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  1. That was my thought too (The Mindy Project). But it gets such terrible ratings, and he says this show isn't on it's last legs and will be around for awhile. I was thinking Once Upon A Time, but I can't imagine why they'd have Emma get pregnant with Hook's kid (though I'll admit I'd love it). I'm very curious what show it is. Just glad it's not BBT though. No babies, at least until the very end of the show.
  2. Very strange no network comedies were nominated (other than Jane the Virgin, which is....just okay for me). I mean last year, B99, a network comedy, even won best comedy. I always liked watching the Golden Globes, but not sure I'll be watching this year. Oh well.
  3. Lol you guys are killing me with the 22 degrees talk. I thought it was weird too but it was definitely just a set up for the joke about her lady parts. Sheldon didn't really have a reaction to that joke. And they ran the scene 3 times so believe me, I was checking. Jim and Kaley did start laughing after the lady parts joke during one of the takes but I think it was just the look on Mayim's face. It was hilarious. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I saw that you got a signed photo of the cast. Congrats! It was nice meeting you and your wife.
  5. The Space Probe Disintergration Cold Open - Leonard & Sheldon's Apt Leonard & Sheldon playing a board game. Leonard wants to be green, but Sheldon always is. Sheldon says well this time, I can be a combination....of blue and yellow. Leonard says, blue and yellow make green. Sheldon says, oh yeah, so I'm green. Girls come in, guys ask if they're ready to play. Amy and Penny say that the guys told them the game wouldn't be until that night. Sheldon says are they sure they don't want to play because it's some specialty Lord of the Rings thing and it could take up to 8 hrs. Amy tells Penny she will literally race her to the car. Penny says that they don't want to play a board game. They always do what the guys want to do. Leonard says that's not true. Penny says I have 3 words for you...Doctor Who Convention. Leonard says he didn't make her go to that. Penny reminds him that he walked out the door in a bowler hat and bow tie. She had to go with him to make sure he didn't get beat up. He says he didn't get beat up, and Penny says that he's right, she managed to hold herself back. The guys agree to do something that the girls want to do. Penny asks Amy, what can they do that the guys will absolutely hate and that will make them miserable? Amy suggests the Crafts Festival Museum. Penny says did they think a Crafts Festival wasn't boring enough, they had to put museum on it to make it even worse. Penny says, I know, horseback riding. Amy says, no she can't go horseback riding. Her hips will only open 22 degrees. Once she sat on a very narrow pony and the first bump, she popped right off. Sheldon suggests ice skating, which would have the benefit of causing Leonard's asthma to act up and of tapping into Sheldon's fear of getting run over by a zamboni. Leonard wonders why Sheldon is helping the girls come up with things to make them miserable. Sheldon says he's a fixer. That's just what he does. Amy says she can go ice skating either. She has unnaturally brittle ankles. Penny asks Amy if there's any part of her body that acts normally and Amy just gets that funny smile on her face and kind of chuckles (of course we all know what she's talking about and it got a huge laugh lol). Scene 2 - Howardette's Apt I couldn't really see or hear them well, so this might be a little less detailed. Raj is worried about the Horizon space craft. It's landed and a space probe he designed is set to open on the spacecraft in a few hours and he's not sure if it'll work. Bernadette comes in, and asks Raj if he's okay. He says no, he's about to jump out of his skin. She says that she told him not to wax down there, it's itchy when it starts to grow back. Raj says it's not that. Howard explains to Bernadette, he says that Raj is worried that space ice has messed up the probe. Raj says space ice is no joke, even if most of it isn't even that frozen anymore. Kunal could not get through this scene without laughing. He messed up like 4 or 5 times before he got it. He told Melissa that he could not look at her or he wouldn't be able to do it. Scene 3 - Leonard & Sheldon apt Amy says the Philharmonic is playing Beethoven down at the symphony hall. Sheldon comments to Penny that it's Beethoven the composer and not the big dog they made a movie about. Penny sarcastically says she knows that. In the first take, the next line is Sheldon telling Penny that at least he gave her credit for knowing that Philharmonic wasn't just a guy who's name was