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  1. ...reading this reminds me of F.B. day off...
  2. The seem to feel they have to make everything funny or what they think people will find funny. A straightforward story regarding a pregnancy decision would not need Zack in an episode.
  3. Now that TBBT is done I have mostly lost interest in talking about it. Never expected 12 seasons. Back in 2007 I never expected there would be more star wars movies after RotS. Never expected the spin off YS. In the words of Doris Day "Que Sera Sera".
  4. My youngest daughter worked at BC place in Vancouver during his recent concert there. I thought she was rather lucky. She was in one of the tunnels and would have head most of it. She said afterwords she would have rather been sitting in one of the seats. I hear he gives great concerts.
  5. I found this interesting as I do often watch Kim's Convenience (Canadian Sitcom). https://www.cbc.ca/news/entertainment/simu-liu-shang-chi-marvel-casting-1.5219238
  6. First I have heard of it. edit: Now that I looked it up I'm thinking I'd watch it on Netflix or tv but I'n not paying to see it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yesterday_(2019_film)
  7. Enjoy. Seeing the clip is as close as I'll get I think. My parents took me on a tour of Universal studios when I was a kid. I was more thrilled with that than Disney Land. I have not been back to California since 1969 and I don't care to travel anymore. Luckily for me I have seen some on location stuff shot locally.
  8. ??? It is a long season. from https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/climo/
  9. Now that TBBT is over the only sitcom I know of that I expect I may watch in the fall would be Young Sheldon. But even there I don't know if I will bother. I prefer to binge watch stuff on Netflix or do something else. I think the days of weekly watching a program are coming to an end. Good luck network television.
  10. We will see. I don't think it is an actual spoiler because it is as far as I can tell just speculation. I don't actually think this will be the case.
  11. It is at least the final installment of the third trilogy. It seems this saga has legs. I will be going to it. One of the few things that still gets me to visit the big screen.
  12. I can't help but think of Leonard rooming with Sheldon. It seems this is in the shows ?DNA regardless if it makes sense.
  13. No. There were flaws in the last season but they ended it fine.
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