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  1. I do watch Young Sheldon. The characters are good and well acted by the cast. Memaw is particularly good. However, seeing them once is fine. I wouldn’t want to watch them again.
  2. Thank you for such a well written report. I'm sure you had a good time.
  3. I can never see your video's, (in UK) is there anywhere else that shows them?
  4. Thank you so much to those who kindly wrote the reports. Much appreciated and sounds like a fun episode.
  5. I so agree with your comments. This sounds such a funny episode and I always enjoy scenes with Sheldon and Penny. From day one I noticed the chemistry between them (in their acting) and I am not usually a person who would notice something like that. To be honest, I don't see the same chemistry between Sheldon and Amy though, of course, I appreciate there are lots who do. I have never seen 'Shenny's' write anything about other shippers on this forum so why do it to them? There is no point being mean unless you are afraid of what could have been if the writers had chosen a different route
  6. Will you all stop talking about the flash mob as some of us haven't seen it? It's not fair (stamps feet)
  7. As a matter of interest and as I am completely lost, what date will this episode air?
  8. Thank you for the report, this episode sounds so funny. I've been chuckling out loud just reading the report.
  9. Don't know if they still repeat the show later the same night but nothing is cut out in those. It's bizarre what they do cut out and even more what they leave in! They will perhaps leave in something about sex but take out a reference to a hooker or 'the whore of Omaha' that you think would be ok in contrast. When one has watched the show several times (cough) then it is so noticeable when things are missed out.
  10. I am not keen on the clothes they have dressed Penny in so far this season, mostly long sleeved shirts. I'm not saying go back to shorts and little tops but she used to wear some really cute clothes, not loose, boring shirts.
  11. I don't have a Blu-Ray player myself but, as I understand it, yes it is OK in the UK.
  12. It's got to be a Region 2 DVD to play in UK. It was on Sky Atlantic a while ago so would think it would be available for our region at some point. Just had a look at Amazon Uk and it is a Blu-Ray version and those are Region free, I believe, but a Blu-Ray player is needed. Hope that helps.
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