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  1. Thanks for the info! I can't wait for the Prom episode. Do you remember if the thing about Sheldon being an alien, but still having urges was still in there (when he's at Penny's apartment)? How did that part go?
  2. Having only read the taping report once, I couldn't even remember where exactly the hug was supposed to go in that scene. I think the episode was fine without it (though I wouldn't have complained if they had left it in). Sheldon's mine song was cracking me up. I had to watch that part twice. Now I'm looking forward to the taping report tomorrow and the Love Prom.
  3. Did Sheldon actually say he has urges, or just the alien stuff about not being opposed to Amy shooting eggs into space and him catching them? I did think in chat someone said he told Penny he may be an alien but he has urges, but then I didn't see it in the taping report. Either way, I'M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW. I keep reading the ILY part of the report and saying "I can't believe he said it." I'm trying to imagine their faces and I am seriously dying. October 30th cannot get here quick enough. This is going to be a long two and a half weeks!
  4. I'm so happy and a little weepy. I mean I knew they were in love but for Sheldon to say it so soon. Like wow. Wow. I'm in a hotel room on a work trip and I honestly just screamed into my pillow in happiness. I just can't believe it actually happened. How am I going to be able to concentrate in training all day? I just want to smile and sigh happily. Shamy are in love and happy and it's so perfect.
  5. Well on Mayim's twitter, she was talking to the girl playing Howard's cousin and it sounded to me like they'd been in scenes together and they were talking about Jeanie's dress. So hopefully Shamy and Lenny have their own limo. Plus the hair extensions makes me think that Amy's hair is going to be fancier than usual because I don't think Mayim usually wears extensions as Amy does she?
  6. Ooh Prom. Interesting. I wonder how that happens. I hope Amy's dress isn't a monstrosity lol.
  7. Hmm, I can't tell from the picture if it's the first take or the second. Sheldon doesn't look like he just hugged her back and put his head on hers, so I'm going with first take. Hopefully not, but I don't want to get my hopes up and then be disappointed so I think it's the first take until we know for sure.
  8. They don't beep the word Christ in America. He definitely said fuck, lol. I think we all know that Jim kinda has a potty mouth and has said it on accident before in interviews and been beeped out. :D
  9. So I had to pull out my copy of the People magazine to check what you guys were saying. For scientific reasons of course. And yeah, definitely right, lol. Those pants are tight...
  10. Here's some more photos from the People shoot and quotes from the cast. http://www.people.com/people/gallery/0,,20854096_30219138,00.html#30219138
  11. But I don't think that's what she meant (which is why I said that it wasn't written well or clearly). She says that society is patriarchal and that women are expected to be sexy and sexually available, but nowhere does she say that she believes because Ariana Grande dresses sexually that means she's sexually available and she'll be teaching her sons that awesome lesson (<--sarcasm). You guys can believe what you want of course, but I just don't think she'll be doing that.
  12. Oh come on. If you truly believe that Mayim would tell her sons that just because women dress a certain way that means they're "sexually available", then I think you're sorely mistaken or just being deliberately obtuse. I get that you don't agree with her, and though I don't think either article is really cause for all this pearl clutching, I can agree that they weren't written that well or clearly thought out. But if you've followed Mayim at all, I think you could deduce that she wouldn't teach her kids that someone is slutty for dressing like Ariana Grande.
  13. I put it into Google translate and got the gist of it, lol. Good article, it sounds like she just went to Guatemala for a vacation. Seems kind of far to go for a week long hiatus. Maybe she'll blog about it.
  14. Those lists are so interesting to me. In terms of popularity, I wouldn't have thought that Kunal and Simon would rank higher than Johnny, but they do. And on the female side, both Kaley and Mayim are ranked (in the Top 15), but Melissa isn't. So Melissa is the only person on the cast that's not ranked at all. I wonder if it has to do with her recognition factor. Very interesting stuff.
  15. I'm sorry, but I don't see the big deal. I don't always agree with Mayim, but what she said here was less than nothing. She's allowed to have once dressed sexily herself, then change her mind many years later and worry about how it affects young kids (hers included) to see these kinds of things. And really, almost all the comments I've seen have been people agreeing with her, other than some Ariana Grande stans. So there really hasn't been that much negative backlash. In the general scheme of controversial things Mayim has said and blogged about, this barely registers honestly.
  16. Lol, there's a whole Tumblr post about it (the difference in the way men and women pull their shirts off). Women for the most part do it the Sheldon way, arms crossed at the bottom, then pull the shirt over the head. And men mostly do it the way Jim did, tugging from the neck, then pulling it over the head. I never even thought about it until I saw that post on Tumblr, but it's so true. Anyways, excited to see Jim on the Dan Patrick show today. His interviews on there are always great.
  17. I would guess that maybe Penny gets tickets to a fancy VIP box at the baseball game through her work (hence why they are kind of dressed up in the car selfie Mayim posted). Maybe she's working with a client, trying to get them to buy pharmaceutical stuff, and invites the gang along since there are extra tickets available. Or maybe as support since it will be her first "pitch".
  18. If you follow her on twitter, Bill's RT of her wouldn't have shown up on your feed because her original post was already on there. So basically, if you follow someone, and then someone else you follow retweets a post from that original person (who you also follow), only the original person's post will show up. Not that retweet (you won't see the same tweet twice in your feed basically). This has been Twitter 101 for the day, lol.
  19. I agree, and like you, I'm actually surprised it's lasted the 3 months that it has. I think eventually he'll start posting more like Mayim and Kaley do. Maybe 2 posts one day, nothing the next. More normal. A post every morning is a big commitment.
  20. Those legs! That picture is cracking me up. And why does he only have one sock on? Did he fall asleep with the single sock, and they thief took the other one? These are things I think about, lol.
  21. I hope he does, though I'm not getting my hopes up, it's a pretty quick turnaround. I'll be at the US Open this weekend and I would love to see Jim there. But I doubt he will be, so I guess I'll just have to enjoy the tennis, lol.
  22. From the Variety red carpet interview with Chuck Lorre: “Big Bang Theory” star Jim Parsons also won Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy, and Lorre said that Parsons’ character, Sheldon, would continue his burgeoning relationship with Mayim Bialik’s Amy “at a snail’s pace, but given how difficult it is for Sheldon to deal with intimacy and human contact, he’s doing really well.” He added, “That relationship has been really good for the show because it allows us to dig deeper into his character and show a side of him that normally wouldn’t be revealed. You’re not going to find out stuff about him in the comic book store that you’re gonna find out about him when Mayim Bialik gets in his face.” The in-demand producer also teased that the comedy has a “remarkable” guest star coming up in season eight, but couldn’t reveal who it was. Nothing really we didn't already know (other than the mysterious remarkable guest star) but it's always nice to hear Chuck say nice things about Shamy. I just wish that the relationship allowed us to also dig deeper into Amy's character a little more. Or at all, lol.
  23. I like the little graph they did about how your age inversely affects how happy you act for the winner. That is SO true though. Old people just do not give a crap about faking a smile. They couldn't care less, lol.
  24. Ooh, I just now noticed the train. I like that a lot actually. If only the material would have been better. Her makeup looks flawless too, especially in that picture.
  25. I don't know, I'm sure she was disappointed, but she didn't seem any more upset than usual to me. She was just nodding and clapping when Allison Janney won. I don't think she ever believes she's going to win anyway. The saddest/most teary she seemed to me was when The Normal Heart cast went on stage to accept the award for Best TV Movie and the audience gave Larry Kramer a standing ovation. That's when they camera zoomed in on her face and there were tears in her eyes.
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