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  1. Penny just seems really dissatisfied with her life this season. This season, she mentions every other episode that Leonard "wore her down".
  2. I thought it was a pretty good episode. It was cool to see Leonard's dad for the first time. That was long overdue. Leonard's and Sheldon's moms were also really funny and definitely stole the show a couple of times. Its fun to see them interact. Howard and Raj also had funny moments as well. I wonder what they're gonna do with the guidance system invention storyline next season
  3. Pretty solid episode. I thought the Shamy scenes were pretty funny. Also the Emily parts were probably the best part of the episode. I'm glad there's finally somebody on this show thats willing to stand up to Sheldon
  4. Wasn't it mentioned in a recent episode that with her new job she makes more money than Leonard. If she makes more money, why doesn't she get her own Wi-Fi or pay Sheldon back for eating their food
  5. Its not that its too relationship centric, its that some storylines and characters were not really handled well this past season I think Penny's character development was interesting and well done. Taking a day job after 7 years of a failed acting career is a pretty responsible and realistic thing to do. After she got settled in that job, they started acting like an old married couple. The writers weren't able to find a way to progress their story arc without changing the living arrangements. I'm glad they finally addressed Bernadette screaming and bullying all the time in Episode 10. That was long overdue. The "I love you" was great The train trip at the end of Season 7 was a great opportunity to shake things up. Instead, it was completely meaningless and everything was back to the way it was before in Episode 2. Amy asking to take a break felt pretty abrupt to me. Going off topic during intimate time is something Sheldon has done in the past. It would have been more appropriate at the start of the season after he came back Howardette pretty much remained the same until Mrs.Wolowitz death. Bernadette still treats Howard like a child. I don't what the plan for Stuart is right now. Before Carol Ann Susi's death, it seemed like they were building up to him marrying Debbie and becoming Howard's father
  6. I agree too. Probably someone else at Cal-tech like Kripke,Bert, or Leslie Winkle got it. If someone in the group got it, it would've drastically changed their relationships and dynamics in the social group
  7. Yeah. I think if Shamy do have kids, Sheldon will start acting like Beverly Hofstadter. She's basically an older female version of him.
  8. So you guys think I'm not interest in story and character development just because I don't like or agree with every single creative decision the writers have made in the past 8 years?
  9. This would also be a really funny way to end the series. It would be funny, unexpected, and shocking.
  10. Here's my version of the series ending. Raj/Emily and Leonard/Penny are now both married. Howardette has a baby and Howard is a lonely stay at home dad during business hours. Amy is now dating Stuart after giving up on Sheldon. Nobody has seen Sheldon for days. We hear the group discussing that Sheldon went crazy over losing Amy and several physics problems he couldn't solve and Leonard drove him to a mental hospital.
  11. I would prefer if TBBT ended on a high note at Season 10. At the rate the story is going now, I think everything will be wrapped up by 2017. I don't it to be dragged out because of ratings and end up like "Two and a half men".
  12. This would be so hilarious. However, I don't think I could survive the response from Shamy shippers post finale if this happened
  13. I agree the Sheldon/Penny stuff was cute but it seems like the purpose was to rule out any possibility of Shenny being a couple in the future.
  14. Everyone would probably be married and living together. The plot would likely focus on them adjusting to marriage, and/or having kids. Lenny probably would live in 4B unless they had kids.I think Penny will probably still be in pharmaceutical sales. Shamy would be living in 4a. Sheldon would be more mature than he is right now. We might see some intimacy in their relationship. If they had a child, he or she would take Leonard's old room. Howard and Bernadette might buy Mrs. Wolowitz's house and kick Stuart out. We might see them with a baby at that point. Raj would be engaged or married to either Lucy or Emily. They probably would have introduced a new love interest for Stuart at this point. I honestly have no ideas for how the series finale might go.
  15. I was just joking. I know Shenny will never be canon
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