Phil Harmonic. In the second take, they took that line out. Penny wonders why they can't think of anything. Sheldon says they're over thinking it. He suggest shopping and him and Leonard have to go and sit in those uncomfortable chairs and hold Amy & Penny's purses. Sheldon says he knows he hates that. Leonard? Leonard is like, well yeah. Amy tells Penny it sounds perfect. Penny says yeah, but Sheldon took the fun out of it. Sheldon says again, that's just what he does. Scene 4 - Howardette Apt Raj still anxious waiting to hear about the probe. Howard brings up how when he was in the rocket hurtling through space...Raj interrupts to ask if this is a story about patience or just an excuse to bring up again that he went to space. Howard says a story can do two things. Raj says he's about to have a heart attack. Howard asks Bernadette if there's anything she can give Raj. She says that she has a urine pill (? I couldn't really hear them), but all it will do will make him pee so hard he'll float around the room like he's wearing a jet pack. Howard says they need to do something to take Raj's mind of the probe. Raj says I know, and picks up a bottle. He says if he can throw the bottle and make it into the trash can (about 8 feet away) then everything will be fine. Howard says, so we're going to base the success of the mission on your athletic prowess? Raj is like yeah. Howard says, you, who crashed your stationary bike? Raj says, I didn't crash it, I just got light headed and fell off. Raj aims and makes the shot. Audience cheers. Howard says, see, now you can relax, everything will be okay. Raj says, what kind of scientist are you? Everyone knows you have to do best 2 out of 3. They shot this 2 or 3 times and Kunal made the bottle to the trashcan shot first try, every single time. He was making these basketball hand motions, and the Tiger Woods fist pump in between scenes. Very cute. Scene 5 - Department Store Sheldon and Leonard sitting on chairs holding Amy & Penny's purses. Leonard says, this isn't so bad. Sheldon says, easy for you to say, your chair isn't facing the lingerie department. In the first take he says, "bras, bras everywhere". In the second take he says, "so many panties". The girls come out with arms full of clothes. Sheldon says he can't understand why they need to make such a production over clothes. Penny says, we could do what you do, get our Mom's to send us clothes from Wal-Mart in Houston. Sheldon says there's a guy there who just gets his personal style. Girls go to dressing room. Leonard pulls out his phone, says bad news, no cell service in here. Sheldon says they always had plenty of things to do before smart phones. He pulls out his phone and says he'll look up what some of them are. Son of a biscuit, no service. Leonard says it's fine. Sheldon says no it's not. What store in this day and age doesn't have wifi. He's going to call them and complain. Pulls out phone again. Son of a biscuit! Scene 6 - Dept Store Sheldon and Leonard are playing some kind of pretend game (I think they're trying to play the game they were playing in the cold open). Sheldon picks up invisible dice, blows on them then says his Army is burning the shire, and he rolls *throws invisible dice* a 5 and a 3. Leonard picks up invisible dice, then says, to defend I roll *rolls dice* double sixes. I win. Sheldon says, double 6 again. If I didn't see it with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe it. Sheldon wonders how long they'll be out there. Leonard says the girls do a lot for them, so they should compromise and do this for the girls. Sheldon agrees. Leonard is surprised and says look at you, being all mature about this. Sheldon says, I don't know why you're surprised, I live with you, so I know a lot about comprise because I'm always compromising. Leonard is basically speechless. He says, You Compromise? On earth? In our lives? Sheldon says yes. Just yesterday Leonard had lettuce in his teeth and Sheldon compromised and didn't say anything. And Leonard should be glad he did because everyone was laughing at him. Leonard says actual compromise is his driving Sheldon to work every day because he won't learn how. Sheldon says he knows how to drive, Amy taught him. Leonard says then why don't you? Sheldon says for 3 reasons. #1, it's scary, #2, he mixes the pedals up sometimes, and #3, driving Sheldon gives Leonard purpose in his life. Scene 7 - Reenact Car scene Howard and Raj are going to temple. Howard thinks it's a Jewish temple and tells Raj he doesn't want to be Jewish. It's not all brisket and dreidels. Raj says, no it's a Hindu temple. Howard wonders if he means like in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Howard doesn't want to get eaten by any snakes. Raj