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  1. "The Laureate Accumulation" The gang is watching Campbell/Pemberton on Ellen. Sheldon is just waiting for Ellen to ask them what exactly Super Asymmetry is so the world can see what big frauds they are. Instead, she asks them to sing their Physics song. They get up and perform "Let's Get Physics-al". Penny looks super impressed. Sheldon goes to their hotel to tell the other team they have to hold a press conference to tell the world that Super Asymmetry was his and Amy's idea and that they're frauds. They decline and Kal Penn's character (Campbell) tells Sean Astin (Pemberton) that his wife was not right, and he's not a fraud at all. Sheldon says she was right and they basically slam the door in his face. Guys eating at the cafeteria. Sheldon sees another video that Pemb/Camp have uploaded. Leonard tells him it doesn't matter what they do, no one ever won anything by being nice. Raj says, well Tom Hanks has won tons of awards and he's super nice. Some back and forth on Tom Hanks. Then Siebert comes up and tells Sheldon not to worry about the other team's publicity tour. They ask if he's worried and he fake laughs and says of course not. He's scheduled a reception with a bunch of other Nobel Laureates so they can get the science world on their side. They don't have to worry about being likable if they can get the other scientists to support them. Sheldon asks Siebert, doesn't he think that him and Amy are likable. Siebert says that's what he likes about Sheldon, he asks the difficult questions. Howard and Bernie talk in their living room. Halley is afraid of the dark so Howard goes to talk to her. Bernie overhears him telling Halley that he was scared in space, and he also was wearing a full diaper. Sheldon and Amy talking in their apartment. Amy is reading out list of Nobel laureates invited to the reception. Sheldon winces after each name, because he's somehow insulted or alienated every single one of them. He says he wouldn't have insulted them if he'd have known he'd need them in the future. Amy just looks at him and then he admits that's actually not true. Stuart and Bernie at H/B house. Bernadette is trying to draw a cartoon about Howard in space and Stuart asks her if Halley drew that at school. He offers to illustrate the nighttime story. Says it will be a real change from his usual drawings. Bernie asks what he usually draws, and he awkwardly says, well good night, and hurries off. Leonard and Penny at their apt. Leonard is washing dishes and Penny says she thought he said was going to workout. He says you have your ways of working out and I have mine. Sheldon and Amy come in, asking to borrow some cookie dough. They're going to send the Noble laureates cookies to convince them to come to the reception . Some discussion about how Sheldon didn't mean to insult all of them, he just sometimes misses social cues. Penny says "you don't say" (very funny facial expressions in this scene lol). Sheldon and Amy's apartment, intercut with scenes of the various scientists receiving their cookies. Kip Thorne and George Smoot see they're from Sheldon and throw their's away immediately. Frances Arnold opens her up and says mmm cookies, then sees they're Oatmeal Raisin and throws them away. At the apt Sheldon is checking his email. He excitedly calls Amy over and says look someone has taken the cookies we sent and spelled out Thank You with them. Amy looks and says, that word is not "Thank" Sheldon. Bernie and Howard with Raj at their house. Bernie shows Howard the book with Stuart's illustrations, it's called Frightened Little Astronaut. And a publisher wants to publish it, but they need Howard's permission. Howard says no way and walks out. Raj says maybe they should all it the Bitchy Little Astronaut instead. Leonard and Sheldon at L/P apt. Sheldon feels bad because his past bad behavior is making Amy suffer. Leonard looks surprised and asks Sheldon when he started caring about other people's feelings. Sheldon says, well when Amy was shocked by the Christmas lights (or something like that) and he laughed at her, it was sometime after that. Amy and Penny are in the laundry room and Amy is explaining what Sheldon did to each of the Nobel laureates and why none of them are coming to the reception. Penny is sympathetic but she's like damn, I probably wouldn't come either. Back to L/S, and Sheldon is saying he just has a problem telling when he's gone too far. Leonard says he can help him by saying a code word when he shouldn't say anything. It will be "shut up". Sheldon says that's perfect, since he hears it all the time, and no one will suspect it's their code word. H/B house and Stuart