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  1. Well just watched Jim on The View. Cute interview as usual, though those ladies really are all over the place. He talked about An Act of God and a little about Shamy. He said the he wants to keep working a lot with Mayim so he hopes the break is momentary. He can't imagine that they'd keep those two apart for long.


    They asked him about Todd, and if they were going to get married. Jim said he thinks so, but there's no date on the calendar or a ring on the finger (which is kind of a different answer than he usually gives). He did say that he's never had much interest in getting married, but he's gotten more interested in it lately. And no kids for him and Todd, two dogs is enough, lol.

  2. Oh man. I know they'll edit it down, but I really want to hear him talk about Todd. It sounds so sweet.  I hope that somewhere out there, the video of the full 3 hours will show up some day.




    credits his success with Todd based off them both being raised in happily married households


    This is interesting, since he seems so adamant that they won't be getting married. Thanks again for all the info Kerry. :)

  3. Thanks for the update Kerry! Sounds like it was an awesome experience. Did Todd actually go up on the stage to talk? Or just talk from his seat in the audience? What did James Lipton say about An Act of God (I saw somewhere that he had gone to see it)?

  4. I got to see Act of God this past Friday night. Hilarious show. Jim is truly amazing in it. It's basically just him sitting there for an hour and a half talking. There's not even any intermission. It was laugh out loud funny but, like Jim has said in interviews, it also ends up really thought provoking and moving I think. 


    I did stage door afterwards, and got Jim's autograph on my playbill. He was very friendly and gracious as always. The person next to me asked him if he would say Bazinga for her. He replied "not on your life, what do you think this is work?" very sarcastically lol. It was funny (he was nice about it of course and everyone around him laughed). I went back Saturday afternoon for better pics. Here's a few:











  5. I honestly think different people have different views of it. Maybe Jim feels like it was a breakup. Steve Molaro didn't seem to agree it was a breakup, as he said they weren't sure where exactly they were (with the relationship). To me it didn't feel like a breakup, with all that Amy was saying and how she was talking. Definitely felt more like what she said it was. A step back to think about their situation.


    It was cute that Jim said he was upset by the "break up". We all know Jim loves him some Shamy. And he said his sister texted him to tell him how upset his nephews were by it, lol.

  6. Yay! Jim looked great on the Today Show. And they showed pictures from the first preview last night. It looks like he does wear the orange sneakers, with the robes over his regular clothes lol. And he sits on the couch talking to the audience. Can't wait to see it (May 22nd for me!)

  7. THR writer kept saying break up. Though Steve didn't refute it, he never agreed that it was a break up, and actually said they don't know exactly where they are. But still, he kept saying Sheldon was "fond" of Amy, which okay of course he is, but he's told her he loves her so I would have rather Steve said he loves Amy. The Glamour mag one said takes a step back, and it did seem overall more positive.

  8. WHAT IS LIFE!!!


    Like, his hands. Her hands. They are so happy. And really if Sheldon moved his hand back a little while they were kissing, he'd be all over second base. I just...can't even believe it.


    I agree, I'm okay with what happens, but these pictures are giving me so many feels because we know it's the happiness before the break. Like how can they be so happy and cute one moment, then by then end both be so sad and upset. 

  9. I definitely agree with him, especially about the heart that Amy brings and the counterbalance to Bernadette's somewhat shrewish (at times) behavior towards the guys. I thought last night's episode was very funny, but I missed Amy more last night than I did in last week's episode. Mayim just brings something to the character and Amy's interaction with the others that is very conspicuous when it's not there.


    On a side-note, the thing that the AV club reviewer says about how Bernie's role has been reduced to just pointing out how childish the guys are is so on the money I was like "exactly!" when I read it. I like her character, but I so wish they could figure out something else for her to do. Some other storylines for her than mostly being the nagging "mother" type to the guys.

  10. Steve talks about the Season Finale cliffhangers:




    I posted this in the Season 8 main thread, but wanted to talk about Shamy specifically here. It's interesting what he says about Amy breaking Sheldon. I wonder if this means Sheldon will completely fall apart in the first couple of episodes of Season 9. Like 25 cats will seem reasonable compared to where he goes this time, lol.


    And it sounds like they at least have an idea of where they want to go with Shamy in Season 9, so that makes me think this whole let's step back thing was done by the writers with a specific purpose in mind. I just hope that purpose is to get Sheldon and Amy to address their intimacy issues and move forward together towards coitus, at a pace they're both happy with (and that doesn't take more than 3 or 4 episodes).

  11. So in the end it looks like they cut the -cket line (which I'm guessing from the tag was originally going to be Sheldon takes the ring out of his pocket). All that speculation for nothing. Thanks a lot Prady!  :icon_razz:

  12. We also can't be sure when he got the ring. It is heavily my opinion that he got it after watching Leonard and Penny talk about eloping. Because otherwise it would have come up before that. "I was even going to propose to her!" But no, his whole attitude with Lenny was, "I don't get why she's mad at me. What did I do wrong?" And then it's not until a full day and a half later that he calls her and says he's been thinking about the relationship. It sounds like the "thinking" had to come post-fight.