thinks that movie is so unrealistic. Howard says, whatever , you know you love it. Raj - yeah I do. Howard asks if Raj really wants to go to the temple. Putting all his hopes on some blue chick with 100 arms. Raj says that's offensive. Is everything you know about Hinduism from Indiana Jones. Howard says no, it's also from Apu from the Simpsons. There's discussion of religion here, but I didn't really catch it, and it was a reenactment so they only did it once. Scene 8 - Dressing room at Dept store (playback) Penny and Amy are trying on clothes. Amy asks how it's going. Penny has on a short little dress and says that it's probably not a dress for work. Unless it's in the whore's division. Penny asks Amy, do we really only do things I want to do? Amy says its fine. She always said that if she ever got any friends, she'd do whatever they say. Penny says, you know Amy you're great. You're smart, You have great friends, a boyfriend. Then Amy comes out in a truly hideous long dress with a denim vest over it. Penny - But a really terrible sense of style. Penny says that today they'll do whatever Amy says she wants to do. Amy wants to do basket weaving at the Crafts Festival Museum. Penny - well, you said it. Scene 9 - Dept Store Leonard and Sheldon still talking compromise. Sheldon says he wanted to put the Apple pancake mix on the top shelf with the A's. But since he didn't want Leonard's little legs to break while he's fixing Sheldon breakfast, he compromised. Leonard asks if it's his turn to talk about true compromise. Sheldon says he wasn't done yet, but go ahead. He says, compromising. Leonard mentions how he can't turn up the temperature at his own apartment, how he can't whistle in the apartment, how he can't wear shoes that may be squeaky. Sheldon says you're a physicist, not a clown in a circus. Leonard is getting frustrated. He asks Sheldon, does he realize that Leonard doesn't live with the women he loves because of Sheldon. No other reason, just Sheldon. Sheldon asks if that's really true. Leonard says the last time he brought it up, Sheldon ran away on a train for months. Sheldon says, given my past behavior, you're really taking a chance bringing it up now. Leonard tells Sheldon that sometimes he's just really hard to take and he's exhausting to people around him. Sheldon says, well sometimes Leonard, you're really mean to me. Does he think Sheldon can't hear the sarcastic comments and see the all the eye rolling. He has excellent peripheral vision! On a good day, he can see his ears. Leonard says he's sorry, but this has been building up in him for a long time. Sheldon tells Leonard if he wants to live with Penny, then he thinks he should go ahead and do it. Leonard - Really? Sheldon says yes, take your clown shoes and eek, eek, eek on out. Then Sheldon says, it's just (at this point he opens Amy's purse and takes out a tissue), he doesn't want to think of his life without his best friend in it. And he cries into the tissue. Leonard tells Sheldon that he's not leaving his world, just the apartment. Sheldon says, he knows he's difficult and thanks Leonard for putting up with him. More crying. Leonard opens Penny's purse and takes out a tissue and starts tearing up too. It's no problem buddy, he says. The girls come out of the dressing room. Penny asks what's with the tears. Leonard says nothing really, they were just discussing living arrangements. Amy turns on Leonard and asks if he's crazy. He knows Sheldon is a flight risk. Sheldon says that's what he told him too. Penny tells Sheldon that she knows it's a sensitive subject and that Leonard won't move out until Sheldon is ready. Sheldon suggests that Leonard move out gradually. Lenny are surprised. Leonard says okay so how about we start with me spending 2 nights a week at Penny's apt. Sheldon counters, how about one night a week and you can whistle in the apartment. Leonard agrees. Sheldon adds, when I'm not home. Leonard says okay. Sheldon says, here we go, compromising again. We really are the best. More tears from Sheldon and Leonard. They did this scene 3 times I think. On the last take, at the very end when they're both crying again, Sheldon goes back in Amy's purse and takes out a mirror compact and uses it to start dabbing at his eyes. It was hilarious, but I think it must have been Jim doing it because Mayim cracked up and punched him on the shoulder afterwards, lol. Scene 10 - At the Temple (playback) Raj and Howard are at the Temple. Raj points out some structure there and Howard says he thought it was mini golf. Howard asks if he's dressed okay for Temple. Raj says, so let me get this straight, all of the places we went today, you thought your outfit was just fine? Raj is all philosophical and they talk about religion