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  1. I hope it's more like the Indiana Jones episode, where Sheldon freaked out and tried to get back at Amy and she knew just what to say to calm him down. I kind of figured that Sheldon was going to spiral after he kissed Amy (even with that tag), so I was expecting something like this. Hopefully Amy was too, and she knows Sheldon well enough to know what to say to make him accept the changes she's brought to his life. *fingers crossed* I have faith that Shamy will be fine.
  2. I hadn't noticed, but I was hoping she had hers on as well. All the ladies wearing the tokens of affection their men gave them. Super cute.
  3. Oh Amy Farrah Fowler, what in the hell are you wearing? Lol. Wow. But love that she has the tiara on, and that Penny is wearing the locket Leonard gave her. Also I love that Zachary Qunito is on the top of Sheldon's Sheldon-con wish list. I so want him to guest on TBBT.
  4. I'm 99.99999% certain that Sheldon isn't sexually aroused by Penny. Maybe by riding in the car, lol. Maybe Jim was sick and that's why his voice was deeper. Who knows.
  5. Oh I loved that purple cardigan in Romance Resonance. That whole outfit was great, including those nude heels she had on. I must say though, the black orthopedic shoes Amy has on in these new pictures are not the business lol. Those might be the ugliest shoes I've ever seen. But she's still so cute, especially in the pictures of just her and Sheldon.
  6. Ahhh, where is my train picture? We know there have to be more, because that article from THR showed more pictures of Penny, Leonard, and Raj at the vet's office. Hopefully they'll put the rest up soon. I'd like to see what Amy and Sheldon look like on the train so that my imaginings of the SIK can be as close to the reality of it as possible, lol. Though I agree, no pictures of the kiss yet. I'd like to see it in action on my TV first.
  7. Well conjunction means two separate things coming together, so maybe it will be about Raj and the Vet getting together? I don't know if they would use a sweeps story line on that or not though.
  8. Hands on her waist! HANDS ON HER WAIST!! I am dying, I am so, so dying. I have imagined the SIK so many times since I started watching last summer, but this sounds so perfect. I really need to pull myself back together because I'll sit here at work all day just thinking about it and trying to imagine their facial expressions and everything. I love the new tag too. The previous ones mentioned were good, but this sounds amazing. Sheldon mentions the kiss! he isn't freaking out about it! he needs to do further research! I mean I don't expect that there will be a ton more mentions of it right away, but hopefully we'll see some hints about how both Sheldon and Amy are feeling about the kiss and each other over the few episodes following the V-day one. I'm so happy right now.
  9. It's hard to pick just 3 Shamy moments that I love since I love so many, lol. But "she is not for you" is without a doubt my favorite Shamy adjacent moment. I think that was the moment that cemented Shamy as one of my favorite OTP's. For tonight's taping, I'm torn between wanting Amy to be helping Sheldon with the convention and the girls off having their own storyline while the the boys deal with the CC stuff. Interested to hear how Carrie Fisher will be used too.
  10. So Sheldon in a suit and I'm guessing Amy probably has her flowered dress on that she wore when the gang sang for Bernadette, or at least something similar to that. I tried to tell from the picture that Mayim posted but I can't. I can't believe we're finally getting a SIK. I still smile every time I think about it. And just imagine the relief Shamy shippers will feel when we finally get to watch it. It's gonna be like Lol. It really does feel like we've waited forever. But the more I think about it, the more I realize it really has come at the perfect time, and like Raz said so eloquently, in the perfect way. Gah, how are we going to wait 3 weeks to see this? I'm torn on the promo because I'd really rather see the kiss in the episode, but I also want to see it as soon as possible.
  11. Ahhh, I've been lurking for awhile, but I have to come in and express my happiness. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!! I actually didn't know if it would happen this season or not. But Sheldon FINALLY kissed Amy. I am so happy right now, like, I can't even concentrate on work. SO HAPPY.
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