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  1. It's from a Variety article about Joey Mcintyre, who's being honored at the event: This year’s event is expected to include performances from Jim Parsons, Josh Gad and Beth Behrs, among many others.
  2. Yeah Mayim is speaking in Vegas tonight. Jim's Home premiere is in Plano, TX tonight. So I figure they probably won't be back in L.A until sometime tomorrow. It would be a lot to get back in then have to try and get dressed up for the Sardi's thing that night.
  3. He could just skip the table read, or do it through a conference call or something. I mean, he was listed to go to the Sardi's benefit the night of the 18th, and then he was taken off the "Appearances By" list. So I'm guessing he'll either miss the table read, or do it remotely.
  4. Howard didn't know anything about his half-brother. When Josh comes and knocks on the door, Howard is shocked. Their dialogue is basically like, Hi, I'm Josh. I know this is going to sound strange, but a lawyer came around looking for my father, for him to sign some legal documents about this house. Howard says, who is your Dad? Josh replies, Sam Wolowitz. Howard says something to the effect of, Sam Wolowitz is my Dad's name too. Josh says, I know. Howard says, are you saying that we're half brothers? Josh - I believe we are. Howard is freaking out and calls for Bernadette because strange things are happening out here.
  5. Ha Notchinc. I'm interested to watch tonight and see how many times I can spot myself. I was literally right behind the cast & Jim's family. Here's the autograph: I'll have to figure out how to blur myself out of the selfie if I post that though because I was looking a little rough lol. It was hot out there. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. No problem citylights. I'll post some of the better ones I got (if I got any) later. Oh and about that Bob guy. According to the photographer I was standing next to (who's been doing these star ceremonies for years), he's actually really huge in Hollywood circles. She said he does more to sell Hollywood around the world than almost anyone. And you could tell, he had a very politician type vibe to me. But he was nice and actually reminded Jim to turn towards the fans a couple of times.
  7. So it was a great experience. I got Jim's autograph and a selfie! Great times. Here's the Majim hug from my vantage point. And when the cast left he kissed and hugged Mayim. Super cute, so glad I got to see this. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Jims family and Bill, and Steve are here now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. So I'm out at Jim's star ceremony. They have seats for all the cast, so it seems like they'll all be here. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. When Penny wonders why Leonard isn't supporting her in this, he tells her that he's just trying to protect her from getting her heart broken by acting again. It didn't feel mean spirited or like they were going to break up over it. Leonard's just more cautious than Penny, as usual, and doesn't want to see her sad again like she was last season I think.
  11. Bernadette wasn't there when Josh mentions just needing the hand. Howard had walked him to the door to say goodbye.
  12. So to just add a little more detail to Rule34's report (great job by the way ): The Fortification Implementation Scene 1 The guys are fighting over the pronunciation of gif before Sheldon gets there. Leonard/Howard say it's Gif (with a hard G), Raj says the guy who invented it says its Jif (with a j sound) so he's going with that. Howard asks if he means the Guy or Juy who invented it. Scene 2 Raj wonders if Howard's Dad is maybe a spy or in a Beatles cover band. Because if he has Howard's hair and nose he could be a spot on Ringo Starr. Scene 5 Raj suggests knocking down the wall between the kitchen and living room at the Wolowitz house. Then installing an indoor fire pit. Howard says no one's knocking down anything. When Howard goes to answer the door, Bernie says when Howard's at comic-con she's taking a wrecking ball to the place. Scene 6 Woman calls in to podcast & says she's seen Serial Apeist 2 ten times. Penny apologizes for the first viewing but the other 9 are on the woman. Wil tells Penny that SA has a cult following. At some comic con, he saw someone cos-playing as Penny's half ape character. Leonard theorizes that if they were with a giant banana, then it was just Howard and Raj. When Kevin Smith calls in, he tells Wil that he's shocked it's been 2 minutes and Wil hasn't name dropped Stand by Me yet. When KS offers Penny an audition for Clerks 3 and she's interested, Lenny argue. Wil Wheaton is thrilled and doing commentary for the podcast listeners at home. Leonard says it's not a fight it's a discussion. And wants the listeners to know that he and Penny really really love each other. As they continue to bicker, Leonard once again points out that their love is soooo deep. Scene 7 Amy tells Sheldon a story about how when she was in grade school everyone got lice except for her (to show she's understood a long time what it's like to be left out). She tried to put sugar in her hair to be with the crowd, but then she was attacked by bees (Jim started cracking up during the first take of this and Mayim was like "why are you laughing" while laughing herself. Very funny). At first Sheldon worries that building a fort may be too childish. But Amy counters with, more childish than this? And holds up the smiling Sheldon sign he used earlier. He's all in and ready to build a blanket fort. Scene 8 Awkward silence with Bernadette, Raj, and Josh. Bernadette tries to fill the silence by telling Josh she likes Finding Nemo after he mentions he's studying Oceanography. Raj just wants to know if Howard's brother is in a Beatles cover band. Scene 9 And we're back to the Podcast. For the listeners at home, Wil reminds them that last we heard, Leonard doesn't think that women should be able to have dreams and aspirations. Leonard asks Wil to turn off the podcast and he pretends like he does, but really it's still live to thousands of loyal listeners. Leonard wonders what would happen if Penny got the Clerks 3 role? She says, make a movie, we become rich and famous, I win an Oscar, Golden Globes etc. Leonard is incredulous. From a Kevin Smith movie, really? Wil tries to get a role for himself, but Kevin Smith says he doesn't have anything for him. And that's all for Kevin Smith. Scene 11 Raj points out that Howard's happiness and excitement over his brother's pain about their father makes the debate about whether Howard was lovable or not a lot more lively. Scene 13 When Amy's phone alarm goes off and she says that's the scheduled end of date night, Sheldon is distraught. They haven't even picked a winner for their fort bracket Final 4 yet. But Amy points out that they both know their fort, Fort Blanky McBlankerson (or something like that lol) would win. Sheldon agrees. But he still wants her to stay longer. When Amy suggests the sleepover, Sheldon says okay if it's rated G, suitable for all ages. Amy counters with PG, some material not for young children (this was very reminiscent of their cuddling negotiations in 5x8). Sheldon comes back with rated G, some material not for babies and toddlers. Amy tells Sheldon he has himself a sleepover. Sheldon observes that this is a big step for them. Amy says, well, it's a big fort. Sheldon asks Amy if she needs Pajamas or a toothbrush. Amy says I hid these here for just such an occasion and pulls out a package of PJ's and toiletries from under the cushion on the chair. Sheldon is happy with this, because he does enjoy some good pre-planning. But he wonders how she knew they'd be in the living room for their sleepover. Amy says how does he know this is the only overnight package she's hidden?
