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  1. Non-Show Discussion

    Happy Victoria Day! (translation from Canadian: weekend to open the summer cottage)
  2. ...and that makes me wonder if we will indeed see a wedding in season 11. Get the whole family in (minus the Dad). Meanwhile I can't help but think of Amy's excitement. Thinking back... She can top that now that Sheldon is kneeling at her door with a ring. Wonder if we will hear the same sort of "life does get better line from Sheldon?
  3. I was wondering when it would open. I am also wondering how much of season 11 will be geared to helping Young Sheldon launch successfully? I'm guessing the transition to the Sheldon show will be near complete by the end of season 11.
  4. That was Penny in Leonard's daydream I think. Of course Leonard knows her.
  5. Yes. They have surprised me before. Fresh new hell for her?
  6. I can't see them doing much with Penny's career unless they can involve more of the existing cast. If it happens off camera no one will be satisfied.
  7. I'd expect Sheldon thinks he is special and unique. If that were true categorizing his "condition" would not be possible. Even people who I have met who have been diagnosed as on the spectrum, are all different. Sheldon does remind me of a high school friend if one allows for a lot of hyperbole. My friend got 99 percentile on all the aptitude tests for example. All one can say is the system at the time and place was not ready to handle Sheldon and they pushed him through. Possibly to get rid of him.
  8. Well... so they are good examples as one is likely to find in TBBT. Except 2.15 with has more melodrama than any of them. Did you see the look on Penny's face just before she punches Howard. That is exaggerated anger and still funny. It's funny because it's Howard who seemed to have it coming. Still it fits the description of melodramatic.
  9. 2.12 was as melodramatic as it gets. Nothing new! She punches Sheldon in 3.17. and in 4.19 ...
  10. I'm not going to worry about all that. Most new series fail. This one has some advantages. We will see.
  11. I love that they take a typical physics demo and turn it into comedy.
  12. There is a long history of drama in sitcoms. TBBT is still relatively light and does not deal with big issues like others have. example (from All in the Family)
  13. Well the warnerbrothers site still calls it a sitcom! My cable provider also lists it as a sitcom.
  14. What? You mean there are people who never wonder these things?
  15. episodes

    ...except how is this OOC with regards to Bernadette? Her behaviour around Amy preceded her other behaviors. Both Leonard and Penny have had the patience of Job regarding Sheldon. I'd say this is something Penny learned from Leonard who finds Sheldon relatively easy compared to his own mother (who is master sith). Overall the whole group has patience because as trying as each of the friends can be it is better than not having them as friends.