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  1. Hmm, yeah I got that too. Here's a direct link to the article: http://variety.com/2014/tv/news/qa-jim-parsons-and-bob-newhart-on-actor-chemistry-and-the-state-of-sitcoms-1201276954/
  2. Lol, these two are the cutest. I love their flirty friendship!
  3. Oh you're probably right. I'll go with hot pink too. But a hot pink 1930's style dress with sparkles? I don't know, I fear what Mayim's stylist will come up with. Mayim's hair and makeup at the SAG's in January was great, but that vintage style purple & black dress was....questionable, lol. Here's hoping its more like the Golden Globes dress.
  4. Love that Jim defended Mayim. She usually won't reply to Instagram hate, but Jim definitely doesn't let that kind of stuff slide. But what was the troll saying? I don't even see their comments anymore. Maybe they were so shamed by Jim calling them out that they deleted them, hopefully.
  5. Wow, that's rough. If they had written out Howard, I wonder what would have happened to Bernadette. It wouldn't have really made sense for her to be there without him. And it's interesting to read that Chuck and Steve were working on a season premiere without Raj & Howard. I'd wondered, after the main 3 signed and Kunal/Simon were still holding out, if they would do that. I'm just glad it all worked out and they can all go back to work tomorrow.
  6. First yay! I figured they would sign eventually, but glad it's been taken care of so taping can start. Second, if I'm doing the math right, and Simon and Kunal have parity with the back end pay with Jim, Johnny, and Kaley, they've still gotten a huge per episode raise. If they'll be making $70M over the life of the deal, and the main 3 are making $90M over it, that means that Simon and Kunal are making around $720,000 per episode! Wow, good for them! All I'm going to say is Melissa and Mayim need to get better lawyers if they have a chance to negotiate a Season 11, lol.
  7. That was super interesting. I had no idea the Gibbs and Tony actors from NCIS made that much. But it makes sense. I wonder how much they offered Cote de pablo to stay. And she just walked away from it all. Anyway, it does kind of put it in perspective.
  8. Mayim chats to EW about Candid Camera and her Emmy nom: http://insidetv.ew.com/2014/08/05/mayim-bialik-new-candid-camera/ Also, THR has an interview with various Emmy nominated actresses about their most challenging scenes: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/emmys-kerry-washington-melissa-mccarthy-723248?utm_source=twitter Interesting to hear that Jim was sick the week they taped the train kiss, and that Mayim washed her mouth with hydrogen peroxide after every rehearsal, lol.
  9. We don't know that Mayim and Melissa will only make $5M though. Hopefully their lawyers were good enough (though it doesn't really sound like it) to get them some kind of deal for back-end pay. Though I don't know how those things work, so maybe they can't get in on it since they came in after the others.
  10. I think that if they do have a Season 11, Mayim and Melissa should just go for broke and ask for like $500,000 an episode or something, lol. They might have been able to get more than $100K this time if they'd held out, but we'll never know.
  11. I thought Mayim and Melissa only signed 2 yr contracts? For like around $100K/episode by the last year of the contract right? Either way, I agree, the wage disparity is really hard to overlook. But I would imagine it probably bothers some of us more than it bothers Mayim or Melissa. They knew that the original 5 would probably be getting huge raises when they signed new contracts, and they still signed.
  12. Actually, I think this kind of hurts the show's (and the actors) popularity. Nothing will turn people off like money disputes, tbh. And let's be real, even though we all know WB is making money hand over fist off of them, it's very hard for some people to sympathize with actors who already make $350,00 per episode, and are wanting $1M to make a 30 minute TV show. Most viewers probably don't realize how much work goes into it. I don't know, I just don't see how the actors holding out on going to work and disputing over making a million per episode is beneficial for anyone, or would make anyone want to watch the show.
  13. Well it looks like his kitchen, so hopefully he's still in L.A. That Howardette chick is super annoying with the appreciation week spam. How do you report someone for spam on there? Edit: Nevermind, figured it out. I had to swipe left on the comment to bring up the "report as spam" option.
