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  1. Excellent episode. I expect my wife in particular will enjoy the addition of Reba. She used to enjoy Reba's series.
  2. I expect if we get may more seasons of YS it will deviate wide from TBBT. TBBT had consistency problems before YS was announced. To come full circle would seem very unlikely to me.
  3. I have been watching season 3 of Atypical and see that Sara Gilbert has a role. It is a good fit
  4. Not the reaction I expected to LOTR. For one thing he did not run into any fans of the books. Those books were popular even in the 70s and were well known by most of my friends who played D&D. It seems he has not discovered D&D yet either.
  5. I don't live in the USA but it does not seem OTT to me. The Amber Alert system originated in the US. This was not a case of abduction but his parents did not really know what was happening. On the other hand the Amber Alert system only came into existence in 1996. By the way I live not far from where Clifford Olson had his killing spree in the early 80s. The culture here is quite different to where I grew up in Alberta in regards to freedom for kids. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clifford_Olson
  6. He was traveling on a coach bus without parental knowledge or permission.
  7. I enjoyed the episode. Watched on demand on the weekend. I was too busy on Thursday. Will be busy again this week.
  8. The seem to feel they have to make everything funny or what they think people will find funny. A straightforward story regarding a pregnancy decision would not need Zack in an episode.
  9. Now that TBBT is done I have mostly lost interest in talking about it. Never expected 12 seasons. Back in 2007 I never expected there would be more star wars movies after RotS. Never expected the spin off YS. In the words of Doris Day "Que Sera Sera".
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