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  1. Phanta, I'm not going to list exactly where there were script changes. I have notes on my program, but really it's not that deep for me to go and find it and write exactly what it was. I remember there being more than a few, and I have a pretty good memory (plus notes) so I'm going with that. The person I talked to who spoke with the crew member didn't say exactly which parts during the more than 10 or 11 scenes and almost 4 hours of taping went wrong. It was more generalizations. 


    I don't necessarily think a lot of changes means a weak script, but in my opinion, after seeing it taped and watching it last night, it wasn't the best or funniest script by far. That's fine if you believe it was, but people will, and most of the times do, have a different opinion.

  2. I disagree. There were some issues. I talked to someone else who was at the taping, and they know one of the crew. That night, afterwards, I was talking to them, and they said the crew member told them (after the show) that a lot of things had gone wrong and just weren't working. We agreed that night that the taping just felt kind of off. Like Star said, camera angles, and various other things, including yes, dialogue.


    You keep saying that they just tweaked some things, and maybe it's semantics, but I was there and they changed whole lines of dialogue in at least a couple of scenes. That's a rewrite to me (and more re-writes than I'd seen at any of the other tapings I went to this season). And that means that those lines weren't working, didn't get the laughs they wanted, or something. 

  3. I've done a Google search and found that Mayim is supposed to be doing a talk on Sunday. Here's the link http://www.jewishjournal.com/yom_hashoah/article/yom_hashoah_events_2015


    Yeah, but if you go to the actual event page on the museum's website, she's not listed to speak anymore.




    Instead they have a special performance by another actor-musician. :( She probably had to cancel because of whatever's going on.

  4. The only part that was really changed was the scene about Jabba the Hutt. Originally the line was about dressing up as centaurs and the guy that sat on Leonard was handicapped and had a lifelong wish to ride a centaur. Otherwise there were only minor line changes, like adding the Beyoncé line.

    The did edit the pretaped audition scene. The cut the last bit where Penny talked about having started a rumor about an actress and it turned out to be the girl she was talking about.

    Other than that there were no major rewrites. They tweaked the blocking a bit in a couple of scenes and had some delays that must have been technical.


    That's not actually true. They changed whole parts of the scene with the guys. In that first take Sheldon tickled all the guys or something. They changed that whole thing. I know it took at least 45 minutes to tape that last scene with all the guys. You could tell they were re-writes because Steve and the director came over with the pink sheets. In the cold open, they changed the itsy-bitsy spider song. In the scene with Raj and Leonard they changed the alpha-beta-omega jokes at least twice. There were a lot of rewrites, at least compared to the other tapings that I've been to.

  5. Thought it was just okay when I saw it being taped and just okay when I watched it again tonight. My favorite part was Sheldon singing the different songs, lol. But watching it just reminded me of how looooong the taping dragged out, because they had to changed so many of the jokes (and let's be honest, it still wasn't the funniest episode by a long shot).

  6. I actually don't think Amy as a character has had a bad season. She had the episode where she was the "popular" girl and got to play Penny and Bernadette against each other. She had the Christmas party at her house. Her fanfiction about Cooper & Amelia was featured and even got a dream sequence. I mean we didn't learn much about her background, but she was featured in some episodes, much more than Bernadette has been at least.


    And as much it sucks to admit, she isn't one of the main 3, or even the original 5. Big Bang isn't a true ensemble show. Raj & Howard will get more than Amy and Bernadette. And the main 3 will get a lot more than all of the others.

  7. Uh I don't think you can tell people to stop speculating, lol. We all know Mayim is contracted. I think it's natural to wonder what's going on though. Maybe we'll find out, maybe not, but it doesn't hurt to talk about it. And I don't think she's leaving either. 

  8. I just hope nothing is going on with Mayim. She seemed really happy the last taping, so I'm sure she's fine as far as the show goes. And even when Passover has been on taping day, she's pre-taped. I thought her contract was for all 24 episodes, but maybe there was so much going on, they didn't really need her. Again.


    This sucks, but I'll just hope she's on the finale. Won't be expecting it though.

  9. I've parked in the WB parking garage (when I had standby tickets) as early as 9 am before. If you want to park there and then walk over to the studio tour, that shouldn't be a problem. But the studio tour is a little bit of a walk from where the WB garage is, though if you say you guys don't mind walking then it should be okay.

