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  1. Just seeing Lenny happy together and some sciency stuff, that makes me happy. Happy Holidays to all you! May the Lennies be happy!
  2. Lenny breakfast! Let's get Strawberry going - Lenny breakfast It's nice to see Penny and Leonard being able to be together and still see other plots possible on the show. No need to martyrise them in order to have a story. Now, Proton will reappear - that's funny. I'd like to see the Mythbusters meet Leonard or even Leonard have scenes where he talks about the LHCb collaboration (Large Hadron Collider) and famous scientists that took part in it. I like Leonard sciency, inspiring stuff and - especially - Penny feeling proud of her poptart.
  3. Absolutely! Happy Lenny in a non-necessarily relation-centred plot is just plain funny. Happy Lenny in some light hearted sciency stuff. Happy Lenny with Sheldonisms cuteness. Oops, that's the girly tomboy's father deformation talking. I hope we laugh our skulls off, 3ku11. (loso) What? Is this fencing still going on? You guys watched that fencing episode way too intensely. You need Tensor therapy ;)
  4. I would really love to see something like the Junior Professor Solution. There was that "beautiful minds" chemistry bubbling up. That's always good grounds to have Lenny solidarity played out. Rhombicosidodecahedron!!!
  5. That would be a good reboot. This time with Lenny having the last laugh, of course.
  6. He'll be running to the cleaners with his cushion - oh déjà vu!
  7. Back to Big Banging discussions, please
  8. One needs to read further than the title. Responses referred to Kaley's wish (since pre-season 4's ComiCon if I remember correctly) to have Lisa Kudrow play Penny's mom. I'd have to watch the ComiCon bits again to refresh my poor memory. So that dates back a while.
  9. Check this, my friends https://www.quora.com/Is-Lisa-Kudrow-going-to-play-Pennys-mother-in-The-Big-Bang-Theory
  10. Kaley always said she wanted Lisa Kudrow to play Penny's mother.
  11. 30 924 Getting there... getting there...
  12. I want Lenny to [PLEASE!] participate in the Shamy resolution so they can settle down and that this pet story gets forgotten. Why can't Penny have incentive words for her bestie - encourage her, do something - just do it
  13. I agree. They already served us the parental dynamics in season 3. Too many times. And now, he's their pet? Oh, for heaven's sake!
  14. I really think our Lenny will be happier (and will make us happier) if they just happily participate in the Shamy resolution and in whatever geeky, scientific story à la David Saltzberg. My wish is to have some Mythbusters references or guest appearances. When there is an interesting guest star, our Lenny is less bullied by the writers, I find. Also, when they arc towards Howardette, Raj, Stuart, Kripke, it's good turf for Lenny, these days. I like Penny and Leonard's complicity when they found out they were successful at producing the Howardette in "The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary". Look a
  15. Re: living arrangements. It's expanding ever outward but one day... It will cause them all to go the other way... Collapsing ever inward, we will be here, it will be heard... Our best and brightest writers figure that it'll make an even bigger bang
  16. Veejay: make it when he tried to take the chain off Penny's neck
  17. You made me realize the dynamics here. So... We can easily conclude from that that the Shamies should look forward to something similar with their Doctors. I think I see a writer's pattern here. Maybe it's just me. Just sayin' eh
  18. When I'm tired, I often don't see well what I'm reading. Did I miss a taping report or it's just not there yet? Help me please, non-ADHD people. From what I read, I'm glad there's Lenny stability again. I'm all for that!
  19. Those personalized T-shirts look good on 42/49/53-year old adolescents, don't they, JE7? So I'll make myself one for sure.
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