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  1. I didn't like season 4's "She-who-shall-not-be-named" phase with Leonard. At least, season 2's Stephanie was sort of a trigger for further Lenny re-discovery and hard-docking. <-- bit of rocket science here. SWSNBN was really not called for. Just occupying air time, IMO. All of that to add some philosophy to Shamy's para-dating.
  2. Maybe Kaley was just referring to that elusive "V" in the title
  3. So well said. In the story, Stewart made the best he could with what he could get. He was given Mrs. Wolowitz's furniture (rusty colour) and he matched it with whatever St. Vincent de Paul/Salvation Army furniture (blue) and really did a good job finding carpets and wall paint to match all of it. We know it's the set-building crew but - in the story - it's Stewart who had to come up with that. So, it certainly gives a creative credit to the nerd. I don't really think he's sleazy. I feel he's just the regular "living-off-others kind of guy until he's told how much a leech he is and finally
  4. I agree! There's the Penny laughter and there's a Kaley laughter. Her eyes are different in both cases. Though always cute to me.
  5. Oh gee whiz cheese whiz I see it now
  6. Things seem to be on the mend. I'm liking this season too. So far.
  7. I would like that... Penny and Leonard settling in 4A and Amy and Sheldon in 4B. Problem solved. But that's just my wish. I'll leave it to the writers to surprise us with their twist.
  8. Derivation? Observation, Deprivation, Salvation, Conservation, Starvation, Innovation, Cultivation, Renovation???
  9. I'm disappointed that they rushed the Hofstadter wedding. Penny and Leonard are part of the main characters and were served a rushed, Bing-Bang ceremony - so matter of fact... Like "There! It's done. You happy? Now let's get on with the rest of the show." This cheating thing... (sigh) Anyway, I'm happy they stabilized the Lenny situation. I wish they could just do with all characters what they did with Howardette: it goes well but not perfectly, just stable enough to enjoy good stories with nerdy weirdness, science talk and famous characters popping by. Let's celebrate TBBT's best times like H
  10. I'm glad I'm not the only one who felt it like that. My sentiments exactly!
  11. 30630. Hi, walnutcowboy! We're getting there!
  12. The CBS website tells us Canucks "cannot be viewed from your area" or something like that. We can view it on the CTV website, I think. The S09E04 sneak peak on Youtube is good. We see Penny and Leonard taking their storage bins to apartment 4B while Sheldon is disappointed to learn that they're slowly moving together.
  13. Cheese-Danish flavoured Poptarts. It exists. People even suggested the company to produce Cheesecake & Strawberry Poptarts. How appropriate in the case of Lenny and these last posts, given how we men love hot breakfasts . To stay on the cheesy side, I'm so glad that, from episode 9X03-on, Lenny got on with their daily routine of interacting with the friends and the #nerdsunite in funny science/sci-fi talk again. We'll have some filk, they say. Forecast looks very good. I am starting to feel like "we" will be able to enjoy a fairly agreeable season 9 after all.
  14. Why? He looks like a guy who just lost something. Did something happen that I don't know? Sorry Oh I get it - Yes, I admit while scrolling back up, I was sidetracked. To get back on the Lenny track, I think that the writers (reading the taping reports following the last aired episode) have sort of "healed" our Lenny enough to go on with the other plots. It looks like they'll leave them alone to focus on mending somewhere else. I have this feeling. IMO, the apartment issue will be Lenny's new concern, along with finding a solution to Dr Cooper's - er... - adherence. (now, I'm hesitant to
  15. Relieved that Lenny's sort of stable


  16. Yes, it's Lenny humor, teasing our Shenny neighbors in a friendly manner.
  17. I now know why I'm not rich. I should have bet right there and then, that it would be your response. I love it!
  18. I know what you mean. There's healthy shipping and there's worship. I like all the characters - yeah, even Raj when he's being scientific and/or driving the six-foot wiener crazy - but I won't depress over story lines. And - yes - I admit having Facebooked not very nice wishes to the writers at times. But I'm over it now. You believe me, eh?
  19. I'm a Lenny shipper and I "travel" regularly in Shamyland. I visit and chat, as a tourist. I empathize. Then I come home with the Lennies and feel good about the sharing. I also love my two cats and I'm not changing a bit into a feline. Just saying­. It's nice to enjoy a Timmy out once in a while.
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