and how we should treat others, etc. Then some older Indian man at the Temple hits Raj's car with his car door. Raj hops out and wails on the guy, yelling about all kinds of things. In the middle of this, Howard gets a message and tells Raj that the probe is working fine. Raj calms down and tells the guy, who is giving him the major evil eye, Namaste grandpa. Howard asks if they're still going into the Temple. Raj says of course, he has to get his parking validated. Scene 11 - Crafts Festival Museum Everyone (Amy-Sheldon-Leonard-Penny) is making baskets. Leonard tells Penny that he thought it would be really boring, but it's not too bad. On the first 2 takes, Penny says, that's what I said about you before we started dating and now look at us we're engaged. Then Lenny share a quick kiss. On the third take, Penny says, don't let Amy hear you say that. She'll have us out here every Sunday. Amy tells Sheldon that 's a really nice basket. He says, oh it's not a basket, it's a 16th century Chinese warrior hat. Then he puts it on his head and smiles at her. First 2 takes have her say, oh yeah, I totally see it (sarcastically). Sheldon says maybe if he'd worn this when he was in high school he wouldn't have gotten picked on. Leonard says wear it to work tomorrow and they'll see. On the third take, Amy just smiles sweetly at Sheldon and says, very nice. Then Leonard rolls his eyes, and Sheldon, without even looking at Leonard says, I saw that. In my opinion, while I really wanted the Lenny kiss, the third take (without it) was funnier than the first two and got bigger laughs. Unfortunately I think they'll go with the third take. Scene 12 -Tag scene - Penny's Apartment (Playback) Leonard and Penny are getting ready to get into bed. Leonard says, so roomie, first night in the new place (or something like that. I only saw it once). Penny says yeah, she's excited. They're both really proud of Sheldon. Then they pan out to Penny's living room and you see Sheldon curled up under some blankets on Penny's short couch. He yells at them to keep it down because he's trying to sleep.
  6. Yes. They agreed that Leonard would move out gradually, starting with one night a week staying at Penny's (he tried for two but Sheldon said they'd compromise for one night and Leonard can whistle in the apt...when Sheldon's not home lol). Then you see Leonard at Penny's and they're getting into bed and talking. Then there's Sheldon on Penny's short couch, and he says for them to keep it down, he's trying to get some sleep. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Not too much BTS. Lenny & Shamy spent most of their scenes on a side set (dept store) that most of the audience couldn't see. So we just saw the scenes on the monitors not in between takes. When they were at Sheldon & Leonard's apt, Jim, Mayim & Kaley were very talkative and laughing b/t takes. Johnny was off to the side and they were on the couch. At one point, Mayim pulled out her phone and showed Jim something on it and they laughed and laughed about it. Lots of messing up by them all in that scene (Jim the most though). Kunal had to keep shooting a plastic bottle into a garbage can for his first scene with Bernadette & Howard. I think they shot it 3 times and he made it every time. He was doing the basketball swish hand movement and dancing around a lot lol. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Yeah you would think that. And Leonard did say that Sheldon was maturing. Then at the end of the episode in the tag scene Leonard & Penny are at Penny's getting into bed talking about their one night a week that they can live together. And you see Sheldon sleeping on Penny's couch. Not gonna lie, it was funny. But I wish that Sheldon was more ready to let Leonard just move across the hall. Leonard told Sheldon that he wouldn't be moving out of his world just out of the apartment. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. They didn't say anything about Simon's birthday. Also while Lenny did kiss (and I was very happy about it), on the third take they changed the jokes around and took the kiss out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Great taping. it was a pretty funny episode. Sheldon and Leonard talked about the living situation. Lenny kissed. Although I don't think it's going to be an episode because they did a third take without the kiss. Sheldon told Leonard Amy taught him how to drive. Leonard and Sheldon cried. It was pretty funny. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Yeah there was a spoiler article from EW I think. And after reading that, I realized in the first IG pic Mayim posted today, you can see Amy's purse on the chair next to Jim/Sheldon, lol. I think this is going to be super funny.