  14. I can understand why they didn't put the second SIK blooper in. It wasn't really either of them messing up, so much as it was the audience was clapping and yelling too loud for Jim to get his line in, if I remember correctly from the taping report. But I would have loved to see the tie pulling scene. That seems like a perfect blooper to add in. Oh well, I enjoyed what we did get, but there were funnier things for everyone in the taping reports that I would have put in there.
  15. I think this might be one of my favorites. He looks seriously hot. All that scruff is making me feel some kind of way, lol.
  16. I can see what Eric Kaplan was saying, but I don't think he chose the best way to say it. If they said right now, that Amy would never be happy, you could infer that maybe she and Sheldon would never have sex, and maybe some people would lose interest and stop watching. But they didn't say that (though the way he phrased it did kind of make it seem like that's what they're thinking). But then last year at comic-con, didn't Chuck Lorre or Prady or someone imply that one day Shamy would be having sex, with the whole once you've erotically caressed someone's nose thing? So really, I think their answers were a confusing mess, and who knows what their plan with Shamy really is. I just can't bring myself to freak out about something that is so unclear. I'll just have to hope that they can think of a way to move Shamy towards the obvious next step without destroying them too much. I hope that some of the power will shift when Sheldon comes back and their relationship is more even. I just don't think that anything they said yesterday can be used to decide whether or not that's going to happen. Just have to wait and see. Oh and eta, if Bill Prady coming in and getting Molaro mad by saying "Sheldon would never do that" is what keeps Shamy moving forward, let's hope he comes in very often in Season 8, lol. Please!
  17. Aww I LOVE JTF, and I'm so glad he, Jim, Todd, and Justin are friends. Jesse and Justin got married last year I think and they are so cute. I remember seeing pictures of all the Modern Family cast & other celebs at their wedding.
  18. Hmm, I read all the tweets and everything, and I didn't see anything that said the Shamy relationship would return to status quo. I don't think we can infer anything from what was said by the writers other than, Sheldon didn't leave because of Amy, and that they have their own version of happy. I mean, they weren't going to come there and say "well, Sheldon will come back ready to change his ways and be the best boyfriend ever." Non-answers and evasions are the standard. I didn't expect anything different. They've been saying a version of that immovable Sheldon, force of nature Amy thing for years. If that were to change, that would be a huge spoiler and I don't think they would say anything about it. Maybe it will, maybe it won't, but I don't think anything that came out today can be used to say one way or the other.
  19. I think he's home. It would be dark outside there, because it's 5:30 in the morning, so the sun hasn't come up. Either way, he looks cute, so if he isn't at the writer's panel today, this super cute picture makes up for it. :D
  20. Jim in the EW Comic-Con Social Booth (his pictures is near the top): http://www.ew.com/ew/article/0,,20399642_20835162,00.html
  21. Ha, I love Josh Horowitz. He always does the funniest interviews, and this was no different. Jim was so clueless on the questions at the end. He is the cutest.
  22. Not that I care really, or think that Jim's picture means anything beyond a lovely picture of his really nice looking hand, but Matt Bomer and his husband wear their rings on their left hands. So some Hollywood couples do actually wear their rings on their left hands.
  23. Mayim has been nominated for a Teen Choice Award. Choice TV Female Scene Stealer: Sarah Hyland, “Modern Family” Candice Accola, “The Vampire Diaries” Eden Sher, “The Middle” Naya Rivera, “Glee” Mayim Bialik, “The Big Bang Theory” You can vote here: http://www.teenchoiceawards.com/, but I think you have to sign up for an account there first.
  24. Well you figure, the ESPY's were at 6pm - 9pm in his time zone. And let's be honest, he probably didn't go to any parties afterwards. He could have been back home and in bed by 10:30 pm. So waking up at 5 am isn't too bad. Or maybe he just couldn't sleep, lol.
  25. Ha okay so the person I saw in the audience earlier must not have been Jim because he has on dark shoes. Oh well he looked good anyway.
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