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  1. Seemed like we got no comments or questions about up coming season. Nothing given away at all.
  2. He is promoting. I doubt it really means anything. That aside getting to season 11 and staying number one comedy is kind of amazing.
  3. Oh, wonderful! "We got one".
  4. Ship Zone

    I can't see the writers repeating anything they have already done. Amy might ask a couple of questions but I expect her to say yes very quickly.
  5. Short behind the scenes video...
  6. Ship Zone

    When I recall that episode I tend to easily remember the bits I liked and forget the crap I did not like.
  7. Oh. Going into season 11 and approaching Dec. 2017 the question on my mind is will they work in The Last Jedi? They have had Carrie Fisher and James Earl Jones; can the get Mark Hamill? Will Amy or Penny go to the opening of Star Wars 8?
  8. These actors always say they don't know what will happen next during the hiatus.
  9. I'm pleased there will be two more seasons.
  10. There are others attempting to harvest energy in other ways that I expect will show more promise. There is little energy in a received cell phone signal. see
  11. In my opinion the silly doll was really nothing at all compared to say and of course.... I could go on and on.
  12. Sounds like it has TBBT written all over it then.
  13. This is far from where I live but the Cache Creek fire is only about a half hours drive from our family shared cabin. Some smoke but otherwise okay at Pavilion lake.
  14. I see Sheldon quite differently. From my prospective out of the gate in season one we at times had a brilliant obsessive compulsive loner and at other times a big immature baby (The Luminous Fish Effect). I found the awkward loner more funny than the big baby. I don't think the show has gone down hill. To the contrary I think it has improved. It finally lost the fat jokes creepy Howard and most of the sleeping around.
  15. I went to the website of the source of the story. There are significant issues like needing to be within 30 feet of the base station. Not the cell phone most are looking for.