is convincing Howard to agree to the book. Stuart says he could really use this. Howard wants to change everything about the astronaut, including the name, giving him muscles, and having him fight aliens in space. Stuart says so basically you want it to be a superhero astronaut. Howard says yes, that's perfect. Penny and Leonard trying to convince Kip Thorne (maybe, I can't remember which one) to come to the reception. Penny asks him about his work and he's impressed she knows about whatever it was. While Leonard is talking, she quickly googles it, then reads off to him exactly what it is. Penny tells him that Amy is actually really nice, and if you combine her and Sheldon (math!) you get an okay person. Bernie trying to convince Howard to do the book. He doesn't want his kids to know how scared he was in space. Bernie says the book might help some kid who's been scared know that they can overcome it (basically. Melissa had a ton of trouble with this line and had to re-do it 4 or 5 times). Finally she guilts him into it. Howard says she uses guilt expertly, just like a Jewish Mom. The reception is happening. All the Nobel laureates are there and Sheldon and Amy seem to be doing well. Then Pemberton and Campbell show up. They say that George Smoot invited them, they're Facebook friends, and they call him Smooty. Leonard checks in with Sheldon to see if they're alright, and Sheldon says now everyone will find out that the other team have no idea what they're talking about. Shamy go up to Pemb/Camp and quiz them with a really in-depth question about Super Asymmetry. The guys guess the right answer and Shamy are stumped. Pemberton and Campbell then give a speech about how they've felt so accepted since they proved Super Asymmetry and they weren't sure if they would fit in, that sometimes they feel like frauds but everyone has been so great. All the scientists in the room are nodding along and looking impressed. Sheldon wants to say something but Leonard tells him to shut up. Finally Amy has had enough and totally flips out. She screams at them that what they're feeling is called Fraud Syndrome and it's actually because they're true frauds that they're feeling like that. She says her and Sheldon should be the winners because they discovered Super Asymmetry and the other team doesn't even know what it really is. Everyone is looking at her like she's crazy. Sheldon asks Leonard if that's what he looks like when he says something he shouldn't and Leonard says yes, and Sheldon thanks him for stopping him this time. We end on Howard reading The Frightened Little Astronaut to Halley. He's trying to change it, but Bernie catches him. When she leaves, he changes it and tells Halley that he really did fight aliens in space .
  2. Funny episode tonight. A-plot was the Shamy Nobel laureate situation. No resolution tonight on that front. They're still competing with Dr. Pemberton (Sean Astin) and Dr. Campbell (Kal Penn) for the nomination. They (Pemberton & Campbell) have been doing a publicity tour for support. They even went on Ellen to sing a viral song about physics that they'd posted on YouTube lol. Siebert planned a reception for Sheldon & Amy to drum up some support from other Nobel laureates, but none of them wanted to come because Sheldon has insulted all of them at one point or another. Leonard and Penny eventually convinced them all to come to the reception. B-plot was Howard and Bernie. Basically she wanted to make a nighttime story book for the kids about how Howard overcame his fears in space, called The Frightened Little Astronaut. And she wanted Stuart to illustrate it. Howard wasn't feeling it, but eventually he agreed to it, though he kept trying to change details to make himself look better. Lots of VIPs there tonight. Mayim's Mom as well as Jim's Mom were in the front row. The hype guy jokingly teased Jim's Mom about something (he didn't recognize her at first), then spent the rest of the night apologizing to her lol. Iain Armitage (Young Sheldon) was there too. He was hanging with Jim in Sheldon's spot after the show. You can tell the cast is savoring these last few eps. Lots of joking around and laughing, lots of hugs after the curtain call. When they came to speak to the audience, it seemed like Kaley was on the verge of tears. I'll do a more detailed taping report tomorrow.
  3. Hi everyone, quick question. As long as your ticket doesn't say Standby on it, it's a guaranteed ticket right? It's been so long since I went to a taping I forgot lol.
  4. Lol nothing embarrassing about that! It definitely has. While you can only really see his shoulders and part of his chest, it is very very nice. Super cut. He looks really good.
