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  1. lol. Last night I was watching a commercial for Sprint (a cellular communications co here in the US) where a zombie is seeking information about their service. The girl behind the counter is unaffected by the fact that the guy is a zombie, a fact that the guy denies until his ear falls off. I realized that zombies are a feature in a lot of advertisements for the "gamer" demographic of 18-35, also the prime and largest demographic for marketing. I am no longer in the 18-35 demographic and it is becoming more evident, the further away from it that I get, that people don't like me anymore. I am not politically correct or sensitive to other people's feeling enough to appeal to young women. On the other hand I'm not quite video game snarky or obnoxious enough to appeal to young men. I am not in the zombie apocalypse demographic, it was a revelation. I guess the next demo is Depends?
  2. Y'all don't like me because I'm not in the zombie apocalypse demographic. Brains.......BRAINS!
  3. Then don't lie. You believe that there is such a thing as God's law. limited world view. done and out.
  4. The point is, whether you like it or not, that you are a Christian. That's not meant to be a personal address, but a stated fact. You are a Christian who has never considered his Christianity beyond what he has been taught in church. This is why I can go no further with this "debate". It is a waste of time to the uninitiated, or in your case, the immersion indoctrinated. Appeal to faith is a fallacy. If you cannot remove your faith from this argument then there is no argument. There are rules to critical debate and you clearly do not know them. But if you ever get a hankering to poke around a little, I offer you this website: http://logical-critical-thinking.com/ enjoy. Edit: When you get done with that, here is a complete list of argumentative fallacies, in alphabetical order, for your learning pleasure. http://changingminds.org/disciplines/argument/fallacies/fallacies_alpha.htm
  5. ha, ha. and that, dear catweazle, is why you cannot understand the human condition, above all you're own. you maintain a limited world view full of denial that any other law or god concept could have value. that any culture other than yours could be both functional and proper. it's all about mortality, friend. and you are in denial of it.
  6. I can see you're not a fan of cultural relativism. What constitutes a crime in one society is not necessarily a crime in another, ie a man's right to beat and rape his wife (or wives). In Arab and Asian cultures, this is only now being addressed. Ref: http://freethinker.co.uk/2013/08/29/welcome-to-the-21st-century-saudi-arabia-makes-makes-history-with-a-law-against-beating-women/ There is a term, Weltanschauung: a comprehensive conception or apprehension of the world especially from a specific standpoint (Merriam-Webster) that more simply means one's world view. You perceive right and wrong through the cultural elements you have been indoctrinated into. But that doesn't make you right. Or wrong. Over history and time human beings have shifted all over the scale of "correct and incorrect" behavior so as to render the terms mush. Is it ok to drink alcohol or not? Is it ok to eats pigs and shellfish or not? Is it ok to dance or not? These are a few examples from American culture. Is it ok to steal from your neighbors? It is absolutely ok, if it's seen as a commercial venture. All around the world people look for ways to make and save money at each other's expense. Beware, facts don't always equal truth. The sky is only blue if it is a clear day, and only during the day. Otherwise, at night it is black, and can be any of every shade of all colors at any given sunrise or sunset, even green. And only if you are on Earth. Perspective.
  7. Did you have something to say that actually pertains to my premise or is this just another set up of yours to drag me into your world of insults and moot points?
  8. Little-known Roseanne trivia: David's name was originally Kevin.
  9. Ok, I'll bite. The only truth is that there is no truth. People around the world live their lives differently, with different beliefs stemming from different evolutionary environments that lead to different opinions and at some point, the willingness to kill and die to protect their differing lives against each other. There is no such thing as a wrong way to be, but there is definitely a way to live without getting under the skin of those around you by telling them that they are wrong. Just don't do it. They key to all conflict is the refusal to accept difference. edit: I'm not sure why that last line is in bold. I didn't type it that way.
  10. This thread is a trap designed by a troll to create an opportunity for him to argue a false or unwinnable premise in a manner that will send me into a "tizzy" of searching for references to defend nothing that was ever actually worth arguing about in the first place, not with the purpose of learning or ever finding agreement (for he will disregard all references I present and no response of mine will ever be to his liking, thereby perpetuating the argument ad infinitum to no purpose), but with the intent to prove to anyone who is watching that I am an "idiot". I might not be that bright in the long-run, but I know when I'm being trolled.
  11. You know what cat? It's not even worth it. You're a determined little troll and I congratulate you on that. But I'm not playing.
  12. Night Light


    Smartest thing said so far. People believe in a lot of things they've never seen, and don't believe in what is right in front of them.
  13. Night Light


    This one is just cracking me up. There is no reliable evidence available to anyone that aliens exist, only speculation and a lot of hype. Add to that there is no way to defend a position of being uncertain. Believe it or not, it is possible to simply not know. You are arguing against nothing here. It's a little weird, really. My degree is moot to proving the existence of aliens. I only do Humans.
  14. Night Light


    Night Light, on 29 Aug 2013 - 10:13 AM, said: Can you show me where I have refused to consider anyones position? And can you show me where anyone who has presented evidence? And can you show explain why I am in denial when post #170 on page 9 clearly shows otherwise? I don't believe I specified who I was talking about.
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