  13. Okay. Stopped to get some food. -We don't actually see Shamy sleeping in the fort. Just them talking about it. But it's still just really cute how excited Sheldon is about the fort. And how okay he is with the sleepover and wanting Amy to stay over. He asks if she needs to borrow a toothbrush or PJs. But ever the pre-planner, Amy has actually hidden those very things under the cushion in the chair. Lol. - Half brother just knocks on the door and introduces himself. - nothing on Jim's event tomorrow - most of the Shamy stuff was pretaped because it was inside the fort. So not too much behind the scenes for them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Okay quick summary then I'll answer questions when I get back to hotel (or Rule34 will be on and able to as well). Title was The Fortification Implementation. Howard, Bernadette and Raj are at Howard's mom's house. They talk about what Howard & Bernie are going to do with the house. Howard's half brother comes by. They meet him and talk to him. He's really sweet and cute. He and Howard kind of bond at the end. Penny and Leonard are doing a podcast with Wil Wheaton. Kevin Smith calls in and offers Penny an audition to be in his next movie Clerks 3. Leonard thinks she should just stick with the job she has. But she wants to audition. They kind of fight about it and Leonard finds out that Penny makes twice as much money as him. In the end she kind of tricks him into saying he wants her to audition for the part. Shamy are having date night. Sheldon is feeling bad because he got left out of some party at some scientists house. he's moping around and mentions it's just like when his brother and sister used to build forts and not let him in. So him and Amy decide to build a fort in the living room. It's a really cool fort and Sheldon and Amy both really love it. At the end of date night Sheldon isn't ready for Amy to go. He wants to make an exception for date night protocol and have her stay later. She says if I'm going to stay later why don't I stay really late and we can have a sleepover! They negotiate and decide to have their very first sleepover. In the fort. Very cute scenes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Yay! I'm glad you're still posting your stories somewhere. I really enjoy them! And there seems to be quite a few already on there. Off to read!
  16. Well hopefully the fact that BBT is more of a group of writers will work out so that if he writes something awful they can reign him in. Plus he wrote for Psych, which is a hilarious show, so that's a positive for me.
  17. I'll be there on the 10th too Rule 34! I have standby so I'll be there pretty early.
  18. Oh man. I'm going to be in L.A on the 11th, but I fly out that morning. I wonder what time the ceremony would be at. If it was at 10 or 11 I could change my flight and try to go. Oh decisions, decisions!
  19. Here's a link to the pictures: http://www.seat42f.com/the-big-bang-theory-season-8-episode-17-photos-the-colonization-application.html/10
  20. I love those pics so much. They are giving me SO MANY feels in that hug pic that I can hardly stand it. And they look so happy in all the pictures when they're telling Lenny about their turtle. They are just so precious.
  21. Yeah it seems totally different to me. The look on his face is so loving in the hug in the promo, especially if you stop it right when his arms go around her. Can't wait to see whole thing next week!
  22. That promo! Ahh they are really the absolute cutest. Sheldon just grabbed her hand like he does it all the time (and obviously he does, they just haven't shown us until now!). As for tonight, it wasn't that bad. I thought for the most part, it was kind of sweet. And I liked how Amy was smiling at Sheldon while he was going on about pontificate. She is so cute and in love.
  23. Agreed. And really what good does it do to tweet that to him? All it does is draw unnecessary attention to spoiler sites. That is not needed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. Thanks so much nusspot! I think seeing him with that puppy reduced my stress levels too, lol. That was extremely super cute.
  25. Hmm it didn't bother me at all lol. Like this is the least controversial thing she's said in months. A lot of people last night were talking about #askhermore and it just sounds to me like Mayim isn't interested in all that red carpet stuff which is fine (though I love it!). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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