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  1. I agree it would bother people if they break up again. One stops caring about them as a couple when they go around the same stuff too many times. What the two of them need to do is find something they like to share (besides a bed). It is no good for Penny to be sitting around watching Leonard do stuff she thinks is lame. I don't buy that she just has commitment issues. She always kind of liked him but he is a little boring for her and she finds his nerdy pursuits unattractive. She likes the effort he puts into attempting to make her happy but she actually does feel a bit guilty about that too. Like it is not fair to him. No relationship should make someone simply give up who they are. Hopefully they can both pursue their own growth and development as well as the growth and development of the other. For this it helps to have something in common so they can do something together and both find fufilling. Even when they do things apart it is nice if the other is a little interested in it so when they are back together they can share. If she has no interest in the science he does at work she can still appreaciate that he is having successes and failures and posive collaborations and negative influences too. This works both ways. For some couples it helps that they go to the same church/temple or whatever. It gives them somehting deep and meaningful they can share even if they are very different in other ways.
  2. I'd like to see the Raspberry Pi non profit foundation making a presentation on the cal tech campus even if it is just in the background. These guys from Cambridge are trying to make a positive change in the world. See story http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/04/16/raspberry-pi-inventor-eben-upton_n_3089553.html
  3. From a young age I have had a fascination with Science and Technology. As a kid I'd get up in the middle of the night to watch live news about the apollo missions. After school I'd watch "Professor Moffett's Science Workshop" which the Bob Newhart episode reminded me of (I have only seen bits of that on youtube). When I was still in elementry school I was given what they called a Digital computer kit. Well It could do some binary logic and it got me wondering how real computers worked. This is so different from what is available for kids (of all ages) today. About raspberry pi (credit card sized computer that runs debian linux and costs less than that 1971 kit which did very little). By the time I was in high school was was buying digital IC's from radio shack and seeing what I could build (not much). Other interests in high school were reading science fiction, fantasy, and science textbooks, chess and some D&D. In University I took Electrical Engineering and specialized in digital electronics. I was a electronics engineering technology lab instructor for 18 years and now work as a physics lab technician. We are working on developing an applied physics degree "Physics for Modern Technology" and first year classes will be offered this fall. I spend a significant amount of my time keeping current with computers, operating systems, microcontrollers, C programming and everything related to data acquisition and computer interfacing (I try at least). And yes I love learning about science and technology as much today as I did during those Apollo missions (perhaps even more). I have not had any time for games or much fiction reading in a long time but I do enjoy watching Big Bang Theory when I get home from work in the evenings. My wife and I have also raised four kids. edited Sept. 20, 2013 Thought I'd add that I got some parts 3D printed for the first time. Just a fitting to hold a light sensor tube above a support rod. edited again Oct. 2014 fixed a link and some typo's
  4. I don't think that is a gap that needs to be filled. we don't need a creepy Raj. I'm kind of hoping he was like that just because that was the effect alcohol had on him.
  5. I'd like to see Lucy on the show again. I think Raj might need some of the rough edges smoothed off before she spends much time with him (some of the things he says....). I don't have a clue how they would bring her back on but I'd image it could be done. Could one of the girls build her confidence for a while? Actually if there is anyone on the show who is good in giving someone a lift it is Leonard Hofstadter. He gave Penny a friendly lift in the frist episode.
  6. Well not at all. Leonard and Pria had less in common than Leonard and and Penny. Poor Leonard goes to bed with any girl that will have him. Pria seems to have been exersizing her independance more than getting into a long term relationship. Leonard and Penny are both lonely. Penny because she has a history of dating self centered "jerks" and Leonard because historically women were not interested. "Leonard tries real hard." How long can he keep that up? By the way things are easier when you are single and have no kids. Life gets more challenging when there is pregnancy, babies, disrupted sleep and bills. Teenagers make one reminice about simpler times when they were babies.
  7. A nerd and non nerd can have very deep and significant things in common because there are other dimensions to personality.
