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  1. ^^^^ My gut tells me they will do one episode with Professor Proton where Sheldon becomes Professor Proton Jr., and I think they will do the second episode where Proton dies. As shown in the last season, his death would be very difficult for Sheldon to deal with.
  2. I would love to see the now woman talking Raj and Stewart go looking for woman together. A take on the days when Raj and Howard would go out, but with Raj now playing the overconfident Howard role and Stewart now occupying Raj's previous neurotic place. A circa 1930's swimsuit would seem about right for Amy, especially with the numerous Penny comment concerning how most of her cloths were once her grandmother's.
  3. So no development on the video, I am fine with that. Carving out some Leonard and Penny time, all seems good with that. Overall looks like a solid episode. I am not sure about the Howard gaining weight thing. Seems like they have already had a Raj running joke about that for years.
  4. Have there been any rumors of actors or actresses that have singed on to do this season?
  5. A three year renewal is the most likely, gives the network a lock-down on salaries, but gives the actors the ability to ask for even larger pay checks if it extends into the 11 or 12 season. More realistically, it is extremely rare for shows to last beyond 10 or 11 seasons, well 7 is fairly rare also.
  6. The only new "regular" I could see at this point would be a girlfriend for Raj.
  7. These are not items supported by any rumor, or anything that may have appeared in the press. What items do you predict will happen. To start... Leonard will be the one getting tenure. Raj will get some sort of long term relationship (end of season)
  8. How much of actual audience taped episodes make it into the final cut. The episodes only run about 21 minutes including intro, end credits and molecule cuts, meaning a total of 19 to 20 minutes of actual new footage. I am not implying they decide to drop this screen, but was wondering in what order, and how closely does the live taping resemble what is aired. Another stretch way Penny finds out is if she was using Leonard's laptop (assuming he took his laptop on the trip), and stumbles on the saved video or it accidentally pops up on his browser. Again lazy ways to advance the plot. Howard could also let it slip (which would fit his character), assuming he know about the video also.
  9. They all have their roles. I would also argue Penny is the catalyst. Her moving in across the hall basically lead to the cascade of events the shock up the "rut" the boys were in. Not even taking into account Leonard. She introduced Howard to his wife. She is the first girl that Raj has ever spoken too with or without alcohol. She has been the emotional and common sense (meaning just not book and geek culture smart) person in the group that has slowly helped Sheldon open up, and from what season 7 seems to be setting up Penny is arguably becoming Sheldon's best friend. If she had not moved in, it is possible that the four guys would have maintained the same rigid Shelton set scheduled, doing the same things, and having the same conversations. Not saying they have not changed her, but she has definitely changed all of them.
  10. From a more practical standpoint, how is Penny going to find out that he showed people the video? There are no common ground characters between the boat and the main cast to my knowledge. If they show that is was Howard that dug up the video a long time ago, he may get the bulk of Penny's anger, but unless Leonard proves to be beyond stupid (which they have done before), why would Penny ever find out?
  11. Connected with this, and the new relationship pot holes that the writers seem to be going for this coming season. The dynamic has always been Leonard will never leave Penny on his own accord. He fears in his heart that she is too "good" for him and therefor will do anything to keep her. He has been in a constant state of trying to please her. As Penny has said, Leonard would never leave her. This has been supported by multiple plots where she either leaves him, or is considering leaving him. Penny is currently still with Leonard because this is the first guy she has honestly loved, not lusted for, and it took her a long time to get there. This leaves the writers with one obvious place to take the relationship, basically having the characters switch roles. It seems they may be exploring this idea in season 7. Penny can now be the one that will do anything to keep Leonard, where Leonard now has more confidence. He got the hot girl, and would have no problems keeping her. Now he may start thinking he can do better. Not only can he get the hot girl, but even get the hot nerd. Take everything from a physical standpoint he wanted and found in Penny and combine that with the intelligence and common interests that he shares with his general social circle. Now I do not know if this means Alex comes back into the picture, but for a secondary character they spent a lot of time on her. Or maybe a girl like Alice from season 5, both of whom fit easily into the hot nerd category. No idea if this is where things are going, but the groundwork has been laid for all of this the past two seasons. Penny will now have to fight to keep him. This also would dovetail nicely with the very close relationship she is developing with Sheldon. Take his very heartfelt scene from season 6 where Sheldon askes Penny not to hurt his best friend, and mirror that this season with Sheldon asking Leonard the same thing in relation to Penny.
  12. I am not sure if this 100% applies here, and I do not have an issue with the episodes reports at this time. I know it was for a very different type of show, but Joss Whedon once said he does was the show needs (and by extension the viewer) not always what the viewer wants. At this point if TBBT is to last at minimum 3 to 4 more seasons (I believe this is creator's goal), they need to retain some level of tension in the Penny Leonard relationship. In fact their relationship is completely built on tension and insecurity, despite the fact the they do want to be with one another. As for the attention payed to certain characters or relationships, it varies from season to season, and the biggest negative of growing the permanent cast is older cast members have their screen time and plot-lines trimmed down. This is what I miss most from the earlier seasons. They could give all the Sheldon screen time anyone could handle and still have ample time for other cast members. Not so much now. Now they have fallen in the very predictable pattern of girls plot, boys (heavily Sheldon usually) plot, and one or two other episode sub plots. Not much else can really be done in 21 minutes. There have been times in the especially during the 4th and 5th seasons were Penny is nothing more than a supporting character. We have to deal with the fact that Sheldon (for better or worse) is the most popular and memorable character on the show in the public's eye, so the show is going to be tailored to some extent to that reality. In the beginning it was intended that the show was mainly going to be about Penny and Leonard, it just has not progressed in that fashion.
  13. I go along with the Leonard gets tenure idea. I think it has the most plot potential, because Sheldon will be forced to admit Leonard did something well and before him. Second it would be consistent with how the university has acted in the past. As shown by Raj when he was in People and next when Howard went into space, the school rewords high profile people with better offices, assistants, and parking spaces. Leonard, after the Hawkins trip, will be high profile now, especially if the trip comes back with a big breakthrough. The university will reward the high profile Leonard by giving him tenure. President Siebert also pretty much hates Sheldon, and I think is unlikely to allow the tenure.
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