  5. The bathroom scene definitely makes it into The Locomotion Reverberation. That's the episode we saw before the taping Tuesday. Hilarious. Sheldon follows Amy into the bathroom to read her the train museum activities lol. And the end scene with Amy's fantasy? Hot and also so funny. When Sheldon pours water over himself in slow motion the audience was hooting and clapping lol.
  6. Not necessarily. It was more like she was looking to him to agree with her (about working it out soon)
  7. The scene in their bedroom was really sweet. Like, Sheldon's voice, his demeanor, everything was really tender and apologetic. Seeing the chart with their names in the middle circle together gave me some major feels lol. They really do understand each other, and I'm glad that they can discuss things after they're angry and Sheldon is getting better at trying to understand why Amy gets upset sometimes. Also, when Sheldon was telling Amy that she's more sofa-sized it was cute because he did this little squish together thing with his hands.
  8. We didn't see the red clown noses on set. That must have been behind the scenes. I know that red nose day is a thing here, so maybe that's what it has to do with?
  9. The Allowance Evaporation We open on the guys sitting around the Lenny’s apt. Raj is holding his breath and they’re spinning an Euler’s disk and seeing if he can hold his breath until it stops spinning. Penny comes in and she wants in on this action, she’ll bet $10 they can’t make her care about this. Amy comes in and tells Sheldon she’s found a new place for date night. She also knows exactly what the spinning disk is. She thinks it’s fun, but after Sheldon tells her they’re seeing if Raj can hold his breath the whole time, she also thinks it’s immature. Raj manages to hold his breath until the disk stops. He also lets Howard know that his favorite movie is the Princess Bride (after Howard had mistakenly said it was Waiting to Exhale). Next up was Raj and his Dad. Raj tells his Dad that he’ll have a high credit card bill this month because he was depressed about breaking up with his girlfriend. Mr. Koothrapali is not shocked at all. Raj warns his Dad not to even think about trying to arrange him a marriage to a nice Indian girl. His Dad says not to worry; he gave up on that years ago. Woman don’t necessarily go for guys whose Dad still pays for his rent and car. Raj is mad his Dad has given up on him and thinks that’s a problem. Mr. Koothrapali says he has 6 kids, 5 of whom are married and self-supporting. He doesn’t believe he’s the problem. Sheldon and Amy are at date night at a new Mexican restaurant that Amy found. Sheldon is eating chips and Amy tells him not to fill up on them. He tells her he won’t cause he only eats equilateral chips. Some are isosceles, some are other random mathematical shapes. Then he breaks the end off of one to make it equilateral and tells Amy that she didn’t see that. Amy sees Bert at the bar and wants to say hi. Sheldon wonders why? Because when you see someone you know, it’s the polite thing to do to go and say hello to them. Sheldon has several restraining orders that say differently. They go say hello to Bert. He’s waiting on a date he met online on G-harmony, which is a dating site for geologists. Yes, they really have that and apparently the slogan is something like “We’re here to date…and not the Carbon-14 kind.” They leave and Sheldon tells Amy that if she thinks that was better than trying to talk to Zachary Quinto through a bathroom stall, she’s crazy. Penny, Leonard, Bernie, and Howard sitting around. They brought the baby, who fell asleep in the car. Leonard remembers when Sheldon used to do that. But then Penny points out, not since he left him in the CVS parking lot. But who forgot to crack the window asks Leonard? Raj comes in, he’s gotten Halley a crushed velvet baby cape. Howard is (fake) excited because yay, now they have 2. Raj says he’s mad at his Dad so he made him pay for it. Penny points out that if he really wants to hurt his Dad, she looks great in Chanel. They talk about Raj’s Dad and how he’s given up on him. Penny tells everyone to let Raj feel how he feels, and she points out to Raj that in shoes she wears a 7.5 and an 8 in boots. Back to date night at the Mexican restaurant. Sheldon is listing his all-time favorite defunct search engines. Amy doesn’t have any. Bert comes over to their table to let them know he’s heading out. His date has stood him up. Amy asks if he’s sure, and Bert says G-harmony tells them if they’re not there in the 2-hour window it’s time to give it up. Sheldon insists that Bert join them for dinner. He looks to Amy and she is totally fine with it. While Bert goes to get a chair, Amy reaches over to Sheldon and lets him know how nice that was. He could tell from Bert’s body