  8. Actually I like the series overall very much. If anything I have enjoyed s6 even more than the previous sesions. Just got to see that last episode. Best not to take it too seriouly. It is comedy. Just because I think Leonard and Penny make OK friends but are doomed as a couple is not going to wreck the show for me. In my experience it OK to be very different than ones spouse. It can evenn be enriching. It is important to have some thing in common (something lasting --- not just being human and living on the same floor).
  9. You have made a lot good points. Perhaps it is just myself that has lost interest in their relationship. I am far more interested in seeing what will happen next with Sheldon/Amy and Raj / Lucy. (Actually read a run down of Season 6 Finale just... I think it is the only one IN have missed) I am looking forward to seeing that season 6 finale sometime.
  10. Since making that post I have done a little homework looking over the s6 episodes and found I have seen most of them. Most just once.
  11. I agree with some people here that I did not like the final episode of season 4 and Penny ending up in bed with Raj. Proof that there is nothing special at all with regard to the relationship between Lenard and Penny. Apart from that I'm mostly happy to see the characters grow and develop some and I am glad the "girls" have come into the series because the same old jokes would become tiresome (as they do when I watch reruns). I have seen and liked most of session 6. I'm looking forward to session 7. I don't see Penny and Lenard having much in common. I don't think there is anything to keep them together. I think Penny has serious relationship commitment issues. Perhaps a little success in her acting would help her get her head on straight but it is hard to imagine anything bringing her closer to Lenard in the long hall. Unless of course she gets a role in some si-fi show and ends up at comic cons and things she would shun now.
  12. I have not seen a lot of the most recent season but I think the Penny Lenard thing has run it's course. They can only go around on again / off again so many times before people are going to gag. Penny and Lenard have nothing in common except at times they have both been lonely. On the other hand I think Penny has been essential to the success of the series and her character can not be just let go. If Penny were to get a big part in some si-fi / fantasy that the gang liked her status in the group could change. Given Sheldon's reaction to having a dirty paper napkin that had been used by Leonard Nimoy how would he react to Penny if she become a star of the next big si-fi franchise? From "corn husk queen" and girl next door to stardom. Unfortunately that would lead to her moving out of the building. Too bad. Perhaps she could at least get a couple of small parts in something the guys would appreciate?
  13. I was kind of going more for cameos by science and tech legends (they have had Hawking, Wozniak...) but I have to admit some of the idea's given here for actors would be excellent. Alan Rickman as Amy's Dad could be priceless. He could have Sheldon inside-out (especially if Sheldon was attempting to tell him a lie). David Duchovny even just in a cameo as himself would be great. The episode where Charlie Sheen had one line in a bar was quite funny. Along these lines I'd like to see Richard Dean Anderson. I'd imagine a cameo would be easier to fit into the budget rather than a more significant part.
  14. I have thought of some more... 3. Sir Tim Berners Lee, (Inventor of the World Wide Web at CERN) 4. Dr. Peter Higgs 5. Guido van Rossum (creator of the Python programming language) 6. Douglas Engelbart (engineer and computer / network pioneer) 7. Buzz Aldrin 8. Dr. Fujio Masuoka (inventor of flash memory) 9. Gordon E. Moore, Intel co-founder and made observation called Moore's law
  15. BBT has had a number of geek cameo guest appearances which add something to the show. So who would you like to see? I have been thinking I'd like to see: 1. Richard Stallman (founder of GNU and the Free Software Foundation) 2. Linus Torvalds (originator of Linux and Git) Either one who's outspoken comments at times more than rival any from Sheldon C.
  16. Like may others I'd say Amy is good for the show. Character evolution is good too. Older plot lines have played out and the show would be a repetitive bore is nothing was changing. Amy, Bernadette and the new girl (I have not seen many of the newest episodes yet) are all good for the show. Like many I was initially attracted to the show because of my nerdy side but the new characters mean my wife can enjoy the show too.
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