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  1. I thought it was a very good episode. Some science talk. Some good guests.
  2. Thank you. As a Canadian the only Bruins I was familiar with were the Boston Bruins NHL team. A cousin once dragged me to get a Bobby Orr autograph when I was too young to know what the fuss was about.
  3. What is SA talking about? Bruins?
  4. But, it has been a long time since we heard Leonard was going to get a new laser. 😊
  5. She thought she did. It just never worked out. I don't want to see that. Then again with the divorced parents and strained relationships in TBBT one might be reminded of Carly Simon's That's The Way I Always Heard It Should Be.
  6. Some US movies/TV would lead one to think that but I don't actually know. College FB brings in a lot of money in the US for good teams.
  7. I would not know how Vulture rates episodes but I thought this one was a lot better than 2/5. I don't really care if Lenny have kids or want to. It seems to me that it is something that ought to be discussed before deciding to get married. No idea why Leonard would seriously consider donating sperm for Zack and his wife. The only value of the sperm story as I see it is wrap the series around to episode 1 season one. The interesting issue seemed to be how undeserving Lenny thought Zack was of the money he has. A business that creates menus. One wonders how they came up with that. Could Zack be a metaphor for the writers themselves? Coming out on top without really being deserving. Perhaps he played football.
  8. I thought it was good mostly. Just tired of Raj.
  9. I'm guessing Lorre will have a lot of respect for Jim. This is nothing like the crazy that went on with TAAHM.
  10. So I took the bate on google and I don't really see people are griping about it. It is okay that Jim is walking away.
  11. Had the show been shut down prematurely this might have been true. Given TBBT has 12 seasons and not 6 or 7 I doubt reasonable people will be be looking for the reason it ended.
  12. Think I will likely recall him as the guy who brought Sheldon to life. TBBT can't go on for ever; shows never do. I see no reason Jim could not go on and do more stuff if he wants to.
  13. Well. It was his prerogative.
  14. djsurrey

    Penny Is A Greater Genius Than Sheldon

    The writers are all over the place with penny depending on the joke being set up. Try to figgure that out would be like Sheldon figuring out graphene or worse the third Matrix Movie...
  15. I think you mean films based on books. I agree that it is virtually impossible to do a good book justice in a film. From my perspective it would be near impossible to miss the chance to see a beloved story interpreted in film because it typically brings the story (or an interpretation of the story) to a wider audience and missing the film would be too much of a missed opportunity. With the film there is generally more people to talk to about the experience. Before Peter Jackson's movies came along previous attempts to bring LOTRs to film were horrible. I read Harry Potter because I heard it was popular and I was looking for things to read to my kids. There was some controversy so I decided to read it for myself first before reading them. I found it a page turner. Much more so than the Hobbit or LOTRs which I could not get my kids interested in. I had read those books as a young teen attempting to find out what my cousins and sister were raving about.

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