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  1. I'm not sure if it was ever actually an article from TV line. It's pretty easy to go to an old URL and then change a few things to make it look like a real, but broken, link as a joke. And really, they could have gleaned all of the first part (about the psychic and Sheldon) from Kristin's spoilers earlier today. We already knew about the kiss, and the proposal is probably completely made up. Plus, looking at the headline now (it says spoilers for Big Bang, Walking Dead, etc) the Walking Dead season finale was last night, and they won't be back until October. Not sure there would be any real spoilers for a show that's on hiatus for 7 months.
  2. I'm calling April Fools. It says the page doesn't exist anymore. And let's be real. Shamy is not ready to be engaged, and if they do get engaged, there is no way they're getting married anytime soon. They'd probably spend a season on how they both don't really want it and it will be awful and annoying and then they'll break up. No thank you. But if it is true, it doesn't have to be a marriage proposal. It could be a coitus proposal, or a proposal to move in together, or anything, lol.
  3. Hmm interesting. Watch with Kristin E!Online spoiler chat has "The Anything Can Happen Recurrence" (the episode that's supposed to be taping tomorrow) as the season finale. Wonder if that's wrong, or if they're going ahead and taping the finale early for some reason. Patrick: I need you to tell me some Big Bang Theory scoop. It'll make my day so much better! We're all about making you smile! (And pizza. We adore pizza.) In the season finale of our beloved geeky comedy, Sheldon will be having a very mystical interaction with a never-before-seen character. We all know that Dr. Cooper is a many that firmly believes that science has an answer for everything, so how do you think he'll react when he comes face-to-face with a psychic? Yup, we think he'll freak out too... http://www.eonline.com/news/526594/spoiler-chat-glee-pretty-little-liars-orphan-black-the-big-bang-theory-and-more?cmpid=sn-000000-twitterfeed-365-kristin&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=twitterfeed_kristin&dlvrit=51396
  4. Lol the "please pass the butter" scene is cracking me up already! And the 1 second of the Shamy kiss made me so happy. Ready for this episode right now.
  5. Hmm, I read every single post and I honestly didn't see anyone say that people who focus on the positive only are watching the show wrong. I think it's great that there are those people, the Shamy fandom needs all kinds of people. Those who focus only on the positive, those who may focus only on the negative, or those in between. It doesn't mean that any of them love Shamy any more or less than any of the others. Personally I LOVE Shamy. They make me immeasurably happy, and every single little touch or look between them fills me full of feels. But I do see the problems with their relationship (and the show in general for that matter). To me, it's not perfect, but that doesn't make me adore them any less. Pointing out problems or negative aspects of their relationship isn't going to make any difference to what the writers do with them anyway. So I say ship how you want and let others do the same. At the end of the day, we're all Shamy fans right? And that's what really matters.
  6. Well most of the first half for Jim was pre-taped (except the monologue and the Peter Pan skit). But all his skits in the second half were live.
  7. Aww, I love all the hugging they do at the end of SNL. Makes me happy. So Jim was wonderful, he didn't really seem that nervous at all. The writing (as usual imo) was questionable. But all around I very much enjoyed it.
  8. My favorites have been the opening monologue and the 12 Years a Slave Sketch. The Oscar spoof one was pretty funny too. Jim is beyond great, but some of the writing is...meh. Love all his transition pictures though.
  9. I've watched it a few times, and I think he says, "you're too close to see it, but.." I don't think he meant it as a bad thing, just kind of saying that Sheldon is too close to the situation to look at the big picture and realize just how much being with Amy has impacted him.
  10. Yes he puts his hand over hers on the Ipad to stop her from signing it. Not gonna lie, I was still like yay! touching, even after the SIK, lol. I don't know, Amy using Leonard manipulating Sheldon didn't really bother me. Maybe she really does feel like he manipulates Sheldon sometimes. But what she said was true. The breakup didn't really have much to do with her. It's really all about Sheldon and his issues with change. But Amy knows she can't come right out and tell Sheldon that, so she figures out another way to make him realize that he doesn't really want to break up. I think it's smart on her part.
