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  1. Also the last two roles I've seen Max in, he's played a 19 or 20 yr old college student (Glee & Switched at Birth). Not saying they wouldn't have him on as Sheldon's older 35-36 yr old brother but he was on Glee like 2 weeks ago as a 20 yr old lol.

  2. :icon_biggrin: Mark did mention earlier that we shouldn't awww at one scene with Leonard and Sheldon (when Sheldon said that he waited on Leonard to submit the paper), but nothing about the cheering for shirtless Jim, lol. Honestly it was so loud I'm guessing they'll edit a lot of the screams & cheers out. But yeah, we were all thrilled/shocked/super happy to see Sheldon in the tub (and Amy bathing him of course, lol).

  3. I'm guessing modest Jim wasn't too thrilled when he got this script. Haha.


    I don't know about Jim being modest (I think it was more that he used to not be that happy with his body), but he has NOTHING to be shy about. He looked amazing. The biceps, the chest definition, everything was on point. I think the screams and cheers from the audience when they first showed him in the tub should be a good indication, lol.

  4. It was some time ago when he was talking about the time he had to wear the maid's outfit.  They originally wanted him to wear the Leia bikini, but he didn't want to show his tummy.  But I guess he doesn't have such qualms anymore... :icon_eek:


    Well you don't actually see his whole stomach when he's in the bath. More like his upper chest right to just above his abs and his biceps. Then his chest and back when "Amelia" is drying him off.

  5. have they ever done a no studio audience taping before?  Just curious and yes, if this is their big special guest, then it makes sense.  OR it will be 100% VIPs and therefore no tickets available to the general public. 


    If I remember correctly, there was a Season 7 episode that was taped without a studio audience. Maybe the Scavenger Vortex? I remember that some people on WB studio VIP tours saw parts of the taping, but there was no actual AU studio audience.

  6. Thanks Kerry (and CaffineBuzz, Michy & Frankie)! The stuff with Shamy experimenting on Lenny sounds funny. I'm so glad that Sheldon didn't say anything inappropriate after they all found out about Howard's Mom. That last scene sounds really moving.

  7. Really loved your story! I was hoping someone would write an Amy helping Sheldon learn to drive story. It was so cute, and very in character. The kissing/make-out scenes were really well done and I hope you'll eventually write an M-rated fic because I think you would do it justice. 


    As for the manual/automatic gear level/stick shift/clutch stuff, I don't think it's a big deal. Sometimes we American's do call a manual transmission a stick shift. The clutch is the actual pedal that you push down as you're changing gears in a manual transmission, but I knew what you meant in the context of the story (and I think most readers would as well). :shy:  The gear shift or gear level is the little handle thing in the middle that you operate to change the gears.

  8. Well maybe if his sister and her family are in town, they all went to see the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City (which I saw a few years ago, and is excellent) and are now doing the backstage tour? Though I doubt they'd let any regular joe schmoe get on the stage like that. Guess fame has its privileges, lol.

  9. I need to watch it eleventy billion more times so I can watch each of them. They were awesome! I loved when the guys did their little solo, then the girls. And the hugging at the end. Ahh, I loved it!

  10. Well maybe he didn't know that and just assumed the episode he taped would air on 1/15. I'm just going to assume that he was in the episode taped on 12/16  

    as the crazy armadillo man on the bus with Sheldon

    . We'll know whenever they air that episode I guess. :)


  11. He's probably the man on the bus on the Jan 15th episode.


    That's what I was thinking. He says that he just finished shooting a scene with Jim, but technically he could mean finished last week and just now tweeting about it. 

  12. I think Jim actually said that he tried being Vegetarian but it didn't really work out for him. Really good interview as usual. That awkward posing bit at the end had me cracking up lol.

    Also did anyone notice that after the changes Instagram made (deleting spambot accounts) that Jim now has the most followers of the BBT cast? 1.4M and Kaley is next at 1.3M.

  13. Even if "Anxiety" does have to do with some Shamy angst, I'm not worried. They're in love, and their relationship is stronger than ever. If they have a little angst, it will be fine. I don't think they'd break up or anything, and lets be honest, it can't be all Prom and Christmas cookies forever, lol. 

  14. That was my thought too (The Mindy Project). But it gets such terrible ratings, and he says this show isn't on it's last legs and will be around for awhile. I was thinking Once Upon A Time, but I can't imagine why they'd have Emma get pregnant with Hook's kid (though I'll admit I'd love it). I'm very curious what show it is. Just glad it's not BBT though. No babies, at least until the very end of the show.

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