language and facial expressions that he was sad. Amy wonders why the fact that he’d just gotten stood up wasn’t a clue. Sheldon thinks wanting him to look at Bert and listen to him is asking a bit much. At Lenny’s they’re trying to figure out if Raj is spoiled. Penny asks what his Dad pays for. Raj says not to judge, but rent, car, credit cards, basically everything. Leonard is judging. Penny says (like Raj’s Dad did) that women likes a man who can take care of himself. Bernie agrees. Raj points out that Bernadette makes way more than Howard so she basically supports him. She agrees, and says, yeah his Dad was definitely right. Raj decides that maybe he should stop taking money from his Dad. How can he be a man if he doesn’t pay for his own facials and manicures? Bert is listing his favorite defunct search engines. Amy wishes they could talk about literally any other topic. Bert wonders how she and Sheldon met. Sheldon says they actually met online. Amy chimes in that they met at a coffee shop. Sheldon points out to Bert that unlike his own date, Amy actually showed up. Bert envies Shamy’s relationship. Other than that whole sex once a year thing, they seem to really have it all together. Amy chokes on her margarita. She wonders how Bert knew about that. Bert says that everyone at the University knows. She asks Sheldon does he know how this got out? He says no, he only told Leonard, Howard, Raj, Kripke, and the lunch lady in the cafeteria. How everyone else found out is a mystery. Next scene, Shamy are going up the stairs to their apt. Amy is humiliated. All her colleagues are gossiping about her sex life. Sheldon wonders what there is to gossip about, they barely have a sex life. Amy yells that that’s what they’re gossiping about. She runs up the stairs and slams the door. Sheldon is wondering if she’s not talking to him because she’s mad. He’s going to take her silence (and the door slamming) as confirmation. At the apt, Leonard points out that Raj makes about the same as him and Howard and they’re able to support themselves. Raj points out that they both look about 10 years older than him too, due to all the stress of paying for everything. So how much is his rent? Raj doesn’t want to say. They push, he says he doesn’t know because his Dad always pays for it. And his car. And the housekeeper gets all his food. He asks Penny if she knows how much her rent is. She says she does. Well, take whatever you guys’ rent is and double it because his place is way nicer than this dump. Raj (maybe Bernie?) wonders how Penny was able to pay for everything when she first came to town. She says that sometimes your neighbors will let you eat their food and use their wifi. Just beware, one day you might have to marry one of them (Leonard smiles really big at this). Bernie makes a comment about being spoiled, Raj points out that her baby has a cape that costs $300. Over at Sheldon & Amy’s place, Amy is upset. Sheldon comes in and she lets him know she’s going to bed. Sheldon wants to talk about protocol. This is their first fight as a couple who lives together. Tradition says that the man will sleep on the couch in this situation, but it’s obvious that Amy is more sofa sized. Amy lets Sheldon know she’s not sleeping on the couch just because he doesn’t know how to keep things private. Sheldon says that Amy tells Penny intimate details of their relationship. Amy points out that Penny is a close friend, not some random lady from the cafeteria who cuts the crust off his bread. She has a name. Sheldon doesn’t remember what it is, but he did accidentally call her Mom one day. More talk about Raj being spoiled. If he stops taking his Dad’s money, he’ll probably be homeless pretty quick. Leonard suggests Howard & Bernadette take him in, he is Howards best friend after all. Howard wonders why Leonard hates him? Bernie wishes Leonard would stop helping. Howardette don’t have the room. Howard suggests that Raj could move into Sheldon’s old room. Bernie thinks it’s a great idea. Penny says that of course Raj can stay with them if he needs to. Raj says no, if he’s going to take advantage of his friends, he’d rather just take the money from his Dad. Penny & Leonard let out sighs of relief. Amy is in bed. Sheldon comes in with a big chart. It shows Sheldon and Amy in the middle circle with their friends, acquaintances, and strangers in concentric circles out from the middle. Sheldon says he’s using it to try to understand their Zone of Privacy. He warns her not to look that up on the internet because you’ll just see pictures of people’s privates. But he realizes now that there are some things that must stay just between the two of them. Details of their intimacy, bathroom schedules, etc. Sheldon apologizes that Amy was embarrassed and he’s trying. (this was a very sweet scene). Amy