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  1. Amy's Mom wasn't there at all. We didn't even hear her voice. Just heard Amy and Penny's side of the convo. And no bts that I can remember. Maybe Denyy had a different perspective than I did though. I was closer to the side of the girl's apartment. Kunal was joking about making sure we remembered that it was supposed to be a van when they were acting out the van scenes lol.
  2. Yeah Penny's Dad is seen on camera, in his living room talking on the phone to her. He was there in person at the taping.
  3. Howard was changing the tire and said he knew how. The other guys didn't. The problem was they just couldn't get that one lug nut off, that's what caused the problems.
  4. Reading through a few comments. The thing about the girls locking Amy in the closet was definitely strange. But it was meant as more a time out thing for sure, than like truly overtly abusive. I think Penny & Bernie can't really believe that Amy's Mom would do that. Then at the end, Penny is saying that Amy's Mom made them put her in the closet, kind of like, it was a rough night for them too. It's played for laughs.
  5. Oh and the girls were all drinking wine, but I wouldn't say they were drunk. I'm not sure about Penny's motivations, but I don't think she was being a monster or anything. They were just joking around, having fun. To me, Amy is obviously very reluctant to make any declarations that make her break up with Sheldon seem permanent and Penny is just trying to be a supportive friend.
  6. The Bachelor Party Corrosion Sheldon and Leonard are eating. Raj & Howard show up and tell Leonard they’re kidnapping him for a bachelor weekend to a surprise since he eloped and they didn’t have a chance to before the wedding. Sheldon thinks if it’s a real kidnapping they would have kidnapped Leonard, held him for ransom, called up Sheldon and said they would kill Leonard if he didn’t pay them by this time. Then Sheldon could hang up the phone and say, I’m too old for this crud. Leonard is so ready to go. They tell Sheldon that he’s coming too. He wonders how they plan on getting him to go anywhere, then we see the guys carrying a bound Sheldon with his mouth duck taped to a waiting van. The guys are in Paul Fineman’s van (he’s one of Sheldon’s favorite physicists). Hearing this gets Sheldon excited. It’s a really sketchy looking van and one of the guys mentions that Fineman must have picked up a lot of co-eds in that van. Sheldon imagines that they must have talked about so much physics. Raj teases Leonard that they’re going somewhere with spicy food that will give you diarrhea. Leonard guesses India, and Raj is like, uh obviously it’s somewhere we can drive to. It’s Mehico, according to Raj. Leonard is excited, he’s never been. Sheldon points out that Mehico is Spanish for Mexico and Leonard should be looking for ways to jump out of the van. They ask what’s wrong with Mexico and Sheldon basically hates everything about it. But they’re staying in Fineman’s house down there and he finds this out, Sheldon is excited again, and even speaks a bit of Spanish. Bernadette asks Penny if she’s sure she doesn’t want a stripper. But Penny points out that if she wants to see a naked dancing man, she’ll just flush the toilet while Leonard’s in the shower. Amy comes in bearing penis shaped cookies. Penny looks at them and is impressed by how anatomically correct they are. Amy is proud and said she used gummy worms for the veins. Bernadette looks at them and notes that there are Jewish (circumcised) and Gentile (uncircumcised) represented. Amy says she had extra dough. Bernadette hopes the guys don’t get too wild and crazy. Penny jokes about Sheldon lecturing them on some subject and Amy says, yeah that was a long night for her. Sheldon wants to make sure everyone has their shots before they get to Mexico. He himself got a yellow fever shot before he went to Epcot last year. Girls discussing what married life is like for Penny. She says it’s great but she wishes Leonard would get up the courage to tell Sheldon he’s moving into her place. She just knows one night Sheldon’s going to get scared and go into Leonard’s room and discover that the Leonard shaped lump of pillows in the bed isn’t wheezing and in fact Leonard isn’t even there. They ask Amy how single life is treating her. She says it’s ok. She’s focusing on herself for now. She’s was thinking about making a wardrobe change. Penny & Bernadette respond with a very enthusiastic YES! Amy gives them a look and says but then she thought about it and decided she didn’t want to change herself just because of a man. The girls respond with a much more subdued yay. But Amy does want to make one change. Shoes, glasses, sweaters ask Penny and Bernadette? No, Amy wants to pierce her ears. Why has she never done