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  1. As speculation I'd think this implies different sets or location shots and/or time jumps.
  2. I wonder makes you speculate about that? I don't know that they do stuff like that (like what was done on SW - ESB).
  3. I don't see that. Being married did not really seem to change anything for them. Mostly they started to fade to the background. Leonard was trying to get out of his shell from the first episode. Penny became a "maker of money". I don't see the meaning. Doubt I would have noticed if she had ape hands or stumps.
  4. Can't say I see that. Penny is all over the place. Whatever they need in a given episode. Leonard is kind of the anchor that everyone buzzes around. The straight man. I don't see any of these characters are deep or fully realized. They are all cartoonish. Someplace between Peanuts and Muppets.
  5. So, why are they "much cheaper to produce"?
  6. I can't agree with Eric Kaplan on this. I can see that Sheldon and Penny have changed but I don't think Leonard has changed as much as Howard or Amy.
  7. There is no consistency on this in the documentation I receive so I am often guessing or asking for clarification. My own preference is for year/month/day as that is consistent with the way we write numbers in general. Most significant on the left least significant on the right.
  8. I'll agree it looks like a good cover and it seems fitting for Leonard and Penny to drive off together without Sheldon.
  9. Just forgot to watch this week. Sounds like I did not miss much. Will possibly watch on demand today.
  10. Not in shows I watch. I knew Shamy would get back together as M.B. had a contract. Penny was across the hall so she had a reason to be around even when not with Lenard. Amy could not last so long if not with Sheldon.
  11. I may well have stopped watching because of the breakup but I gave it a bit more time and then got curious about Mayim Bialik being introduced to the show (having been a fan of beaches) and then Stephen Hawking also.
  12. I'd agree if you were talking about Series 03 Episode 19 – The Wheaton Recurrence.
  13. The writers can't win on this one as it is a fictitious Nobel for fictitious work. I'd think there best bet with this would have been to treat Sheldon/Amy's paper with no detail at all. Have it be a phantom blowing in the wind. Mentioned but not named.
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