thanks him for trying and seems to have forgiven his mistake. She wonders about the dot that’s in between their names on the chart. Sheldon says that’s his private thoughts that he doesn’t share with even her. Amy asks if he has secrets he keeps from her and he says he does. She wonders if she can hear one. Nope. Is it something naughty? Maybe. Pleeeaase, Amy says. Sheldon says okay. He sits on the bed and tells her he actually got his license 2 years ago. Why didn’t he say anything? He likes to be chauffeured around, it makes him feel important. Raj and his Dad on Skype. Raj is telling his Dad he won’t take any more money from him. His Dad is too delighted and happy for Raj’s taste. He wants him to yell so Raj can throw his leaving in his Dad’s face. But his Dad isn’t playing his part at first. Mr. Koothrapali starts to play along and is fake mad. Raj is appeased. For the tag, we're at the cafeteria and we see the guys, minus Sheldon. Raj is making changes, bringing his own bag lunch. Plus, he let his dog walker go. But not to worry, he gave Cinnamon an Imodium so that should clear everything out sooner or later. Sheldon comes into the cafeteria and has an announcement. He’s recently found out that everyone at the University has been standing around the water cooler gossiping about him and Amy Farrah Fowler’s relationship. Shame on all of them. He wants everyone to mind their own business and stick to discussing science. Bert stands up and apologizes for his role in it coming out. Sheldon says he’s a good man, and let’s everyone know that the lady who stood Bert up and humiliated him last night really missed out on something. Bert is embarrassed. Sheldon didn’t really help, so he tries to change the story. He says actually not only did the lady and Bert have vigorous coitus but she paid him $1 afterwards for a job well done. Better? Not really says Bert. So, Sheldon says, in conclusion, mind your own business, and for a good time call Bert. Not sure if they’ll show this last part, because it was only taped once and they changed the whole tag scene around a bunch. But Sheldon sits down and they ask what’s going on. Sheldon says Amy is mad because private details about their relationship came out. He thought at first she was mad because her terrible menstrual cramps were bothering her but nope, she was just livid. Leonard says it’s understandable, then Sheldon notes that Leonard seems to be sitting completely & comfortably on his bottom and asks if this means his hemorrhoids have cleared up. ------------------------------------ BTS stuff. Everyone seemed to be in a good mood. The gang at Lenny’s were joking and laughing a lot. Kunal messed up the most and at one point after a flubbed line he said f**k lol. Mayim, Jim & Brian (Bert) were also chatting up a storm at the restaurant, though I couldn’t really see them well since they were on the far swing set. At one point, a few people in the audience oo-oohed at a point when an oo-ooh just wasn’t needed. Jim stopped in the middle of his next line and was like “really?” Lol it was pretty funny. When Kaley and Johnny came up the audience to give their usual spiel, Kaley said that they all love doing the show and would love to do it for a little while longer. Then she looked at Johnny and said, and we’re going to get that worked out for you all hopefully really soon.
  10. If was a funny episode. Some good Shamy, especially at the end when Sheldon is apologizing for not realizing some things need to be private between him & Amy. And the scenes with the rest of the gang were really funny. I'll write up a longer report in a bit. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Episode called The Allowance Evaporation. Two major storylines. Shamy on date night. They see Bert, he gets stood up so Sheldon in invites him to join them. Bert let's slip that everyone at the University knows Sheldon and Amy only have sex once a year. Amy's mad and embarrassed. They have a quick fight, but work it out by the end. Other story is Raj and being spoiled because his Dad pays for everything. Penny, Leonard, Howard, Bernie, and Raj sit around Leonard & Penny's place talking about how spoiled Raj is. Pretty funny lines. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Nerdforestgirl on tumblr clarified the hug too: “What was the hug like? Similar to the one in the Mars ep? :)” It was similar, but it was both of them hugging each other, not Amy throwing herself into Sheldon’s arms. Very sweet. So it sounds like a good one! I think this episode will be pretty good. I do wish that Sheldon would just state plainly that he desires Amy and wants to have coitus again before her birthday, but that's just not his way. I do think it probably will happen again before her birthday, but probably just a few weeks before it.
