going up in the fourth season, because by SAG rules, the actors can renegotiate their salaries at that point. So, if there isn't a fourth season (or if it's the last) Netflix wouldn't have to worry about the cost. The ad cost is based on the number who watch, and as I pointed out above, as long as someone watches within seven days of it being broadcast, the viewer is counted int he ratings. Yes, it can be a shock. There are procedures for a make up, (what amounts to free advertising) if the number of people viewing isn't where it's expected, based on how much was paid for an ad. But, that's something between the company buying the ad and the network as to when that kicks in and for how much. One of the problems that many are pointing out, is that with the rise of awards for premium cable, and or streaming services, people without those, have noting to be invested in. There were eight series nominated for best drama, only one, This Is Us, was on broadcast. Same with comedy, seven nominations, only one on broadcast, The Good Place. From what I can find, all the streaming services (or premium cable, same thing really) together have less than the number of people watching broadcast TV. If you consider that most people who have one, have more than one streaming service the number of people watching the Emmy's for shows they might have seen is only about one third to one half of the people watching the Emmys. And, ironically, the people most likely to have purchased access to those shows, and the most likely not to have a connection to the network broadcasting the awards. Or, some, like me, don't really care about the Emmy's anymore. I lost interest when they awarded Orange is the New Black, the comedy award. This is the result of the myriad of choices we now have. In the fifties, TV was new, and in the sixties it was still relatively new. The seventies and eighties had some damn good shows. It was in the nineties that viewership started to decline. There had to be something really enticing, as you say, to pull people away from the other available things. Now, with so many choices, it's even worse for the broadcast stations and networks.
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    This was such a fun and rather sweet post! Also, thank you @luminous for keeping the spirit alive here! I appreciate your posts so much!
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    This is why she is so endearing to her fans. She is so down to earth and what you see is what you get. A truly human being in every sense of the word.
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    Happy Birthday, Jim!
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    From US Weekly official YouTube channel
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    Happy 85th Birthday to Judd Hirsch
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    Kaley and Karl's new house From variety.com Kaley Cuoco, Karl Cook Buy $12 Million Hidden Hills Estate
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    Gorgeous! 😍😍😍
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    New episode of “A cup of Cuoco“
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    Happy Birthday @veejay Have a wonderful day!
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    T.R. Knight plays the brother of Kaley‘s character in “The Flight Attendant“.
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    Thank you to all for the birthday wishes. It was my Beatle's birthday.
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    Happy, happy @Tensor !! 🎂🎉🎊🎁🎈
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    Target has this exclusive artwork for The Twelfth and Final Season on DVD and Blu-ray:
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    From yahoo.com Kaley Cuoco remembers the 'dark' character she almost played in original version of 'The Big Bang Theory' video and article in the link above ⬆️
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    Sara Gilbert and the rest of the cast of The Conners were guests on The Talk today. While there, she confirmed that Johnny guest stars on tomorrow night's episode.
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    From deadline.com ‘The Flight Attendant’: Sonoya Mizuno To Co-Star In Kaley Cuoco’s HBO Max Series
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    From Deadline Hollywood ‘Hollywood’: Dylan McDermott, Samara Weaving, Jim Parsons, Maude Apatow & Joe Mantello Among Netflix Series Cast Additions Dylan McDermott, Samara Weaving, Jim Parsons, Maude Apatow, Joe Mantello, Laura Harrier and Jake Picking have joined the cast of Ryan Murphy’s upcoming Netflix limited drama series Hollywood. They join previously announced Jeremy Pope, Darren Criss, David Corenswet, Patti LuPone and Holland Taylor. Few details are known about the series, which Murphy calls “a love letter to the Golden Age of Tinseltown.” It is believed to be set in the 1940s and centers on three lead characters — played by Pope, Criss and Corenswet. McDermott will play Ernie; Weaving will portray Claire; Parsons will play Henry Wilson; Apatow will portray Henrietta; Mantello will play Dick; Harrier will play Camille; and Picking will play actor Rock Hudson. <full article in the link>
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