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  1. I'd guess if he were coming we would have seen him by now. Howard has had more of an arc than most.
  2. Kind of sums up 11+ years. Well that and then the reality that comes back to bite. We can only hope. They have provided some good laughs in s12.
  3. Seems like I have seen an episode like this before. At least something too much like it. Series 07 Episode 10 – The Discovery Dissipation
  4. ...and I think you have said in the past you don't watch Shamy either. If you manage to skip 10 seconds you have mastered skipping I guess.
  5. From the description I would not be expecting 5 minutes. The word "cameos" suggests it will be short. So do the words "brief crossover". I'd guess we are getting something less than a minute. They can still milk it in the advertising.
  6. I have seen every episode and I can't agree with this. YS is definitely a sitcom. Not a dark tone at all. This is just a supposition but my guess is that the wider TBBT audience would be happy with a crossover. It is common stuff within say the DC or Marvel universes. Fortunately here actually makes no difference in what gets written.
  7. I figure if it is a dream sequence it should be fully expected. No need to prejudge.
  8. Yes, agreed. So does Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yeehaw In my recollection in the old westerns one would hear this often at the old barn dances.
  9. I wonder if they will work in some comments on Stan Lee's passing.
  10. I could not care less if Raj gets married or not.
  11. It also says: Still It would make for a little background discussion between raj and someone.
  12. I think you are right. The theory (as expressed in 7.12) has been the unexpected is often funny. We all expect to Leonard to be selfless at least much of the time.
  13. Just a setup for the tag perhaps.
  14. Perhaps they will have him break his finger unpacking his new laser. With this sitting arrangement we get to see Penny's expressive face when she turns to Leonard. It seems to me the only one who is always in the same spot is Sheldon.
  15. This is just the way TBBT rolls with twists and turns. It has never been a morality story.

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