  13. It was so cute! I loved it. Amy's voice when she told Sheldon to drink after the rock his girlfriend's world in bed part, the flirting and touching in the tag scene. It was all so perfect. Honestly, if we didn't know that they hadn't slept together again yet, this episode would have totally had me convinced that they were continuing to have sex on the regular. Very intimate.
  14. That top picture is when she's telling him that her life is so much better because he was born. He looked at her so adoringly when she said that, it was super cute.
  15. They taped the hug like 3 or 4 times. The first time was pretaped. Then they did it live a few more times. I think they were trying to get the angle and the feel (Sheldon reluctantly agreeing to it) of the hug right.
  16. Well it didn't feel Shenny centric to me and I was at the taping too. It was definitely Sheldon centric, more than a regular group episode, like the scavenger hunt episode was. But I still really liked it. Sheldon and Penny were only in the bathroom chatting a couple of minutes. I actually think that Sheldon and Amy alone in Penny's apartment and walking across the hall to the party was longer than Sheldon and Penny in the bathroom. It may have felt longer to you because they taped it 3 times I think. I liked the episode a lot and thought the Shamy moments were very sweet. Especially when Amy told Sheldon that her life was made so much better because Sheldon was born. That was amazing. And really in comparison, Penny hugging him was pretty quick. Amy's short speech obviously affected Sheldon much more than the hug. But to each their own of course.
  17. Leonard got Adam West to come to the party (it was implied that he'd show up anywhere if they paid him lol). Sheldon's reaction was...underwhelmed. He was basically like, why is Adam West here?
  18. I feel like I missed an inside joke or something. But no one was pantless. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. I was there and that's not what happened. Penny went to talk to a fully clothed (in a very nice suit) Sheldon. They had a short chat and Penny told him that she never thought she'd be friends with someone like him, but now he's one of her favorite people. Then Kripke knocked on the door because he wanted to come in and check his hair because he had a chance to get with Leonard's Mom lol. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Lol thanks Kazzie for more details. I kind of love that Sheldon says he can't wait until Amy's next birthday so they can do that again. Like, that is SO Sheldon, it's perfect. Of course they won't wait and I'm sure they'll be coitus-ing again soon enough but Sheldon saying that is completely in character and hilarious. I'm so happy about the cuddling at the end of the tag, plus the stroking of arms is a thing for me, I adore it so much. I'm just so happy about all of this in general, I've been useless at work today.
  21. I think with Wil coming back, it probably has something to do with the documentary and the proposal. Honestly, I think Sheldon knows he eventually wants to marry Amy, but maybe he's hesitant to ask her yet after everything that's gone on. But if there's a chance she could see the video and his outburst, she'll find out about the ring, so maybe he's trying to decide to ask her or to tell her about the it and Professor Proton helps him with that.
  22. Thanks Kazzie! I'm so happy you got to see a great Shamy episode. Can you remember what the title was? Did it start with an E? Just curious. Thanks again.
  23. Monique, at the end, did Sheldon say "I excel at many things, but getting over you isn't one of them.." or did he say "I excel at many things, but being your boyfriend wasn't one of them..." or both? I've seen reports of both and I'm just wondering. Either way, thanks so much for the detailed taping report. I think this will be a heartbreaking episode to watch (seeing Amy so sad is really hard), but maybe this is a step towards them actually having a real conversation about why they broke up and reconciling.
  24. Lol this is so true. Didn't she think the episode where Sheldon left on the train was awesome and hilarious? I don't trust it. I'm going to go ahead and assume that it will be tons of Shamy that will lead to them concluding they won't be able to make it work or something sadly poignant like that. This way if it's steps toward reconciliation I can be pleasantly surprised instead of disappointed like I've been pretty much all season.
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