it before? Well her Mom always said pierced ears were only for whores, pirates, or genies. But Amy is a grown woman now, she can do what she wants says Penny. Well, Sheldon had a clause in the Relationship Agreement that there would be no cosmetic surgery except if one was changing into a Klingon. Penny says she can pierce Amy’s ears for her, she’s done it dozens of times. Amy is unsure, but Penny begs Amy to let her take her ear virginity while stroking Amy’s ear. Bernadette gives them a look and declares that this is a weird party. Guys still in the van to Mexico. Leonard wants to make sure Howard doesn’t speed. Howard says its fine, if they get pulled over they’ll put Raj in the driver’s seat and put a sombrero on him. Raj asks Howard how many races he can insult in one sentence. Howard replies he doesn’t know, has Raj ever watched the Olympics with him? Sheldon is excited to be in Fineman’s van. Feeling Fineman’s butt dent cupping his own has his creative juices flowing. Howard says he has to return the van and for Sheldon to keep his juices in his pants. Penny is piercing Amy’s ears. Bernadette mentions that she noticed Amy hasn’t changed her Facebook status yet. Amy sarcastically comments that yeah, maybe she should let all of her Facebook friends know about the change. She turns to Penny and says, Penny, I’m no longer in a relationship. Bernadette also noticed Penny hasn’t changed her status to married. It’s because Penny hasn’t told everyone in her life about her big change yet. Namely her Dad, Mom, or anyone in her family. Even though her family loves Leonard, they’d be so disappointed because her Dad wanted a Father/Daughter dance at her wedding. He missed it at her sister’s wedding because her water broke before they could do it. Penny figures her Dad isn’t getting any younger. She’ll just wait awhile and then tell him he walked her down the aisle and it was beautiful. The van to Mexico has broken down on the side of the road. It has a flat tire. Howard is fixing it, taking the lug nuts off while Sheldon is trying to make sure he doesn’t run into any Scorpions. Amy is admiring her pierced ears. She says if her Mom could see her now….she’d lock her in the sin closet. Bernie thinks that has to be a joke right? Amy says the joke was on her, she could still see the TV through the slats. Penny is starting to see why Amy and her Mom aren’t close. Bernadette says well at least she told her Mom about breaking up with Sheldon, unlike you and your family. Amy says, not exactly. Penny wonders why, would her Mom put her in the breakup drawer? Penny says if she tells her Dad, Amy has to tell her Mom. Amy says easy for you to say, you didn't have to watch 60 Minutes like this, while moving her head up and down pretending to look through slats. Penny calls her Dad to tell him. She says she married Leonard last week and it was spur of the moment and she’s so sorry she didn’t tell them. He asks if she’s happy. She’s so happy, and gushes about how great Leonard is. Then her Dad is happy for her. She’s relieved he’s not upset. Well, he has something to tell her. He got a new blade for his tractor and well, he ran over Penny’s pet pig Moondance. She’s shocked, you killed my pig? No, the vet took care of that, but he messed him up pretty bad. How long ago did this happen? About 10 or 12 months. She can’t believe he waited a year to tell her. He notes that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, huh? The guys are trying to get on stubborn lug nut off to change the tire. They’re all trying to turn the lever, and Raj is doing some Lamaze breathing that isn’t helping at all. They can figure this out, it’s just a physics problem. Sheldon quotes something about give me a lever and a fulcrum long enough and you can move anything. They need to find stuff to make a lever. Sheldon says first things first, we need to decide if it’s lee-ver or leh-ver. And frankly, anyone who thinks it’s anything but lee-ver is a crazy person. Basically Sheldon and Raj are team lee-ver, and Howard and Leonard are team leh-ver. Howard says really, is Reading Rainbow hosted by Lee-var Burton? Sheldon says they need to roll up their sleeves, not slehves and figure this out. Leonard says they’re going to be here for ee-ver. Penny is sad about her pig. Bernadette wonders did they eat the pig. Penny is shocked and says of course not, Moondance was a valued member of the family. Bernadette wonders what family, the breakfast meat family? Penny changes the subject, says its Amy’s turn. Amy says she suffered too much blood loss from the ear piercing, she doesn’t know what Penny is talking about (obviously stalling). Penny is insistent. Amy picks up her phone and pretends to dial and talk to her Mom, but Penny’s not buying it. Amy finally just calls her Mom. She makes small talk for a while, not