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  1. Omg, Photoshop fail. Again. Why does Kaley's head look like part of it's been chopped off? Lol. Is a new photoshoot for these type of things that expensive?
  2. That makes sense. But to me, that only works in a true ensemble show, which TBBT isn't. Jim, Johnny, and Kaley are billed as the leads. They're paid way more than the others, and almost all of the storylines revolve around them. It's just interesting to me that anyone would consider any of those three as supporting (though it does sometime feel like Jim is the true lead and everyone else is supporting).
  3. Not sure if this was posted or not, but here's the second part of the AOL interview with Jim answering a few twitter & facebook questions: http://on.aol.com/partner/aol-originals-517149677/videoId=518242886?icid=search_results_click He's so cute in these interviews.
  4. Yeah, I just watched my DVR of the interview. There's a few minutes at the beginning where he talks a little about BBT and how he doesn't drill the hell out of the lines he has to memorize now nearly as much as he used to. It's basically all stuff we've heard before. But those two clips posted show the majority of the interview.
  5. Good interview with Tavis Smiley. Jim is a very thoughtful interviewee, you can tell he always really thinks about his answers before he says anything. Tavis asked some good questions about TNH. And Jim's socks lol. Very cute.
  6. Lol, Jim really is the best captain. Always wanting more and more Shamy. That made me so happy.
  7. Wow that interview was wonderful. It must feel amazing to Jim to know that the man who wrote the play, Larry Kramer, was so adamant to have him in the movie. I'm so happy for him.
  8. Aww, it looks really good. I'm a sucker for these type of movies. It seems like Zach Braff's character is trying to repair his relationship with his father (who's sick) and take care of his own kids too. Anyway, just a short glimpse of Jim in period costume at 2:06 in but he looks good. I'm excited to see this.
  9. Lol, thanks for the links. Those commercials are SUPER corny, but Jim is so cute. And since I love a good corny joke, I laughed and I like them. The shoes are a little strange though. But other than that, thumbs up.
  10. They all look great, but the Photoshop is so terrible it brings the whole picture down, lol. Like it looks like there is no way any of them except maybe Melissa and Simon were even in the same room for that shoot.
  11. Lol, I saw that earlier, but I've long since stopped listening to anything Molaro has to say. I just don't believe that the writers have no clue what they're going to do with Sheldon at the beginning of Season 8. Even if it's just a vague, general idea, I'm sure they've thought about it.
  12. For some reason, I love seeing my favorite actors/musicians/whatever handwriting. Jim is so cute. Seriously, how is he so cute? Thanks for posting!
  13. Aww, I think that must be Todd to his right. And they're holding hands! Super cute.
  14. Yeah. He kind of checked her out, then gulped. And I don't blame him, lol. She looked super cute. I rewound the part where Sheldon just kind of stares at the psychic because it really was so telling. It was like you could see the thoughts running through his head. Very interesting, knowing what happens in the finale.
  15. I'm disappointed, but not surprised. I just didn't have a good feeling when the episode was called The Status Quo Combustion. This is totally in character for Sheldon imo, but I really hate it for Amy. Amy, who's stood by him, stood up for him, supported and loved him. Sheldon was told by Proton to appreciate the people in his life. And he says he does, but really, he doesn't appreciate Amy, or their relationship, all that much it seems. I just hope that when Sheldon comes back, that it's Amy who has changed. And I think the tag was in there to show that Amy isn't okay with Sheldon just up and leaving. That's why she hits Leonard with the pillow. She's sad and she's upset. Hopefully while Sheldon is gone, she thinks about their relationship and realizes that it's just too one-sided right now. Sure Sheldon told Amy he likes her quirks and all (and that was huge and I still think is an indication that he has very, very strong feelings for her), but his actions sometimes don't match his words.He likes her, he kisses her, but I don't think he truly realizes how important she is to his well being. And I don't think he will realize it without losing her as his girlfriend for awhile. So what I think needs to happen in S8 is that Sheldon comes back from his sabbatical thinking everything is great, although he and Amy haven't kept in touch as much as they did at first. She's missed the last few skype sessions he set up and he's a little worried. Maybe they have a welcome back party for him, but Amy doesn't show. So he goes over to her place to tell her that he missed her and make sure she's alright. She welcomes him back, but tells him that things have changed. He left her for however many months without saying goodbye. They don't want the same things from this relationship, and she can't do it anymore. They can be friends, but she needs to be with someone who wants a future with her. Sheldon will be shocked, and won't have time to say anything before Amy rushes him from her apartment. He realizes (either by talking to Leonard or Penny, or on his own) that he's hurt her & taken her for granted too many times. So this time, even though he really wants to be with her as boyfriend and girlfriend, he's going to try to respect her wishes and let her be happy (showing some growth from his sabbatical). Then we can have like half a season where Sheldon and Amy try to be friends, but Sheldon really wants more. Maybe Amy tries to date and Sheldon completely ruins it or somehow gets in the way, though he says he's trying to let her be happy. There could be some comedy in that, since this is supposed to be a funny show. Maybe around fall sweeps or Christmas, he could finally break down and tell her how he feels. Amy could say she's willing to date again, but on her terms and going slow. I could be happy with that scenario. The only thing is, I don't actually trust these writers to make it happen. More likely is that everything goes back to the way it was with no real resolution. Penny and Leonard will just let Sheldon live with them, Amy will take him back and it will be status quo again. I just have to hope this summer that that isn't what happens. The first few episodes of S8 will be very telling in where they're going with this. I'm just going to have to hope that it will be somewhere I want to see. I'll always love and root for Shamy though, and I will hope they get back to being a couple of weirdos against the rest of the world one day.
