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  1. Yeah, I love the color of the dress, and the top is fine (though I think the sleeves should have been quarter length and tighter). But the bottom is too much. It's too much dress for her small frame. I wish we could have seen the other, tighter, more daring maybe, dress. But obviously Mayim wasn't comfortable in that one or didn't like it, so this one was rushed in. She was far, far from the worse dressed though. Did they see Lena Dunham?
  2. Aww thanks for that. I hadn't noticed that part. You can see him kind of squeeze her leg before she hugs his shoulder. Love the support, so sweet.
  3. Aww Mayim. I was about 99% sure Allison Janney was going to win, but was so hoping Mayim would. Well, here's hoping at least Jim and the show will win. And as for Mayim, hopefully fourth times the charm. Next year baby!
  4. From what I've seen, most of them seem to think that it's too old-looking. I think she looks great, but I can see their point. One of them said that she got a dress from former first lady Barbara Bush's (who is like 85) closet. But oh well, as long as she likes it and is comfortable in it, that's what really matters.
  5. He didn't really talk about anything. They never do in these E! red carpet things (especially with G, who isn't the best interviewer in the world, lol). Said he's wearing Armani and that at first he didn't like the brown, when it was on the hanger, but really loved it when he put it on.
  6. Ooh I like both Jim and Todd's suits a lot.
  7. All I can think is that since he's so A-list at this thing, they asked him to come back during the 7 pm EST hour when more people are probably watching.
  8. Jim is in line to talk to Guliana for the E! red carpet coverage. I think he'll be on soon.
  9. Hmm, I'm really interested to see what she'll be wearing. A big, poofy skirt? She kind of had that with the SAG awards dress, which I did not like at all. That dress was awful, but hopefully it was more the color and design of it than the skirt. Here's to hoping for good things though, both in the dress and for her award category. eta: Oops, I meant the SAG awards dress, not the Golden Globes dress. I LOVED the Golden Globes dress and would be very happy to have her wear that same dress in a different color to the Emmys, lol.
  10. I don't actually think Kaley looks that great in that outfit, or with those bobby pins, but I would never say that to her on social media. And someone said to Jim, it's like telling a friend that you don't like their look before going out or something, but it's not the same. None of us really know these celebs. It's just weird that people feel like sitting behind a screen gives them the right to say crazy things. I'm glad Jim said something, but I don't know if I would have sat in the comments and argued with fans after that if I was him, lol. It's not going to change anyone's mind.
  11. I mean, I don't think she said anything that bad. I think anyone who knows Mayim knows that she never believes she'll win anything. And all of the experts have been predicting either Allison Janney or Kate Mulgrew to win I think. And as for the shade to OINTB, I mean, lots of people are thinking it, Mayim just implied it. She's never been one to shy away from saying that kind of thing.
  12. She didn't say that. She said she thinks that the Orange is the New Black actress who's nominated against her (Kate Mulgrew) for Supporting Actress in a Comedy, is going to win. And she threw some underhand shade at the fact that OITNB is considered a comedy (which is really isn't), lol.
  13. No they all have different agents I think. I believe Jim is the only one with CAA, but I'd assume any of the cast was welcome to go to the CAA party (and probably most of the Emmy parties all weekend).
  14. Kaley (and Mayim) cried last year when he won the Emmy and he started getting teary too. I think they're friends, just not nearly as close as he and Mayim are. Not sure why he doesn't follow her on instagram (though she follows him), probably just an oversight on his part. I don't believe it's malicious in any way, but maybe they're not as close as they used to be. Who knows. I do think it's funny that some of the Shenny fans seem to blame Mayim for Jim's not following Kaley. Or that Jim and Mayim were told to play up their friendship to get better ratings? Like really? Delusional much? They're all grown ass men and women. I think they can make their own decisions about who they're close with and their social media accounts, lol.
  15. Maybe they're just re-taping parts of it (maybe because of all the screaming that happened when Sheldon said the part about he wanted to have coitus w/Amy? Lol). Hopefully they'll keep the stuff about him not wanting to disappoint her.
  16. Jim poured the ice water on Mayim for the ALS ice bucket challenge, and it was SUPER cute. Love their friendship so much. http://instagram.com/p/r3Dky2qBhA/
  17. Omg, the scream at the end. That was too funny. She is so cute. I love how she was giggling the whole time, and Jim was like "this is gonna hurt me more than it is you." Lol.
  18. I never comment on Instagram posts, but I had to say something. How could people not realize that Todd was joking. Mayim has said that Jim and Todd are two of her favorite people. Some fans are just...ugh. Hope Mayim still does the challenge, and that Jim helps her. And that Todd will be taping it.
  19. It's on jimparsons.net. I just read it, really great article. Very interesting to hear him speak about starting to think about life after Big Bang is over and how he'll feel.
  20. Hmm, looks like The Junior Professor S---tion. I'm guessing Selection maybe? And like tmp said, it could be Regina King's episode, since she's HR. I wonder if Sheldon would like to be a Junior Professor, lol. That doesn't seem like something he'd enjoy at all. Now Leonard on the other hand, I think would be great at it.
  21. I watched some of it last night. It was cute, though maybe because there's so many hidden camera, or funniest video shows on now, it wasn't as funny as the original. Mayim was good. She had a good banter/chemistry with Peter Funk (I think that's his name). You can tell he's been hosting for a long time, because his delivery was much more theatrical than Mayim's, but it worked.
  22. If Jim isn't there to accept the BBT awards, I'd assume they just won't announce them on air. I wanted Mayim to win, but I figured she wouldn't. Those Vampire Diaries fans are some extreme, very organized voters. Oh well, I'm just glad people notice that Mayim's a scene stealer, even if she didn't win the award.
  23. I feel like this may have needed the "sarcasm" sign. Lol. I like that candid picture where Jim and Mayim are holding hands in the background. It really shows you how close they are, and how comfortable they are together.
  24. Mayim is posting up a storm, lol. Picture with Kevin. Vine licking some kind of green sauce off a guy's nose. Another cute picture with Jim. Good times.
  25. Short, but interesting interview with Jim from the la times posted in the Emmy's thread. I think it's very interesting to hear where Jim's head is in regards to marriage these days. Sounds like he's actually considering it, whereas before, he seemed to be pretty sure it wasn't for him.
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