in any hurry to bring up her and Sheldon. Penny finally grabs the phone and tells Amy’s Mom that Amy broke up with Sheldon, got her ears pierced and made them eat penis cookies. She pauses, then hands the phone to Amy and tells her that her Mom wants to speak with her. The guys are discussing how they can get the lug nut off. Maybe call the hulk and have him hulk smash it off. Or maybe the Flash can speed turn it. Or the green lantern can somehow use his lantern to get it off of there. Leonard says that since they can’t realistically call the Avengers to come and help them out they need to use science to get it done. They then flash through various scientific principles to get the lug nut removed. First is percussive force. They’re hammering against the lug nut to hopefully force it off. Raj starts singing We Will Rock You to the beat of the hammering, and Howard joins in. All of a sudden, Sheldon breaks in with the “buddy you’re a boy make a big noise, playin’ in the street gonna make a big man someday….” part, singing it in a high pitched voice to the end. The guys just look at him and he says sometimes his eidetic memory can be a curse. Next is exothermic, accelerated corrosive and a couple other. Finally, Howard lights a match to some iron shavings and hopes it will burn the lug nut off. Next we see, the guys are staring stunned at the van going up in flames. Someone notes that at least the lug nut is finally off. The tag scene is Penny heading to do her laundry while Leonard and Sheldon come up the stairs from their Mexico trip. Penny asks what happened. Leonard says they had a flat tire and had to come back. Penny is sympathetic and says if it makes you feel any better, we pierced Amy’s ears and her Mom made us lock her in my closet. Sheldon looks startled at this, then says they burned up Fineman’s van. Penny says her Dad killed her pet pig. Leonard says, well I had to spend the night in Mexico with Sheldon. Penny declares Leonard the winner and goes to do her laundry.
  7. Actually, she was very reluctant to change her status and definitely to tell her Mom. It seemed to me that she's putting off those things because it does make it seem more permanent. In fact, she tried to fake call her Mom but Penny demanded that she call and tell her since Amy & Bernadette had made her call her Dad. Then Amy tried to make small talk with her Mom and Penny grabbed the phone and told Amy's Mom that Amy had broken up with Sheldon, gotten her ears pierced, and made them eat penis cookies. After which Amy's Mom made them put Amy in Penny's closet.
  8. Star, I meant about Amy& her Mom's relationship. Mostly that her Mom locked her in the "sin closet" when she was bad and they're not close at all. Very little mention of Shamy or the breakup other than about how Amy was doing, changing her Facebook status and telling her Mom about the breakup.
  9. We didn't see or hear Amy's Mom. But we do learn more about their relationship through the girl's conversations. Unfortunately no shot of the cookies, but the whole scene was too funny. They were Jewish & gentile cookies because Amy had extra dough lol.
  10. We're out. Very funny and light hearted episode. -Episode is called the Bachelor Party Corrosion. -Separate girls and guys plots. -Girls at Penny's doing a mini bachelorette party. Amy makes penis shaped cookies (anatomically correct. She uses gummy worms as veins lol). They pierce Amy's ears, Penny tells her Dad she married Leonard, Amy tells her Mom she broke up with Sheldon. -Guys kidnap Leonard and take him to Mexico for bachelor weekend. In some physicists van so that gets Sheldon somewhat on board. They get a flat and try to replace the tire. A hilarious lee-ver vs leh-var discussion ensues. They can't get one lug nut off. They try various scientific principles to get the one nut off and end up burning up the van. They showed us the premiere episode so I didn't see episode 2. There was no added scene with Sheldon's Mom in there, so still not sure where they'll add that one. I'll be in chat in awhile to answer questions and I'll write up a summary. :-) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Thanks guys. I'm sure I'll have a good time, regardless of how the episode turns out. I went to a few tapings last year and it's always really great just to be there and see all the cast in their element. And of course I'll share spoilers. I doubt I'll write up a full on taping report, but I'll do a detailed as possible summary and answer any questions. I know how much most people want spoilers (myself included) and most will never have a chance to get to a taping. I also know that the majority of the folks on here hopefully aren't the types to tweet craziness to Bill if they're unhappy with what's shared. I'll be on here as soon as I can after I get out of the taping.