  10. There is no way Home will be the #1 overall movie this weekend. Furious 7 is set to make $140 million in the US alone. Maybe they meant Home is the #1 family movie or the #1 movie behind Furious 7 or something.

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  11. Mayim doesn't seem to be worried about it. She was tweeting about how funny the episode was. I'm sure everything is fine. We've seen a lot of Amy this season. A couple of episodes where she's only seen once or twice isn't that big of a deal. 


    Hopefully it just means that one of the last two episodes will be Amy/Shamy heavy.  :shy:

  12. I like how he says "you wouldn't know it by looking at me" when literally every person who has seen him in the past and is seeing him now can tell that he's been working out and bulking up lol.

    Even when he was on Tom & Lorenzo's fashion blog a few weeks ago they mentioned how good his thighs looked. All that dead lifting is definitely working for him.

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  13. Kaley and Johnny came out and talked to the audience 2 scenes before the end. Kaley mentioned they appreciated us hanging in there because it had been a long night (the taping went until almost 10:30 because they basically had to rewrite almost 2 whole scenes. The last scene with the guys in the apartment took at least 45 or 50 minutes to finish). 


    Also something funny in one of the cafeteria scenes, I believe the cold open, there was a little wait while they were rewriting some jokes. The crew was moving one of the cameras around and there was a loud crash. Jim can be heard over his mic joking, "crashing cameras into props, see this is why we have separate unions." The audience cracked up and you could hear the other guys snickering through their mics, lol.

  14. When talking to Sheldon, Penny doesn't say whether she likes or dislikes her current job.


    Basically Sheldon is going on & on about trains. Then Penny says, so say I had train and two tracks. One track would take the train to an audition for a big movie, and the other track would take it to a job in pharmaceutical sales. Which one should it take? Sheldon asks if she's trying to use trains to trick him into giving her advice. She says, of course not (clearly lying, lol). Sheldon says okay, well I think it should take a third track. Go to the audition, but keep the pharmaceutical job until seeing what happens with the audition. Penny says of course, I'm worrying about something that hasn't even happened yet. Then Sheldon asks her why she's not asking Leonard about this. Penny remarks, because she already knows what he'll say, imitating Leonard's kind of nagging voice "no, no, no, you shouldn't do it." Sheldon then laughs and says, it's just like he's here!

  15. From my vantage point, which was behind the barricade where the family had been sitting, behind Mayim's back, it looked like he kissed her on the lips. Maybe the corner of the mouth (which is what it looks like in the picture), but their lips were touching.


    It wasn't a big deal at all. Todd was standing right there to the right of Mayim with Jim's Mom. And Jim kissed a couple of other ladies (who had been sitting with his family, so maybe cousins?) on the mouth as well. I think he's just a kisser, lol. And Todd did too. He kissed a few women that were there on the mouth too, so I'm pretty sure this is something that is like second nature and not an issue to them.

  16. Actually I was there and they were standing right in front of me when he kissed her. This wasn't the previous kiss on the cheek and the hug that was shown on the live stream. It was when the cast was leaving. Mayim went over to Jim to say goodbye and he cupped the back of her head, gave her a quick kiss on the mouth, then hugged her goodbye. It was all really quick, and it was over before I could get my camera up to take a picture. But apparently someone did.  :icon_biggrin:

  17. I think Ellen tapes all week. Pretty sure Jim taped his segment yesterday. I think I saw someone on twitter RT something about a girl who had been in the audience at his taping Thursday. And when I went to TBBT taping in Feb that was on a Wed instead of a Tues, we saw the Ellen audience then too. 

  18. And I'm wondering even if Mayim is going to be at the taping? Or in the episode

    Just curious....


    Why wouldn't she be? It's not any kind of Jewish holiday or anything. Sure she missed last night at Sardi's but there's nothing else really to indicate she wouldn't be there. Plus her contract states she has to be in all 24 episodes I think.

  19. It's on the Facebook page for thehitsofficial. If you just google Jim Parsons and the hits radio uk, it's the second link that comes up.  :shy:


    Ha, it's kind of awkward to see him reading that, but bravo to Jim for being very calm about it and not (at least on visibly) freaked out. I was cracking up when he talked about the thighs part, because that struck me as odd too, lol.

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