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  1. Yeah Mayim is speaking in Vegas tonight. Jim's Home premiere is in Plano, TX tonight. So I figure they probably won't be back in L.A until sometime tomorrow. It would be a lot to get back in then have to try and get dressed up for the Sardi's thing that night.

  2. He could just skip the table read, or do it through a conference call or something. I mean, he was listed to go to the Sardi's benefit the night of the 18th, and then he was taken off the "Appearances By" list. So I'm guessing he'll either miss the table read, or do it remotely.

  3. Howard didn't know anything about his half-brother. When Josh comes and knocks on the door, Howard is shocked. Their dialogue is basically like, Hi, I'm Josh. I know this is going to sound strange, but a lawyer came around looking for my father, for him to sign some legal documents about this house. Howard says, who is your Dad? Josh replies, Sam Wolowitz. Howard says something to the effect of, Sam Wolowitz is my Dad's name too. Josh says, I know. Howard says, are you saying that we're half brothers? Josh - I believe we are. Howard is freaking out and calls for Bernadette because strange things are happening out here.

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  4. No problem citylights. I'll post some of the better ones I got (if I got any) later. :)

    Oh and about that Bob guy. According to the photographer I was standing next to (who's been doing these star ceremonies for years), he's actually really huge in Hollywood circles. She said he does more to sell Hollywood around the world than almost anyone. And you could tell, he had a very politician type vibe to me. But he was nice and actually reminded Jim to turn towards the fans a couple of times.

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  5. Well hopefully the fact that BBT is more of a group of writers will work out so that if he writes something awful they can reign him in. Plus he wrote for Psych, which is a hilarious show, so that's a positive for me. 

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  6. Oh man. I'm going to be in L.A on the 11th, but I fly out that morning. I wonder what time the ceremony would be at. If it was at 10 or 11 I could change my flight and try to go. Oh decisions, decisions!

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  7. I love those pics so much. They are giving me SO MANY feels in that hug pic that I can hardly stand it. And they look so happy in all the pictures when they're telling Lenny about their turtle. They are just so precious.  :wub:  :wub:  :wub:

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  8. That promo! Ahh they are really the absolute cutest.  Sheldon just grabbed her hand like he does it all the time (and obviously he does, they just haven't shown us until now!).  


    As for tonight, it wasn't that bad. I thought for the most part, it was kind of sweet. And I liked how Amy was smiling at Sheldon while he was going on about pontificate. She is so cute and in love. 

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  9. I am hoping that the person that tweeted Bill Prady to "F*ck Shenny" is not a member of this site/forum.

    Lashing out at an exec producer is totally uncool in my honest opinion.

    Agreed. And really what good does it do to tweet that to him? All it does is draw unnecessary attention to spoiler sites. That is not needed.

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  10. Hmm it didn't bother me at all lol. Like this is the least controversial thing she's said in months. A lot of people last night were talking about #askhermore and it just sounds to me like Mayim isn't interested in all that red carpet stuff which is fine (though I love it!).

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