  12. Lol, I love my sister. When I told her that the second episode starts with Sheldon and Penny making out, her immediate reaction was "Ewww". She was like, "but they're like brother & sister. That's gross. It would be like seeing Monica and Ross going at it." Ha. She's a more casual BBT fan, as in she watches every episode but isn't part of online fandom at all. I'mcurious to see what the average fan's reaction will be. I think a lot of people will be like my sister and find it kind of icky. Very excited to see what Mary is doing and how it relates to the ring. I'm going to the taping Tuesday so I'm wondering if they're going to show us the premiere episode with the Mary scene in it or last weeks taping. I'm not even sure which one I really want to see lol.
  13. Can one of you guys explain a little more about what Sheldon told Leonard and Penny when he gave them the San Fran tickets? I'm not understanding that part.
  14. Lol I can see it now. Have Sheldon and Penny moved on....with EACH OTHER!! Just like Intimacy, they'll try to make it seem like Sheldon and Penny are getting together.
  15. For some reason, the sheldon/penny kiss is just making me laugh at this point. Like, really? It's so ridiculous, as the writers have stated they're like brother and sister or mother and son. Like Koops said, it's totally fan service and it's so obvious it's just laughable for me (right now). And I'm sure there'll be gifs all over tumblr but I have Shenny blocked on there so hopefully I won't even see it.
  16. Ugh really Sheldon? Wtf are you thinking dude...
  17. To me it looks like the blanket Amy kept on her sofa. She probably is giving Sheldon some of his stuff back, but I really hope she doesn't give him the tiara back.
  18. I'm pretty sure they just added that rule, because I have an email from AU on Aug 11th about changing the name on some tickets and they said they changed them no problem and just to have the guest bring their ID. I think they only just added the rule in the past couple of days because of BIll's disappointing stance and tweets on the whole thing. It really makes very little sense. There may be 5-10 people out of thousands who go to more than one taping a year. I just don't get why he feels he needs to take a stand against that. It's annoying for sure.
  19. It won't last a full season. Amy was already having second thoughts right afterwards. Hopefully 3 or 4 episodes at most.
  20. I feel like Amy is definitely going to try to date other guys. This is not going to be pretty. But I'm in it for the long haul, so I guess I'll just see what happens. I just hope I still care by the time they actually get back together.
  21. I didn't see this posted. Pretty much the same as the tvline stuff, but with a hopeful (?) quote from Molaro about Shamy. TV Guide Fall Preview
  22. So I'm wondering if Mayim's movie is going to be one of those Hallmark Channel Christmas movies! I love those things and watch them all every year. Some of them are cheesy, some of them are actually really good, but they're all entertaining. And if Mayim is in one, that'll make it even better.
  23. I have a standby for the 8/18 taping if anyone wants it. Just let me know.
  24. I could have watched another hour at least. That just made me so happy to watch. Jim really is delightful and his face when he and Todd were talking. So precious. And I actually would have loved to hear him answer more of the student questions. The two they showed were really thoughtful and interesting, and Jim answered them pretty well even if he did kind of meander and ramble around before getting to the answer, lol.
  25. Really fun interview. I was cracking up at how Dan kept saying that Jim is the Lebron of TBBT and Jim kept rejecting it. That would imply that he's the star (which is true), but also that he has to do everything and the rest of the cast isn't pulling their weight or contributing that much. I'd say Jim is more like the star quarterback who wins the Heisman trophy (for non-sports people, that's the award for the best college football player in the country) every year. Your team is still excellent, but you win the big individual award at the end of the season. Anyway, I always love these DP interviews. You can just tell that they enjoy joking around with each other and are really friends.
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