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  1. What it looks like from my phone. Not a protected account. Protected Twitter accounts show up in search and hers does not. I had to click on a tweet he was tagged in to get to this. IDK why it's showing like this, but it is.
  2. They are doing an IG campaign, but they are doing it wrong, IMO.
  3. Ok, I personally think that the author is changing things so the change doesn't have to be made. The Wiki page links to the article. It makes no sense why her husband would take her name. None at all.
  4. The entertainment sites have been posting this as new material when my website has had it up for two weeks thanks to Melody. If they paid attention to his interviews...they'd have reported this earlier.
  5. No, Chainy. She gave birth two months ago!!!! http://www.thebazingacast.co/2014/06/12/wilder-helberg-was-born-7-weeks-ago-to-simon-helberg-and-jocelyn-towne-congratulations/ That article is two weeks old that is in The Bazinga Cast. Simon mentioned Wilder in both his interviews in The Talk and Craig Ferguson. This is not NEW!
  6. It is on the KTLA website! That's where I'm watching http://www.ktla.com/on-air/live-streaming/
  7. KTLA is live streaming though...and I think the CCTA's have a U stream channel...hope they are using it this year
  8. Article here: http://thebazingacast.co/2014/06/19/variety-hollywood-walk-of-fame-2015-honorees-revealed/
  9. Video of his Gold Derby chat! Gifs welcome https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXF8QPrNvbY/
  10. If you gif Kunal's Gold Derby chat, I will share on The Bazinga Cast with credit in the post we will put up after the chat ends.
  11. If you gif Simon's Gold Derby chat...I will share with credit on The Bazinga Cast in the post we plan to put up after his chat ends
  12. Here's the link again for the Gold Derby chat: http://thebazingacast.co/2014/06/16/jims-gold-derby-chat-on-emmys-2014/
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