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  1. No. There were flaws in the last season but they ended it fine.
  2. Iris Bahr plays Gilda in the unpaired pilot of The Big Bang Theory so they knew they existed. Looks to me that they did not know how to work it in.
  3. It is easier to catch some of the words.
  4. Do you have a link? I wonder how Firefly made the list.
  5. Well not to me. I have not purchased a DVD in years and never a tv series. I don't need the clutter.
  6. Well now TBBT is done we still can look forward to Star Wars Ep 9 in December. There is also the new Stranger Things season 3 available on Netflix on July 4th.
  7. I never gave either Buffy or Charmed much more than a superficial look. To me they both looked like a simple formula repeated endlessly. Buffy fighting in heals looked ridiculous to me. Perhaps the one or two episodes I saw were not from the early seasons. I like sci-fi and fantasy stuff well enough but not necessarily any attempt at it. So I was a fan of LOTR and Harry Potter and much else but not all of it.
  8. Same here. It is likely the reason that she was referred to as Buffy in the episode.
  9. No. I did not even know her name until I looked it up. I did not watch Buffy.
  10. I see. There may well not be Priceline commercials in the TBBT universe. The Wil in TBBT is not the real Wil W. and so on...
  11. Penny is not his Priceline daughter any more than the Priceline daughter is fathered by captain Kirk. The actors represent Priceline characters not their big roles. It makes no difference that SMGs name is never mentioned. It is implied she represents herself as Buffy is not an actual person in the TBBT universe. I'll grant we can't know for sure if the fictionalized SMG is married in the TBBT universe. What we do know is that she said something along the lines of "You know this is not a date. Why are you holding my hand?"
  12. Not only on the plane but with enough free time to go to the ceremony. Presumably with Raj but it was not a date. Also, where did the extra ticket come from? It sounded like the seating was reserved (Sheldon knew they would be in the second row). ...sometimes it is best just to not think too much and say Oh, that is Buffy... ...how nice they fit her in.
  13. I have often been impressed with the guests on the show even though some have not had good parts. If one has grown up in the US or Canada then a lot more of them are likely familiar.
  14. It is one thing to be in a few photos and another to be in photos that many people will actually pay attention to.
  15. We know that Sheldon gets to have friends eventually. He does not end up alone. Dr. Sturgis on the other hand we can't know what will come next season. I have enjoyed having Wallace Shawn on YS. It was more than I had expected. Hard to say if his breakdown is temporary.
  16. Different circumstance perhaps. Because people were taking a lot of photos of her.
  17. Jmo but I hope guest stars are used to a minimum I guess we both got what we wanted. There was a guest but her part was minimal.
  18. Of course. It is just light fluff. A series of laughs mostly.
  19. Buffy the Vampire Slayer was not a show I watched more than an episode of two of and I did not care for it myself but it has been mentioned on TBBT before. Having her appear was very TBBTish.
  20. Apparently he may have just charmed her. Since there was nothing explicit we get to just fill it in ourselves in our heads. I think it was kind of perfect. The had a star celebrity come on but did not take time away form the story.
  21. I enjoyed the episode. Some suspension of disbelief was required. Nothing new there.
  22. It makes sense from the point of view of the writers. It reminds me of an angler bring in a big fish but letting it run for a while to tire it out. I'm guessing the highs are higher for the audience if there is a low where they think they are not getting things to go their way. He got more that I expected him to. He just met Sarah Michelle Gellar on the flight to Stockholm and she was sitting with him during the physics Nobel award. Even Sheldon noticed and was surprised.
  23. I watched it the other day mostly to see him. He did fine and the role seemed to fit him.
  24. I stopped caring about Lenny as a couple after 3.19. They can flip flop all they want that is just background noise as far as I am concerned. Since I am not expecting legitimate science stuff in the last episode I'll be watching more for an interesting guest or other references.
  25. I don't agree with any of that. From my point of view he is great at being exasperated, ironic and sarcastic. As usual I did not find the other emotions convincing.
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