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  1. Hey, there's an idea to fix things up with Shamy: bring us back more of Garfunkel & Oates (Riki Lindhome and Kate Micucci)
  2. I remember myself, at age 15, awkwardly making the first steps with my first girlfriend, 3 years older. I can see Sheldon evolving from someone who only had to think about himself and his own activities to a partner in a partnership. It is a skill that is acquired, believe me. I wish Amy will have the patience that my cute redhead had for me: it shaped my ability to be the loving person I am today. That is how I learned to think about me/her/us in a balanced, healthy fashion. Sheldon is just beginning the adolescent process he should have had.
  3. So beautifully put - I had to quote the whole post.
  4. I sort of agree with all of what you are saying. The musical chair-writers have made it a tendency over the seasons to make Penny into Sheldon's big sister/mother/monoparental mother and it sits well in the overall dynamics. It sits well in the chemistry between Amy/bestie and Sheldon/brother/stepson where Penny can be confidente to both. (Note the feminine - I speak Canadian French) I say to all of you: do not worry so much about Shennynigans. It's like falling into clinical depression based on nightmare interpretation. Penny - by definition - needs to be and stay the feminine "other" pole of the story. She is great at it, Kaley is great at it, and everyone loves her that way. The MCW know that. It pays for the hole in the floor.
  5. What did they do in "The Dead Hooker Juxtaposition" (S02E19)? It looks as though they tweaked a bit Leonard/Sheldon's apartment.
  6. There could be an apartment available just upstairs from LS's - you know, where the redhead was
  7. I am a Type A myself but I'm okay with people of the Type O - Also, I agree with you.
  8. What do you expect? Coming from Slugger Then, we'll be watching TBBTTNG.
  9. I can imagine Penny as a mom (reference to Monday's episode) telling the kids: "Bed, now!" the way she told Amy to phone her mother.
  10. I feel the same way, What's! The science lover in me was very pleased. I appreciate the coming back of nerdy science talk, the Queens reference, Sheldon surprising everyone with near-social aptitudes, the right-handed way of taking care of business, the Feynman van and - last but certainly not the least - Lenny in good terms!!! In that episode, there wasn't too much grief for the characters or for us fans. I feel for the Shamies, I really do. I really wish a Shamy solution. But to me the come back to more season 2 values was a breath of fresh air.
  11. Let's hope the writers will straighten the rest of season 9 in a Lennyer direction.
  12. And imagine the BANG if they decided to air LIVE! Hot in Cleveland writers & producers have tasted that fruit a couple of times.
  13. The writers are just probing what to do with/of Amy for the rest of the season. I have a gut feeling that among us you will find one or two writers sneak-peeking through our discussion and gaging the angle of the aim as far as her character goes. Just saying
  14. Remember a time when it was said of Sheldon "I know this is none of my business, but I just... I have to ask - what's Sheldon's deal? - Honestly, we've been operating under the assumption that he has NO deal." What an evolution!
  15. Self-esteem is measured - I think - in terms of ability to laugh at oneself and being teased. Being teased is recognition, when properly conducted. I definitely watch way too much TBBT - it's affecting my wording.
  16. And how many viewers worldwide? Statistically speaking, over the number of different countries involved, I think it is seriously significant.
  17. Thank you Snow for taking us along with you. I appreciate! Also, I want to thank all the other posters for adding so much more to the experience. Now, having read you all, I really believe I deserve an honorary PhD - I think - with so many different writers and writer swapping over the seasons - all of the characters are riding a roller coaster of recurring OOC occurrences. Amy is probably just going through a phase, not in the sense of a human being evolving but in the sense of the writers probing what to do with/of her in future episodes. The same seems to go with Sheldon. Finally, they've let go of Penny and Leonard. Finally! They've also eased up on Raj. They tease Stuart now and then. I have a feeling that the writers may very well find atoms of inspiration in the fan forums. Either directly or by proxy. I have a strong feeling the fan forums play a part in the writers' decisions regarding the characters... As you may well agree, a television series is all about ratings, a very democratic plebiscite. What do you feel about that? Part of my weirdness is due to the fact that English is my second language. The other part is just my love of punography.
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