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  1. I found Vulcan as a teen. Well not the planet. 😂 https://www.townofvulcan.ca/ It is close to Lethbridge and named after the roman god of fire. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vulcan,_Alberta#History The way I recall it I never actually visited the town but just saw the exit sign to it on the hwy between Calgary and Lethbridge.
  2. Real people get to have kids. Leonard gets a ride in the Batmobile. 😅 Makes sense to me. Actually Penny and Leonard could circle around the question most of the season. It is the biggest of commitments after all.
  3. I stop paying much attention to spoilers once they get more than a couple of episodes ahead of what has aired.
  4. djsurrey

    Non-Season 12 Show Discussion

    It is one thing to give an an opinion. It is something else to "call out" the fictitious character as that can't possibly be effective.
  5. That would make sense if he were real and could hear what you are saying.
  6. Yes. I for instance took in interest in what my friend/girl friend and eventually my wife was studying rather than her favorite novel. She was keen on Latin America studies and I knew nothing at all about it so I got myself a big fat text on the history of Latin America to find out what it was all about. There is no one right way as people are all different. What is most important to them is diverse.
  7. That may possibly be true but I don't think it really says much.
  8. I thought it was okay. Miss good old Reverend Jim some times.
  9. First thing that comes to mind is give him a pep talk after his mother-in-law emasculates him
  10. I don't believe that is generally true. I think historically changes were discouraged but I guess I'm thinking back to the 60s and 70s. Episodes tended to be self contained and changes were mostly along the line of character development. The main exception was the characters did age (particularly the kids). I'm not sure when that started to loosen up.
  11. I don't know that it was "just like" as the story went that Johnny actually ran into Judd Hursh and asked him if he would be interested.
  12. It is the writers fault that I have had hours and hours of mostly fun entertainment over the last 11 years. I expect if they gave me more exactly what I like the series would have crashed and burned early on. I tend to want to give the writers the thumbs up.
  13. IMO if Penny does become pregnant it would be fitting for it to be unplanned.
  14. I'm expecting we will get some angst from Penny but no pregnancy (unless we get some time jumps this season).
  15. I wonder how this will unfold. Might be difficult.

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