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  1. Jim's at the ceremony now. They just showed him on the front row, when the US men's soccer team went up to accept their award. He has on those light brown shoes he wore one of the days at Wimbledon.
  2. Extra showed the clip with Jim and Terri Seymour today. It was just a quick little 10 second interview. He talked about how he's just waiting for people to say "go away", and how sweet it is to keep getting nominated. He also said the same thing he's been saying about celebrating by lying in bed reading and playing candy crush.
  3. Lol, I swear I was just wondering yesterday if Jim plays Candy Crush. Not surprising, it's addictive, if frustrating, fun. Everyone I know is still hooked on it. I'm on level 125 and have been stuck there for what feels like 17 months, although is probably more like 6 weeks, lol.
  4. And Jim is nominated for Tommy in Normal Heart under best supporting actor in a miniseries or movie. OMG, I'm so excited for him. Matt Bomer will probably win that one, but still just to be nominated in such different categories shows how good he is.
  5. Yay! Now, she just needs to win the darn thing. So happy for her!
  6. Well, that was awful. But at least we got to see Jim a lot (at least on ESPN). Genie is a great player and I'm sure she'll get a grand slam one of these days.
  7. Jim's sunglasses are off now (he looks very serious, cause let's be honest, Genie is not playing great tennis right now. Kvitova is just too fast & good). I hope Jim can find something positive to say to Genie when he emails or talks to her after this match, because things aren't looking great for her.
  8. They just showed him on ESPN (in the US) talking to Genie's Mom and he still has his sunglasses on, so it must be from earlier.
  9. Yeah, she seems nervous or something. And she keeps double faulting. Not her best set. Hopefully she can shake off the nerves and stay in this.
  10. Ooh, they're just behind the big scoreboard in Genie's box (of course) and sitting behind Nick, Genie's coach. They'll probably be shown a lot today.
  11. Well the microphone says BBC Sport on it, so I'm going to guess that picture is an interview Jim did with someone from the BBC? I looked on their website though and didn't see anything. Here's one of the short clips of Jim on Good Morning America, talking about how he became friends with Genie (near the end of the clip). https://gma.yahoo.com/eugenie-bouchard-5-things-know-tennis-girl-120817909--abc-news-celebrities.html
  12. Jim is trending worldwide again. They showed him a lot today.
  13. Lol, that's not exactly how it's played. I guess since I watch so much tennis, it doesn't seem that confusing to me. The server has the advantage, just because it's easier to win on your own serve. But any time either player hits it out or into the net or a winner (where the other player just can't get to it), they score. Scoring is love (which is zero), 15, 30, 40, then game. First player to 6 games wins the set. In women's tennis, if you win 2 sets, you win the match. And Genie's into the finals!! More chances to see Jim on Saturday!
  14. I think Jim might be even more nervous than Genie's actual family, lol. He looks very tense every time they show him. But she took the first set in a tie break, so that's good.
  15. Nope. I've just seen him in a few wide crowd shots and when the players are standing in front of Genie's box. He has his hat on so at least its easy to spot him.
  16. Ooh, Will and Kate are at Wimbledon today. Wonder if Jim will get a chance to meet them? I think I saw Jim and Todd, sitting at the far end of Genie's box today.
  17. I just saw that on Buzzfeed. Jim just really, really gets it. I wish he was one of the writers, lol.
  18. Omg, Todd's face in that instagram fanpic. Wow, he does not look amused, lol.
  19. A lot of athletes are really superstitious, so at this point, since Jim has been sitting in her box at all her matches so far, it may be that Genie asked him to stay until she either wins the whole thing or is out. The ladies finals would be Saturday, so it's not too much longer until it's all over anyway.
  20. Lol, Jim looks so nervous. Todd is relaxed and smiling and Jim is bouncing his knee up and down all serious-faced. I don't like Cornet (mostly because she beat my fave Serena) so I hope Genie wins. Also because that would make Jim smile. :-)
  21. No he doesn't have them on. They just showed his relieved face after Genie won the first set tie break.
  22. I am loving Jim at Wimbledon. I love tennis and I love Jim, so this is great to know how much of a fanboy he really is. I hope he goes to the US Open at the end of August/beginning of September, because my sister and I have tickets and I would totally fall out if I got a chance to meet him there. Also, it would be really hard for the refs at Wimbledon to prove that Genie's coach is really coaching her from the stands. He'd have to be using code or sign language or something. So I don't know that Jim really gave up any big secrets, lol.
  23. It's actually the TCA (Television Critics Association) Awards that's coming up. Jim and the show are nominated (BBT won last year).
  24. Aww he was so cute. He talked a lot about Normal Heart. Said if he could play any other character it would be Mickey. He talked about Bob Newhart and how moving it was to be up on stage with him during last year's Emmy's when Bob got the standing ovation. He talked about James Earl Jones guest starring and how he'll never forget that week and getting to be in all those scenes with him. He talked about how he chooses what episodes to send in for Emmy consideration, and how Mayim does it (she asks Bill Prady or Steve Molaro, Jim chooses his own). He talked about how much he loves doing the Shamy scenes with Mayim (and had the sweetest smile on his face when he was thinking about it) and how that's basically his only wish for Season 8, that they continue the Shamy and that he loves the pace it goes. He ended with talking about SNL and how he would love to do it again. Jim is such a great interviewee, his answers are so long and thoughtful. And of course it doesn't hurt that he's so flipping cute, lol.
  25. I am dying, lol. This is the best. Thank God Jim joined Instagram and actually uses it. They are seriously the cutest.
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