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  1. I haven't been around for quite a while, but I am so glad to have Shamy back!!! During the "seperation time" I was hardly interested in getting spoiled or to read taping reports. I watched all the episodes but it wasn't like I could hardly wait for the next episode and to watch it as soon as possible. Now that Shamy is back I really cannot wait for the next episode AT ALL! One week is waaay too long!
  2. It's really cool to see where you're all from. I was born in Bochum (North-Rhine Westfalia) in Germany. I grew up in Bochum and moved to Bielefeld to study. I returned to Bochum 2 years ago. Soon I'll move to Hamburg.
  3. I love how Jim looks at Mayim in this picture (picture found at newscom)
  4. I would loveeee to see a Shamy wedding - Amy wearing her tiara and Sheldon wearing a gala Star Trek uniform.
  5. I really enjoyed this episode! Raj was hilarious. The "time-travelling" scene was awesome. I also loved to see Sheldon's mum again. Great episode!
  6. Oooo so sorry for posting the spoiler! I was reading the spoiler threads and totally forgot this was a spoiler-free thread. Thanks for editing the post.
  7. Bang!!! Splat!!!! Thud!!! Hahah, the promo is great.
  8. Ohhh I loved that episode! I love love love Star Wars (the old movies! The new ones were okay, but the old ones are legendary!). James Earl Jones was hilarious! The scenes of him and Sheldon were really funny! For me this was one of my favourite episodes of the current season. Too bad Carrie Fisher's scene was quite short! It was hilarious anyway. The girl's plot was ok, but not the best imo. It was awesome to see Amy's tiara anyway!
  9. I didn't like Mayim's SAG dress at all. The colours were lovely, but the gown itself was just too frumpy. It was totally ill-fitting. I really wonder why they chose that dress, or why they (at least) didn't fit it properly. Her hair and make-up looked very lovely! I am so disappointed Mayim, Jim and the show didn't win. 80
  10. I hope you are right! I really hope there will be a part II of the episode or at least I hope the kiss will be mentioned in any of the following episodes. It would be quite sad if the writers would simply not mention it again (like e.g. the events in Love Spell. You know what I mean? I am so exited! (Actually this whole situation just reminded me of my X-Files fangirl time... and how I actually screamed when Mulder and Scully kissed at new year`s eve hahaha - good times)
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