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    The science behind learning, building prosperity, actively being a loving & inspiring father, tools, wood, preparing meals that make you happy, biking, hiking, jogging, blogging - that space is way too short
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    Quebec City, Canada

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    Johnny Galecki
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    Season 2
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    The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary

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I'm JF. TBBT watcher, along with daughter Mimi and son Jonathan. Both my work environments are real-life TBBT dramas with TBBT-like characters. I can easily find all of them in my co-workers. I've had my Penny once... Twice... And certainly not thrice. I've been mentoring and coaching for three decades and still love to help people build their prosperity. To make a long story short, I lead my life like Adam and Jamie in Mythbusters, minus the explosions and the guns. When my girlfriend can't find me, she goes directly to the hardware department and there I am. I've built and keep restoring my happiness so I can provide a safe, reliable, peaceful haven for the ones I love. Sort of an economy-class Feynman, one might say.


Enough about me! I want to know about YOU!

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