  16. Thanks for the summary Michy. Did you get the feeling that Sheldon was upset that Amy loved him? Or that he loved her at all?
  17. Aww, Amy looks so cute! Thanks for the pic Irene. In other news, Bill Prady also posted this: @stedaneri @billprady I see @TaraHernandez, and that can only mean that we are gonna have an awesome shamy finale!!! :D @billprady @stedaneri You might not have the best handle on how this all works I think he probably just means that just because you see a certain writer doesn't mean that there'll be something great for a certain character or couple. But it's interesting. I'll just hope that Mayim's "it's awesome" means good things, while keeping my expectations as low as possible so I'm not too disappointed.
  18. Personally, after reading up on it, I just don't know if she'll be there. It seems like that Tuesday, April 22nd day is the last day of Passover, and is pretty important. It says very strictly observant jewish people don't work that day. And there seems like there's another seder that day too maybe? I mean, if Passover ends at sundown, maybe Mayim could just go in and not do any actual taping or whatever until Passover is done, but would she miss all the other end of Passover rituals to tape? Who knows. I still think the episode will focus on Shamy, but maybe less about Amy and more about Sheldon. And maybe she'll pre-tape all of her scenes this week. But I hope she's there. I know there's a few people from here going, and I do love hearing all the Majim bts tidbits.
  19. This is exactly how I feel too. Like, it doesn't bother me that it's in there (it would be weird if they didn't have some kind of no cheating clause in the RA), but the way he says it is just so asshole-ish. Hopefully it comes across slightly better on screen (Maddie did say in chat that it was cute, so who knows). But I just don't want to think that Sheldon doesn't even consider Amy's feelings at all in all of this. I want him to be truly working on it, not thinking it's slick that he can not even try to give her what she obviously wants and still keep her around. This is making me think that the gulp probably won't be in the Anything Can Happen tag. Because Sheldon doesn't seem to be really working on his intimacy issues or progressing towards having some kind of want/need for sex. It's like, he gave her kissing, so that should be enough. In Proton, he tells her that if their relationship was physical he'd be withholding sex from her that night. Then here, he says the slick thing about the no sex, and the thing about there being a lot of pressure. I do think that the reason it seems Shamy is all about the will they/won't they have sex thing is because Sheldon is obviously thinking about it constantly. I have no idea what the finale will hold. I used to think it would be a sweet episode with Sheldon opening up to Amy. But now, who knows. I'm still holding out hope for the Amy pulling back from something really physical angle. Like, Sheldon is really stressed out about all of this, thinking that Amy just wants to have sex, then it turns out she's not even ready. Maybe that will make Sheldon realize that he's built it all up in his mind and stressed out over nothing and Shamy can get that being on the same page connection back that they've been missing at times this season. And if not, I'll just have to hope that Season 8 will bring it back. I think they will get back to that eventually, because that's what really makes Shamy work. And I believe that at least some of the writers know and understand that.
  20. That #preciousbond hashtag is perfect! I wish the writers and whoever runs the Big Bang twitter account could see that. In response to the tweet from BB_CBS, I wrote "Did the writers for The Anything Can Happen Recurrence write this tweet? Because come on. Precious Bond? Where?" Lol.
  21. Ha, they really are aren't they? I forgot for Valentine's day they had the Shenny hug picture up there. Like really? It's funny to see how many Shamy fans have replied to their tweet with basically, wtf? though, lol.
  22. Jim is working the hell out of that long jacket. So, so sexy. Wow. And I love how in that video he's like, "...my comment just went off the rails", lol. How can one person be so sexy and so cute at the same time?
  23. Though I do agree that Mayim & Melissa are underpaid compared to the rest, they actually make around $60,000 per episode according to deadline.com, with salary increases each season up to $100,000 by the end of their contracts.
  24. Sorry, I meant tumblr, not twitter. It's Rubyanjel on tumblr and on here too I think. She's the one who originally posted the April Fools "article".
  25. Sorry dude. She admitted on twitter (and on here if you look in the Shamy spoilers thread) that it was an April Fool's day joke. My advice is to believe absolutely nothing today.
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