  11. Ha, I just watched Rachael Ray on my DVR, so I saw the Shamy scene clip. Amy is brilliant really. She knows Sheldon so well, she knows exactly how to handle him and what to say. And Sheldon stops her hand before she can sign the termination agreement, so I'm not even sure if she actually signs it or not. This is going to be good!
  12. Aww, that Wendy Williams interview is so cute! Mayim seems very comfortable. As far as the Howard Stern interview, the "gets along well with the boys and sometimes with the girls" struck me as interesting too. Mainly because I always felt like Mayim is the type of woman that gets along better with men than other women sometimes. My sister is like that too. And I think the Big Bang cast all gets along and likes each other fine, but I think just like any job, some of the people are probably better personality matches than others.
  13. Link to a transcript of Mayim's interview with Howard Stern this morning (scroll down to 6:55 am): http://www.marksfriggin.com/news.htm#tue I'm really interested to hear her tone of voice during some of the more personal questions, lol. But she said it was a career highlight for her, so she must not have minded at all.
  14. Jim's interview on the Today Show: http://www.today.com/entertainment/jim-parsons-its-surprisingly-easy-play-sheldon-big-bang-theory-2D12164326 So cute. You can tell how excited he is to be hosting.
  15. Here's the longer promo. It's on the BBT youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoQJXNVgUkQ&feature=c4-overview&list=UU4e0hMc3DMMdQ47dkoP0zVQ
  16. RTs = Retweets on Twitter. Where you basically re-post something someone else said onto your timeline. Chloe, I am lmao that Bill actually replied to the one you made up lol. Doesn't want any Shamy's jumping off the ledge now does he.
  17. Lol, I did too. They showed the beginning of the kiss again. Promo looks good. You can tell that Sheldon is just being reactionary, so I hope the un-spoiled don't really think that Shamy is going to break up.
  18. Nah, these are just some made up fan awards. They don't really mean anything. But it's fun to vote and see if your fave can win out.
  19. I think Sprinkles added it later. They said Sheldon apologizes to Amy but not exactly what for. I'd imagine for trying to break up with her, or more likely for trying to deprive her of the amaizngness that is Sheldon Cooper, lol.
  20. I actually really like both Sheldon and Amy's body language here and in the other picture from Amy's apartment posted on the spoiler thread. Because Amy looks like she's all, okay if you want me to sign it fine then, whatever. And Sheldon looks like, but wait, this isn't really what I wanted! I'm hoping it plays like that and not that he's all business and doesn't really care if they break up. I'm really curious to see how he apologizes at the end of this scene too.
  21. I call total BS on their reasons for adding that new tag scene. We already know from the original taping that they had a tag scene that showed Sheldon, Amy, and Eric taking pictures with each other and Sheldon not realizing that Amy wanted a picture of them together. That would have been enough to show that Sheldon was still the same old clueless Sheldon. The new tag, to me and I think most people, showed that Sheldon was really excited about the weekend, and that included the kiss. It drove the point home even more that he really liked it. Also, Molaro always downplays the Shamy. I swear if I just listened to him, I would think nothing would ever happen with Sheldon and Amy. I'm just going to hope that with this kiss and the huge, mostly positive, response that they're ready to have Sheldon grow up some and maybe they'll show us some of this hand-holding and after date night kissing.
  22. Maybe something is going on with Bob Newhart, and he wouldn't be able to tape next couple of months, so they went ahead and taped this one. But maybe they'll show it closer to beginning of May? I mean, they have taped and shown episodes out of order before.
  23. I swear, I was trying to wean myself off the kiss a little bit (like maybe just 10 times a day instead of say, 50). But all these gifs, and close-ups, and silent videos are pulling me back under again, lol. And I love it! I think I've watched that silent kiss on my phone already like 20 times today. All in my feels.
  24. Lol, Sheldon's face to Leonard when Howard says he doesn't own a pocket watch is killing me. Cannot wait for this episode!
  25. Well I think one huge difference is that Sheldon would never kiss Penny on the lips for 6 seconds, like he does Amy. To me, that shows that his feelings for Amy are definitely more of the romantic variety, than the friendship variety. Also, he has Amy as part of his screen saver. You don't see him with Penny's picture up there. I enjoy the Sheldon and Penny friendship, but to me, his feelings for Amy are a lot different. And probably harder for him to accept. YMMV though.
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