    Wow. So Sheldon's reaction to everyone telling him he's moving too slow is to buy a ring? Lol, Shelly, you might have skipped a few steps there buddy. I do wonder, if he had gone ahead and proposed over Skype, if Amy would have been like, wtf, or would have said yes. I'm so glad to know that Sheldon actually does want to marry her eventually though (not that I doubted it). 

  13. Were their hands moving at all during the kiss? Not that it's that important, because finally we get Amy participating in a kiss, with her hands on his shoulders and actual lip movement. I may really die, and then I won't have to see their sad "taking a break" scene, lol.

  14. I don't think Amy just wants to f--k him. I'd say she wants to know she's more of a priority for him after 5 years, than the Flash is. Like I said, he's told Penny and Leonard he's working on it, but Amy might not know to the extent that he is.


    I do agree that it seems really out of the blue, and not great writing, but after thinking on it, I can see Amy's frustration. Sheldon doesn't always think about her first, and they are moving slow. Remember, she wanted PG fort, he wanted G. It seems a small thing, but obviously it was bothering Amy more than she let on. 

  15. Yes I believe since them meeting in the coffee shop was a "date" of sorts (her agreement with her mother, him buying her a beverage, etc) so they're counting five years since the season three finale. This is their five year anniversary. While they're making out, Amy pulls back and says she can't believe it's been five years since their first date, and Sheldon agrees and then asks if he should watch the Flash. She says, "Really, that's what you're thinking about?" He says among other things. She asks if she's one of those things, and he says, "Yes. I was wondering if I should watch the Flash, oh I know, I'll ask Amy." He tries to lean in for another kiss and she puts a hand to his lips and stops him. She asks what he's doing and he says she killed the mood. She asks if he sees the irony in him admiring a superhero who's known for speed when the most she's gotten out of him in five years is a distracted make out session on the couch. He says he's not good with irony, but how about sarcasm? She responds sarcastically, and the scene ends.


    Hmm so that makes it sound like this was their first real makeout session. Wonder if it was because it was their anniversary. I just think that Amy has to get this notion of the perfect relationship, moving at the perfect speed out of her head. This is what she gets with Sheldon and she has to decide if it's enough. I'm sure it will be and they will be okay, but Amy needs to say and really mean that she's willing to wait for Sheldon. A


    Also, Sheldon needs to tell Amy that he's actually working on moving forward faster. He's told Penny & Leonard but not Amy. Maybe he's shown her, and she should be able to see it, but she's too close to it, and they have been slogging through for 5 years. Hopefully someone will point out to her, again, how far she and Sheldon have come and they'll talk about it and be fine.

  16. I honestly can't believe that people are critiquing a blog post that Mayim made, in the midst of her grief, about her father dying, less than 2 weeks after he passed away. This isn't like her blogging about Frozen, or Ariana Grande, or whatever. Grief is much more personal & different for everyone.

    Seriously, maybe she could have said it differently or maybe she should have waited. But the fans were wondering and asking her co-workers where she was. I immediately got what she was saying and wasn't offended at all. And nowhere did she say her way of grieving was better. She just said that you can't tell her you know how she feels because you don't. Her father and their relationship was completely unique to them. Her exact feelings won't be the same as anyone else's.

    And MP, you may say that no one cares what Mayim is thinking and feeling, but I do. I'm glad she wrote out some of her feelings about it. I think it helps her to write it out, which may be why it was a few paragraphs instead of one sentence. And if a few paragraphs from a grieving daughter offend some people? Oh well, I'm sure she's used to it by now because people will find something wrong in almost everything she posts.

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  17. I think it will mean that the episode will be very Amy light again most likely. Especially if Mayim was still sitting Shiva during the table read and run throughs. I predict she'll only be in one or two scenes. But I also don't think it means bad things are coming for Shamy. Whatever the dramatic change is, I think Sheldon will deal with it and it will be something positive.

  18. Oh man, I knew it. I had a feeling it was her Dad. She had posted that picture of him months ago and he looked sick even then. I think the BBT writers purposely wrote her light in these last episodes because they knew he could pass any time and she would need to miss episodes to sit Shiva. So sad.


    Here is the kveller post about her Dad's passing:



  19. What worries me, or at least gives me pause, is that it says Sheldon deals with changes. Not Sheldon and Amy deal with changes. So that makes me think it's not going to be anything like sex or asking her to move in.

    With the lack of Amy in the past three episodes taped, I just hope she's actually involved in the storyline. I'm just going to go in with very very low expectations.

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  20. Hmm dramatic. That could be good or bad. Makes me kind of anxious because Shamy are in such a good place right now. Just don't want any repeats of last season's craziness. But OMG! It could be amazing.

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