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  1. Shows how little you know Shennies. Shennies tend to think Season 8 was one of the worst seasons and tend to like Seasons 1 - 3 best.
  2. I wonder if that picture means Bernie is preggo. Edit: never mind, that picture was older as Penny's hair is shorter.
  3. Good point. Lenny may be engaged but that does not mean they are married or that the wedding will happen. (It doesn't mean it won't happen either, but I don't predict that anything will happen until it happens. There are things that I would like to happen, but that does not mean that I am a psychic.) And I don't think that Sheldon's character has improved that much. I think it has improved with respect to his friendship with Leonard, but he has also regressed in other respects, acting like a child instead of the cool, confident scientist he was in the early seasons.
  4. I'm going to guess that the title is so obvious (like if we saw it it would be a dead giveaway) and that it is Penny-centric.
  5. Maybe 2 times in season 8. This promo picture in Season 6 never matriculated onto the episode.
  6. And Sheldon wasn't even locked out in 7-1! He had a choice to stay in his apartment or try to sleep at Penny's. So I would say Sheldon "willingly" sleeping at Penny's is quite accurate, at least in 7-1. But, to add to the canon inconsistency of Sheldon ("The Tall Man from Cornwall") not wanting to sleep on the couch as recently as 7-1, yet he is willing to do so per the last TR.
  7. What about 6.04 The Re-entry Minimization? Granted it was at the apartment, but did they play games against one another like Pictionary?
  8. Didn't someone take his luggage when he moved to Montana? If so, repeated plotline much?
  9. Yeah, I don't really see how this translates to hating Amy. It is a perfectly plausible scenario.
  10. It would be easier than if it were the Mayim and Melissa show. Easier to explain the absence of two main characters as opposed to five. It's easier to explain Howard and Raj's absence and you could combine the remaining five (with or without Stuart) in many ways.
  11. With regards to the moving thing, this seems similar to the storyline in Friends where Chandler moved in from across the hall with Monica, and Monica pretty much told Rachel that she had to move out. Rachel is definitely not Sheldon, and it was Monica's name on the lease, but the living arrangments storyline is similar to that.
  12. I don't exactly agree with the premise that Sheldon was "more adult" in earlier seasons, but I think I get where that argument was going. I would argue that Sheldon was more cerebral in earlier seasons than he is now. He was much more verbose and analytical back then than now. He also had more quirks then than what is shown now. He still covets his spot, but we don't see the germaphobic things as much as we did in the past. Probably being with Amy contributed to having less mysophobic tendencies, but it's also interesting (and ironic, perhaps) that he has been less verbose since being with Amy. He's also consumed more alcohol in seasons 6 and 7 compared to the first five seasons - I don't mean every episode - but just more compared to seasons past. I agree that Sheldon's character should not remain stagnant over the years, but I'm not sure that I like every aspect of where his character is going. Sheldon had a certain strength about him (maybe it was stubbornness, lol) in the earlier seasons that I am not seeing as much now. Perhaps since pairing up with Amy he has relied on her more, and there are good and bad sides to that. By relying on Amy, Sheldon can loosen up and not have as much of an urge to control everything around him, but he may feel less inclined to analyze things now and I miss that side of him.
  13. Maybe Mayim just thought the script was awesome because it meant meaty material for her (and/or Jim Parsons). It may or may not be about Shamy the couple. Okay, I'll ride the idle speculation bus: Sheldon destroys the comic book store as part of his "meltdown" because of all the changes that are happening around him. Yeah, it's a wild thought, but why not go all out?
  14. What makes anyone think that Sheldon won't be involved with the Lenny engagement? He still has to hear about it, which could happen in 7.24.
  15. Little late to the game, but a comment about the pictures... Sheldon's bedroom in TX looks similar in layout to Howard's old bedroom in Pasadena (when he was with his ma).
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