  12. It's me! I'll be there this coming Tuesday. Very, very excited! I'll be sure to report back as soon as I can about the episode.
  13. Over on ff, someone named Stefi made a similar video (all the best Shamy moments), but it does include Season 8 too. Goes through Prom. http://vimeo.com/111304753 It's long, like over an hour and a half, lol. But you don't even notice the time. So much great Shamy.
  14. Technically, he's only lived under the US flag, since he's a US citizen and he was born in the United States in Hawaii. But since this isn't a political debate forum... Glad that they'll be airing BBT as usual. Got see my Shamy FWF! And while I think immigration reform is important, not every speech the President makes has to be on the major networks. I'm sure CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, and the like will be showing it.
  15. I can't get over Amy calling Meemaw for the cookie recipe. Like, do they talk on the phone often? Has Meemaw met Amy? Does she love Amy as much as her moonpie does (I'm sure she does). It's all making me so happy!
  16. Pretty sure there's 7 seats at that table. 3 on one side, 2 on the other and one at each end. So it will probably be the whole gang. Plus, the girl who plays Emily usually tweets when she's in an episode, so I doubt she'll be there. I won't get my hopes up for too much Shamy-ness. Maybe a little cuteness but I don't see a kiss or anything like that. But I would be happy to be completely mistaken, lol.
  17. I think Michy or Kazzie said the "dear" came during the green screen beach scene, while they were acting out their little scenario. I imagine it may have come after Amy said the thing about the purple flag being a life saver. Then Sheldon probably said "no dear, this is", before he pulled up the actual life saver, lol. I'm so excited for FWF! To be honest, that sounds like the funniest/best part of the episode from the taping report. I'll be looking forward to this one.
  18. Hi! What a coincidence. I'm in Spokane for work for a few months, and it looks like I'll be going to the 12/9 taping too, thanks to Michy. I just booked my flight & hotel, and I'm super excited.
  19. I don't know if being a little upset about people insulting her cat means she's suddenly started caring too much what others think. I mean, she posted a picture a few days ago basically saying she wears the same thing every day. I honestly don't think she cares any more or less than she used to.
  20. Still so many feels! I've watched the ILY like a million times, but each time, my heart turns over and I just squeal and clap. I'm so happy for both of them, I can hardly stand it. Also, I've been watching this fanvid that includes the Prom ILY scenes. Got me all choked up the first time I watched. I just love the Shamy so much. Really excellent song, and really excellent work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFleyS2WY9g
  21. I've watched it so many times now. It was so much more perfect than I even thought it would be. Jim was brilliant, Mayim was brilliant, the writing was brilliant. It was SO Shamy the way it happened, and so perfect. I wish I could tattoo this episode inside my eyelids so I could watch it all the time! Lol.
  22. I love how proud and happy Penny looks in the picture of the 4 of them in the hallway. She is SUCH a Shamy shipper!
  23. Yay! The bigger pictures are up: http://www.seat42f.com/the-big-bang-theory-season-8-episode-8-photos-the-prom-equivalency.html Look at his face! He thinks she looks gorgeous! Her face! She's so shocked. Love this one the most.
  24. Aww, Amy looks so pretty. And I like Penny's dress too. Ooh and Amy's face in the one with her and Sheldon. I wonder if that's when she starts having a panic attack. I cannot wait for this episode!!
  25. Lol, this reminds me of when Jim played the voice of the Sheriff's car in Eureka's last Christmas special a couple years ago. Except this time he'll be singing! I can't wait. Love Elf, love Jim, and love Christmas. This is great news!
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