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  1. The bathroom scene definitely makes it into The Locomotion Reverberation. That's the episode we saw before the taping Tuesday. Hilarious. Sheldon follows Amy into the bathroom to read her the train museum activities lol. And the end scene with Amy's fantasy? Hot and also so funny. When Sheldon pours water over himself in slow motion the audience was hooting and clapping lol.

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  2. Nerdforestgirl on tumblr clarified the hug too:

    “What was the hug like? Similar to the one in the Mars ep? :)”

    It was similar, but it was both of them hugging each other, not Amy throwing herself into Sheldon’s arms.  Very sweet.


    So it sounds like a good one! I think this episode will be pretty good. I do wish that Sheldon would just state plainly that he desires Amy and wants to have coitus again before her birthday, but that's just not his way. I do think it probably will happen again before her birthday, but probably just a few weeks before it. 

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  3. 5 minutes ago, brilliantfool said:

    And didn't they tape a few versions of the hug scene, and in one of them there was no hug? (i might be confusing something.. the chat was a mess)

    They taped the hug like 3 or 4 times.  The first time was pretaped. Then they did it live a few more times. I think they were trying to get the angle and the feel (Sheldon reluctantly agreeing to it) of the hug right. 

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  4. 11 minutes ago, 2L344 said:

    I sure would like to hear how Adam West was lassoed into appearing at the party! How were his scenes, and what Sheldon's reaction to meeting him was...glad to hear there are some sweet moments with Amy and the rest of the cast, and that line from Sheldon to Leslie sounds like gold to me (always liked the Leslie character!)...good for Amy to go all out for Sheldon!

    Leonard got Adam West to come to the party (it was implied that he'd show up anywhere if they paid him lol). Sheldon's reaction was...underwhelmed. He was basically like, why is Adam West here?

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  5. Lol thanks Kazzie for more details. I kind of love that Sheldon says he can't wait until Amy's next birthday so they can do that again. Like, that is SO Sheldon, it's perfect. Of course they won't wait and I'm sure they'll be coitus-ing again soon enough but Sheldon saying that is completely in character and hilarious. I'm so happy about the cuddling at the end of the tag, plus the stroking of arms is a thing for me, I adore it so much. I'm just so happy about all of this in general, I've been useless at work today.

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  6. I think with Wil coming back, it probably has something to do with the documentary and the proposal. Honestly, I think Sheldon knows he eventually wants to marry Amy, but maybe he's hesitant to ask her yet after everything that's gone on. But if there's a chance she could see the video and his outburst, she'll find out about the ring, so maybe he's trying to decide to ask her or to tell her about the it and Professor Proton helps him with that.

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  7. Monique, at the end, did Sheldon say "I excel at many things, but getting over you isn't one of them.." or did he say "I excel at many things, but being your boyfriend wasn't one of them..." or both? I've seen reports of both and I'm just wondering.

    Either way, thanks so much for the detailed taping report. I think this will be a heartbreaking episode to watch (seeing Amy so sad is really hard), but maybe this is a step towards them actually having a real conversation about why they broke up and reconciling. 

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  8. Knowing Mayim's past with hinting at amazing Shamy episodes, they both probably die in fiery car crash. 

    Lol this is so true. Didn't she think the episode where Sheldon left on the train was awesome and hilarious? I don't trust it. I'm going to go ahead and assume that it will be tons of Shamy that will lead to them concluding they won't be able to make it work or something sadly poignant like that. :(  This way if it's steps toward reconciliation I can be pleasantly surprised instead of disappointed like I've been pretty much all season.

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